Name: Chloe Varenhorst
DJ name: DJ Double Dip
Year at UGA: 3rd
Major/minor: English and Criminal Justice
From: Suwanee, GA

When did you join WUOG?
Spring 2018

Staffs involved in:
Music, Pubs/Events, Community Outreach

Why did you join WUOG?
Clout, also to make friends and learn about diverse types of musics and their histories.

What are some hobbies/extracurriculars you have outside of WUOG?
Criminal Justice Society

What’s your favorite WUOG-related memory?
Last fall, I hosted Friendsgiving for my WUOG friends and it was super fun! It was great having a bunch of friends come together to share some bomb food and enjoy the liberties that come with being at college that we are all now so sorely missing. 

What advice do you have for students thinking about joining college radio?
If you’re going to do it, go ham with it. Learn everything you can about music that you love, make friends matter to you, and really enjoy the time you have to freely explore your interests in such a fun social setting. WUOG really is unique with the way it allows students to design their own experience. Take advantage of it while you have the opportunity. 

Describe the specialty show that you host.
Bach to the Basics is a trip back to simpler days, when the melodious sound of music flowed from a chamber orchestra or a collection of symphony players who worked as a collective to produce beautiful and complex music. Take a break from the complexities of modern life and enjoy the rippling beauty of classical music from a world gone by.  

What have you been listening to in quarantine?
Kid Krow, Modus Vivendi, Donald Glover, and an insane amount of the Black Keys

Give yourself a WUOG superlative:
Most likely to call my friends while they’re on air and ask “Is your refrigerator running?”

What’s your hidden talent?
Procrastinating on schoolwork in order to read for fun

What’s your theme song?
Who’s Gonna Hear You by Nihilist Cheerleader

If you could pick any spot on UGA campus to live in (no residence halls!) for a week, what would it be?
Gimme the house in the founders garden. I’d make good use of it. 

Favorite Athens study spot?
3rd floor of the main library

Tell us a fun fact:
John Mulaney killed Princess Diana.

Link to spotify playlist: