Who are we?

WUOG 90.5 FM is the University of Georgia’s alternative college radio station. It is an all-student, all-volunteer, non-commercial radio station run by a board of seventeen student executive directors assisted by a student organization advisor. The seventeen executive directors manage nine staffs: Music, Local Music, Digital Media, Operations, Archives, News, Sports, Publications, and Events.

What do we play?

WUOG is an alternative media outlet, meaning that it is our duty to air quality programming that is otherwise neglected on commercially operated channels. Our station’s music philosophy is designed to help new and independent artists gain exposure on campus, in Athens, and throughout the nation. WUOG is much more than just a stepping stone on the road to an artist’s commercial success— many artists who choose to avoid the world of “big media” can find a home on our cozy airwaves.

What’s “Station Philosophy?”

We are dedicated to helping underappreciated artists find exposure through our airwaves. Artists “graduate” from WUOG’s philosophy when they no longer require our support and meet either of the following criteria:
1. The artist has or had a song chart on the The Billboard Hot 100 in the past 20 years.
2. The artist has an album that has entered the Top 20 of the Billboard 200.

Who can join?

WUOG is always looking for new volunteers! You must be a full-time student at the University of Georgia or a part-time student who has paid the semester student activities fee. No prior experience in radio or journalism is required— just join one (or more) or the staffs above. The directors’ respective emails are listed under the Join tab along with their office hours and a short description of the staff.