Name: O’Bryan Moore
DJ name: Still a Duckling
Year at UGA: Junior
Major/minor: Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (PRTM)
From: Dacula, GA

When did you join WUOG? 
Spring 2019

Staffs involved in:

Why did you join WUOG?
I wanted to help run the station that introduced me to great artists over the years.

What are some hobbies/extracurriculars you have outside of WUOG?
Hiking, Camping, Fighting Games

What’s your favorite WUOG-related memory?
DJing the Homecoming Silent Disco with the boys.

What advice do you have for students thinking about joining college radio?
Do it.

Describe the specialty show that you host.
Athens 2095 is music to survive the apocalypse to, lots of drum and bass and synth music.

What have you been listening to in quarantine?
Animal Crossing and Franz Kafka

Give yourself a WUOG superlative:
Most likely to perform an unauthorized 24-hour show during the quarantine. (Note from Programming: This has not and will not happen)

What’s your hidden talent?
Outdoor Survivalist Skills

What’s your theme song?
Bawitdaba – Kid Rock

If you could pick any spot on UGA campus to live in (no residence halls!) for a week, what would it be?
Warnell, a great and cozy building.

Favorite Athens study spot?
Home, if I bother to study

Favorite piece of DJ booth wall art?
The TMBG reference – “Put your hand inside the puppet head”

Tell us a fun fact:
Weezer is just Car Seat Headrest for straight people

Link to spotify playlist: