2022 Executive Board

URGENT: Our Google workspace has been suspended and we are in the process of hopefully recovering it. In the meantime, we have created temporary emails for our GM and Music Directors. Please send all information to them for now, we apologize for the inconvenience.

TitleNameEmail Address
General ManagerCaroline Smithtempgmwuog@gmail.com
Music DirectorDamario Waldentempugamd@gmail.com
Music DirectorElizabeth Kimtempugamd@gmail.com
Local Music DirectorRissa Roguswuoglocal@gmail.com
Local Music DirectorJoseph Mazzolawuoglocal@gmail.com
Programming DirectorWill Reschwuogpd@outlook.com
Internal Affairs DirectorKatie Sawyerwuoginternal@gmail.com
External Affairs DirectorLauren Wheelertempexternal@outlook.com
Events DirectorLauren Wheelertempexternal@outlook.com
Publications DirectorJo Robinsonpubs@wuog.org
News DirectorCaleb Struchtemeyernews@wuog.org
Sports DirectorClay Wittsports@wuog.org
Digital Media DirectorSantiago Arbelaezdigitalmediawuog@gmail.com
Community Outreach DirectorGeorgia Riccobenewuog@uga.edu
Ops DirectorKathryn Bruderoperationswuog@gmail.com
Ops DirectorStewie Brannamoperationswuog@gmail.com
Training DirectorLuke Michaeliswuogtraining@gmail.com
Faculty AdvisorRachel Taylor

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