By: Mal Holmes

Sometimes artists are lost and in a rut. They forget why they decided to make music, or who they even want to write for. Nashville singer/songwriter, Chris Renzema, began to lose faith in himself and his beliefs. He turned to his music and forced himself to question the hardest parts of his life, thus, creating his new album, Manna. He writes from an earnest perspective that allows audiences to feel moved by his folky delivery. 

Following the release of his new album, Renzema began his Manna tour. At the Georgia Theater, fans were delighted to experience the new music mixed with favorite past hits in person on April 8th, 2024. Several fans drove from different cities, such as Atlanta and Dahlonega, to witness the performer. The concert was completely sold out and full of so much life. Whether you stood in the front, back, or in the balcony, you felt the passion in every lyric. He began with “Not Giving Up On You” and continued with “Holy Ghost”, “God and Prozac”, “Square One”, Faith!?”, and “Manna (After All These Years)” before segueing into the songs from his other albums. His indie/rock aesthetic mixed with his Christian influences and textured and harmonically smooth congruence with his band made for an unforgettable experience. 

My favorite off of the album.

Renzema is a truly honest and humble artist as he talked with the crowd and joked around, which the crowd responded back to ecstatically. He told an antidote of how he used to fear stopping between songs as he worried he would lose the crowd’s attention immediately, but over time, he learned to relax, tune his guitar if needed, and have fun with his fans. The interactive experience illustrates how Renzema is an artist dedicated to his fans and loves the support he has received over the years. 

A key moment of the concert was when he brought out his harmonica and did a Mumford and Sons-esque performance with his band who also played a mandolin and a concert ukulele. An artist who will make a decision simply because they love it, is a hallmark of all musicians. While I attended the concert by myself, I never once felt alone as the entire theater was energetic and engaged with those standing around them. Renzema is a new artist for me, but I could not be happier that I attended his concert. It was a beautiful experience for a perfect Monday evening.