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METAL Impaled Nazarene Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces
POP ROCK !!! Myth Takes
POP ROCK (International) Noise Conspiracy, The Survival Sickness
LOCAL ****Volcanic* ****Volcanic*
LOCAL #1 Family Mover Shotput
LOCAL 0% Vitamin A Everytime She Takes a Bath It Rains
LOCAL 100 Watt Horse 100 Watt Horse
LOCAL 100 Watt Horse/Tomahawk Deb split release
POP ROCK 120 Days 120 Days
HIP HOP 13 & God 13 & God
HIP HOP 13 & God Own Your Ghost
COUNTRY 16 Tons 16 Tons
POP ROCK 18th Dye …Crayon
POP ROCK 18th Dye Tribute to a Bus
POP ROCK 31 Knots Days And Nights Of Everything Anywhere, The
LOCAL 3d5spd faster gravity
LOCAL 3d5spd Fever in the Ice Age
LOCAL 3d5spd radial quartet
POP ROCK 4 bonjour’s parties Pigments drift down to the book
OC 45Dip The Acid Lounge
LOCAL 4th Ward Afro Klezmer Orchestra Abdul the Rabbi
POP ROCK 5 Style 5 Style
LOCAL 50 LB Head 50 LB Head
PUNK 59 Times The Pain End Of The Millenium
OC 60 Channels Give Me Your Love
POP ROCK 60 Watt Kid We Come From the Bright Side
POP ROCK 65daysofstatic Fall of Math, The
POP ROCK 65daysofstatic One Time For All Time
POP ROCK 7 Year Bitch Sick ‘Em
POP ROCK 800 Cherries Romantico
OC 808 State 10 Years of 808 State
OC 808 State Utd.State90
PUNK 98 Mute 98 Mute
PUNK 98 Mute After The Fall
PUNK 98 Mute Slow Moyion Riot
POP ROCK A Faulty Chromosome As an Ex-Anorexic’s Six Sicks Exit
POP ROCK A Faulty Chromosome Our Druthers Is To Be Smothered By 120 Thread-Count Covers
LOCAL a fir-ju well a fir-ju well
LOCAL a fir-ju well absolutely
LOCAL a fir-ju well el torero
LOCAL a fir-ju well The Dangerous Life Of an Insect
POP ROCK A Girl Called Eddy Eddy
POP ROCK A Girl Called Eddy Tears All Over
OC A Guy Called Gerald Proto Acid: The Berlin Sessions
LOCAL A Hawk And A Hacksaw Darkness At Noon
LOCAL A Hawk And A Hacksaw Delivrance
FOLK A Hawk and a Hacksaw The Way the Wind Blows
POP ROCK A Minor Forest Flemish Altruism
POP ROCK A Minor Forest Flemish Altruism (Constituent Parts 1993-1996)
POP ROCK A Minor Forest Forest
POP ROCK A Minor Forest Independence
POP ROCK A Minor Forest So, Were They In Some Sort of Fight?
POP ROCK A Minor Forest So, Were They In Some Sort Of Fight? ‎
POP ROCK A Sunny Day in Glasgow The Sunniest Day Ever
LOCAL A.Armada Never Come Down From the Mountain
EQUINOX Abe, Mikawo Works for Violin
JAZZ Abercrombie, John, David Holland, Jack DeJohnette Gateway
EQUINOX Abir, David and Wales, Ashley The Meld Series #3
METAL Abominant Triumph of the Kill
METAL Abominant Upon Black Horizons
METAL Aborted Goremageddon: the Saw and the Carnage Done
METAL Aborted Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
JAZZ Abrams, Muhal Richard Song For All
JAZZ Abrams, Muhal Richard Vision Toward Essence
JAZZ Abrams, Muhal Richard Young at Heart/Wise in Time
JAZZ Abrams, Muhal Richard Orchestra, The The Hearinga Suite
JAZZ Abrams, Muhal Richard, George Lewis, Roscoe Mitchell Streaming
METAL Abscess Tormented
LOCAL Absence of Ocean Absence of Ocean
POP ROCK Absinthe Blind Rings
POP ROCK Abunai Mystic River Sound, the
POP ROCK Abunai Round-Wound
POP ROCK Abunai Universal Mind Decoder
LOCAL Abwhore Abwhore
METAL Abyss, the Summon the Beast
METAL Abyss, the The Other Side
POP ROCK Accidental, The There Were Wolves
PUNK Accustomed to Nothing New Red Archives
HIP HOP Aceyalone All Balls Don’t Bounce vol. 1
HIP HOP Aceyalone Magnificent City
METAL Acheborn Tuesday is Dead
POP ROCK Acid House Kings Advantage
POP ROCK Acid House Kings Sing Along With
EQUINOX Acid Mothers and Afriframpo We Are Acid Mothers Afriframpo
EQUINOX Acid Mothers Temple In C
EQUINOX Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno Iao Chant for the Cosmic Inferno
EQUINOX Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno Starless And Bible Black Sabbath
EQUINOX Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso UFO Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?
EQUINOX Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso UFO Lord of The Underground: Vishnu And The Magic Elixir
EQUINOX Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso UFO Mantra Of Love
LOCAL Act of Faith Test of Strength
LOCAL Action Tiger Eats Tokyo Eats Tokyo
EQUINOX Adams, John Road Movies
JAZZ Adams, Johnny Good Morning Heartache
BLUES Adams, Johnny I Won’t Cry
BLUES Adams, Johnny One Foot in the Blues
POP ROCK Adams, Keith John Pip
FOLK Adcock, The Eddie Band Talk to Your Heart
JAZZ Adderly, Nat Quintet We Remember Cannon
BLUES Adegbalola, Gaye Bitter Sweet Blues
POP ROCK Adem Hornsongs
POP ROCK Adem Love and other planets
FOLK Adem Takes
POP ROCK Aden Black Cow
POP ROCK Aden hey19
50’s/60’s Adkins, Hasil Drinkin’ My Life Away
50’s/60’s Adkins, Hasil Out To Hunch
50’s/60’s Adkins, Hasil Peanut Butter Rockand Roll / Moon Over Madison
50’s/60’s Adkins, Hasil Poultry in Motion
EQUINOX Adler, Christopher Epilogue For A Dark Day
PUNK Adolescents, The The Complete Demos: 19080-1986
LOCAL Adolf & The Piss Artists Zero Hour
POP ROCK Adorable Against Perfection
POP ROCK Adorable Sunshine Smile
POP ROCK Adron Adron
OC Adult Why Bother?
POP ROCK Adult Rodeo Kissyface, The
POP ROCK Adult Rodeo long-range, rapid-fire
POP ROCK Advantage, The Elf Titled
OC Adventure The Lesser Known
POP ROCK Adventures in Radio Alternative Stereo Sounds
OC ae Bootleg
POP ROCK Aelters Ardchilds’ Com.undo
POP ROCK Aerial M Aerial M
OC Aerial M Post Global Music
EQUINOX Aeroc Viscous Solid
POP ROCK Aerogramme A Sting in White
EQUINOX Aerosol Airborne
JAZZ Aesop Quartet Fables for a New Millenium
HIP HOP Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth
HIP HOP Aesop Rock Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives
EQUINOX Aethenor Deep In Ocean Sunk The Lamp Of Light
POP ROCK Afghan Whigs Congregation
POP ROCK Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
REGGAE African Brothers African Brothers Meet King Tubby in Dub
INTERNATIONAL African Head Charge Bonjo in Africa: Sankofa
POP ROCK Afrirampo Kore Ga Mayaku Da
JAZZ Afro Cubano Chant HIBD 8009
JAZZ Afro-Cuban All Stars A Toda Cuba le Gusta
OC aFRO-mYSTIK Future Tropic
POP ROCK Afrosheens, The Welcome To My Wonderful Show
HIP HOP Afu-Ra State of the Arts
OC AFX Analogue Bubblebath
OC AFX Chosen Lords
OC AFX Hangable Auto Bulb
PUNK Against Me! 2nd 7
PUNK Against Me! The Disco before the Breakdown
METAL Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
LOCAL Agenda!, The Are You Nervous?
LOCAL Agenda!, The I Want The Panic! (Single)
LOCAL Agenda!, The I Want The Panic! (Single)
LOCAL Agenda!, The Start The Panic
PUNK Agent Orange Hands Off!
PUNK Agent Orange Living In Darkness
POP ROCK Agent Ribbons Chateua Crone
SKA Agent99 Little Pieces: 1993 – 1995
SKA Agents, The <401>
POP ROCK Aggrolites, The IV
REGGAE Aggrolites, The Reggae Hit L.A.
POP ROCK Agnish, Jai automata
POP ROCK Agnish, Jai Our Split EP
PUNK Agnostic Front Dead Yuppies
PUNK Agnostic Front Riot Riot Upstart
OC Aguayo, Matias Ay Ay Ay
POP ROCK Ahleuchatistas Even In the Midst…
POP ROCK Ahleuchatistas Live at WUOG
POP ROCK Ahleuchatistas What You Will
HIP HOP Ahmad, Raashan The Push
POP ROCK Ahmed, Ilyas Between Two Skies/Towards The Night
POP ROCK Ahmed, Ilyas Vertigo of Dawn, The
POP ROCK Ai Phoenix Driver is Dead, The
POP ROCK AIDS Wolf Cities of Glass
EQUINOX AIDS Wolf vs. Athletic Automation
POP ROCK Aints, The Shelf Life Unlimited
OC Air Le Voyage Dans la Lune
POP ROCK Air Moon Safari
POP ROCK Air Pocket Symphony
POP ROCK Air Talkie Walkie
POP ROCK Air Baricco City Reading
OC Air Liquide The Increased Difficulty of Concentration
POP ROCK Air Miami Fuck You, Tiger
POP ROCK Air Miami me. me. me
LOCAL Airoes My Zipper Got Stuck
SKA Airware Air Cushion Soul
INTERNATIONAL Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects Shabeesation
POP ROCK Aisler’s Set, The How I Learned To Write Backwards
POP ROCK Aisler’s Set, The Last Match, The
POP ROCK Aisler’s Set, The Terrible Things Happen
SKA Aitken, Laurel The Blue Beat Years
EQUINOX Aix Em Klemm Aix Em Klemm
POP ROCK AK-Momo Return to N.Y.
POP ROCK Akarso Akarso
POP ROCK Akarso Faraquet/Akarso
EQUINOX Akchoté, Noël Simple Joseph
50’s/60’s Akins, Hasil Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha
EQUINOX Akiyama, Tetuzi Pre-existence
JAZZ Akiyoshi, Toshiko New Tabackin Big Band
JAZZ Akiyoshi, Toshiko Jazz Orchestra Carnegie Hall Concert
HIP HOP Akrobatik Absolute Value
HIP HOP Akrobatik Balance
POP ROCK Akron/Family Akron/Family
POP ROCK Akron/Family Love Is Simple
POP ROCK Akron/Family Meek Warrior
POP ROCK Akron/Family Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free
EQUINOX Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin
POP ROCK Alasdair Roberts Amber Gatherers, The
POP ROCK Alaska Emotions
POP ROCK Album Leaf, The A Chorus of Storytellers
POP ROCK Album Leaf, The an orchestrated rise to fall
POP ROCK Album Leaf, The In A Safe Place
POP ROCK Album Leaf, The Seal Beach
METAL Alchemist Tripsis
POP ROCK Alcian Blue Alcian Blue
INTERNATIONAL Aldoush and the Human Exchange The Child Within
JAZZ Alex Blake Quintet, The Now Is The Time
POP ROCK Alfie A Word In Your Ear
POP ROCK Alfie If You Happy With You Need Do Nothing
PUNK Algarnas Tradgard Framtiden ar ett Svavande Skepp, Forankrat I
INTERNATIONAL Alhaj, Rahim When the Soul Is Settled: Music of Iraq
OC Alias Fever Dream
OC Alias Resurgam
OC Alias & Tarsier Brookland/Oaklyn
OC Alien The Pleasure of Leisure
LOCAL Alien Child Bodda-Bing Bodda-Boom
POP ROCK Alison’s Halo Eyedazzler 1992-1996
PUNK All Allroy Saves
PUNK All Breaking Things
PUNK All Dot
PUNK All Guilty
PUNK All Mass Nerder
PUNK All Percolater
PUNK All Problematic
PUNK All Shreen
METAL All Else Failed Archetype
POP ROCK All Green Lights Candida Pax
POP ROCK All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors Turning Into Small
LOCAL All Night Drug Prowling Wolves Make It Right
METAL All Out War Assassins in the House of God
METAL All Shall Perish The Price of Existance
LOCAL All The Saints Fire on Corridor X
EQUINOX All Time Present All Time Present
POP ROCK All-Girl Summer Fun Band All Girl Summer Fun Band
POP ROCK All-Girl Summer Fun Band Looking Into It
POP ROCK All-Night Radio Spirit Stereo Frequency
PUNK All/Descendants Live Plus One
COUNTRY Allen, Rex The Last Of The Great Singing Cowboys
COUNTRY Allen, Terry Lubbock (on everything)
INTERNATIONAL Allen, Tony Secret Agent
SKA Allentons, The Boulevard
PUNK Allied Recordings Music for the Proletariat
OC Allies, The D-Day
BLUES Allison, Luther Blue Streak
BLUES Allison, Luther Reckless
BLUES Allison, Luther Serious
BLUES Allison, Luther Soul Fixin’ Man
EQUINOX Alloy Orchestra Lonesome
POP ROCK Allscars Introduction to Humanity
SKA Allstonians, The Go You!
SKA Allstonians, The The Allston Beat
POP ROCK Aloha Here Comes Everyone
POP ROCK Aloha Home Acres
POP ROCK Aloha Light Works
POP ROCK Aloha Some Echoes
POP ROCK Aloha Sugar
POP ROCK Aloha That’s Your Fire
POP ROCK Alpha The Impossible Thrill
EQUINOX Alphane Moon The Echoing Grove
EQUINOX Alps, The Easy Action
OC Alter Ego Alter Ego
POP ROCK Aluminum Group, The Happyness
POP ROCK Aluminum Group, The Pedals
POP ROCK Aluminum Group, The Pelo
EQUINOX Alva Slattery For Ungdom
OC Alva Noto For
EQUINOX Alvarius B Alvarius B
POP ROCK Alverez, Lesser Gonzalez Why Is Bear Billowing?
COUNTRY Alvin, Dave Blackjack David
BLUES Alvin, Dave Blue Blvd
COUNTRY Alvin, Dave King of California
COUNTRY Alvin, Dave Public Domain
COUNTRY Alvin, Dave and the Guilty Men Interstate City
LOCAL Amam Amun Waxing
POP ROCK Amandine Solace in Sore Hands
EQUINOX Ambarchi, Oren Suspension
EQUINOX Ambarchi, Oren Triste
METAL Amebix Arise! +2
LOCAL Amelia Amelia
OC Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke Amen Andrews vs. Spac Hand Luke
POP ROCK American Flag, The American Flag, The
POP ROCK American Music Club (non-album tracks)
POP ROCK American Music Club Everclear
POP ROCK American Music Club Love Songs For Patriots
PUNK American Nightmare s/t
PUNK American Plague, The s/t
PUNK American Steel Early Years
PUNK American Steel Jagged Thoughts
PUNK American Steel Rogue’s March
EQUINOX Amiina Kurr
LOCAL Amoebic Dysentery Hospice Orgy
METAL Amon Amarth With Odin on Our Side
EQUINOX Amps For Christ Electrosphere
EQUINOX Amps For Christ Every Eleven Seconds
EQUINOX Amps For Christ Songs From Mt. Ion
PUNK An Albatross Blessphemy (of the Peace-Beast Feastgiver and the Bear Warp Kumite)
LOCAL An Epic At Best The Spelling Sounds EP
METAL Anaal Nathrakh In The Constellation Of The Black Widow
OC Analog Cabin Analog Cabin
METAL Anasarca discography 1994-1997
LOCAL Ancient Mariner American Heiress
LOCAL Ancient Mariner Queynte Geres
POP ROCK And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead
JAZZ Anderson, Fred On the Run, Live at the Velvet Lounge
JAZZ Anderson, Fred & Hamid Drake From the River to the Ocean
JAZZ Anderson, Fred Quartet Live at the Velvet Lounge Volume 1
JAZZ Anderson, Fred Quartet Live at the Velvet Lounge Volume 2
JAZZ Anderson, Fred Quartet The Milwaukee Tapes Volume 1
JAZZ Anderson, Fred Trio, The Live at the Velvet Lounge
EQUINOX Anderson, Laurie Big Science
BLUES Anderson, Michael Michael Anderson Promotional
COUNTRY Anderson, Pete Dogs In Heaven
JAZZ Anderson, Wessel The Ways of Warmdaddy
JAZZ Anderson, Wessel Warmdaddy in the Garden of Swing
LOCAL Androcles and the Lion As Far As Blindness Could See
REGGAE Andy, Horace Life is for Living
REGGAE Andy, Horace Living in the Flood
REGGAE Andy, Horace Roots and Branches
OC Angel, The Boiler Room
METAL Angels Never Answer hier ist kein warum
POP ROCK Angels of Light We Are Him
METAL Angra Aurora Consurgens
OC Animals on Wheels Designs and Mistakes
LOCAL Animas Aura
METAL Animosity Animal
OC Anitra, Candice Big Tree
LOCAL Ann Order demo
LOCAL Annaray Theodore
LOCAL Annaray Theodore
LOCAL Annie & Her Guns Outlaw For Your Love
OC Anomic Belle The Crush
PUNK Anomie
OC Another Electronic Musician Patience
JAZZ Anschell, Bill A Different Note, All Together
LOCAL Antbrain Full Moon
LOCAL Antbrain Jonathan and Leona
PUNK Anthem Eighty Eight Define a Lifetime
PUNK Anti Heros, The American Pie
PUNK Anti Heros, The Underneath the Underground
EQUINOX Anti-Social Music Sings The Great American Songbook
METAL Antigama Resonance
LOCAL Antimusic Anti-Music Compilation II
LOCAL Antimusic Pentilogy
HIP HOP Antipop Consortium Antipop vs. Matthew Shipp
HIP HOP Antipop Consortium The Ends Against the Middle
HIP HOP Antipop Consortium Tragic Epilogue
HIP HOP Antipop Consortium What am I
OC Antonionian Antonionian
EQUINOX Antonymes The Licence To Interpret Dreams
LOCAL Antpile for me, this is heaven EP
LOCAL Antpile/Black Smith split release
EQUINOX Antrilon Mind Erase
JAZZ Aoki, Tatsu Basser Live
LOCAL AP The African Prince I’m Gone
EQUINOX Apes of God, The Edge of Arrival
EQUINOX Apes of God, The How To Pick Up Girls!
OC Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92
OC Aphrodite Aphrodite
LOCAL Apocalyptic Visions Doomsday Device
LOCAL Applesauce Tears Damages
LOCAL Aprotag Contox
LOCAL Aprotag Practices
OC APSCI Thanks for Asking
SKA Aquabats, The The Aquabats vs. The Floating Eye of Death
SKA Aquabats, The The Fury of the Aquabats
LOCAL Aqualove It’s Mod
LOCAL Aqualove Live @ the 40 Watt (Jan 10th, 2003)
LOCAL Aqualove White Sparkle
METAL Arch Enemy Black Earth
METAL Arch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
METAL Arch Enemy Wages of Sin
METAL Architect All Is Not Lost
OC Arctic Hospital Neon Veils
LOCAL Arcturus Rezounding Soundz EP
REGGAE Ark Band, The Na Give Up
OC Arling & Cameron 1999 Space Club
OC Arling & Cameron All-In
OC Arling & Cameron Music for Imaginary Films
JAZZ Armando, Ray Mallet Hands
LOCAL Armazilla s/t
LOCAL Armazilla Texasweed
PUNK Armitage Shanks Cacophony Now
JAZZ Armstrong, Louis & and His Orchestra Heart Full of Rhythm
PUNK Army of Ponch …So Many You Could Never Win
PUNK Army of Ponch/Providence Union split demos
POP ROCK Arnalds, Olafur Variations of Static
BLUES Arnold, Billy Boy Back Where I Belong
BLUES Arnold, Billy Boy Eldorado Cadillac
REGGAE Arrow Soca Dance Party
SKA Arsenals Stomp
METAL Arsis A Celebration of Fault
METAL Arsis A Diamond For Disease
METAL Arsis United in Regret
METAL Arsis We Are the Nightmare
METAL Arson Less Perfect Than Death
METAL Arson Anthem Arson Anthem
HIP HOP Arsonists As the World Burns
HIP HOP Arsonists Date of Birth
METAL Arsonists Get All The Girls The Game of Life
JAZZ Art Ensemble of Chicago Bap-Tizum
JAZZ Art Ensemble of Chicago Coming Home Jamaica
JAZZ Art Ensemble of Chicago Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City, Live at Iridium
JAZZ Art Ensemble of Chicago Reese + the Smooth Ones
JAZZ Art Ensemble of Chicago with Cecil Taylor, Thelonius Sphere Monk Dreaming of the Masters Vol.2
INTERNATIONAL Art Ensemble of Soweto America- South Africa
OC Art of Noise The Ambient Collection
OC Art of Noise The Drum and Bass Collection
OC Art of Noise The Seduction of Claude Debussy
OC Art vs. Science Magic Fountain EP
SKA Articles, The Flip F’real
LOCAL Artie Ball Swing Band, The Sanctified
METAL Artimus Pyle Civil Dead
LOCAL Artists of War s/t
PUNK Artmus Pyle Fucked from Birth
LOCAL Arturo in Letto Making Your Prophet
LOCAL Arturo in Letto Musical Explosion
METAL As The Sun Sets Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence
INTERNATIONAL Asa Beautiful Imperfection
LOCAL Asa Nisi Masa Asa Nisi Masa
EQUINOX Asano, Koji Baroque Ensemble No.1- No.5
EQUINOX Asano, Koji Polar Parliament
EQUINOX Asano, Koji Trio Suites No.1-No.3
EQUINOX Asano, Koji Violin and Viola Suites No. 1- No. 7
METAL Ascend Ample Fire Within
EQUINOX Ash Castles on The Ghost Coast Ash Castles on The Ghost Coast
LOCAL Ashen Pull and Repel
INTERNATIONAL Ashkhabad City of Love
EQUINOX Ashley, Joseph Concerto and Rhapsody
EQUINOX Ashley, Robert Automatic Writing
EQUINOX Ashley, Robert Concrete
EQUINOX Ashley, Robert Improvement
EQUINOX Ashley, Robert Now Eleanor’s Idea
50’s/60’s Askew, Ed Ask the Unicorn
COUNTRY Asleep At The Wheel Tribute to the Music of Bob Wills and The Texas Playboys
OC Asmar, Andre Afram Race to the Bottom
OC Aspects of Physics Marginalized Information Forms One: Ping
METAL Assholeparade Student Ghetto Violence
SKA Assorted Jelly Beans Assorted Jelly Beans
INTERNATIONAL Astatke, Mulatu New York- Addis- London- The Story of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975
LOCAL Astra Songs for the Living Sky
BLUES Asylum Street Spankers My Favorite Record
BLUES Asylum Street Spankers Spanks for the memories
BLUES Asylum Street Spankers, The Live
METAL At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul
LOCAL Athens Athens
LOCAL Athens Grass Zoysia
EQUINOX Atkinson, Wendy Pink Noise
LOCAL Atlas Sound Let the Blind Lea Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
LOCAL Atlas Sound Parallax
HIP HOP Atmosphere Lucy Ford
HIP HOP Atmosphere Seven’s Travels
HIP HOP Atmosphere You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having
PUNK Atomic Boy Sonic Cocktail
EQUINOX Atrax Morgue Sickness Report
OC Audio Ouni Control Room Secondee
OC Audion Fabric 27
OC Audion Suckfish
EQUINOX Auditem Concert for detuned piano
LOCAL Audition With Max Reinhardt Audition With Max Reinhardt
LOCAL Audition With Max Reinhardt Nachtluft
EQUINOX Aufgehoben Anno Fauve
EQUINOX Aufgehoben Khora
EQUINOX Aufgehoben Messidor
EQUINOX August Born August Born
PUNK Auntie Christ Life Could Be A Dream
COUNTRY Austin Country Nights Rising Stars From The Heart of Texas
BLUES Austin, Jesse Baby’s Back
OC Autechre Confield
OC Autechre Quaristice
OC Autechre Untitled 1997
EQUINOX Automaton Dub Terror Exhaust
EQUINOX Automaton Jihad (Points of Order)
LOCAL Autovine Sound of Life From the Town Below
COUNTRY Autry, Gene The Gene Autry Collection Disc One
COUNTRY Autry, Gene The Gene Autry Collection Disc Two
PUNK Avail 4AM Friday
PUNK Avail Dixie
PUNK Avail One Wrench
PUNK Avail Over the James
PUNK Avail Satiate
OC Avalanches, The Since I Left You
LOCAL Avalauncher s/t
LOCAL Avantarde The Impatient EP
EQUINOX Avarus Ruskeatimantti
EQUINOX Avarus Vesikansi
METAL Avengeing Disco Godfathers of Soul, The This is the Invasion
JAZZ Avery, Teodross Quartet, The In other Words
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The A Carolina Jubilee
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The Four Thieves Gone
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The Live, Vol. 2
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The Mignonette
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The Swept Away
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The The Gleam
COUNTRY Avett Brothers, The The Second Gleam
LOCAL Aviva Grin I Sens
LOCAL Avulsion Dimensions of Darkness
JAZZ Axelrod, David Edge, The
50’s/60’s Axelrod, David Song of Innocence
JAZZ Axelrod, David The Edge
EQUINOX Axolotl Way Blank
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Bells/Prophecy
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Bells/Prophecy
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Healing Force
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Healing Force, the Songs of Albert Ayler
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Holy Ghost
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Holy Ghost
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Live on the Riviera
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Live on the Riviera
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Slug’s Saloon
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Slugs Saloon
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Spirits Rejoice
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Spirits Rejoice
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Spiritual Unity
JAZZ Ayler, Albert Trio Spiritual Unity
EQUINOX AZ Music For Scattered Brains
EQUINOX Azeda Booth Mysterious Body
HIP HOP Azeem Air Cartoons
METAL Azure King of Stars – Bearer of Dark
LOCAL Azure Ray Burn and Shiver
LOCAL Azure Ray Drawing Down the Moon
LOCAL Azure Ray Hold on Love
LOCAL Azure Ray New Resolution
LOCAL Azure Ray Novemeber
LOCAL Azure Ray s/t
LOCAL Azure Ray The Drinks We Drank Last Night
EQUINOX B Lan 3 Music For Hunting & Mapping
JAZZ B Sharp Jazz Quartet Tha Go ‘Round
SKA B-3s, The Devil’s Bluebeat
LOCAL B-52’s, the Live at Max’s, Kansas City, MO
POP ROCK B’ehl Bright Eyes
LOCAL Ba-Kurra Forest/URL
EQUINOX Baab Ceegur Bootleg Cassette
LOCAL Babies Who Hurt People s/t
PUNK Baboon secret robot control
LOCAL Baby Baby Money
LOCAL Baby Baby Money
REGGAE Baby Wayne Ram DJ
LOCAL Babyfat Dragons Go Away
OC Bachelorette My Electric Family
LOCAL Back Pockets, The Blissters and Basements
LOCAL Back Pockets, The Magic
PUNK Back to Donut A No Idea Complilation
LOCAL Backseat Dreamer The Colors of Dreams, They’re In You
COUNTRY Backsliders, The From Raleigh, North Carolina
COUNTRY Backsliders, The Throwin’ Rocks At The Moon
PUNK Bad Brains Attitude (the ROIR sessions)
PUNK Bad Brains s/t
SKA Bad Manners Heavy Petting
SKA Bad Manners Return of the Ugly
JAZZ Bad Plus, The Blunt Object: Live in Tokyo
JAZZ Bad Plus, The Do The Math
JAZZ Bad Plus, The Give
JAZZ Bad Plus, The Give
EQUINOX Badawi Clones and False Prophecies
EQUINOX Badawi Safe
EQUINOX Badawi The Heretic of Ether
EQUINOX Badgerlore Stories for Owls
LOCAL Bah Bu Rah Chopstick Garden
EQUINOX Bailey, Derek Aida
EQUINOX Bailey, Derek guitar & percussion
EQUINOX Bailey, Derek Music and Dance
EQUINOX Bailey, Derek Play Backs
EQUINOX Bailey, Derek Solo Guitar Volume 2
EQUINOX Bailey, Derek and Ruins Live @ Purcell Room 1997
INTERNATIONAL Bain, Aly Lonely Bird
INTERNATIONAL Baka Beyond Journey Between
INTERNATIONAL Baka Beyond The Melting Pool
POP ROCK Baker, Aidan /Thisquietarmy A Picture of a Picture
JAZZ Baker, Chet Albert’s House
JAZZ Baker, Chet Grey December
BLUES Baker, Etta One-Dime Blues
JAZZ Baker, Ginger Going Back Home
EQUINOX Baker, Ginger Trio Falling off the Roof
OC Baldwin Brothers, The Cooking with Lasers
HIP HOP Balkan Beat Box Give
LOCAL Balkans Balkans
BLUES Ball, Marcia Blue House
JAZZ Ballamy, Iain All Men Amen
LOCAL Bambara Bambara
LOCAL Bambara Bambara EP
LOCAL Bambara Dog Ear Days
LOCAL Ban Brothers Ban Brothers EP
LOCAL Band de Soleil Redemption Dream
OC Bandulu Guidance
PUNK Bane Give Blood
EQUINOX Bang on a Can and Don Byron A Ballad For Many (Cantaloupe)
LOCAL bang-u-tot bang-u-tot
PUNK Bar Feeders, The Pour For Four, Por Favor
PUNK Bar Feeders, The Scotto el Blotto
LOCAL Bar-B-Q Killers Comely
LOCAL Barbara Cue Louisiana Truckstop
LOCAL Barlettas, The The Barlettas
HIP HOP Barman, MC Paul It’s Very Stimulating
COUNTRY Barnes, Danny Dirt On The Angel
BLUES Barnes, Roosevelt The Heartbroken Man
METAL Baroness Red Album
METAL Baroness Yellow & Green
POP ROCK Barry Black Barry Black
50’s/60’s Barry, John The Emi Years Volume One
50’s/60’s Barry, John The Emi Years Volume Two
JAZZ Bartz, Gary The Red and Orange Poems
EQUINOX Barwick, Julia Nepenthe
HIP HOP Basehead Do You Wanna Fuck (or What)?
HIP HOP Basehead Faith
EQUINOX Basho-Jungans, Steffen late summer morning
EQUINOX Basho-Jungans, Steffen Rivers and Bridges
EQUINOX Basho-Jungans, Steffen Waters in Azure
EQUINOX Basho, Robbie Bonn Ist Supreme
FOLK Basho, Robbie Venus in Cancer
JAZZ Basie, Count Brand New Wagon
EQUINOX Baskinski, William The Garden of Brokennes
EQUINOX Baskinski, William Variation #9
EQUINOX Baskinski, William The River
EQUINOX Bastard Noise The Analysis of Self Destruction
METAL Bath of Mice A Day of Nights
METAL Bathory Requiem
OC Baths Cerelean
OC Battles Dross Glop
FOLK Battles EP C
PUNK Battleship s/t
BLUES Batz, Gary The Blues Chronicles: Tales of Life
HIP HOP Baucklang Many People
FOLK Baugus, Riley Long Steel Rail
LOCAL Baxter and the Basics The Meantime EP
50’s/60’s Baxter, Les Que Mango!
EQUINOX Bazooka Perfectly Square
EQUINOX Bazooka Sonic Business Environment
HIP HOP BC Time Capsule EP
POP ROCK Be God Tanyas, the Bluehorse
POP ROCK Be your own pet Be your own pet
POP ROCK Be your own pet Get Awkward!
POP ROCK Be your own pet Summer Sensation
POP ROCK Bea Hunks, The and Metropole Orchestra, The Our Relations
COUNTRY Beacon Hillbillies More Songs of Love and Murder
HIP HOP Beans Down By Law
HIP HOP Beans New Someday Soon
HIP HOP Beans Shock City Maverick
HIP HOP Beans Tomorrow Right Now
LOCAL Bear Girl Demos
OC Bear in Heaven Beast Rest Forth Mouth: Remixed
POP ROCK Bear in Heaven Red Bloom of the Boom
POP ROCK Beast Rest Forth Mouth
POP ROCK Beat Circus We’ll Meet You in Dreamland
POP ROCK Beat Happening Music to climb the Apple Tree By
POP ROCK Beatings, The Late Season Kids
POP ROCK Beatings, The Onz
POP ROCK Beatnik Filmstars all pop stars are talentless slags
POP ROCK Beatnik Filmstars Boss Disque
POP ROCK Beatnik Filmstars Phase 3
INTERNATIONAL Beaton Family of Mabou, The Cape Breton Fiddle and Piano Music
POP ROCK Beats Antique Blind Threshold
OC Beats Antique Elektrafone
POP ROCK Beaulah Handsome Western States
POP ROCK Beaulah Yoko
LOCAL Beauregard First & Foremost
EQUINOX Beauty Pear Beauty Pear
POP ROCK Beauty Pill The Unsustainable Lifestyle
JAZZ Bebo & Cigala Lagrimas Negras
OC Beck, Thavis Decomposition
METAL Becoming the Archetype The Physics of Fire
EQUINOX Bed of Roses The Kissing Tree
POP ROCK Bedhead Beheaded
POP ROCK Bedhead Bedhead
POP ROCK Bedroom Walls All Good Dreamers Pass This Way
LOCAL Bedside Ensemble, The Another Day
50’s/60’s Bee Gees Best of Early Bee Gees
REGGAE Beenie Man Best of Beenie Man Collector’s Edition
POP ROCK Beezus Breakfast was weird
METAL Behold… the Arctopus Nano-Nucleonic Cybrog Summoning
LOCAL Beijing Beijing EP
LOCAL Beijing Lorraine
LOCAL Beijing Tracing Letters
JAZZ Beijing Trio Beijing Trio
POP ROCK Beirut March of the Zapotec
POP ROCK Beirut The Riptide
POP ROCK Belaire Exploding Impacting
EQUINOX Belgarian, Eve Tell The Birds
COUNTRY Bell and The Snake Handlers, Rico Dark Side of The Mersey
POP ROCK Bell Orchestre As Seen Through Windows
POP ROCK Bell Orchestre Reocding a Tape the colour of the light
BLUES Bell, Carey Deep Down
BLUES Bell, Carey Good Luck Man
BLUES Bell, Carey Heartbreak and Pain
BLUES Bell, Carey and Tough Luck Mellow Down Easy
POP ROCK Bell, Rico The Return of Rico Bell
50’s/60’s Bell, William The Best of WIlliam Bell
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian Books
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian Fold your hands child, you walk like a peasant
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian If you’re Feeling Sinister
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian The Boy with the Arab Strap
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian The Life Pursuit
POP ROCK Belle and Sebastian Tigermilk
LOCAL Bellhouse Evolution O’ T’ha Lemon
POP ROCK Bellini Small Stones
POP ROCK Bells, The The Ultimate Seaside Companion
EQUINOX Belong Same Places 12
METAL Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI
POP ROCK Ben-David, Anat Virtual Leisure
EQUINOX Benary, Barbara Sun On The Snow
LOCAL Benchtop Cut the Shit, Start the Pit
EQUINOX Bendian’s, Gregg Interzone Eremite
EQUINOX Bendian’s, Gregg Interzone Myriad
OC Benga Diary of an Afro Warrior
JAZZ Bennink, Han and Terrie Ex The Laughing Owl
BLUES Benoit, Tab Standing on the Bank
FOLK Bensusan, Pierre Spices
OC Bentley Rhythm Ace Bentley Rhythm Ace
METAL Benümb By Means of Upheaval
METAL Benümb Withering Strands of Hope
POP ROCK Berendes, Jacob Foreign Policy
JAZZ Bergman, Borah and Peter Brotzman and Andrew Cyrille Exhilaration
JAZZ Berkman, David Handmade
JAZZ Berne, Tim The Shell Game
50’s/60’s Berry, Chuck His Best, Volume 1
50’s/60’s Berry, Chuck The Chess Box
BLUES Berry, Richard Get out of the Car
POP ROCK Besnard Lakes, The … Are the Rolling Night
POP ROCK Besnard Lakes, The Are the Dark Horse
POP ROCK Best Boy Electric Songs of Latitude and Longitude
POP ROCK Best Coast Crazy for you
POP ROCK Best Friends Group, The When Everyone’s Around
LOCAL Bet, The Sweet Tea
POP ROCK Beta Band, The Hot Shots II
POP ROCK Beta Band, The The Beta Band
POP ROCK Beta Band, The The Three E.P.’s
OC Beta, Salvo Abrasive Stuttering
POP ROCK Betsch, Bertrand La Soupe A La Grimace
POP ROCK Better off Airport Vivre
POP ROCK Bettie Serveert Dust Bunnies
POP ROCK Bettie Serveert Kids’ allright
POP ROCK Bettie Serveert Palomine
POP ROCK Bettie Serveert Private Suit
POP ROCK Bettie Serveert Something so wild
PUNK Betty’s Love Child Angelfish
METAL Between the Buried and Me The Anatomy Of
POP ROCK Beulah The Coast is Never Clear
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The A gathrering of Fronds
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The Bevis through the looking Glass
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The New River Head.
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The North Circular
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The Song of Walter
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The The Bevis Frond is Hit Squad
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The Valedictory Songs
POP ROCK Bevis Frond, The Vavona Burr
EQUINOX Beyer, Johanna Sticky Melodies
INTERNATIONAL Bhattacharya, Debashish , Subhashish Bhattacharya Debashish Bhattacharya Hindustani Slide Guitar
INTERNATIONAL Bhattacharya, Tarun Kirvani
PUNK Bhopal Stiffs (1985-1989)
POP ROCK Biafra, Jello with Plainfield Jello Biafra with Plainfield
POP ROCK Biafra, Jello with the Melvins Never Breathe what you can’t see
LOCAL Bianco, Jim Handsome Devil
OC Bibio Ambivalence Avenue
OC Bibo Mind Bokeh
POP ROCK Bierhorst Marker’s Mark
EQUINOX Big A Little a gAMe
OC Big Black Delta BBDLP1
POP ROCK Big Business Head for the Shallow
METAL Big Business Here Come The Waterworks
LOCAL Big Fish Ensemble Field Trip
LOCAL Big Fish Ensemble I Hate Parties
LOCAL Big Fish Ensemble Lucky
LOCAL Big Grey Sampler
LOCAL Big House Big House
JAZZ Big Satan Souls Saved Hear
HIP HOP Bigg Jus Poor People’s Day
POP ROCK Bigger Lovers, The How I learned to stop worrying
BLUES Bill, Barkin’ Gotcha!
SKA Bim Skala Bim Bones
SKA Bim Skala Bim Eyes & Ears
SKA Bim Skala Bim How’s it Goin’?
SKA Bim Skala Bim Live
SKA Bim Skala Bim The One That Got Away
SKA Bim Skala Bim Universal
EQUINOX Binary Marketing Show, The Because of This, This and This
EQUINOX Binary System From The Epicenter
OC Binger the Voyager Sweet Taste of Nothing
OC Bionaut, The Lubricate Your Living-Room
EQUINOX Biosphere Cirque
EQUINOX Biota Object Holder
LOCAL Bird Names Metabolism
LOCAL Birds & Wire Sanford’s Drive
BLUES Birmingham Sunlights, The For Old Time’s Sake
POP ROCK Bis New Transitor Heroes, The
POP ROCK Bis Plastique Noveau
POP ROCK Bis Social Dancing
POP ROCK Bis This Is Teen-C Power!
PUNK Biscayne You’d Build a Robot
BLUES Bishop, Elvin Ace in the Hole
BLUES Bishop, Elvin & Little Smokey Smothers That’s My Partner
EQUINOX Bishop, Sir Richard Fingering The Devil
EQUINOX Bishop, Sir Richard Improvika
EQUINOX Bishop, Sir Richard Salvador Kali
EQUINOX Bissonnette, Christopher Periphery
LOCAL Bit Brigade Castlebandia
LOCAL Biters, The It’s OK to Like Biters
OC Bix Medard Take a Deep Breath
HIP HOP Bizzart Ear Drung
EQUINOX Bjørnstad, Ketil The River
POP ROCK Black and the Catholics, Frank Dog In The Sand
POP ROCK Black and the Catholics, Frank Show Me Your Tears
POP ROCK Black Angels, The Passover
POP ROCK Black Angels, The Phosphene Dream
HIP HOP Black Anger Maxed Out Singles
METAL Black Anvil Time Insults The Mind
POP ROCK Black Box Recorder Black Box, The
POP ROCK Black Box Recorder England Made Me
POP ROCK Black Box Recorder Passionoia
PUNK Black Cross Art Offensive
EQUINOX Black Dice Beaches and Canyons
EQUINOX Black Dice Black Dice (brown)
EQUINOX Black Dice Black Dice (pink)
EQUINOX Black Dice Broken Ear Record
EQUINOX Black Dice Load Blown
EQUINOX Black Dice Mr. Impossible
PUNK Black Flag 84 Live
PUNK Black Flag IIII
PUNK Black Fork Rock for Loot
POP ROCK Black Heart Procession + Solbakken In The Fish Tank 11
POP ROCK Black Heart Procession, The Black Heart Procession, The
POP ROCK Black Heart Procession, The Spell, The
POP ROCK Black Hollies, The Softly Toward the Light
POP ROCK Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears Tell ‘Em What Your Name Is
POP ROCK Black Keys, The Magic Potion
POP ROCK Black Keys, The Rubber Factory
LOCAL Black Kites Loki
LOCAL Black Lips Arabia Mountain
LOCAL Black Lips Los Valientes Del Mundo Nuevo
LOCAL Black Lips Underneath the Rainbows
POP ROCK Black Lipstick Converted Theives
LOCAL Black Love Geographic Tongue
LOCAL Black Love Tuh Feel Duh Love
POP ROCK Black Moth Super Rainbow Dandelion Gum
POP ROCK Black Moth Super Rainbow Eating Us
JAZZ Black Saint Soul Note
POP ROCK Black Sea, The Black Sea, The
POP ROCK Black Taj Black Taj
REGGAE Black Uhuru Dynasty
REGGAE Black Uhuru Iron Storm
REGGAE Black Uhuru Mystical Truth
REGGAE Black Uhuru Strongg
PUNK Black Widows Black Widows Stops a Beating Heart
POP ROCK Black, Frank Francis
POP ROCK Black, Frank Hang On To Your Ego
POP ROCK Black, Frank and The Catholics Pistolero
BLUES Black, Neal and the Healers neal black + the healers
BLUES Black, Paul and the Flip Kings King Dollar
POP ROCK Black, The Sun In The Day Moon At Night
HIP HOP Blackalicious Nia
LOCAL Blackcowboy 2
LOCAL Blackcowboy Blackcowboy
POP ROCK Blackout Beach Light Flows the Putrid Down
POP ROCK Blackout Beach Skin of Evil
COUNTRY Blacks, The Just Like Home
EQUINOX Blackshaw, James O True Believers
EQUINOX Blackshaw, James The Cloud of Unknowing
50’s/60’s Blaine, Hal drums! drums! a go go
FOLK Blake, Norman & Nancy Natasha’s Waltz
JAZZ Blakey, Art One For All
JAZZ Blakey, Art The Art of Jazz
LOCAL Blame Game Blame Game
LOCAL Blame Game Discogrpahy
LOCAL Blame Game Honey and Salt
POP ROCK Blamed, The Give Us Barabbas
POP ROCK Blank Tapes, The Daydreams
POP ROCK Blank, Sebastian Alibi Coast
LOCAL Blankety Blank Something to Snack On
POP ROCK Blast off country style In my Arms
POP ROCK Blast Off Country Style Rainbow Mayonnaise Deluxe
LOCAL Blastic Pubble 2001 demos
LOCAL Blastic Pubble A StonHenge on the Euphrates
LOCAL Blastic Pubble Forever Ruined 4 the Ordinary
POP ROCK Blau, Karl am
POP ROCK Blau, Karl Beneath Waves
POP ROCK Blau, Karl Nature’s Got Away
COUNTRY Blazers, The East Side Soul
LOCAL Bleed Stone Nerve Gliding EP
JAZZ Bley, Carla Dinner Music
JAZZ Bley, Carla and Andy Sheppard and Steve Swallow Songs with Legs
JAZZ Bley, Carla and Paul Haines Escalator Over The Hill
JAZZ Bley, Paul and Evan Parker and Barre Phillips Time Will Tell
JAZZ Bley, Paul and Gary Peacock Mindset
POP ROCK Blind Boys of Alabama, The Go Tell It On The Mountain
BLUES Blind Boys of Alabama, The Spirit of the Century
METAL Blind Guardian Fly
LOCAL Bliss Collected Recordings
POP ROCK Blithe Sons, The We Walk The Young Earth
POP ROCK Blitzen Trapper Destroyer of the Void
BLUES Block, Rory when a woman gets the blues
HIP HOP Blockhead Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book
POP ROCK Blonde Redhead 23
POP ROCK Blonde Redhead La Mia Vita Violenta
POP ROCK Blonde Redhead Mélodie Citronique
POP ROCK Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons
POP ROCK Blonde Redhead Misery is a Butterfly
PUNK Blood Brothers Crimes
METAL Blood Brothers, the …Burn, Piano Island, Burn
METAL Blood Brothers, the This Adultery Is Ripe
POP ROCK Blood Group, The Everything Forgotten Gathers At The Ceiling
METAL Bloodbath Nightmares Madde Flesh
METAL Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage
METAL Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
METAL Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity
METAL Bloodjinn Murder Eternal:Seven Short Stories for the
POP ROCK Bloodthirsty Lovers, The Bloodthirsty Lovers, The
POP ROCK Bloom, Kath Finally
POP ROCK Bloom, Kath Loren MazzaCane Connors
POP ROCK Blow Pops, The American Beauties
POP ROCK Blow, The Concussive Caress, The
POP ROCK Blow, The Poor Aim: Love Songs
EQUINOX Blowhole billowing sheen
50’s/60’s Blue Cheer Vincebus Eruptum / Outsideinside
POP ROCK Blue Giant Blue Giant
FOLK Blue Highway Blue Highway
FOLK Blue Highway Still Climbing Mountains
EQUINOX Blue Humans, The Clear to Higher Time
COUNTRY Blue Mountain Dog Days
COUNTRY Blue Mountain Homegrown
COUNTRY Blue Mountain Tales of a Traveler
BLUES Blue Nile, The Hats
POP ROCK Blue Rags, The Rag-N-Roll
COUNTRY Blue Rodeo Nowhere to Here
HIP HOP Blue Scholars Blue Scholars
JAZZ Blue Series Continuum, The GoodandEvil Sessions
POP ROCK Blue Tip Hot-Fast+Union
POP ROCK Blue Tip Join Us
POP ROCK Blue Tip Polymer
POP ROCK Blue Tip Post Mortem Anthem
POP ROCK Blue Whale, The Wind Runs Through It
FOLK Bluenoiseband Brad Green From Queens
HIP HOP Blueprint 1988
EQUINOX Blues Control Puff
JAZZ Bluiett, Hamlet Ballads and Blues: live at the Village Vanguard
POP ROCK Blumm, FS Summer Kling
POP ROCK Blurt Pagan Strings
METAL Blutch Materia
50’s/60’s Bnyan, Vashti Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind
FOLK Boatwright, Ginger Fertile Ground
LOCAL BOB Complex Organism Blues
LOCAL BOB Pendulum
LOCAL BOB Rounded at the Free End
LOCAL BOB Sonic Hedges
POP ROCK Bobby and Blum Everybody Loves
PUNK Bobbyteens, The Not So Sweet
POP ROCK Bobo, Harlan T Sucker
INTERNATIONAL Bocoum, Afel Alkiban
POP ROCK Bodeco Bone, Hair and Hide
POP ROCK Bodeco Callin’ All Dogs
POP ROCK Boduf Songs How Shadows Chase The Balance
POP ROCK Boduf Songs Lion Devours The Sun
LOCAL Bodyfather Bodyfather
FOLK Boggs, Dock His Folkway Years 1963-1968 (two CDs)
EQUINOX Bogner, Ursula Recordings 1969-1988
PUNK Boiling Point Boiling Point
PUNK Boiling Point Essentials: A.1
PUNK Boiling Point Flex Your Head/SSD/B.G.K./Negative Approach
PUNK Boiling Point Lookout! The Early Years
PUNK Boiling Point Part 2: The Revenge
PUNK Boiling Point Volume One
PUNK Boiling Point (Various Artists) Battery + Blitz
PUNK Boiling Point essetials A.2 Against Me/ Alkaline Trio/ American Steel/ Astrid Oto
PUNK Boils, The
EQUINOX Bolan, Marc Great Jewish Music
EQUINOX Bolcom, William and Ross Lee Finney Chamber & Solo Music
POP ROCK Bombadil Bombadil
LOCAL BombsBombsBombs Postcards for Madeline
LOCAL Bon Vivants Soul Actions
POP ROCK Bon Voyage Right Amount, The
POP ROCK Bonar, Haley Size of the Planets, The
POP ROCK Bonde De Role Melo Do Tobaco
POP ROCK Bonde De Role Solta O Frango
PUNK Bones Brigade / Municipal Waste I Hate Myself When I’m Not Skating / Waste ‘Em All
POP ROCK Bongwater Peel Session, The
JAZZ Bonner, Joe The Art of Jazz Piano
POP ROCK Bonnie Beware
50’s/60’s Bonniwell Music Machine Ignition
POP ROCK Boo Radleys, The Barney (…And Me)
POP ROCK Boo Radleys, The C’mon Kids
POP ROCK Boo Radleys, The Giant Steps
POP ROCK Boo Radleys, The Kingsize
POP ROCK Boo Radleys, The Lazarus
EQUINOX Boodlers Boodlers
LOCAL Book Club Shapes on the Water
BLUES Book, Roy Binder Live Book…Don’t Start Me Talkin’
BLUES Book, Roy Binder The Hillbilly Blues Cats
LOCAL Booker T. Potato Hole
BLUES Booker, James Spiders on the Keys
PUNK Books Lie Hall of Fame of Fire + singles + b-sides
POP ROCK Books, The Lemon of Pink, The
POP ROCK Books, The Lost and Safe
POP ROCK Books, The Thought For Food
POP ROCK Books, The Way Out, The
POP ROCK Boom One Hour Talisman
HIP HOP Boom Bap Project Reprogram
LOCAL Boom Box 2000 Boom Box 2001 [Radio Edit]
JAZZ Boom, The Any Day of the Night
EQUINOX Borbetomagus Borbetomagus
EQUINOX Borbetomagus Borbetomagus
EQUINOX Borbetomagus Concerto for Cracked Everyday Electronics and Chamber Orchestra
EQUINOX Borbetomagus Experience the Magic
EQUINOX Borbetomagus Songs Our Mother Taught Us
EQUINOX Boredoms Pop Tatari
EQUINOX Boredoms Seadrum/House of Sun
EQUINOX Boredoms Super Roots 6
POP ROCK Boredoms Super Roots Sampler
EQUINOX Boredoms Vision Creation Newsun
POP ROCK Boris Akumanouta
POP ROCK Boris Smile
PUNK Boris the Sprinkler 7 tracks &
PUNK Boris the Sprinkler Gay! &
PUNK Boris the Sprinkler Saucer to Saturday
POP ROCK Boris with Michio Kurihara Rainbow
POP ROCK Borko Celebrating Life
PUNK Born Against clean songs
PUNK Born/Dead Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us…
POP ROCK Boss Hog Boss Hog
OC Bossacucanova/Roberto Menescal Brasilidade
POP ROCK Bossanova Hey Sugar
LOCAL BossTon I was razed round Black Folk too (but they didn’t no it)
PUNK Boston Hardcore 89-91
POP ROCK Botanica Malediction
METAL Botch American Nervoso
METAL Botch Anthology of Dead Ends
METAL Botch We Are The Romans
INTERNATIONAL Bothy Band, The Live in Concert
COUNTRY Bottle Rockets, The 24 Hours A Day
COUNTRY Bottle Rockets, The The Brooklyn Side
POP ROCK Bottomless Pit Blood Under The Bridge
LOCAL Boulevard Octane Lovers
LOCAL Boulevard Vice & Daring
PUNK Bouncing Souls, The Anchors Aweigh
PUNK Bouncing Souls, The Bouncing Souls
PUNK Bouncing Souls, The Hopeless Romantic
PUNK Bouncing Souls, The Tie One On (Live)
LOCAL Boundaries Note Worthy
POP ROCK Bowery Electric Vertigo
POP ROCK Bowery Eletric Bowery Electric
EQUINOX Bowles, Paul Baptism of Solitude
COUNTRY Bowman, Ronnie It’s Getting’ Better All The Time
POP ROCK Boxer Rebellion, The Union, Exits
JAZZ Boxer Trio, Karl Live at Plymouth State College
POP ROCK Boxhead Ensemble, The Dutch Harbor Soundtrack
POP ROCK Boxhead Ensemble, The Nocturnes
POP ROCK Boxhead Ensemble, The The Last Place to Go
POP ROCK Boy Eats Drum Machine Hoop & Wire
POP ROCK Boy Genius Staggering
POP ROCK Boy In Static Candy Cigarette
POP ROCK Boy Least Likely To, The the law of the playground
BLUES Boyack, Pat & the Prowers Breakin’ In
LOCAL Boycycle The Steady Confident Touch of Man in His Prime
EQUINOX Boyd, CJ The Greatest Weight
LOCAL Boys Star Library, The Sugar and Water
METAL Boysetsfire Enter the Eulogy
METAL Boysetsfire In Chrysalis
METAL Boysetsfire Live For Today
POP ROCK Bracken Heathens
POP ROCK Bracken We Know About the Need
POP ROCK Bragg, Billy Don’t Try This at Home
PUNK Bragg, Billy Promo Sampler
POP ROCK Bragg, Billy Still Looking For A New England
POP ROCK Bragg, Billy william bloke
POP ROCK Braid Movie Music vol. 1
POP ROCK Braid Movie Music vol. 2
POP ROCK Braid The Age of Octeen
50’s/60’s Brain Police, The The Brain Police
POP ROCK Brainiac bonsai superstar
POP ROCK Brainiac Electro-Shock for President
POP ROCK Brainiac Hissing Prigs in Static Coture
POP ROCK Brainiac Smack bunny baby
POP ROCK Brainville The Children’s Crusade
POP ROCK Brakes Give Blood
BLUES Bramhall, Doyle Bird Nest on the Ground
EQUINOX Branca Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses
EQUINOX Branca Lesson No. 1
EQUINOX Branca Selections from the Symphonies (For Electric Guitars)
EQUINOX Branca Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus)
EQUINOX Branca Symphony no.9
EQUINOX Branca Theoretical Girls
BLUES Branch, Billy the blues keep following me around
PUNK Brand New Unit Looking Back Again
EQUINOX Brant, Henry Music for Massed Flutes
LOCAL Brass Castle Get on Fire
POP ROCK Brassy Gettin Wise
POP ROCK Brassy Got it made
POP ROCK Bratmobile Girls Get Busy
POP ROCK Bratmobile Ladies, Women, & Girls
POP ROCK Bratmobile The Real Janelle
POP ROCK Brave Combo No, No, No, Cha, Cha, Cha
POP ROCK Brave Combo with Lauren Agnelli Hiss of Fire
JAZZ Braxton, Anthony BYG Sessions
JAZZ Braxton, Anthony BYG Sessions
JAZZ Braxton, Anthony Six Compositions
EQUINOX Brazelton/Napthali What is it like to be a bat?
POP ROCK Breadwinner Burner
LOCAL Breakheard Beat Breakheart Beat EP
LOCAL Breakheard Beat Our Songs are Dead/I’ve got a demon to escort to Prescott Row
POP ROCK Breathe Owl Breathe Magic Central
LOCAL Breathlanes > for now
LOCAL Breathlanes Sink/For Now
OC Bretschneider and Steinbrüchel Status
POP ROCK Brian Jonestown Massacre, The …And This is Our Music
POP ROCK Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Strung Out
POP ROCK Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Thank God for Mental Illness
POP ROCK Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Tired Peppermint Wonderland: A Retrospective
POP ROCK Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Zero
POP ROCK Brick Layer Cake Call it a Day
POP ROCK Brick Layer Cake Tragedy-Tragedy
POP ROCK Bricks A Microphone and a Box of Dirt
POP ROCK Bride of No No b.o.n.n. apetit!
JAZZ Bridge 61 Journal
POP ROCK Brief Candles They Live We Sleep
POP ROCK Bright Bells Break Their Towers
POP ROCK Brightblack ala.cali.tucky
POP ROCK Brightblack Morning Light Brightblack Morning Light
POP ROCK Brightblack Morning Light Motion to Rejoin
POP ROCK Brilliant Colors Introducing
POP ROCK British Sea Power Open Season
POP ROCK British Sea Power The Decline of British Sea Power
POP ROCK Brittelle, William Television Landscape
POP ROCK Broadcast Extended Play Two
POP ROCK Broadcast Ha ha Sound
POP ROCK Broadcast The Future Crayon
POP ROCK Broadcast The Noise Made By People
PUNK Broadways, The Broken Star
PUNK Broadways, The Broken Van
JAZZ Brock, Zach and the Coffee Achievers Live at the Jazz Factory
JAZZ Brock, Zach and the Coffee Achievers Live at the Jazz Factory
EQUINOX Broderick, Peter Float
POP ROCK Brokaw, Chris I Was Born But
POP ROCK Brokeback Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table
POP ROCK Brokeback Morse Code in the Modern Age
LOCAL Broken Bits, The 10 Sem-Satanic Love Songs
LOCAL Broken Bits, The Frangible Tangible!!!
POP ROCK Broken Social Scene Broken Social Scene
POP ROCK Broken Social Scene Feel Good Lot=st
POP ROCK Bronson, Archie Outfit Derdang Derdang
PUNK Bronson, Charles Discocrappy
POP ROCK Bronzed Chorus, The I’m the Spring
POP ROCK Brood, Elliot Ambassador
BLUES Brooks, Lonnie Let’s Talk it Over
BLUES Brooks, Lonnie Satisfaction Guaranteed
JAZZ Broom, Bobby Modern Man
LOCAL Bros. Marler, The Songs for Pluto
POP ROCK Brosseau, Tom Grand Forks
COUNTRY Brother Boys Presley’s Grocery
FOLK Brother Boys, The Plow
POP ROCK Brother Danielson Brother Son
POP ROCK Brother JT3 Hang in There, Baby
POP ROCK Brother JT3 Spirituals
JAZZ Brotherhood of Breath Bremen to Bridgmater
JAZZ Brotherhood of Breath Travelling Somewhere
LOCAL Brotherhood of Radiographic Workers, The The Monk Who is Suffering
LOCAL Brothers Beautiful
LOCAL Brothers Street Names EP
LOCAL Brothers Gore, The Frag
FOLK Brothers Stanley, The An Evening Long Ago
FOLK Brothers Stanley, The Earliest Recordings
JAZZ Brotzman, Peter Be Music, Night
EQUINOX Brötzmann, Caspar Massaker Koksofen
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Alarm
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Balls
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Born Broke
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Fuck De Boere
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Machine Gun
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Medicina
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Nipples
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Pica Pica
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Schwarzwaldfahrt
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Signs
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter Stone Water
JAZZ Brotzmann, Peter The
POP ROCK Broughton, David Thomas The Complete Guide to Insufficiency
JAZZ Brown Jr., Oscar Then & Now
JAZZ Brown Trio, Rob High Wire
JAZZ Brown, Anthony’s Asian American Orchestra Far East Suite
BLUES Brown, Ari Venus
50’s/60’s Brown, Arthur The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
BLUES Brown, Charles Cool Christmas Blues
BLUES Brown, Charles Just A Lucky So And So
BLUES Brown, Clarence Alligator
BLUES Brown, Clarence American Music, Texas Style
BLUES Brown, Clarence Gate Swings
BLUES Brown, Clarence Long Way Home
BLUES Brown, Clarence Okie Dokie Stomp
EQUINOX Brown, Earle Selected Works 1952-1965
POP ROCK Brown, Hannis Oh Ah Ee
POP ROCK Brown, Ian Unfinished Monkey Business
50’s/60’s Brown, James Live at the Apollo 1962
50’s/60’s Brown, James Roots of a Revolution (disc 1)
50’s/60’s Brown, James Roots of a Revolution (disc 2)
50’s/60’s Brown, James Star Time (Disc 1) Mr. Dynamite
50’s/60’s Brown, James Star Time (Disc 2) The Hardest Working Man in Show Business
COUNTRY Brown, Junior Guit With It
COUNTRY Brown, Junior Long Walk Back
COUNTRY Brown, Junior Mixed Bag
JAZZ Brown, Marion Marion Brown
JAZZ Brown, Marion Sweet Earth Flower
COUNTRY Brown, Marty High and Dry
BLUES Brown, Nappy I’m A Wild Man
BLUES Brown, Ruth A Good Day for the Blues
BLUES Brown, Ruth R+B = Ruth Brown
BLUES Brozman, Rob A Truckload of Blues
JAZZ Brubeck, Dave In Their Own Sweet Way
PUNK Bruce Banner I’ve Had it with Humanity
PUNK Bruisers, The Molotov
METAL Brujeria Brujerizmo
POP ROCK Brun, Ane Changing of the Seasons
METAL Brutal Truth Kill Trend Suicide
METAL Brutal Truth Need to Control
METAL Brutal Truth Perpetual Truth
METAL Brutality In Mourning
METAL Brutality When the Sky Turns Black
LOCAL Brute Nine High a Pallet
BLUES Bryant, Precious Fool Me Good
EQUINOX Bryars, Gavin The Sinking of the Titanic
EQUINOX Bryars, Gavin Vita Nova
50’s/60’s Bubble Puppy A Gathering of Promises
LOCAL Bubbly Mommy Gun Ain’t Got No Favorite Color
LOCAL Bubbly Mommy Gun Los Estados Amigos
LOCAL Bubbly Mommy Gun Sand Roses
LOCAL Bucklew, Wendy Painting Sidewalks
50’s/60’s Buckley, Tim Goodbye + Hello
50’s/60’s Buckley, Tim Tim Buckely
OC Buckminster Fuzeboard How to Make C60 BR24 In Under an Hour
POP ROCK Buckner, Richard bloomed
POP ROCK Buckner, Richard Impasse
POP ROCK Buckner, Richard Meadow
POP ROCK Buckner, Richard The Hill
BLUES Buddy Blue Band, the Dive Bar Casanovas
LOCAL Buddy O’Reilly Band, The Under the Table
OC Buffalo Daughter I
OC Buffalo Daughter New Rock
OC Buffalo Daughter Socks, Drugs, and Rock ‘n Roll
OC Buffalo Daughter WXBD
OC Bug, The London Zoo
OC Bug, The Tapping the Conversation
LOCAL Bugs Eat Books Ghosts of Leaves
EQUINOX Bugskull Distracted Snowflake
EQUINOX Build an Ark The Stars are Singing Too
POP ROCK Built to Spill Caustic Resin
POP ROCK Built to Spill Keep it Like a Secret
POP ROCK Built to Spill Live
POP ROCK Built to Spill There’s Nothing Wrong With Love
POP ROCK Built to Spill You in Reverse
REGGAE Buju Banton Unchained Spirit
REGGAE Buju Banton Voice of Jamaica
REGGAE Buju Banton Words and Music
POP ROCK Bulat, Basia Heart of my Own
OC Bullinuts A Different Ball Game
OC Bullinuts Nut Roast
BLUES Bullock, Hiram World of Collision
PUNK Bum Kon Drunken Sex Socks
POP ROCK Bumfeld L’Etat Et Moi
OC Bump & Grind Init Sequence
POP ROCK Bunky Born to be a Motorcycle
EQUINOX Bunny Brains, The Box the Bunny
POP ROCK Bunnygrunt Jen-fi
FOLK Bunyan, Vashti Just Another Diamond Day
FOLK Bunyan, Vashti Lookaftering
COUNTRY Burch, Paul & the WPA Ballclub Blue Notes
COUNTRY Burch, Paul & the WPA Ballclub Pan-American Flash
COUNTRY Burgess, Sonny with Dave Alvin Tennessee Border
OC Burial Burial
METAL Burial Enlightened With Pain
OC Burial Untrue
EQUINOX Burke, Dan and Dimuzio, Thomas Upcoming Events
INTERNATIONAL Burke, Kevin Sweeney’s Dream: Fiddle Tunes from County Sligo, Ireland
BLUES Burke, Solomon Home Land
BLUES Burke, Solomon Live at The House of Blues
BLUES Burke, Solomon Soul of the Blues
INTERNATIONAL Burke´s, Kevin Open House Hoof and Mouth
POP ROCK Burkett, Joshua Where’s My Hat
BLUES Burks, Eddie This Old Road
SKA Burma Jam New Ground
POP ROCK Burn Witch Burn s/t
POP ROCK Burning Airlines Misson:Control!
EQUINOX Burning Star Core Blood Lighting 2007
EQUINOX Burning Star Core Operator Dead… Post Abandoned
POP ROCK Burnman Notes for a catalogue for an exhibition
BLUES Burnside, R.L. A Ass Pocket of Whiskey
BLUES Burnside, R.L. Acoustic Stories
BLUES Burnside, R.L. Burnside On Burnside
BLUES Burnside, R.L. come on in
BLUES Burnside, R.L. Mr. Wizard
BLUES Burnside, R.L. My Black Name A-Ringin’
BLUES Burnside, R.L. Too Bad Jim
METAL Burnt by the Sun Burnt by the Sun
OC Burnweed Masterpeace (…The Zen of Lo-Fi)
EQUINOX Burr, Anthony and Sverrisson, Skúli A Thousand Incidents Arise
EQUINOX Burroughs, William S. The Operator’s Manual
METAL Burst Origio
BLUES Burton, Aron Aron Burton LIVE
METAL Burzum Filosofem
METAL Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
METAL Burzum Stemmen Fran Tarnet
OC Buscemi Our Girl in Havana
HIP HOP Busdriver RoadKillOvercoat
HIP HOP Busdriver & Radioactive with Daedalus The Weather
COUNTRY Bush, Sam Glamour & Grits
POP ROCK Bush, Sam laps in seven
PUNK Business, The Death II Dance
PUNK Business, The The Singles Collection
PUNK Business, The The Truth The Whole Truth
POP ROCK Butler, Bernard Distorted, Retarded, Peculiar
BLUES Butler, George Stranger
BLUES Butler, Henry Blues After Sunset
BLUES Butler, Henry Orleans Inspiration
BLUES Butler, Wild Child These Mean Old Blues
SKA Butlers, The Time Tunnel
LOCAL Butterflies Bored Room
LOCAL Butterflies Butterflies
POP ROCK Butterglory are you building a temple in heaven?
POP ROCK Butterglory Downed
POP ROCK Butterglory Rat Tat Tat
POP ROCK Butthole Surfers independent worm saloon
POP ROCK Buttless Chaps, The Where Night Hold Light
PUNK Buzz Fifteen
LOCAL Buzz Hungry At the Hands of Our Intercessors
LOCAL Buzz Hungry Fried Like A Man
PUNK Buzzcocks All Set
PUNK Buzzcocks Buzzcocks
PUNK Buzzcocks Do It
PUNK Buzzcocks entertaining friends
PUNK Buzzcocks French
PUNK Buzzcocks Time’s Up
PUNK Buzzcocks trade test transmission
METAL Buzzoven Sore
OC Byrd, Donald Blue Breakbeats
POP ROCK Byrne, David Forestry
POP ROCK Byrne, David The Forest
EQUINOX Byron, Michael Dreamers of Pearl
HIP HOP C-Rayz Walz Ravipops (The Substance)
HIP HOP C-Rayz Walz Year of the Beast
HIP HOP C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz Freestyle vs. Written
LOCAL C’est Mortel To Live With Intent: LITL (9/25/01)
OC CABBAGEBOY Genetically Modified
LOCAL Cactus Pie Cyclorama!
POP ROCK Cadallaca Out West
HIP HOP Cadence Weapon Afterparty Babies
HIP HOP Cadence Weapon Breaking Kayfabe
LOCAL Cadillac Jones Rhythm Method
LOCAL Caesar This Ruined Palace
LOCAL Cafeteria Knee Deep
METAL Caffery, Chris Pins and Needles
EQUINOX Cage, John Double Edge
EQUINOX Cage, John Indeterminacy
EQUINOX Cage, John Music for Keyboard 1935-1948
EQUINOX Cage, John and John Kubera Music of Changes
BLUES Cain, Chris Band, The Can’t Buy a Break
BLUES Cain, Chris Band, The Cutin’ Loose
POP ROCK Cake Kitchen, The Bald Old Bear
POP ROCK Cake Kitchen, The Far From the Sun
POP ROCK Cake Kitchen, The Stompin Thru the Boneyard
POP ROCK Cake Kitchen, The The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
POP ROCK Cake Kitchen, The World of Sand
POP ROCK Cake Like Bruiser Queen
POP ROCK Cake Like Goodbye, So What
POP ROCK Cale, John Fragments of a Rainy Season
POP ROCK Calexico Convict Pool
POP ROCK Calexico Even My Sure Things Fall Through
POP ROCK Calexico Feast of Wire
POP ROCK Calexico Garden Ruin
POP ROCK Calexico Hot Rail
POP ROCK Calexico Spoke
POP ROCK Calexico The Black LIght
HIP HOP Cali Agents How the West was One
POP ROCK Califone [Roots and Crowns]
POP ROCK Califone All My Friends Are Funeral Singers
POP ROCK Califone Heron King Blues
POP ROCK Califone Quicksand/Cradlesnakes
POP ROCK Califone Roomsound
POP ROCK Califone s/t
POP ROCK Califone Sometimes Good Weather Follows Bad People
OC Calix, Mira One on One
POP ROCK Call & Response S/t
POP ROCK Call & Response Winds Take No Shape
POP ROCK Callahan, Bill Woke on a Whaleheart
50’s/60’s Callender, Bobby The Way
POP ROCK Callers fortune
LOCAL Calliope Fair Demo
LOCAL Calliope Fair On Board the Armenia
LOCAL Calvin, Don’t Jump! A Way With Birds
LOCAL Calvin, Don’t Jump! Crystal Clear Mississippi
POP ROCK Camera Obscura Lloyd, I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken
POP ROCK Camera Obscura Under Achievers Please Try Harder
BLUES Campbell, Eddie C. That’s When I Know
POP ROCK Campbell, Isobel Amorino
50’s/60’s Can Delay 1968/ Monster Movie
OC Can Sacrilege
POP ROCK Can Kickers Dead Music II
POP ROCK Can Kickers Mountain Dudes
LOCAL Canary A Sound Summer Running
LOCAL Cancerstick Egolost
LOCAL Cancerstick Zara Pooch
METAL Candiria 300 Percent Density
METAL Candlemass King of the Grey Islands
LOCAL Candles The Victims of Ponce de Leon
POP ROCK Candy Bars On Cutting Ti-Gers in Half and Understanding Narravation
OC Candy Claws Hidden Lands
PUNK Candy-Ass Pansy Bitches Solstice of Suffering
POP ROCK Candy, David Play Power
METAL Cannae Troubleshooting Death
POP ROCK Cannanes, The A Love Affair With Nature
POP ROCK Cannanes, The Arty Barbecue
POP ROCK Cannanes, The s/t
POP ROCK Cannanes, The Short Poppy Syndrome
POP ROCK Cannanes, The and Steward Communicating at Unknown Rate
50’s/60’s Canned Heat The Boogie House Tapes
METAL Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
METAL Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed
METAL Cannibal Corpse Kill
METAL Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism
METAL Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn
POP ROCK Cantrell, Laura Humming by the Flowered Vine
POP ROCK Capgun Coup Brought to You by Nesbraskafish
POP ROCK Capitol Years, The Dance Away the Terror
POP ROCK Capricorn, The Pure Magical Love
LOCAL Capsule Corp. How’s Life? EP
LOCAL Captain #1 The Humble
50’s/60’s Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band Safe as Milk
EQUINOX Captain Onboard s/t
LOCAL Captain Toaster Surprise! EP
POP ROCK Capybara Try Brother
BLUES Carbo, Chuck Drawers Trouble
BLUES Carbo, Chuck The Barber’s Blues
EQUINOX Cardew, Cornelius We Sing For the Future!
POP ROCK Cardinal s/t
PUNK Cards in Spokes React
PUNK Cards in Spokes Stix, Nix, Hix, Pix
POP ROCK Carey, S. All We Grow
OC Caribou Andorra
OC Caribou Marinoaudio
OC Caribou Swim
OC Caribou The Milk of Human Kindness
EQUINOX Carl, Robert Music for Strings
POP ROCK Carlberg, Pelle Everything. Now!
EQUINOX Carlos, Wendy Rediscovering Lost Scores vol. one
EQUINOX Carlos, Wendy Rediscovering Lost Scores vol. two
EQUINOX Carlos, Wendy The Well-Tempered Synthesizer
POP ROCK Carlye, Mara The Lovely
METAL Carnal Forge Firedemon
METAL Carnal Forge Please… Die!
METAL Carnal Forge Testify for my Victims
POP ROCK Carolina Chocolate Drops Genuine Negro Jig
POP ROCK Caroline Murmurs
EQUINOX Carr, Ian Sounds & Sweet Airs (that give delight & hurt not)
POP ROCK Carr, Miller & The Shalants Passage Through Wilderness Vol. II
EQUINOX Carrey, Ralph Ralph Sounds
LOCAL Carrie Nations Be Still
LOCAL Carrie Nations Magnum (clean)
LOCAL Carrie Nations We Kicked the Replacement’s Ass
BLUES Carrier, Chubby And The Bayou Swamp Band Dance All Night
BLUES Carrier, Chubby And The Bayou Swamp Band Who Stole the Hot Sauce?
POP ROCK Carroll, Barton love & war
POP ROCK Carroll, Cath True Crime Motel
LOCAL Carroll, Julia 2c
POP ROCK Cars & Trains Rusty String
POP ROCK Cars & Trains The Roots, The Leaves
LOCAL Cars Can Be Blue Trace the Tension
LOCAL Carter, Basil Leviathan
POP ROCK Carter, Christina Electrice
EQUINOX Carter, Christina Original Darkness
EQUINOX Carter, Daniel Luminescence
POP ROCK Cartwright, George Dot
COUNTRY Cary, Caitlin While You Weren’t Looking
POP ROCK Case, Neko Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
FOLK Case, Neko Live from Austin, Texas
BLUES Case, Peter Sings Like Hell
COUNTRY Cash, Rosanne Interiors
OC Casino Versus Japan Whole Numbers Play the Basics
POP ROCK Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Vs Children
LOCAL Casket Girls, The Sleepwalking
POP ROCK Casket Lottery, The Moving Mountains
POP ROCK Casket Lottery, The Survival is for Cowards
LOCAL Casper & the Cookies Dingbats
LOCAL Casper & the Cookies How’s Your Hand
LOCAL Casper & the Cookies Modern Silence
LOCAL Casper & the Cookies Oh!
LOCAL Casper & the Cookies Take it Away, Kathy
LOCAL Casper & the Cookies The Optimist’s Club
POP ROCK Caspian Tertia
LOCAL Cassandras Invitation to Love
LOCAL Cassavettes Funny Story
LOCAL Cassavettes Shake Down The Sun
POP ROCK Cassell, Matthew Larkin The Complete Works
POP ROCK Cast All Change
POP ROCK Castanets Cathedral
POP ROCK Castanets City of Refuge
POP ROCK Castanets First Light’s Freeze
POP ROCK Castanets In the Vines
POP ROCK Castanets Texas Rose, The Thaw, & The Beasts
POP ROCK Castaway Stones, The Make Love to You
LOCAL Casting Couch, The 5 Songs
POP ROCK Castor Mud/011
POP ROCK Castor Tracking Sounds Alone
POP ROCK Castro, Nick and the Young Elders Come into Our House
BLUES Castro, Tommy Exception To The Rule
PUNK Casual Dots, The The Casual Dots
POP ROCK Cat Power Moon Pix
POP ROCK Cat Power The Greatest
POP ROCK Cat Power What Would the Community Think
METAL Catastrophic The Cleansing
EQUINOX Catera, Damian deComposition
EQUINOX Catera, Damian Process, Object, Intuition
POP ROCK Catfight! Frustrated
POP ROCK Catfight! Kitty Glitter
LOCAL Catfight! Kitty Glitter
BLUES Catfish Hodge Band Eyewitness Blues
METAL Cathedral Endtyme
METAL Cathedral The Garden of Unearthly Delights
POP ROCK Catherine Wheel Ferment
POP ROCK catholics, The simple
POP ROCK catholics, The Terra Nova Records
METAL Cattle Decapitation Karma Bloody Karma
METAL Cattle Press Hordes to Abolish the Devine
METAL Cauldron Black Ram Skulduggery
OC Caural Mirrors for Eyes
PUNK Cause for Alarm Cause for Alarm
POP ROCK Caustic Resin Keep on Truckin
POP ROCK Caustic Resin Trick Question
POP ROCK Cave In Jupiter
POP ROCK Cave Singers Invitation Songs
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds B Sides and Rarities
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Dig!!! Lazarus Dig!!!
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Let Love In
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Live Seeds
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds Murder Ballads
POP ROCK Cave, Nick and the Bad Seeds No More Shall We Part
OC Cavestar Cavestar
POP ROCK Cedar, Lily Sleeper
LOCAL Ceiling Fan Hot Streets
LOCAL Ceiling Fan Trick Music
POP ROCK Celibate Rifles, The Spaceman In A Satin Suit
EQUINOX Celli, Joseph Organic Oboe
EQUINOX Celli, Joseph and Jin Hi Kim No World (trio) Improvisations
METAL Celtic Frost Monotheist
POP ROCK Centaur In Streams
METAL Cephalic Carnage Exploiting Disfunction
METAL Cephalic Carnage Lucid Interval
METAL Cephalic Carnage Xenosapien
BLUES Cephas and Wiggins Cool Down
BLUES Cephas and Wiggins Richmond Blues
BLUES Cephas and Wiggins Somebody Told the Truth
BLUES Cephas, John and Phil Wiggins Flip, Flop, & Fly
POP ROCK Cerberus and Herman Dune The Whys and Hows of Herman Dune and Cerberus Shoal
POP ROCK Cerberus Shoal Bastion of Itchy Preeves
POP ROCK Cerberus Shoal Crash my Mood Yacht
POP ROCK Cerberus Shoal Drip Eye
POP ROCK Cerberus Shoal homb
POP ROCK Cerberus Shoal The Vim and Vigor of Alvarius B and Cerberus Shoal
PUNK Cervenka, Exene Old Wives’ Tales
PUNK Cervenka, Exene Running Sacred
PUNK Cervenka, Exene Surface to Air Serpents
LOCAL Cezeta 62 Cezeta 63
OC CFCF Continents
POP ROCK Chadbourne, Camper Van Revenge of Camper Van Chadbourne
POP ROCK Chain and the Gang Down With Freedom…Up With Chains!
EQUINOX Chainsaw Jazz Disconcerto
POP ROCK Chainsaw Kittens, The Candy for You EP
POP ROCK Chainsaw Kittens, The Flipped out in Singapore
POP ROCK Chainsaw Kittens, The The All American
POP ROCK Chairlift Does You Inspire You
POP ROCK Chamber Strings, The Gospel Morning
POP ROCK Chamber Strings, The Month of Sundays
LOCAL Chambers, Don Back in the Woods
LOCAL Chambers, Don Disquietude
50’s/60’s Champs, The Tequila
INTERNATIONAL Chandra, Sheila Nada Brahma
INTERNATIONAL Chandra, Sheila Out of My Own
INTERNATIONAL Chandra, Sheila Weaving My Ancestors’ Voices
POP ROCK Channel, The Personalized
POP ROCK Channel, The Sybilline Machine
POP ROCK Channel, The Tones are Falling
POP ROCK Channels Open
POP ROCK Channels Waiting for the Next End of the World
EQUINOX Chaos Face Doom Ride
OC Chap, The Mega Breakfast
POP ROCK Chapterhouse Blood Music
POP ROCK Chapterhouse Falling down
POP ROCK Chapterhouse Pearl
POP ROCK Chapterhouse Whirlpool
HIP HOP Charizma Peanut Butter Wolf
EQUINOX Charlambides A Vintage Burden
EQUINOX Charlambides Historic 6th Ward
EQUINOX Charlambides Likeness
EQUINOX Charlambides Unknown Spin
POP ROCK Charming Hostess Eat
POP ROCK Charter Oak Your Life That Won’t End
EQUINOX Chartier, Richard Specification.Fifteen
LOCAL Chartreuse Gloriosa Venenum Serpentis
LOCAL Chartreuse No More Paths to Sounder Sleep
LOCAL Chartreuse Summit
POP ROCK Chas. Mtn. Hugs
LOCAL Chasers, The Demo
EQUINOX Chatham, Rhys Sampler
EQUINOX Chaveau, Sylvain Nuage
POP ROCK Chavez Pentagram Ring
POP ROCK Chavez Ride the Fader
BLUES Chavis, Boozoo and the Magic Sounds LIVE! At the Habibi Temple, Lake Charles, Louisiana
OC Check the Water Selections from the Leaf Label’s First Ten Years
POP ROCK Cheeky Monkey four arms to hold you
POP ROCK Cheer-Accident enduring the american dream
POP ROCK Cheer-Accident Not a Food
EQUINOX Chef Menteur The Answer’s In Forgetting
POP ROCK Chef Menteur We Await Silent Tristero’s Empire
LOCAL Cherry, Don Eternal Rhythm
POP ROCK Cherubs Short of Popular
POP ROCK Cherubs Heroin Man
POP ROCK Cherubs Icing
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic About to Choke
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic At the Cut
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic Drunk
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic Ghetto Bells
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic Left to His Own Devices
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic Little
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic North Star Deserter
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic Skitter on Take-Off
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic West of Rome
LOCAL Chesnutt, Vic & Mr. and Mrs. Keneipp Merriment
OC Chessie Signal Series
COUNTRY Chesterman, Charlie From The Book of Flames
POP ROCK Chet Chelsea Silver, Please Come Home
EQUINOX Cheval De Frise Cheval De Frise
POP ROCK Chiala, Gina Soapbox
INTERNATIONAL Chicago Afrobeat Project (A) Move to Silent Unrest
LOCAL Chickasaw Mudd Puppies 8 Track Stomp
POP ROCK Chicken on a Raft s/t
POP ROCK Chicklet Wanderlust
OC Chicks on Speed The Unreleases
HIP HOP Chiddy Bang Breakfast
POP ROCK Chief Modern Rituals
INTERNATIONAL Chieftains, The Celtic Wedding
FOLK Chieftains, The Reel Music
POP ROCK Child Readers, The Music Heard Far Off
OC Child’s View Funfair
POP ROCK Childers, David A Good Way to Die
POP ROCK Childish, Billy and the Blackhands
METAL Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll
METAL Children of Bodom Something Wild
POP ROCK Chilton, Alex Cliches
POP ROCK Chinchilla 101 Italian Hits
SKA Chinkees, The Peace through Music
SKA Chinkees, The The Chinkees are coming!
POP ROCK Chisel 8a.m. All Day
POP ROCK Chisel Nothing New EP
POP ROCK Chisel Set You Free
PUNK Chixdiggit Chixdiggit
PUNK Chixdiggit From Scene to Shining Scene
POP ROCK Chk chk chk Louden Up Now
POP ROCK Chk chk chk Take Ecstasy/Get Up
LOCAL Chocolate Kiss Les Boom Boom
LOCAL Chocolate USA All Jets are Gonna Fall Today
POP ROCK Chocolategenius Black music
POP ROCK Chocolategenius Godmusic
POP ROCK Choir Practice, The s/t
POP ROCK Choir, The Circle Slide
POP ROCK Choir, The speckled bird
PUNK Christ on Parade Insanity is a Sane Reaction
LOCAL Christ, Lord Live at Criminal Records
EQUINOX Christmas Decorations Communal Rust
OC Christoph De Babalon If You’re Into It, I’m Out of It
POP ROCK Chromatics Plaster Hounds
POP ROCK Chrome Cranks Love in Exile
POP ROCK Chrome Cranks Oily Cranks
LOCAL Chyle Cosmic Karma
POP ROCK Cibelle The Shine of David Electric Leaves
LOCAL Cicada Rhythm Fate in a Jar
LOCAL Cicada Rhythm Mantra
LOCAL Cicada Sings Lousy Private Fuzz
COUNTRY Cigar Store Indians Cigar Store Indians
EQUINOX Cilio, Luciano Dell Universo Assente
OC Cinemaphonic Electro Soul
OC Cinematic Orchestra All That You Give
OC Cinematic Orchestra Everyday
OC Cinematic Orchestra Motion
OC Cinematic Orchestra Remixes 98-2000
LOCAL Cinemechanica EP/1
LOCAL Cinemechanica Who is Myrtle Mallory? (Live at Caledonia 5/10/xxxx)
POP ROCK Cinerama Disco Volante
LOCAL Cinetrope Once I Ruled the World
EQUINOX Circle Forest
EQUINOX Circle Guillotine
EQUINOX Circle Tulikoira
PUNK Circle Jerks Golden Shower of Hits
LOCAL Circle Takes the Square Demo
LOCAL Circulatory System Mosaics Within Mosaics
METAL Cirith Ungol King of the Dead
OC City of Satellites Remixed
LOCAL Claire & Bain’s Maple Yum-Yum Claire & Bain’s Maple Yum-Yum
LOCAL Claire & Bain’s Maple Yum-Yum Real Life Fumbings
PUNK Clairmel Clairmel
LOCAL Clap, The R.I.P. EP
OC Clark, Chris Clarence Park
COUNTRY Clark, Guy Craftsman
COUNTRY Clark, Guy Workbench Songs
BLUES Clark, W.C. Lover’s Plea
BLUES Clark, W.C. Texas Soul
BLUES Clarke, William Groove Time
BLUES Clarke, William Serious Intentions
BLUES Clarke, William the hard way
BLUES Clay, Otis i’ll treat you right
BLUES Clay, Otis Soul Man: Live in Japan
BLUES Clay, Otis Soul Man: Live in Japan
BLUES Clay, Otis This Time Around
BLUES Clearwater, Eddy A Real Good Time
BLUES Clearwater, Eddy Help Yourself
PUNK Cleveland Bound Death Sentence Cleveland Bound Death Sentence
LOCAL Clifford, Dan George EP
LOCAL Clifford, Dan The Joke Being…
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Ash and Tabula
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Chest
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Ground
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Instrumentals
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Interstellar Space Revisited
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Nothing Makes Any Sense
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Pillow Wand
EQUINOX Cline, Nels Sad
COUNTRY Cline, Patsy The Patsy Cline Story
EQUINOX Clipd Beaks Hoarse Lords
LOCAL Cloak & Dagger Dating Service Invidia
COUNTRY Close to Home Old Time Music From Mike Seeger’s Collection 1952-1967
LOCAL Close, The 20,000+
LOCAL Close, The It’s a Secret to Everyone
OC Clouddead Clouddead
OC Clouddead Dead Dogs Two 12
OC Clouddead Ten
LOCAL Cloudeater Purge
EQUINOX Cloudland Canyon Lie In Light
EQUINOX Cloudland Canyon Silver Tongued Sisyphus
LOCAL Club Awesome Dynamos
OC Club Off Chaos Club Off Chaos
EQUINOX Cluster Cluster ’71
FOLK Coastal Cohorts King Mackerel & The Blues Are Running
50’s/60’s Coasters, The The Toys- A Lover’s Concerto/Attack
LOCAL Coathangers, The Larceny & Old Lace
LOCAL Coathangers, The Suck My Shirt
PUNK Code 13 Discography 1994-2000
BLUES Cody, Commander Let’s Rock
LOCAL Cogburns, The Bob
50’s/60’s Cohen, Leonard Songs of Leonard Cohen
EQUINOX Coil Love’s Secret Domain
OC Cold Cave Cherish the Light Years
OC Coldcut Let Us Replay!
OC Coldcut Revolution
OC Coleman, Andrew Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt
EQUINOX Coleman, Anthony Lapidation
PUNK Coliseum Coliseum
LOCAL Collective Efforts Visions of Things to Come
EQUINOX Colleen les ondes silencieuses
BLUES Collins, Albert Albert Collins and the Icebreakers
BLUES Collins, Albert Iceman
BLUES Collins, Albert The Best of Collins Mix
BLUES Collins, Albert The Complete Imperial Recordings
EQUINOX Collins, Nicolas It Was A Dark And Stormy Night
LOCAL Colonel Bruce Hampton Strange Voices
LOCAL Colonel Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit Colonel Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit
LOCAL Colonel Knowledge & The Lickity Splits Fall In Love All Over Again With
PUNK Colour Blue/ The, Kill Devil Hills Colour Blue/ The, Kill Devil Hills
POP ROCK Columbia, Michael Stay Hard EP
POP ROCK Columbia, Michael Stay Hard
OC Com Truise Galactic Melt
PUNK Combat Wounded Veteran This is Not An Erect, All-Red Neon Body
PUNK Combine The History of Rock and Roll
LOCAL Come on Tokyo Bronco
EQUINOX Comedian Harmonists, The Comedian Harmonists, The
LOCAL Commander Chameleon Commander Chameleon
LOCAL Commander Chameleon Commander Chameleon
HIP HOP Common Market Common Market
HIP HOP Common Market Tobacco Road
LOCAL Communication Corporation, The I.P.O.
LOCAL Community Chaos Community Chaos
OC Compilation Wanna Buy a Craprak?
LOCAL Concord America Suns Out Guns Out
LOCAL Conley, Timi Nerd Sexy
BLUES Connor, Joanna Big Girl Blues
BLUES Connor, Joanna Slidetime
FOLK Connor, Joanna Fight
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Airs
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane As Roses Bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Calloden Harvest
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Come Night
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Evangeline
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane In Twilight
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane mmmr
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Moonyean
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Sails
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane The Curse of Midnight Mary
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane The Daggett Years
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Two Nice Catholic Boys
EQUINOX Connors, Loren MazzaCane Vol. 2
EQUINOX Conrad, Tony Bryant Park Moratorium Rally
EQUINOX Conrad, Tony Early Minimalism
EQUINOX Conrad, Tony Outside the Dream Syndicate
EQUINOX Conrad, Tony Outside the Dream Syndicate: Alive
OC Console Rocket in the Pocket
SKA Conspiracy, The Too Far Gone
HIP HOP Constant Elevation Constant Elevation
PUNK Consumed Hit for Six
OC Conte, Nicola Bossa Per Due
PUNK Contra Boys Club Anthem
PUNK Contra/Splurge Contra/Splurge
OC Controls, The Sm:)e
EQUINOX Conveniens CleAr
FOLK Conway, Brian First Through the Gate
LOCAL Cook, Wesley We’ve Been Here Before
LOCAL Cooler Heads Will Prevail When in Doubt Get Horizontal
COUNTRY Cooley, Spade & the Western Swing Dance Gang Shame On You
LOCAL Cooterfinger Three Chords and a Grudge
EQUINOX Copeland, Eric Alien in the Garbage Dump
EQUINOX Copeland, Eric hermaphrodite
BLUES Copeland, Johnny Honky Tonkin’
EQUINOX Copernicus Null
BLUES Copley, Al and Hal Singer Royal Blue
HIP HOP Copperpot Chapter 7
EQUINOX Corbett, John and Heavy Friends I’m Sick About My Hat
LOCAL Corduroy Road, The Just One Drop
LOCAL Corduroy Road, The Live at the 40 Watt
LOCAL Corduroy Road, The s/t EP
LOCAL Corduroy Road, The Two Step Silhouette
LOCAL Cornbread & Alister Meowly Snatch
OC Cornelius Cornelius Remixes
OC Cornelius Fantasma
OC Cornelius Fantasma Remixes
OC Cornelius Sensuous
EQUINOX Corner, Philip Extreme Positions
EQUINOX Cortez, Diego stuzzicadenti
LOCAL Cosa Nostras, The the best sex you ever had
EQUINOX Cosmic Eye Dream Sequence
LOCAL Cottonmouth hrep
LOCAL Cottonmouth man-club
EQUINOX Couch Glass Brothers
FOLK Coughlan, Mary Live in Galway
LOCAL Coulier cool. Coulier. Coulier.
LOCAL Coulier Coulier
LOCAL Coulier Vibin’
LOCAL Count Animal you Rock Star
COUNTRY Country Gentlemen, The Sugar Hill Collection
HIP HOP Coup D’Etat Entertainment A Blow to the State
HIP HOP Coup, The Pick a Bigger Weapon
EQUINOX Cowell, Henry Orchestral Works
COUNTRY Cowslingers, The Americana A Gogo
LOCAL Coyole The Funeral of a Funk Prince
LOCAL Crab Daddy Ancient Baby
OC Craig, Carl More Songs About Food and Revolutionary Art
EQUINOX Crandell, Richard Mbira Madness
FOLK Crary, Dan Bluegrass Guitar
POP ROCK Crash Course for the Ravers A Tribute to the Songs of David Bowie
OC Crash Redevelopment LOAD002
PUNK Crass Christ The Bootleg
LOCAL Crater Demo
EQUINOX Crawford, Ruth 9 Preludes
FOLK Crawl, The Full Moon Over Dallas
LOCAL Crawley-Crawley Paved with Gold
BLUES Cray, Robert I Was Warned
BLUES Cray, Robert Midnight Stroll
FOLK Crazee & Heaven Crazee & Heaven
PUNK Cretins, The We’re Gonna Get So Laid
LOCAL creve coeur vast and danger
EQUINOX Crib Forward Back
PUNK Criminals, The Burning Flesh and Broken Fingers
PUNK Criminals, The Never Been Caught
PUNK Crimpshire The Sound of a New World Being Born / Duct Tape Soup
PUNK Cringer Greatest Hits Vol. 1
PUNK Crispus Attucks Crispus Attucks / Destroy the Teacher / Red Black Blood Attack
LOCAL Crocker Animals Just my Luck
50’s/60’s Cromwell, Link & The Zoo Crazy Like a Fox
OC Crooklyn Dub Consortium Certified Dope, Vol. 2
FOLK Cross, Mike High Powered, Low Flying
PUNK Crucifix Exhibit A / Dehumanization
PUNK Crumbs, The Low and Behold
PUNK Crumbs, The Out of Range
PUNK Crumbs, The The Crumbs
OC Crystal Castles Crystal Castles
LOCAL Cult of Riggonia Fresh Produce
COUNTRY Curless, Dick Traveling Through
EQUINOX Currier, Sebastian Quartetset/Quiet Time
EQUINOX Currituck Country Ghost Man On Second
HIP HOP Curseovdialect Lost in the Real Sky
EQUINOX Cursillistas Wasp Stings the Last Bitter Flavor
EQUINOX Curtis, Charles ultra white violet light/sleep
HIP HOP Cut Chemist The Audience’s Listening
OC Cut Copy Zonoscope
EQUINOX Cutler, Chris Domestic Stories
HIP HOP Cyne Pretty Dark Things
JAZZ Cyrille, Andrew Trio, The Good to Go, with A Tribute to Bu
OC D O W N L O A D microscopic
PUNK D.O.A It’s Not Unusual…
OC Da Damn Phreak Noize Phunk Electric Crate Digger
LOCAL DAATH The Hinderers
HIP HOP Dabrye Additional Productions Vol. 1
OC Dabrye Instrmntl
HIP HOP Dabrye Two/Three
OC DACM Stereotypie
OC Daedelus Bespoke
OC Daedelus Denies the Day’s Demise
OC Daedelus Love to Make Music To
OC Daedelus Of Snowdonia
PUNK Dag Nasty minority of one
PUNK Dag Nasty/Lifetime Can I Say / Hello Bastards
EQUINOX Dahl, Anders Hundloka, Flockblomstrigal
BLUES Daigrepont, Bruce Petit Cadeau
INTERNATIONAL Dairo, I. K. and His Blue Spots Definitive Dairo
LOCAL Daisy The Hum of D.A.I.S.Y.
HIP HOP Dalek Abandoned Language
HIP HOP Dalek Absence
HIP HOP Dalek From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots
HIP HOP Dalek Negro Necro Nekros
LOCAL Dalmation Dances with Dalmation
OC Dalminjo One Day You’ll Dance For Me Tokyo!
50’s/60’s Dalton, Karen It’s So Hot
COUNTRY Dalton, Lucy J Greatest Hits
OC Dam Funk Rhythm Trax Vol. 4
OC Dam Funk Toeachizown
PUNK Damned, The the peel session
LOCAL Damocles Echolalia
LOCAL Damocles The Clear Sound
OC Dan Deacon Bromst
OC Dan Deacon Spiderman of the Rings
SKA Dance Hall Crashers The Live Record
PUNK Dance of Days Dance of Days
LOCAL Dancer vs. Politician A City Half Lost
OC Dancing Machine Erase Errata Remix Record
HIP HOP Danger Doom The Mouse and the Mask
LOCAL dangfly! good luck, curiosity
LOCAL Daniel and Monday Daniel and Monday
EQUINOX Daoust, Yves Musiques naïves
OC Daphni Jiaolong
JAZZ Dapogny’s, James Chicago Jazz Band Hot Club Stomp: Small Band Swing
JAZZ Dapogny’s, James Chicago Jazz Band Laughing at Life
HIP HOP Darc Mind Symptomatic of a Greater Ill
LOCAL Dark Meat Truce Opium
LOCAL Dark Room Canopy View
LOCAL Darnell, Caleb Bungalow Porch Recordings
INTERNATIONAL Das, Krishna Pilgrim Heart
LOCAL Dashboard Saviors, The love sorrow hatred madness
OC Datach’i (Rec + Play)
OC Datach’i We Are Always Well Thank You
EQUINOX Daughters of the Sun Rings
COUNTRY Dave and Deke Combo, The Hollywood Barn Dance
50’s/60’s Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
SKA Dave’s Big Deluxe Miss Fortune
BLUES Davenport, Lester When the Blues HIt You
EQUINOX Davidson, Tina I Hear the Mermaids Singing
BLUES Davis, CeDell Feel Like Doin’ Something Wrong
BLUES Davis, CeDell the best of Cadell Davis
BLUES Davis, Honey Battleground
BLUES Davis, Larry Sooner or Later
JAZZ Davis, Miles A Tribute to Jack Johnson
JAZZ Davis, Miles Blow
JAZZ Davis, Miles Filles de Kilimanjaro
JAZZ Davis, Miles Kind of Blue
JAZZ Davis, Miles On The Corner
JAZZ Davis, Miles Plugged Nickel Sampler
BLUES Davis, Revered Gary If I Had My Way
BLUES Davis, Thornetta Sunday Morning Music
BLUES Dawkins, Jimmy kant sheck dees bluze
LOCAL Dawkins, Kyle conasauga
JAZZ Dawkins,’ Ernest New Horizons Ensemble Jo’Burg Jump
LOCAL Daybreaker Daybreaker
LOCAL Dayroom Perpetual Smile
OC De Portables Topless is More
OC De Wardener, Max Where I Am Today
50’s/60’s De-fenders, The Drag Beat
EQUINOX Deacon, Dan silly hat vs. eagle hat
BLUES Dead Boys, The all this and more
EQUINOX Dead C, The The Whitehouse
EQUINOX Dead C, The Tusk
EQUINOX Dead C, The Vain, Erudite and Stupid
LOCAL Dead Cat Furniture
LOCAL Dead Cat Transintualism
LOCAL Dead Cat Wet Heat
LOCAL Dead Confederate Peyote People
LOCAL Dead Confederate Sugar
LOCAL Dead Confederate Wrecking Ball
OC Dead Hollywood Stars Gone West
PUNK Dead Kennedys Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death
PUNK Dead Kennedys Live at the Deaf Club
PUNK Dead Kennedys Mutiny on the Bay – Dead Kennedys Live
PUNK Dead Lazlo’s Place Lonely Street
LOCAL Dead Rabbits A Record to Break
LOCAL Deaf Judges All Rise
SKA Deal’s Gane Bad Large and In Charge
JAZZ Dean, Elton Just Us
OC Dear, Matthew Beams
EQUINOX Death Ambient Synaesthesia
PUNK Death by Stereo day of the death
HIP HOP Death Comet Crew America
HIP HOP Death Comet Crew This is Riphop
OC Death in Vegas Satan’s Circus
EQUINOX Death Praxis Tenko Ikue Mori
OC Deceptikon Lost Subject
BLUES Deep Blues Deep Blues: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
EQUINOX Deep Listening Band Sanctuary
LOCAL Deep State Bein Mean
HIP HOP Deepspace 5 Unique, Just Like Everyone Else
LOCAL Deerhunter Deerhunter
LOCAL Deerhunter Flourescent Grey
LOCAL Deerhunter Microcastle
LOCAL Deerhunter Monomania
LOCAL Deerhunter Rainwater Cassette Exchange
LOCAL Deerhunter Weird Era Cont.
POP ROCK Del McCoury Band, The The Promised Land
BLUES Delafose, John and The Eunice Playboys Pere et Garcon Zydeco
COUNTRY Delcampo, Chet The Fountain
EQUINOX Delerue, Georges Music from the Films
COUNTRY Delta Angels, The The Delta Angels
HIP HOP Deltron 3030 The Instrumentals
INTERNATIONAL DeMarco, Tony The Sligo Indians
EQUINOX Demons Evocation
EQUINOX Dempster, Stewart Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel
FOLK Dennis, Sandy and the Strawbs Dennis, Sandy and the Strawbs
50’s/60’s Denny, Martin Afro-Desia
OC Denote Criminal Justice
COUNTRY Derailers, The Jackpot
INTERNATIONAL Derrane, Joe with Carl Hession Return To Inis Mon
PUNK Descendants Cool to Be You
PUNK Descendants Merican
LOCAL Desert, The sound doesn’t travel through
SKA Desmond Dekker Rockin’ Steady: The Best of Desmond Dekker
EQUINOX Deupree, Taylor Northern
PUNK Devil is Electric, The I’ve Never Trusted a Revolutionary Who Was Afraid to Dance
FOLK Devil Makes Three, The Stomp and Smash (Live at the Mystic Theatre)
INTERNATIONAL Dezai, Luo, Luo Lian, Rao Ningxin Chinese Han Music: Zheng Melodies Above the Clouds
EQUINOX Dharma Son Collective Burnt Mattress Boxspring Soundtrack
LOCAL Dharma Son Collective Zenogenesis
EQUINOX Dhomont, Francis Frankenstein Symphony
EQUINOX Dhomont, Francis Jalons
INTERNATIONAL Diabate, Toumani The Mande Variations
INTERNATIONAL Diabate, Toumani , Keletigui Diabate, Basekou Kouyaté Djelika
INTERNATIONAL Diabate, Toumani Symmetric Orchestra Boulevarde de L’Independence
INTERNATIONAL Diabate, Toumani with Ballake Sissoko New Ancient Strings (Nouvelles Cordes Anciennes)
INTERNATIONAL Diallo, Alpha Yaya Aduna ¨The World¨
EQUINOX Diaz-Infante, Ernesto Wires and Wooden Boxes
JAZZ Dick, Robert / Ursel Schlicht Photosphere
FOLK Dickel Brothers, The Volume 2
FOLK Dickens, Hazel & Alice Gerrard Pioneering Women of Bluegrass
COUNTRY Dickerson, Deke and the Ecco-Fonics Rhythm, Rhyme, And Truth
JAZZ Dickey, Whit Quartet Big Top
JAZZ Dickey, Whit Trio Transonic
PUNK Dickies, The Idjit Savant
PUNK Dickies, The Live in London/Locked ‘n Loaded1990
LOCAL Dictatortots, The Apocalyptic Wind Blwoing…
LOCAL Dictatortots, The crematorium of the Dead, volume 1
LOCAL Dictatortots, The Crematorium of the Dead, volume 2
LOCAL Dictatortots, The Dung-Shui
LOCAL Dictatortots, The Where Are They Now?
BLUES Diddley, Bo A Man Amongst Men
BLUES Diddley, Bo Bo Knows Bo
OC Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung Gin & Tonic
PUNK Diesel Boy Sofa King Cool
EQUINOX Dig Shovel Dig So Wha Bou Me?
PUNK Digger Monte Carlo
PUNK Digger The Promise of an Uncertain Future
INTERNATIONAL Dikongué, Henri C´est La Vie
PUNK Dillinger Four Midwestern Songs of the Americas
PUNK Dillinger Four Situationist Comedy
PUNK Dillinger Four This Shit is Genius
PUNK Dillinger Four Verses God
OC Dimitri From Paris Sacre Bleu
LOCAL Dip Double Dip
OC Diplo Florida
LOCAL Dirt Sahara of the Bozart
JAZZ Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Buck Jump
JAZZ Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Jelly
JAZZ Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Open Up, Whatcha Gonna Do For The Rest of Your Life?
LOCAL Dirty Souls, The We’re Called the Dirty Souls
PUNK Discount ataxia’s alright alright
PUNK Discount Crash Diagnostic
OC Dismemberment Plan, The A People’s History Of
OC Disrupt Foundation Bit
LOCAL Dissension live
OC Dissent Bleeding Together
EQUINOX Dissolve Third Album from the Sun
PUNK Distillers, The The Distillers
LOCAL District Attorneys, The Slowburner
COUNTRY Ditchdiggers, The Cow Patty Bingo
LOCAL Ditzler, Andy Songs from Yes and No
HIP HOP Diverse One A.M.
EQUINOX Divination Akasha
EQUINOX Divination Distill
LOCAL Divine Maggees In the Meantime…
JAZZ Dixon, Bill November, 1981
JAZZ Dixon, Bill Vode Mecum II
BLUES Dixon, Floyd Wake up and Live!
HIP HOP Dizzee Rascal Maths + English
HIP HOP Dizzee Rascal Showtime
HIP HOP DJ Alibi One Day
HIP HOP DJ Assault Jefferson Ave.
LOCAL DJ Boring 11-12 Mixtape
OC DJ Cam Loa Project
OC DJ Cam The French Connection
OC DJ Craze Crazee Musick
OC DJ Faust Inward Journeys
OC DJ Food Kaleidoscope
OC DJ Food Quadraplex
OC DJ Food The Search Engine
OC DJ Format Fabriclive 27
OC DJ Icey Generate
HIP HOP DJ K.O. Presents (various artists) Picture This…
OC DJ Kentaro Enter
OC DJ Krush -Zen-
OC DJ Krush Code4109
OC DJ Krush Meiso
OC DJ Krush Milight
OC DJ Logic Project Logic
OC DJ Logic Zen of Logic
OC DJ Me DJ You Can You See the Music?
OC DJ Me DJ You Rainbows and Robots
OC DJ Me DJ You SimpleMachineRock
OC DJ Olive Heaps As, Live in Tasmania
OC DJ Rap Bad Girl
OC DJ Rap Learning Curve
OC DJ Rels Theme for a Broken Soul
EQUINOX DJ Scotch Egg Drumized
OC DJ Shadow Preemptive Strike
OC DJ Shadow You Can’t Go Home Again
OC DJ Signify Sleep No More
OC dj spooky File Under Futurism
OC dj spooky Object Unknown
OC dj spooky Riddim Warfare
EQUINOX DJ Spooky Sound Unbound
OC dj spooky under the influence
OC DJ Spooky (That Subliminal Kid) Optometry
OC DJ Spooky (That Subliminal Kid) Synthetic Fury EP
OC DJ Spooky vs. Scanner sulfur sulfur
OC DJ T-Rock Who’s Your Daddy
LOCAL DJ Top Gun/DJ United Airlines DJ collaboration
OC DJ Vadim The Soundcatcher
OC dj wonka certified organic
OC DJ’s Wally & Swingsett Dog Leg Left
JAZZ DKV Trio Live in Wels & Chicago, 1998
PUNK DOA Festival of Atheists
EQUINOX Dockstader, Tod Aerial #3
EQUINOX Doctor Nerve Ereia
EQUINOX Doctor Nerve Every Screaming Ear
LOCAL Dodd Ferrelle & the Tinfoil Stars Always Almost There
LOCAL Dodd Ferrelle & the Tinfoil Stars The Murder of Love
LOCAL Dog Bite Tranquilizers
LOCAL Dog Bite Velvet Changes
EQUINOX Dokaka Human Interface
OC Doktor Cosmos Cocktail
EQUINOX Dolden, Paul L’ivresse de la vitesse
EQUINOX Doldrums Desk Trickery
EQUINOX Doldrums Feng Shui
LOCAL Dole, The The Dole
LOCAL Dollfish Black Marble Burning
LOCAL Dollfish Dollfish
OC Dolls, The The Dolls
JAZZ Dolphy, Eric Other Aspects
JAZZ Dolphy, Eric Out To Lunch
EQUINOX Dominions Dominions
JAZZ Donaldson, Lou Caracas
LOCAL Dondero, David …The Pity Party…
LOCAL Donkey Punch Champion Detsroyer
LOCAL Donkey Punch Rock n’ Roll Outlaws
COUNTRY Donna The Buffalo Rockin’ in the Weary Land
OC doofgoblin Album RL
OC DOP my shoes
FOLK Douglas, Jerry & Peter Rowan Yonder
FOLK Douglas, Jerry, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer Skip, Hop, and Wobble
PUNK Down by Law All Scratched up
PUNK Down by Law Last of the Sharpshooters
PUNK Down by Law punkrockacademyfightsong
PUNK Down by Law windward tides and wayward sails
PUNK Down by the Law Blue
PUNK Down in Front No Idea
LOCAL Down with the Woo Live Sampler
LOCAL Downpour No Lie Can Live Forever
LOCAL DQE but me, I fell down
LOCAL DQE Jump on in
HIP HOP Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst
COUNTRY Dr. Ring-Ding & the Senior Allstars Dandimite!
50’s/60’s Dr. West’s Medicine Show and Junk Band Euphoria! The Best of Dr. West’s Medicine Show and Junk Band
JAZZ Dragons On Cortez
EQUINOX Drake, Bob Medallion Animals
EQUINOX Drake, Bob The Skull Mailbox
JAZZ Drake, Hamid / Bindu Rogue Art
JAZZ Drake, Hamid / William Parker Summer Snow
FOLK Drakkar Sauna Wars & Tornadoes
POP ROCK Drazy Hoops That Which Doesn’t Kill You
LOCAL Dream Boat Eclipsing
LOCAL Dream Boat The Rose Explodes
LOCAL Dream Culture Dream Culture EP
LOCAL Dream Scene, The Christmas Sampler
LOCAL Dream Scene, The Demos
LOCAL Dream Scene, The The Dream Scene
OC dreissk the finding
EQUINOX Dresher, Paul This Same Temple
EQUINOX Dresser, Mark Banquet
EQUINOX Dresser, Mark Marinade
EQUINOX Dreyblatt, Arnold Animal Magnetism
EQUINOX Dreyblatt, Arnold The Sound of One String
LOCAL Drip No More Talkin’
LOCAL Drive-By Truckers Brighter Than Creation’s Dark
LOCAL Drive-By Truckers English Oceans
LOCAL Drive-By Truckers The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities)
LOCAL Dromedary 2001 demo
LOCAL Dromedary Artifact
LOCAL Dromedary Artifact
LOCAL Dromedary Artifact
LOCAL Dromedary Live from the Make Believe
OC Drop the Lime We Never Sleep
OC Drum Bliss
OC Dub Pistols Point Blank
OC Dub Sonata Nights in Cuba
LOCAL Dubconscious Dubconscious
LOCAL Dubconscious Live at Athfest 2003
LOCAL Dubconscious Stereotype EP
LOCAL Dubconscious The American Dram
LOCAL Dubconscious These Days EP
LOCAL Dubconscious World of Life
OC dubtribe sound system bryant street
POP ROCK Duby, Heather Heather Duby
POP ROCK Duchess Says Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs
LOCAL Duckworth, Robert Electronic Compositions
LOCAL Duckworth, Robert Electronic Music
LOCAL Dude Magnets Adult ADD
POP ROCK Duene, Andre Herman Taeglich Brot New York – Berlin
LOCAL Duet for the theremin and lap steel Live
COUNTRY Duke & Dawn Duke & Dawn
POP ROCK Dum Dum Girls I Will Be
POP ROCK dump a plea for tenderness
POP ROCK Duncan, Paul Be Careful What You Call Home
LOCAL Duncan, Paul To An Ambient Hollywood
POP ROCK Dune, Herman 1-2-3/Apple Tree
POP ROCK Dungen 4
POP ROCK Dungen Dungen
POP ROCK Dungen Stadsvandringar
POP ROCK Dungen Ta Det Lungt
POP ROCK Dungen Tio Bitar
LOCAL Dunn, Kevin No Great Lost
BLUES Dunn, Roy Know’d Them All
BLUES Dupree, Champion Jack Back Home in New Orleans
BLUES Dupree, Champion Jack One Last Name
LOCAL Duraluxe Dolorosa
LOCAL Duraluxe New Rock Songs
LOCAL Duraluxe The Suitcase
LOCAL Duraluxe Tune Up, Capo Down
LOCAL Durrett, Liz Outside Our Gates
LOCAL Durrett, Liz The Mezzanine
LOCAL Dusk Clean
LOCAL Dusk Electro Band
LOCAL Dusk Generation Loss
LOCAL Dusk Preamble
LOCAL Dusk Transmutation
OC Dusk + Blackdown Margins Music
POP ROCK Dutchess and the Duke, The She’s The Duchess, He’s The Duke
POP ROCK Dutchess and The Duke, The Sunset/Sunrise
FOLK Duvall, Al Coroner & Knives
POP ROCK Duvall, Al The Timid Mischief, or Oh! Anomia
FOLK Duvall, Al Recluses Unite
PUNK Dwarves Dwarves
PUNK Dwarves Sugarfix
FOLK Dyer-Bennet, Richard 1
FOLK Dyer-Bennet, Richard 2
FOLK Dyer-Bennet, Richard 5
FOLK Dyer-Bennet, Richard Songs With Young People In Mind
BLUES Dyer, Johnny Jukin’
OC dylan group, the HIM
OC dylan group, the more adventures in lying down…
OC dylan group, the re-interpreted
OC dylan group, the s/t
OC dylan group, the Ur-klang Search
LOCAL Dylar Untitled
OC Dymaxion x4+3=38:33
LOCAL Dynamite High Rock Island EP
OC dynomited by the way
POP ROCK Dysrhythmia barriers and passages
LOCAL E.L.O.M.D Space Buddha Must Die!
POP ROCK Eagles of Death Metal Death By Sexy
POP ROCK Eagles of Death Metal Peace Love Death Metal
FOLK Eaglin, Snooks New Orleans Street Singer
BLUES Eaglin, Snooks Soul’s Edge
BLUES Eaglin, Snooks Teasin’ You
OC Ear Pwr Ear Pwr
OC Ear Pwr Super Animal Brothers III
OC Eardrum Side Effects
POP ROCK Earht Hibernaculum
BLUES Earl, Ronnie Blues Guitar Virtuoso Live In Europe
BLUES Earl, Ronnie and the Broadcasters Grateful Heart: Blues and Ballads
BLUES Earl, Ronnie and the Broadcasters Language of the Soul
BLUES Earl, Ronnie and the Broadcasters Test of Time
COUNTRY Earle, Steve Live From Austin, TX
POP ROCK Early Man Closing In
POP ROCK Early Man Early Man
POP ROCK Earth Hex
POP ROCK Earth The Bee Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull
POP ROCK Earthless Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky
LOCAL Easily Suede Signaling
OC East Flatbush Project Tried by 12
POP ROCK East River Pipe Mary Hay
POP ROCK East River Pipe Mel
POP ROCK East River Pipe Poor Fricky
POP ROCK East River Pipe Shining Hours In A Can
POP ROCK East River Pipe The Gasoline Age
POP ROCK East River Pipe Wat Are You On?
LOCAL Easter Island Frightened
LOCAL Easter Island Sneaking EP
SKA Eastern Standard Time Second Hand
SKA Easy Big Fella Easy Listening
SKA Easy Big Fella Eat at Joey’s
POP ROCK Eat+A1:E32, The It’s Not The Eat, It’s The Humidity
OC Eats Tapes Sticky Buttons
POP ROCK eau claire eau claire
LOCAL EbbENDflow EbbENDflow
OC echolalia live pa
LOCAL echolalia the language of echoes
PUNK Econochrist Clean Songs From Discography
POP ROCK Ecstatic Sunshine Freckle Wars
HIP HOP Edan Beauty and the Beat
FOLK Eddie From Ohio Looking Out the Fishbowl
FOLK Eddie From Ohio Quick
LOCAL Eddie the Wheel Live at the 40 Watt Club (8/29/11)
POP ROCK Eddy Current Supression Ring Rush to Relax
POP ROCK Eden Express Que Amors Que
OC Edgar, Jimmy Bounce, Make, Model
POP ROCK Editors In This Light On This Evening
BLUES Edwards, David Honeyboy The World Don’t Owe Me Nothing
BLUES Edwards, Honeyboy Delta Bluesman
BLUES Edwards, Honeyboy Mississippi Delta Bluesman
POP ROCK Edwins, Carolyn Carolyn Edwards
OC Efdemin Carry on – pretend we are not in the room
POP ROCK Effinger & the Imperial Mountain Orchestra, Billy Q. Blue Boy Billy
LOCAL Efren Rise on up and melt
POP ROCK Efterklang Magic Chairs
POP ROCK Efterklang Parades
POP ROCK Efterklang Under Giant Trees
POP ROCK Egg Hunt Egg Hunt
POP ROCK Eggs Exploder
POP ROCK Eggs how do you like your lobster?
PUNK Eighty Eight Fingers Louie 88 Fingers Up Your Ass
PUNK Eighty Eight Fingers Louie Kid Dynamite
POP ROCK Einstuerzende Neubauten 1991-2001
POP ROCK Einstuerzende Neubauten Alles Wieder Offen
POP ROCK Einstuerzende Neubauten Interim
POP ROCK Einstuerzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
POP ROCK Einstuerzende Neubauten Tabula Rasa
POP ROCK El Caminos, The Reverb Explosion!
LOCAL El Caminos, The Save My Soul Again
POP ROCK El Goodo Coyote
POP ROCK El Guincho Alegranza
POP ROCK El Guincho Pop Negro
LOCAL El hollín Holey Smokes
LOCAL El hollín Hurry Up Already Poppy
LOCAL El hollín Pleasure-Puncher
POP ROCK El Perro Del Marr El Perro Del Marr
POP ROCK El Perro Del Marr Love Is Not Pop
POP ROCK El Perro Del Marr The Valley To The Stars
OC El Pus Strange Cowboys
PUNK El Secondhand Au the Lonely People
HIP HOP El-P Colecting the Kid
HIP HOP El-P Fantastic Damage
HIP HOP El-P I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead
JAZZ El’Zabar, Kahil Billy Bang
JAZZ El’Zabar’s, Kahil Ritual Trio Africa N’da Blues
LOCAL Elam, James Michael Graduate Recital: Phanfare for Sara
POP ROCK Elbow Asleep in the Back
POP ROCK Elbow Cast of Thousands
LOCAL Electa Villain Electa Villain
POP ROCK Elected, The Sun, Sun, Sun
POP ROCK Electrelane Axes
POP ROCK Electrelane The Power Out
LOCAL Electric Nature Sunspot EP
OC Electric President Sleep Well
POP ROCK Electric Wizard Witchcult Today
POP ROCK Electroputas 3
LOCAL Electrosleep Int’l Electrosleep Int’l
LOCAL elemenop elemenop
LOCAL Elephant 666 Elephant 667
POP ROCK Elephant Michah And The Agrarian Malaise
POP ROCK Elevator A Taste of Complete Perspective
POP ROCK Elevator Through the such
POP ROCK Elevator to Hell Eerieconsiliation
POP ROCK Elevator to Hell Parts 1-3
POP ROCK Eleventh Dream Day After This Time Is Gone
POP ROCK Eleventh Dream Day Flutter
POP ROCK Eleventh Dream Day Stalled Parade
POP ROCK Eleventh Dream Day Ursa Major
POP ROCK Eleventh Dream Day Zeroes and Ones
LOCAL Elf Power A Dream in Sound
LOCAL Elf Power All The World Is Waiting
LOCAL Elf Power Back to the Web
LOCAL Elf Power Creatures
LOCAL Elf Power Elf Power
LOCAL Elf Power Nothing’s Going to Happen
LOCAL Elf Power Sunlight On The Moon
LOCAL Elf Power Walking With The Beggar Boys
LOCAL Elf Power When the Red King Comes
LOCAL Elf Power When the Red King Comes
POP ROCK Elfin Saddle Ringing for the Begin Again
LOCAL Eli andy’s ruining everything
OC Elixir Music Mathematics Magic
POP ROCK Elk City Hold Tight The Ropes
POP ROCK Elk City New Believers
POP ROCK Elk City The Sea Is Fierce
JAZZ Ellington, Duke A Drum is a Woman
JAZZ Ellington, Duke & His Orchestra Happy Birthday, Duke! (Volume 4)
JAZZ Ellington, Duke & His Orchestra Happy Birthday, Duke! (Volume 5)
FOLK Elliot, Jack Ramblin’ Me & Bobby McGee
FOLK Elliot, Ramblin’ Jack I Stand Alone
POP ROCK elliott false calendars
POP ROCK elliott if they do
POP ROCK elliott u.s. songs
POP ROCK Ellis, Betse Don’t You Want To Go?
BLUES Ellis, Tinsley Kingpin
BLUES Ellis, Tinsley Storm Warning
BLUES Ellis, Tinsley and the Heartseekers Cool On It
BLUES Ellis, Tinsley and the Heartseekers Cool On It
COUNTRY Ely, Joe Dig All Night
COUNTRY Ely, Joe Live at Liberty Lunch
COUNTRY Ely, Joe Love and Danger
HIP HOP EMC The Show: Clean Album Versions
OC Emika Emika
OC Emperor Penguin Damn
OC Emperor Penguin Extreme Gaming
OC Emperor Penguin Mysterious Pony
OC Emperor Penguin Shatter the Illusion of Integrity, Yeah
FOLK Empire Brass Quintet King’s Court and Celtic Fair
OC Empire of the Sun Walking on a Dream
LOCAL Empire State Empire State
LOCAL Empire State Eternal Combustion
LOCAL Empties, The Dorothy EP
LOCAL Empties, The Dorothy EP
HIP HOP Encore Self Preservation
COUNTRY Endless Avenue Direction Nashville
COUNTRY Endless Avenue Next Stop Austin
HIP HOP Endless Mic Baby Geniuses
OC Eno, Brian Drum Between the Bells
POP ROCK Enon Hocus-Pocus
POP ROCK Enrichment Center Percussion Ensemble, The Three Pieces
PUNK Ensign Cast the First Stone
PUNK Ensign For What Its Worth
PUNK Ensign The Price of Progression
LOCAL Entertainers, The The Entertainers
LOCAL Entertainment Gender
POP ROCK Entrance Honey Moon EP
POP ROCK Entrance The Kingdom Of Heaven Must Be Taken By Storm
POP ROCK Entrance Wandering Strange
METAL Envy A Dead Sinking Story
METAL Epica The Divine Conspiracy
METAL Epoch of Unlight The Continuum Hypothesis
OC Epps, Ian avato phone
50’s/60’s Equals, The Vey Best of The Equals
POP ROCK Erase Errata At Crystal Palace
POP ROCK Erase Errata Other Animals
POP ROCK Erectus Monotone All Electric
POP ROCK Erectus Monotone Close Up
POP ROCK Eric’s Trip Forever Again
POP ROCK Eric’s Trip Love Tara
POP ROCK Eric’s Trip Purple Blue
POP ROCK Erickson with Okkervil River, Roky True Love Cast Out All Evil
BLUES Erickson, Craig Retro Blues Express
POP ROCK Erickson, Roky All That May Do My Rhyme
JAZZ Erksine, Peter As It Is
OC Errors Come Down With Me
POP ROCK ES Sateenkaarisuudelma
OC Escape Mechanism elf song
OC Escape Mechanism s/t
OC Esem Serial Human
LOCAL Eshiner Forest Barbarian Time Travel
LOCAL Eshiner Forest Halloween Tape
LOCAL Eskimos, The Let It Come Down
LOCAL Eskimos, The Something Must be Transmitted Somehow
LOCAL Eskimos, The Something Must be Transmitted Somehow
OC Eskmo s/t
POP ROCK Espers Espers
POP ROCK Espers The Weed Tree
POP ROCK Essex Green, The Cannibal Sea
POP ROCK Essex Green, The Everything Is Green
POP ROCK Essex Green, The The Essex Green
POP ROCK Essex Green, The The Long Goodbye
BLUES Essix, Eric First Impressions
POP ROCK Ester Drang Golden West
POP ROCK Ester Drang Infinite Keys
POP ROCK Et Ret Gasworks
LOCAL Ether Family Presents…, The A Very Ether Christmas
LOCAL Ether Family Presents…, The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
LOCAL Ether Family Presents…, The Time Consuming Ego Trip
OC Ether, Johnny Free Radical Generator
JAZZ Ethnic Heritage Ensemble Freedom Jazz Band
OC Etienne Jaumet Night Music
INTERNATIONAL Etran Finatawa Desert Crossroads
POP ROCK Etten, Sharon von epic
POP ROCK eugenius it ain’t rocket science, it’s eugenius
POP ROCK Euphone Breaking Parole EP
POP ROCK Euphone Hashin’ It Out
POP ROCK Euphone The Calendar…
LOCAL Eureka California Crunch
LOCAL Eureka California Eureka California Is Dead
LOCAL Eureka California Modern Times
POP ROCK Eux Autres Broken Bow
POP ROCK Evangelicals So Gone
POP ROCK Evangelicals The Evening Descends
JAZZ Evans, Bill Sunday at the Village Vanguard
COUNTRY Evans, John Biggest Fool In Town
POP ROCK Evens, The The Evens
POP ROCK Everett, Wayne kingsqueens
POP ROCK Evergreen Evergreen
REGGAE Everton Blender Lift Up Your Head
REGGAE Everton Blender Piece of the Blender: The Singles
POP ROCK Everybody Was In The French Resistance…Now!
LOCAL Everything Now! Police, Police!
METAL Evocation Evocation
HIP HOP Evolution Control Committee, The Plagiarythm Nation
JAZZ Evolutionary Jazz Band Change of Scene
INTERNATIONAL Evora, Cesaria Cesaria Avora
INTERNATIONAL Evora, Cesaria Mar Azul
POP ROCK Ex + Tom Cora, The And The Weathermen Shrug Their Shoulders
FOLK Ex, The Dizzy Spells
POP ROCK Ex, The Mudbird Shivers
POP ROCK Ex, The Turn
POP ROCK Excepter Alternation
POP ROCK Excepter Sunbomber
LOCAL Exception To The Rule Exception To The Rule
SKA Exceptions, The Five Finger Discount
SKA Exceptions, The No Shirt, No Shoes, No Exceptions!
METAL Exhumed Anatomy is Destiny
METAL Exhumed Slaughtercult
OC Exile, Tim Listening Tree
LOCAL Exit 86 Demo
METAL Exodus The Atrocity Exhibition
POP ROCK Experimental Aircraft Experiental Aircraft
LOCAL Exploded View Exploded View
PUNK Exploding Hearts, the Guitar Romantic
JAZZ Exploding Star Orchestra Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra
PUNK Exploited, The Beat the Bastards
PUNK Explosion, The Flash Flash Flash
PUNK Explosion, The JT1047
PUNK Explosion, The Sick of Modern art
POP ROCK Explosions In The Sky All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
POP ROCK Explosions In The Sky Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
POP ROCK Explosions In The Sky The Earth Is Not A Cold, Dead Place
POP ROCK Explosions In The Sky Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die
PUNK Explosivo the Uh-Oh EP
POP ROCK Extra Golden Ok-Oyot System
POP ROCK Extra Golden, The Hera Ma Nono
POP ROCK Extraordinaries, The Electric and Benevolent
METAL Extreme Noise Terror Retro-bution
POP ROCK Eyeball Skeleton #1
METAL Eyehategod Psychmotor Retardation In Depressive Syndromes
METAL Eyehategod Southern Discomfort
PUNK Eyeliners, The Here Comes Trouble
PUNK Eyeliners, The Sealed With a Kiss
POP ROCK eyesinweasel wrinkled thoughts
POP ROCK Eyesores, The May You Dine On The Weeds Made Bitter By The Piss Of Drunkards
POP ROCK Eyesores, The The Eyesores
PUNK F-Minus F-Minus
PUNK F-Minus Wake Up Screaming
LOCAL fablefactory 4 songs
LOCAL fablefactory american custard
LOCAL fablefactory fablefactory
LOCAL fablefactory Freak Out Hard On You
LOCAL fablefactory homespun
LOCAL fablefactory We Won’t Rock You
50’s/60’s Fabulous Wailers, The Livewire!!!
PUNK Face to Face Face to Face LIVE
POP ROCK Factums Spells + Charms
POP ROCK Failure Magnified
POP ROCK Failure Martial Arts Weekend
POP ROCK Failure’s Union In What Way
POP ROCK Faint, The Media
POP ROCK Faint, The Wet From Birth
POP ROCK Faintest Ideas, The What Goes Up Must Calm Down
POP ROCK Fair & The Shapir-O-Rama I Like Your Face
POP ROCK Fair and Daniel Johnston, Jad The Lucky Sperms: Somewhat Humorous
POP ROCK Fair and Jason Willett, Jad Enjoyable Songs
POP ROCK Fair and Jason Willett, Jad Honey Bee
POP ROCK Fair and Kramer, Jad The Sound of Music
POP ROCK Fair and Phono-Comb, Jad Monsters, Lullabies, and the Occasional Flying Saucer
POP ROCK Fair Verona Fair Verona
POP ROCK Fair, Jad Monarchs
POP ROCK Fair, The blank-wave arcade
LOCAL Fairburn Royals Fly Away EP
LOCAL Fairburn Royals Free
FOLK Fairburn Royals From a Window Way Above
LOCAL Fairburn Royals Silent Nite
LOCAL Fairburn Royals Sunshine Slowdown
LOCAL Fairburn Royals The Whistler
POP ROCK Fairfield, Frank Frank Fairfield
FOLK Fairpoint Convention Old. New. Borrowed. Blue
50’s/60’s Fairy Cakes for Tea Fairytales Can Come True Volume 2
METAL Fairyland The Fall of an Empire
POP ROCK faith healers uk, the imaginary friend
POP ROCK faith healers, the Don’t Jones Me – and then some
POP ROCK faith healers, the L’
POP ROCK faith healers, the peel sessions
POP ROCK Faithful, Marianne 20th Century Blues
FOLK Faithful, Marianne Before the Poison
POP ROCK Faithful, Marianne Vagabond Ways
BLUES Faithfull, Marianne Blazing Away
POP ROCK Fake Problems Real Ghosts Caught On Tape
LOCAL Fake Red Seth Even Dead She’s a Looker
METAL Fall on Deaf Years Three Song CD
METAL Fall on Deaf Years Tour Demo
OC Fall On Your Sword Another Earth
POP ROCK fall outs, the here I come and other hits
POP ROCK fall outs, the sleep
METAL Fall Silent Drunken Violence
POP ROCK Fall, The Fall Heads Roll
POP ROCK Fall, The The Real New Fall LP
PUNK False Phrophets Blind Roaches and Fat Vultures: Phantasmagoric Beasts of the Reagan Era
LOCAL Family and Friends love you mean it
POP ROCK family cactus come howling
POP ROCK family of the year songbook
POP ROCK famous monsters in the night!!!
OC Fan Death A Coin for The Well EP
POP ROCK fan modi+C1+A2:E140
POP ROCK Fang Island Fang Island
OC Fantastic Plastic Machine Fantastic Plastic Machine
OC Fantastic Plastic Machine international standard: luxury remixes
OC Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury
METAL Fantomas Suspended Animation
INTERNATIONAL Farafina Faso Denou
POP ROCK Faraquet Faraquet
POP ROCK Farina, Geoff Blobscape
POP ROCK Farina, Geoff Reverse Eclipse
POP ROCK Farina, Geoff Usonian Dream Sequence
JAZZ Farina, Geoff / Luther Grey / Nate McBride Out Trios Volume Four
JAZZ Farmer, Art / Benny Golson Jazztet Blues on Down
COUNTRY Farrar, Jay Stone, Steel, & Bright Lights
COUNTRY Farrar, Jay Terror Blues
COUNTRY Farrar, Jay ThirdShiftGrottoSlack
PUNK fartz, The Because This Fuckin’ World Still Stinks
LOCAL Fashion Knee High Fashion Knee High
JAZZ Fast ‘N’ Bulbous Pork Chop Blue Around the Rind
POP ROCK Fastbacks New Mansions in Sound
POP ROCK Fastbacks The Day That Didn’t Exist
POP ROCK Fastbacks The question is NO.
POP ROCK Fastbacks Win, Lose, or Both
POP ROCK Fastbacks Zuecker
LOCAL Faster Circuits Tunes of Glory
HIP HOP Fat Head Midnight Train to Babble On
POP ROCK Fatigues, The The Fatigues
POP ROCK Fatso Jetson Stinky Little Gods
OC Faultline Closer Colder
POP ROCK Faulty Chromosome, A A Faulty Chromosome
POP ROCK Faulty Chromosome, A Craving Be Coddled So We Feel Fake-Safe
LOCAL Faun and A Pan Flute Cool Galaxy
LOCAL Faun and A Pan Flute Faun and A Pan Flute
LOCAL Faun and A Pan Flute I Am Not A Prostitute
POP ROCK Faun Fables Early Song
POP ROCK Faun Fables Mother Twilight
BLUES Faust Faust & So Far
POP ROCK Faust ravvivando
POP ROCK Faust You Know
LOCAL Favorite The Tom O’Hara EP
JAZZ Favre, Pierre Window Steps
OC FC/Kahuna Machine Says Yes
LOCAL Feast of Violet Chelsea Psychic EP
LOCAL Feast of Violet Transcontinental EP
POP ROCK Feathers Absolute Noon
POP ROCK Feathers Feathers
POP ROCK Feathers Synchromy
50’s/60’s Federal Duck Federal Duck
PUNK Feds, The Chicago Bureau
POP ROCK Felice Brothers, The The Felice Brothers
OC Felipe, Dino I’m You
POP ROCK Felix You Are The One I Pick
OC Felix da Housecats He Was King
POP ROCK Felli The Moon
POP ROCK Fellows, Christine 2 Little Birds
LOCAL Femignome Anxt EP
50’s/60’s Feminine Complex, The Livin’ Love
JAZZ Fence Kitchen Beading the Rock
POP ROCK Fences Fences
OC Fenin Been Through
OC Fennesz Endless Summer
OC Fennesz Endless Summer
OC Fennesz Venice
JAZZ Ferguson, Maynard Live from London
POP ROCK Fern Knight Music For Whitches and Alchemists
LOCAL Ferrelle, Dodd A Carriage on the Hill
POP ROCK Feud, The The Feud
POP ROCK Fever Ray Fever Ray
JAZZ Fewell, Garrison / Lazlo Gardony Reflection of a Clear Moon
POP ROCK Ffa Coffi Pawb Am Byth
LOCAL Fiddlehead The Deaf Waiter
PUNK Fidler Fidlar
POP ROCK Field Music Field Music
POP ROCK Field Music Measure
OC Field, the From Here We Go Sublime
OC Field, the Looping State of Mind
JAZZ Fields, Scott Ensemble Mamet
OC Fields, William The Ruby-Leif
JAZZ Fieldwork Door
JAZZ Fieldwork Simulated Progress
POP ROCK Fiery Furnaces, The Bitter Tea
POP ROCK Fiery Furnaces, The Blueberry Boat
POP ROCK Fiery Furnaces, The Gallowsbird’s Bark
POP ROCK Fiery Furnaces, The Remember (Disc 1)
POP ROCK Fiery Furnaces, The Remember (Disc 2)
POP ROCK Fiery Furnaces, The Widow City
PUNK Fifteen Allegra
PUNK Fifteen Suprise!
PUNK Fifteen Survivor
PUNK Fifteen Extra Medium Kick Ball Star(17)
PUNK Fifteen Swains First Bike ride
POP ROCK Fifth Column 36C
PUNK Fifth Hour Hero Scattered Sentences
PUNK Fifth Hour Hero You Have Hurt My Business and My Reputation too
SKA Fighting Gravity No Stopping, No Standing
SKA Fighting Gravity Shishkabob
POP ROCK Figurine The Heartfelt
OC Figurine, James mistake mistake mistake mistake
OC Fila Brazillia Brazilification
OC Fila Brazillia Power Clown
LOCAL Filet of Soul Incommunicado
METAL Final Reading All the Right Signals Wrong
POP ROCK Final Fantasy He Poos Clouds
POP ROCK Finches, The Human Like A House
POP ROCK Fine China The Jaws of Life
POP ROCK Fine China When The World Sings
OC Finesse & Runway sch.046
OC Fingernail So Backwards
OC Fingernail Versions
PUNK Fingerprint Fingerprint
50’s/60’s Fingletoad, Strange & Siho Mazzola
POP ROCK Finishing School, The Destination Girl
OC Fink Fresh Produce
FOLK Fink, Cathy & Marcy Marxer A Parent’s Home Companion
OC Finley Quaye Maverick A Strike
POP ROCK Finn, Neil 7 Worlds Collide: Neil Finn & Friends Live At The St. James
POP ROCK Finn, Neil One All
POP ROCK Fire on Fire The Orchard
JAZZ Fire Room Broken Music
POP ROCK Fire Show, The The Fire Show
POP ROCK Fire Theft, The The Fire Theft
POP ROCK Fireballs of Freedom Total Fucking Blowout
POP ROCK Fireparty Fireparty
POP ROCK Fires of Rome You Kingdom You
POP ROCK Firewater Psychopharmacology
POP ROCK Firewater Songs We Should Have Written
POP ROCK Firewater The Man On The Burning Tightrope
OC Fischerspooner Entertainment
OC FISK Industries EPS and Rarities
PUNK Fitz of Depression Swing
LOCAL Five Eight Five Eight
LOCAL Five Eight Gasolina!
LOCAL Five Eight The Angriest Man
LOCAL Five Eight The Good Nurse
LOCAL Five Eight Your God Is Dead To Me Now
SKA Five Iron Frenzy All the Hype That Money Can Buy
SKA Five Iron Frenzy Upbeats and Beatdowns
PUNK Five Year Plan Come Home Smelly
PUNK Five Year Plan Toys That Kill
PUNK Five Year Plan Incomplete Crap Vol.2
JAZZ FJF Blow Horn
PUNK Flag Of Democracy Hate Rock
JAZZ Flaherty, Paul Whirl of Nothingness
JAZZ Flaherty, Paul / Chris Corsano The Beloved Music
JAZZ Flaherty, Paul / Chris Corsano The Hated Music
POP ROCK Flake Music When You Land Here, It’s Time to Return
POP ROCK Flamin’ Groovies Rock Juice
OC Flanger Nuclear Jazz
OC Flanger Outer Space/Inner Space
LOCAL Flap Flap Am In The House
LOCAL Flap Pal
LOCAL Flash to Bang Time Seethru
POP ROCK Flat Duo Jets Lucky Eye
LOCAL Flat Duo Jets, The In Stereo
LOCAL Flat Duo Jets, The Introducing the Flat Duo Jets
LOCAL Flat Duo Jets, The Two Headed Cow
COUNTRY Flatt, Lester and Earl Scruggs and the Foggy Mountain Boys The Complete Mercury Sessions
JAZZ Fleck, Bela and the Flecktones Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
PUNK Flesh Eaters Crucified Lovers women Hell
METAL Fleshgore May God Strike Me Dead
PUNK Fleshies Scrape The Walls
POP ROCK Fleshtones, The Beachhead
POP ROCK Fleshtones, The Do You Swing?
POP ROCK Fleshtones, The Laboratory of Sound
POP ROCK Fletcher Pratt, The Nine By Nine
POP ROCK Flin Flon Boo-Boo
POP ROCK Flin Flon Dixie
LOCAL Flinch, The Naranja
50’s/60’s Flint, Henry and the Insurections I Don’t Wanna
LOCAL Flood City Shootout Flood City Shootout
LOCAL Flood City Shootout Motel Carolina
COUNTRY Florence, Rebekah Mexican Prozak
COUNTRY Flores, Rosie After the Farm
COUNTRY Flores, Rosie Once More With Feeling
POP ROCK Flores, Rosie Rockabilly Filly
POP ROCK Flowchart Multi-Personality Tabletop Vacation
POP ROCK Flowchart tenjira
FOLK Flower, Edward Chords & Thyme: English Folksongs for Guitar
OC Flowtron Tickle my Dolphin
BLUES Floyd, Frank The Great Medical Menagerist
POP ROCK Flugente 2
POP ROCK Flying Just One Second Ago Broken Eggshell
POP ROCK Flying Canyon Flying Canyon
OC Flying Lotus 1983
OC Flying Lotus Los Angeles
OC Flying Lotus Reset EP
OC Flying Lotus Until the Quiet Comes
POP ROCK Flying Luttenbachers, The Cataclysm
POP ROCK Flying Saucer Attack Further
POP ROCK Flying Saucer Attack Mirror
POP ROCK Flying Saucer Attack New Lands
POP ROCK Flying Saucers, The The Flying Saucers
50’s/60’s Flynt, Henry Raga Electric
PUNK FM Knives Boiling Point
OC Foetus Blow
POP ROCK Foetus Flow
POP ROCK Foetus Gash
POP ROCK Foetus Null
LOCAL Fogie’s Shiznit Compilation
POP ROCK Fol Chen Part II: The New December
COUNTRY Foley, Red The Country Music Hall Of Fame Series
POP ROCK Folk Implosion Natural One
LOCAL Folklore Home Church Road
LOCAL Folklore The Ghost of H.W. Beaverman
FOLK Folkscat Folkscat
POP ROCK Folksongs for the Afterlife Put Danger Back In Your Life
LOCAL Follow For Now Follow For Now
POP ROCK Fonda The Invisible Girl
POP ROCK Fonda The Strange and The Familiar
PUNK Fondled, The Hey, Hey We’re
POP ROCK Fondly F is For…
POP ROCK Fondly Fondly
HIP HOP Food for Animals Belly
POP ROCK For Against Aperture
POP ROCK For Against Mason’s California Lunchroom
POP ROCK For Against Shelf Life
POP ROCK For Carnation, The Fight Songs
POP ROCK For Carnation, The Marshmellows
POP ROCK For Carnation, The The For Carnation
OC Forces of Nature Journeys in Time and Space
OC Ford & Lopatin Channel Pressure
POP ROCK Foreign Born Person to Person
POP ROCK Forget Cassettes Salt
JAZZ Förklädd Gud Jazz I Sverlage 77
POP ROCK Forkner, Adam comeouttoshowdem
JAZZ Forman, Mitchel Now and Then: A Tribute To Bill Evans
OC Forrest, Jason Shamelessly Exciting
LOCAL Forrester, Keith Dark Waters
POP ROCK Forro In the Dark Bonfires of Sao Joao
POP ROCK Forster, Robert Danger in the Past
POP ROCK Forster, Robert I Had A New York Girlfriend
LOCAL Forsyth, Nathan Loma City + Painkillers EP
LOCAL Forte, Bayon whippoorwill
BLUES Fosson, Mark Digging in the Dust
POP ROCK Foster, Josephine A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
POP ROCK Foster, Josephine Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You
OC Founder’s Feed and Seed The Act of Turning Pages
LOCAL Fountains, The Diamond Wheel
LOCAL Fountains, The LITL ’98-’00
LOCAL Fountains, The Stamp
LOCAL Four Eyes Creep On EP
LOCAL Four Eyes Creepy EP
LOCAL Four Eyes Our Insides
LOCAL Four Eyes Summer Songs
OC Four Tet DJ-Kicks
OC Four Tet Everything Ecstatic
OC Four Tet My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
OC Four Tet Pause
OC Four Tet Remixes
OC Four Tet Ringer
OC Four Tet There is Love in You
LOCAL Four Thieves Four Thieves
OC Fourcolor Letter of Sounds
50’s/60’s Fowley, Kim Impossible But True: The Kim Fowley Story
POP ROCK Fox, Bill Shelter From The Smoke
POP ROCK Fox, Sue P Light Matches Spark Lives
POP ROCK Foxglove Hunt, The Stop Heartbeat
PUNK Fracture Fracture
METAL Fragments of Unbecoming Sterling Black Icon
POP ROCK Frames, The Another Love Song
POP ROCK Frames, The Burn the Maps
POP ROCK Frames, The For The Birds
POP ROCK Framps, The The Roads Outgrown
BLUES Fran, Carol & Clarence Holliman Soul Sensation
POP ROCK fraNcis/lackthereof boil the ocean
FOLK Franke, Bob The Heart of the Flower
OC Frankie Bones Technolo-G
REGGAE Franti, Michael and Spearhead Everyone Deserves Music
REGGAE Fraser, Dean Big Up!
POP ROCK Freakwater End Time
POP ROCK Freakwater Feels Like The Third Time
POP ROCK Freakwater Old Paint
POP ROCK Freakwater Springtime
COUNTRY Freakwater Thinking of You
POP ROCK Frederick Trilogi
OC Fredrik Flora
OC Fredrik Na Na Ni
POP ROCK Free Kitten Inherit
POP ROCK Free Kitten Nice Ass
POP ROCK Free Kitten Sentimental Education
JAZZ Free Music Ensemble Cuts
LOCAL Free Ticker Free Ticket EP
HIP HOP Freedom Sold Ten Years Four Walls
50’s/60’s Freedom Sounds, The People Get Ready
OC Freeform Me Shape
POP ROCK Freelance Whales Weathervanes
JAZZ Freeman, Chico & Brainstorm Threshold
LOCAL Freeman, Justin The Cobble vs. D. Justin Freeman!
JAZZ Freeman, Von / Ed Petersen Von & Ed
LOCAL Freeze Tag Wind Suit EP
OC Freight Elevator Quartet, The Becoming Transparent
POP ROCK French Frith Kaiser Thompson Invisible Means
POP ROCK Frenchmen, The Sorry We Ruined Your Party
JAZZ Frequency Frequency
POP ROCK Frequent Flyer Frequent Flyer
POP ROCK Fresh and Onlys, The Play It Strange
COUNTRY Frickie, Janie Greatest Hits
OC Fridge Happiness
POP ROCK Fridge The Sun
LOCAL Fried Goat Bon Appetit
POP ROCK Friedman and Liebezeit Secret Rhythms 2
POP ROCK Friedman and Liebezeit Secret Rhythms 3
OC Friedman, James Go Commando
OC Friend + Doktor Kosmos Single of the Week
POP ROCK Friends of Dean Martinez Lost Horizon
POP ROCK Friends of Dean Martinez The Shadow of Your Smile
POP ROCK Friends of Sound Rock-ola
POP ROCK Frightened Rabbit Sing the Greys
POP ROCK Frightened Rabbit Winter of Mixed Drinks
JAZZ Fringe, The Live in Israel
JAZZ Frisell, Bill The Best of Bill Frisell, Vol. 1: Folk Songs
POP ROCK Frodus And We Washed Our Weapons In The Sea
POP ROCK Frog Eyes A Picture of Uncalculated Proportions
POP ROCK Frog Eyes The Bloody Hand
POP ROCK Frog Eyes The Golden River
POP ROCK Frogs, The Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise
POP ROCK Froley, Diana Pet My Kitty Mr NYC
LOCAL From Exile Crushing Reality
POP ROCK Front 242 No Comment
POP ROCK Front 242 Up Evil
OC Front BC Under the Radar
POP ROCK Front Line Assembkly Hard Wired
POP ROCK Front Line Assembkly Millenium
POP ROCK Front Line Assembkly Millenium
POP ROCK Front Line Assembkly Plasticity
COUNTRY Front Range Back to Red River
POP ROCK Frontier Ruckus The Orion Songbook
OC Frost Melodica
POP ROCK Frost, Edith Calling Over Time
POP ROCK Frost, Edith Edith Frost
POP ROCK Frost, Edith It’s A Game
POP ROCK Frost, Edith Telescopic
POP ROCK Frost, Edith Wonder Wonder
LOCAL Frosted Ambassador, The The Frosted Ambassador
PUNK Frownies, The The Frownies
POP ROCK Fruit Bats Echolocation
POP ROCK Fruit Bats Mouthfuls
POP ROCK Fruit Bats Spelled In Bones
POP ROCK Fu Manchu No One Rides For Free
POP ROCK Fuck Baby Loves A Funny Bunny
POP ROCK Fuck Conduct
POP ROCK Fuck Pardon My French
POP ROCK Fuck Pretty Slow
POP ROCK Fuck Those Are Not My Bongos
METAL Fuck the Facts Disgorge Mexico
METAL Fuck the Facts Stigmata High-Five
POP ROCK Fucked Up Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009
PUNK Fucked Up The Chemistry of Common Life
POP ROCK Fucking Champs, The VI
POP ROCK Fudge Tunnel Creep Diets
POP ROCK Fudge Tunnel Fudge Tunnel’s First Movement
PUNK Fuel Monuments To Excess
POP ROCK Fugazi Furniture
POP ROCK Fugazi In On The Kill Taker
POP ROCK Fugazi Instrument Soundtrack
POP ROCK Fugazi Red Medicine
POP ROCK Fugazi The Argument
50’s/60’s Fugs, The First Album
50’s/60’s Fugs, The Second Album
50’s/60’s Fugs, The Virgin Fugs
POP ROCK Fujiya & Miyagi Lightbulbs
OC Fujiya & Miyagi Transparent Things
COUNTRY Fulks, Robbie The Very Best Of
COUNTRY Fuller Four, Randy Carryin’ On
BLUES Fulson, Lowell Hold On
BLUES Fulson, Lowell Them Update Blues
POP ROCK Function The Secret Miracle Fountain
PUNK Functional Blackouts Functional Blackouts
BLUES Funderburgh, Anson Change in My Pocket
BLUES Funderburgh, Anson & Sam Myers that’s what they want
BLUES Funderburgh, Anson and the Rockets Thru the Years: A Retrospective
BLUES Funderburgh, Anson and the Rockets Which Way is Texas
BLUES Funderburgh, Anson and the Rockets Featuring Sam Myers Live at the Grand Emporium
PUNK Funeral Oration Survival
POP ROCK Funerals, The Pathetic Me
LOCAL Funicello, Franco Call For A Good Time
LOCAL Funicello, Franco Happy Accidents EP
OC Funki Porcini Rockit Soul
OC Funky Derrick Boogie Dawn
SKA Funky Looking Kids Picture Day
POP ROCK Furies, The #1 Fan
LOCAL Furlined Socialite Pageturner
POP ROCK Fursaxa Alone In The Dark Wood
POP ROCK Further Griptape
POP ROCK Further Sometimes Chimes
PUNK Fury 66 For Lack of a Better Word
METAL Furze Trident Autocrat
OC Fuse Dimension Intrusion
OC Futique Go Low
LOCAL Futo Dog Dreams
LOCAL Futo Get Well Soon Patrick Pt.2
LOCAL Future Ape Tapes Art of Darkness
LOCAL Future Ape Tapes Lives
LOCAL Future Ape Tapes Somnambuland
POP ROCK Future Bible Heroes Eternal Youth
POP ROCK Future Bible Heroes I’m Lonely
POP ROCK Future Bible Heroes Lonely Days
POP ROCK Future Bible Heroes Memories of Love
POP ROCK Future Islands In Evening Air
OC Future Pilot AKA Future Pilot AKA Vs Galaxy of Sound
LOCAL Futurebirds Baba Yaga
LOCAL Futurebirds Futurebirds EP
LOCAL Futurebirds Hampton’s Lullaby
LOCAL Futurebirds Via Flamina
POP ROCK Futureheads, The Decent Days and Nights
POP ROCK Futureheads, The The Futureheads
POP ROCK Fuzztones, The Monster A-Go-Go
LOCAL Fuzzy Sprouts Fuzzy Sprouts Picture Show
LOCAL Fuzzy Sprouts Liquid Light
OC Gabriel, Joshua Movement No. II: R for the NM
METAL Gadget The Funeral March
SKA Gadjits, The At Ease
COUNTRY Gaffney, Chris Loser’s Paradise
COUNTRY Gaffney, Chris mi vida loca
POP ROCK Gaffney, Eric Uncharted Waters
POP ROCK Gagney and Lacee Six Feet of Chain
BLUES Gaines, Earl Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
BLUES Gaines, Grady and the Texas Upsetters Horn of Plenty
50’s/60’s Gainsbourg, Serge Love and the Beat 1
50’s/60’s Gainsbourg, Serge Love and the Beat 2
OC Gaiser Blank Fade
LOCAL Galanas Cerdo
POP ROCK Galaxie 500 This Is Our Music
POP ROCK Galaxy Trio, The Saucers Over Vegas
POP ROCK Galbraith, Alastair Cry
POP ROCK Galbraith, Alastair Mirrorwork
POP ROCK Galbraith, Alastair Morse & Gaudylight
POP ROCK Galbraith/matt de gannaro, Alastair Long Wires In Dark Museums (vol. 1)
BLUES Gallagher, Hatrack It’s All the Blues to Me
BLUES Gallagher, Rory Live! In Europe
BLUES Gallagher, Rory Top Priority
JAZZ Gallant, Joe & Illuminati The Blues for Allah Project
JAZZ Gallio/Voerkel/Frey Tiegel
OC Gallo, Vincent When
SKA Gals Panic I Think We Need Helicopters
JAZZ Ganelin Trio Priority Live At The Lithuanian National Philharmony Vilinus 2005
OC Gang Gang Dance Eye Contact
OC Gang Gang Dance Hillulah
PUNK Gang Green King of Bands
POP ROCK Ganger Fore
POP ROCK Ganger Hammock Style
SKA Gangsters A New Beginning
50’s/60’s Gants, The Road Runner! The Best of The Gants
POP ROCK Garageland Scorpio Righting
LOCAL Garagesale!! Garagesale!!
LOCAL Garbage Island who is waterface?
JAZZ Garbarek, Jan I Took Up The Runes
JAZZ Garbarek, Jan / The Hilliard Ensemble Officium
50’s/60’s Garcia, Al and the Rhythm Kings Al Garcia and the Rhythm Kings
POP ROCK Garland of Hours The Soundest Serum
BLUES Garner, Larry Once Upon the Blues
BLUES Garner, Larry you need to live a little
POP ROCK Garner, Sue To Run More Smoothly
FOLK Garner, Sue and Rick Brown Still
OC Garnier, Laurent 30
OC Garnier, Laurent Unreasonable Behaviour
LOCAL Garza, Cortez Note to Self
OC Gasman, the This One’s for You
LOCAL Gasmask + Matchsticks Yer Not Payin’ for the Hours, Yer Payin’ for the Name
POP ROCK Gasoline 3
POP ROCK Gasoline Fake to Fame
POP ROCK Gasoline Take It To The People
INTERNATIONAL Gasparyan, Djivan Moon Shines at Night
FOLK Gastr Del Sol Camoufleur
POP ROCK Gastr Del Sol Crookt, Crackt, or Fly
POP ROCK Gastr Del Sol Mirror Repair
POP ROCK Gates, Rebecca Ruby Series
COUNTRY Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers, Larry 17 Greatest Hits
POP ROCK Gaubsbourg, Charlotte 5:55
LOCAL Gay Africa Pizzaze!
POP ROCK Gay, The You Know The Rules
JAZZ Gayle, Charles Ancient of Days
METAL Gaza I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die
POP ROCK Gaze Heers, The Territory Songs
POP ROCK Gelb, Howe Hisser
POP ROCK Gelb, Howe Sno Angel Like You
LOCAL Gemini Cricket Gemini Cricket
PUNK Generators, The Tryanny
METAL Genghis Tron Board Up the House
METAL Genghis Tron Dead Mountain Mouth
METAL Genocide Superstars 3
METAL Genocide SS 2 We Are Born Out of Hate
POP ROCK Gentle Waves, The Swansong For You
POP ROCK Gentle Waves, The The Green Fields Of Foreverland…
POP ROCK Gentle, Jennifer The Midnight Room
LOCAL Gentleman Jesse Leaving Atlanta
LOCAL George W. Bush Cover Band, The Hits From The Oval Ranch
POP ROCK Georgia Anne Muldrow Worthnothings
LOCAL Georgia Guitar Quartet, The A Live Portrait
LOCAL Georgia Guitar Quartet, The The Georgia Guitar Quartet
LOCAL Georgian Contermporary Unit The View You Never Get
OC Georgio Vocoder Sports
LOCAL Gerbils, The The Battle of Electricity
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa Cry Wolf
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa Excerpts From A Love Circus
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa Geek The Girl
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa Happiness
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa In The Maybe World
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa Lullaby For Liquid Pig
POP ROCK Germano, Lisa Slide
PUNK Germs The complete Anthology
POP ROCK Geronimo! Fuzzy Dreams
POP ROCK Gerty Sweets From The Minibar
POP ROCK Get Back Guinozzi! Carpet Madness
JAZZ Getz, Stan Apasionado
JAZZ Ghapery / Bivins / Davis Impermanence
INTERNATIONAL Ghorwane Majurugenta
INTERNATIONAL Ghosh, Dhruba Raga Kaushi Kanada and Kajri
INTERNATIONAL Ghosh, Dhruba Raga Kaushi Kanada and Kajri
POP ROCK Ghost Hypnotic Underworld
POP ROCK Ghost In Stormy Nights
POP ROCK Ghost Lama Rabi Rabi
POP ROCK Ghost Snuff Box Immanence
POP ROCK Ghost Tune In, Turn On, Free Tibet
LOCAL Ghost Envy No Play
OC Ghostland Observatory Robotique Majestique
POP ROCK Giant Princess s/t
POP ROCK Giant Sand Backyard Barbeque Broadcast
POP ROCK Giant Sand Center of the Universe
POP ROCK Giant Sand Is All Over The Map
POP ROCK Giant Sane Purge Slouch
POP ROCK Gibbons & Rustin Man, Beth out of season
POP ROCK Gibson & Ethan Rose, Laura Bridge Carols
FOLK Gibson Brothers, The Long Way Back Home
FOLK Gibson Brothers, The Red Letter Day
POP ROCK Gibson, Laura If You Come to Greet Me
LOCAL Giddens, Kyle Thank You
LOCAL Gift Horse Demo 2008
LOCAL Gift Horse Mountain of Youth
POP ROCK Gigi Maintenant
OC Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie xx We’re New Here
FOLK Gilbert, Vance Shaking of Gravity
OC Gilberto, Bebel Sam Contencao Remixes
OC Gilberto, Clifford I was young and I needed the money!
OC Gilberto, Clifford Deliver the Weird!
POP ROCK Gillard, Doug Call From Restricted
COUNTRY Gilley, Mickey Ten Years of Hits
COUNTRY Gilmore, Jimme Dale One Endless Night
LOCAL Ginger Envelope, The Edible Orchards
LOCAL Ginger Envelope, The Invitation Air
LOCAL Ginger Envelope, The The Ginger Envelope
POP ROCK Gira & Jarboe, M. Swans Related Problems 1995
POP ROCK Gira, M. Swans Related Problems
POP ROCK Girlfriendo Surprise! Surprise! It’s Girlfriendo!
POP ROCK Girls Album
POP ROCK Girls Against Boys Sexy Sam I’m From France
POP ROCK Girls Against Boys Tropic of Scorpio
POP ROCK Girls Against Boys You Can’t Fight What You Can’t See
POP ROCK Girls Against Boys/Guided By Voices 8 Rounds
POP ROCK girlsareshort earlynorthamerican
BLUES Gits, the Frenching the Bully
FOLK Gits, The Seafish Louisville
OC Givens, Daniel Age
PUNK Gizmos, The Rock and Roll Don’t Come From New York
POP ROCK Glass Rock Glass Rock
LOCAL Glasscrafts As In See Through Ships
LOCAL Glasscrafts Demos
OC Glasser Ring
BLUES Glazer, Tom A Treasury of Civil War Songs Sung by Tom Glazer
LOCAL Glen Gold, The West
POP ROCK Glifted Under and In
OC Global Communication Fabric 26
OC Global Communication Global Communication
JAZZ Globe Unity Orchestra Globe Unity ’67 & ’70
POP ROCK Gloo Girls Attention Shoppers
POP ROCK Go Back Snowball Calling Zero
SKA Go Jimmy Go Slow Time
POP ROCK Go Sailor Lookout 153
POP ROCK Go-Betweens, The Bright Yellow Bright Orange
POP ROCK Go-Betweens, The Going Blind
POP ROCK Go-Betweens, The Oceans Apart
POP ROCK Go-Betweens, The The Friends of Rachel Worth
POP ROCK Go! Team, The Audio Assault Course
POP ROCK Go! Team, The Thunder, Lighting, Strike
LOCAL Goat Shanty Encroachment
METAL Goatwhore A haunting Curse
METAL Goatwhore The Eclipse of Ages into Black
METAL God Forbid Determination
METAL God Forbid Reject the Sickness
POP ROCK God Is My Co-Pilot I Am Not This Body
POP ROCK God Is My Co-Pilot puff 02
POP ROCK God Is My Co-Pilot The Best of God Is My Co-Pilot
POP ROCK God Is My Co-Pilot Tight Like Fist: Live Recording
POP ROCK God Is My Co-Pilot Yanqui U.X.O.
POP ROCK Godflesh Merciless
POP ROCK Godflesh Pure
POP ROCK Godflesh Songs of Love and Hate
METAL Godflesh Streetcleaner
POP ROCK godheadSilo Elephantitus of the Night
POP ROCK godheadSilo Share The Fantasy
POP ROCK godheadSilo skyward in triumph
POP ROCK GodheadSolo The Scientific Supercake LP
METAL Godless Rising Battle Lords
50’s/60’s Godz, The 2
POP ROCK Godzuki Trail of the Lonesome Pine
POP ROCK Godzuki your future >>
POP ROCK Gogogo Airheart Gogogo Airhear
POP ROCK gojogo all is fair
POP ROCK Gold Motel Summer House
JAZZ Gold Sparkle Band Fugues & Flowers
LOCAL Gold Sparkle Band Nu•Soul Zodiac
JAZZ Gold Sparkle Trio with Vken andermark Brooklyn Cantos
LOCAL Gold-Bears Are You Falling In Love?
POP ROCK Golden Bear s/t
POP ROCK Golden Birthdays Infinite Leagues
POP ROCK Golden Palominos, The Drunk With Passion
POP ROCK Golden Palominos, The Pure
POP ROCK Golden Palominos, The This Is How It Feels
POP ROCK Golden Shoulders Kin
POP ROCK Golden Shoulders Let My Burden Be
POP ROCK Golden Smog V
POP ROCK Golden Smog Weird Tales
POP ROCK Golden Triangle Double Jointer
POP ROCK Goldfrapp Felt Mountain
POP ROCK Goldfrapp Ride a White Horse
POP ROCK Goldfrapp Supernature
POP ROCK Goldfrapp We Are Glitter
OC Goldiesaturnzreturn Goldiesaturnzreturn
POP ROCK Golightly, Holly Holly Golightly’s Singles Roundup
FOLK Golightly, Holly & the Brokeoffs Dirt Don’t Hurt
POP ROCK Gomez, Robert Brand New Towns
POP ROCK Gonjasufi A Sufi and A Killer
POP ROCK Gonzales Solo Piano
POP ROCK Gonzales, Jose In Our Nature
POP ROCK Gonzales, Jose Stay In The Shade EP
POP ROCK Gonzalez, Jose Veneer
JAZZ González, Rubén Chanchullo
PUNK Goober Patrol Vacation
METAL Good Leading Vision
PUNK Good Clean Fun Shopping For a Crew
LOCAL Good Friday Experiment Spread Out Inside
POP ROCK Good Goodbyes Good Goodbyes EP
LOCAL Good Herbs, The The Good Herbs
PUNK Good Riddance For God and Country
PUNK Good Riddance The Phenomenon Of Craving
PUNK Good Riddance / Kill your idols Good riddance / Kill Your idols
JAZZ Goode, Brad Brad Goode
LOCAL Goons, The No Art
LOCAL Goons, The Sequined & Stoned
POP ROCK Gordon, Brent Brent Gordon
COUNTRY Gordon, Robert Robert Gordon
BLUES Gordon, Sax Have Horn Will Travel
JAZZ Gordon, Wycliffe & Ron Westray Bone Structure
METAL Goreinhaled Fetus in Fetu
METAL Gorgoroth Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
METAL Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate
METAL Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity
POP ROCK Gories, The I know you fine, but how you doin’
PUNK Gorilla Biscuits Boiling Point
POP ROCK Gorka, John Jack’s Crows
FOLK Gorka, John Out of the Valley
POP ROCK Gorky’s Zysotic Mynci Amber Gambler EP
POP ROCK Gorky’s Zysotic Mynci Barafundle
POP ROCK Gorky’s Zysotic Mynci The Blue Trees
POP ROCK Goslings, The Between the Dead
POP ROCK Goslings, The Superheater/Perfect Interior
POP ROCK Gospel Club C-L-A-W-S
POP ROCK Gospel Club Gospel Club
BLUES Gospel Hummingbirds, The Taking Flight
POP ROCK Gossip Live In Liverpool
POP ROCK Gossip, The Arkansas Heat
POP ROCK Gossip, The Movement
POP ROCK Gossip, The That’s Not What I Heard
OC Gotan Project Lunatico
POP ROCK Gothic Archies, The The Tragic Treasury
SKA Gourds, The Cow Fish Fowl or Pig
SKA Gourds, The Dem’s Good Beeble
SKA Gourds, The Stadium Blazer
COUNTRY Gourds, The Stadium Blitzer
50’s/60’s Gov’t Mule Dose
POP ROCK Gowns Red State
PUNK Grabass Charlestons The Greatest Story Ever Hla’d
PUNK Grabass Charlestons/ Peters, Billy Reese Grabass Charlestons/ Peters, Billy Reese
LOCAL Grady Cousins Test Market #1
FOLK Graffin, Greg Cold as the Clay
LOCAL Graham and Vann Styles Taken
POP ROCK Grails Black Tar Prophecies
POP ROCK Grails Burning Off Impurities
POP ROCK Grails Doomsdayer’s Holiday
POP ROCK Gramercy Arms Gramercy Arms
POP ROCK Grampall Jookabox Ropechain
POP ROCK Grampall Jookabox Scientific Cricket
POP ROCK Grand Archives Keep In Mind Frankenstein
COUNTRY Grand Fury Rural Intentions
LOCAL Grand Fury Tuesday Night Love Songs
LOCAL Grand Vapids Guarantees
POP ROCK Grandaddy Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland
POP ROCK Grandaddy Concrete Dunes
POP ROCK Grandaddy Just Like The Fambly Cat
POP ROCK Grandaddy Signal to Snow Ratio
POP ROCK Grandaddy Sumday
POP ROCK Grandaddy Under The Western Freeway
COUNTRY Grandsons, The Pan-American Shindig
LOCAL Grape Soda CD-R
FOLK Grappeli, Stéphane Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival
JAZZ Grappelli, Stephanie Live at The Cambridge Folk Festival
JAZZ Grappelli, Stephanie Olympia 1988
LOCAL Grass Giraffes Transportation EP
OC Grassy Knoll, the III
OC Grassy Knoll, The Positive
OC Grassy Knoll, the The Grassy Knoll
JAZZ Gratkowski / Fox / Menestres / Davis ORM
METAL Grave As Rapture Comes
METAL Grave Digger Liberty or Death
POP ROCK Gravenhurst Black Holes In The Sand
POP ROCK Gravenhurst Fires In Distant Buildings
POP ROCK Gravenhurst Flashlight Seasons
JAZZ Graves, Milford / John Zorn Duo 50th Birthday Celebration, Volume 2
METAL Graveworm Collateral Defect
LOCAL Gray Ghost Deep in the Shallow End
POP ROCK Gray Matter Thog
HIP HOP Grayskull Deadlivers
POP ROCK Grazhdanskaya Oborona (Civil Defense) Nekrofilija (Necrophilia)
LOCAL Great Balls of Athens Iguanabwana
LOCAL Great Cakes The Distance Between
JAZZ Great Jazz Trio, The S Wonderful
POP ROCK Great Unraveling, The The Great Unraveling
LOCAL Green Gerry Egg Nogg
LOCAL Green Gerry Odd Tymes
POP ROCK Green Pajamas, The In A Glass Darkly
POP ROCK Green Pajamas, The Seven Fathoms Down and Falling
POP ROCK Green Pajamas, The Strung Out
POP ROCK Green Pajamas, The This is Where We Dissappear
POP ROCK Green Rolling Hills The Special Consensus
POP ROCK Green, Adam Sixes and Sevens
JAZZ Green, Al / Othello Anderson Quintet Mr. Lucky
POP ROCK Greene String Quartet, The The String Machine
JAZZ Greene, Burton Bloom In The Commune
FOLK Greenwich Village Folk Festival, The 1989-1990
POP ROCK Greenwood, Johnny Bodysong
OC Greg Davis / Sebastien Roux Paquet Surprise
POP ROCK Gregor Samsa 55:12:00
POP ROCK Gregory & the Hawk Moeni and Kitchi
PUNK Grey Area Fanbelt Algebra
PUNK Grey Area Grey Area
POP ROCK Grey Daturas Dead In The Woods
PUNK Grey Matter Food For Thought
LOCAL Grey Milk City Parks After Dark
LOCAL Grey Milk Nocturnal
JAZZ Grey, Al Fab
OC Greyboy Mastered the Art
METAL Grief …And Man will Become the Haunted
COUNTRY Grievous Angels Miles on the Rail
JAZZ Griffin, Francine The Song Bird
POP ROCK Grifters One Sock Missing
POP ROCK Grifters, The Ain’t My Lookout
POP ROCK Grifters, The Full Blown Possesion
POP ROCK Grifters, The So Happy Together
POP ROCK Grifters, The The Kingdom of Jones
JAZZ Grigorov, Mario Rhymes With Orange
PUNK Grime Logical Nonsense
OC Grimes Vision
OC Grimes & D’Eon Dark Bloom
POP ROCK Grimm, Larkin Parplar
POP ROCK Grinderman Grinderman
LOCAL Gringo Star count yer lucky stars
LOCAL Gringo Star floating out to see
LOCAL Gritty Kitty Mistaking Airplanes for Stars
LOCAL Gritty Kitty Where Did You Find Each Other?
PUNK Groodies, the The Groodies
PUNK Groove Ghoulies Fun In the dark
PUNK Groove Ghoulies Travels with my Amp
INTERNATIONAL Group Doueh Guitar Music from the Western Sahara
INTERNATIONAL Group Inerane Guitars From Agadez
POP ROCK Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
POP ROCK Grover My Wild Life
POP ROCK Growden, Mark Downstairs Karaoke
POP ROCK Grubbs, David A Guess at the Riddle
POP ROCK Grubbs, David An Optimist Notes The Dusk
POP ROCK Grubbs, David Banana Cabbage, Potato Lettuce, Onion Orange
POP ROCK Grubbs, David The Spectrum Between
POP ROCK Grubbs, David The Thicket
POP ROCK Grubbs, David Thirty-Minute Raven
JAZZ Grusin, Dave Homage To Duje
OC Gudrun Gut I Put a Record On
HIP HOP Guerrero, Tommy Junk Collector
HIP HOP Guerrero, Tommy Soul Food Taqueria
HIP HOP Guerrero, Tommy / Gadget Hoy Yen Ass’n
LOCAL Guff Kicked to the Curb
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Half Smiles of the Decomposed
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Hold On Hope EP
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Human Amusement at Hourly Rates
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Isolation Drills
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Sunfish Holy Breakfast
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Under The Bushes Under The Stars
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Universal Truths and Cycles
POP ROCK Guided By Voices Vampires on Titus
BLUES Guitar Shorty Get wise to yourself
BLUES Guitar Shorty Roll Over, Baby
BLUES Guitar Shorty Topsy Turvy
BLUES Guitar Shorty Watch your back
POP ROCK Guitar Wolf Golden Black
POP ROCK Guitar Wolf I Love Guitar Wolf Very Much
POP ROCK Guitar Wolf Loverock
POP ROCK Guitar Wolf Rock n Roll Etiquette
PUNK Guitarded Limp
POP ROCK Gun Club, The Lucky Jim
POP ROCK Gun Outfit Dim Light
POP ROCK Gunga Din, The Glitterati
POP ROCK Gunga Din, The Introducing
PUNK Gunmoll Board of Rejection
PUNK Guns n’ Wankers For Dancing and Listening
LOCAL Gural, Alex Songs by Alex Gural
50’s/60’s Guryan, Margo 25 Demos
50’s/60’s Guryan, Margo Take a Picture
OC Gusgus Standard Stuff for Drama
OC Gusgus This is Normal
OC Gusgus vs. t-world
JAZZ Gush Norrköping
JAZZ Gutbucket Sludge Test
POP ROCK Guthrie, Arlo Alice’s Restaurant
POP ROCK Guthrie, Jim Now, More Than Ever
PUNK Guttermouth Friendly People
PUNK Guttermouth Teri Yakimoto
POP ROCK Guv’ner Knight Moves EP
POP ROCK Guv’ner Spectral Worship
BLUES Guy, Buddy Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues
BLUES Guy, Buddy Feels Like Rain
BLUES Guy, Buddy Slippin’ In
BLUES Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells Alone & Acoustic
PUNK Guyana Punch Line Direkt Aktion
PUNK Guyana Punch Line Irritainment
PUNK Guyana Punch Line Maximum Smashism
METAL Gwar America Must be Destroyed
METAL Gwar Beyond Hell
METAL Gwar Scum Dogs of the Universe
METAL Gwar This Toilet Earth
METAL Gwar We Kill Everythig
LOCAL Gyps Mine
OC Haack, Bruce Farad
METAL Hacavitz Katun
JAZZ Haden, Charlie and The Liberation Music Orchestra Dream Keeper
POP ROCK Haden, Petra Imaginaryland
OC Hagans Animation, Imagination
POP ROCK Hagarty, Neil Michael Neil Michael Hagarty
POP ROCK Hagarty, Neil Michael Plays That Good Rock and Roll
POP ROCK Hagarty, Neil Michael The Howling Hex
COUNTRY Haggard, Merle His Greatest and His Best
COUNTRY Haggard, Merle The Essential Merle Haggard: The Epic Years
PUNK Haggard, The A Bike City Called Greasy
POP ROCK Hail Kirk
METAL Hail Marry All Aboard the Sinking Ship
LOCAL Hairy Confucius Hairy Confucius EP
INTERNATIONAL Hakmoun, Hassan and Adam Rudolph Gift of the Gnawa
LOCAL hal al Shedad, The The hal al Shedad
POP ROCK Half Film East of Monument
POP ROCK Half Film The Road To The Crater
POP ROCK Half Hearted Cloud Cut Me Down & Count My Rings
POP ROCK Half Hearted Cloud Halos & Lassos
POP ROCK Half Hearted Cloud We Haven’t Just Been Told, We Have Been Loved
POP ROCK Half Japanese Bone Head
POP ROCK Half Japanese Hot
POP ROCK Half String A Fascination With Heights
POP ROCK Half String Tripped Up Breathing
POP ROCK Half-Handed Cloud Thy is a Word and Feet Need Lamps
POP ROCK Hall of Fame Paradise Now
POP ROCK Hall, Ed La La Land
JAZZ Hall, Jim Panorama
JAZZ Hall, Jim Textures
LOCAL Hall, Kristen be careful what you wish for…
LOCAL Hall, Kristen Fact & Fiction
LOCAL Hall, Kristen Special compilation for AAA & Alternative Radio
POP ROCK Hall, Terry The Collection
JAZZ Halliday, Lin Airegin
POP ROCK Halstead, Neil Sleeping On Roads
LOCAL Ham1 Ham1
LOCAL Ham1 Let’s Go On and On With Ham1
JAZZ Hamilton, Andy Jamaica by night
JAZZ Hamilton, Chico Man From Two Worlds
50’s/60’s Hammer, Jack, The Rivingstons, Diddley, Bo Hammer, Jack, The Rivingstons, Diddley, Bo
METAL Hammerfall Threshold
POP ROCK Hammerhead duh, the big city
POP ROCK Hammerhead Into the Vortex
POP ROCK Hammock Kenotic
POP ROCK Hammock Raising Your Voice… Trying to Stop an Echo
POP ROCK Hammock Stranded Under Endless Sky
REGGAE Hammond, Beres Getting Stronger
REGGAE Hammond, Beres Putting Up Resistance
REGGAE Hammond, Beres In Control
REGGAE Hammond, Beres; Lara, Derrick Expression
BLUES Hammond, John Found True Love
JAZZ Hampton, Lionel For The Love of Music
JAZZ Hampton, Lionel Reunion At Newport 1967
COUNTRY Hancock, Butch Easts Away the Night
COUNTRY Hancock, Butch and Jimmie Dale Gilmore Two Roads
JAZZ Hancock, Herbie Headhunters
JAZZ Hancock, Herbie Hear, O Israel: A Prayer Ceremoney in Jazz
JAZZ Hancock, Herbie Maiden Voyage
JAZZ Hancock, Herbie Sextant
COUNTRY Hancock, Wayne A-Town Blues
COUNTRY Hancock, Wayne That’s What Daddy Wants
LOCAL Hand Sand Hands Lord of Talk
LOCAL Hand Sand Hands The Shipping Forecast E.P.
POP ROCK Hands and Knees Et tu, Fluffy
POP ROCK Handsome Family, The In The Air
POP ROCK Handsome Family, The Last Days Of Wonder
POP ROCK Handsome Family, The Milk and Scissors
POP ROCK Handsome Family, The Odessa
POP ROCK Handsome Family, The Singing Bones
POP ROCK Handsome Family, The Through The Trees
POP ROCK Handsome Furs Face Control
POP ROCK Hang Ups, The Back Story: A Beginner’s Guide to The Hang Ups
POP ROCK Hang Ups, The Comin’ Through
POP ROCK Hang Ups, The He’s After Me
POP ROCK Hang Ups, The Second Story
POP ROCK Hang Ups, The So We Go
POP ROCK Hang Ups, The The Hang Ups
HIP HOP Hangar 18 The Multi Platinum Debut Album
OC Hanghofer, Leroy White Trash
JAZZ Hannaford, Marc The Garden of Forking Paths
OC Hanno, Yoshihiro Liquid Glass
JAZZ Hanrahan, Kip Desire Develops An Edge
FOLK Hansard, Glen and Marketa Irglova The Swell Season
PUNK Hanson Brothers Sudden Death
POP ROCK Hanson, Jeff Jeff Hanson
POP ROCK Hanson, Jeff Son
POP ROCK Happy Go Licky Will Play
POP ROCK Happy Hollows, The Spells
POP ROCK Happy Mondays Live
POP ROCK Happy Mondays Pills ‘N Thrills And Bellyaches
SKA Hard Skin Hard Nuts and Hard Cunts
PUNK Hard-Ons Too Far Gone
OC Hardfloor Respect
OC Hardfloor TB Resuscitation
FOLK Hardy, Jack The Passing
JAZZ Hargrove, Roy Approaching Standards
JAZZ Hargrove, Roy Of Kindred Souls
JAZZ Hargrove, Roy The RH Factor
JAZZ Hargrove, Roy The Vibe
LOCAL Harken the Hands Askew Thou
BLUES Harman, James Band Cards on the Table
BLUES Harman, James Band Do Not Disturb
BLUES Harman, James Band Two Sides to Every Story
FOLK Harmer, Sarah I’m a Mountain
OC Harmonic 313 When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence
BLUES Harney, Richard Sweet Man
JAZZ Harrell, Tom Labyrinth
POP ROCK Harriet Tubman I Am A Man
COUNTRY Harrington, Fletcher The Ghost In The Choir
OC Harris, Calvin I Created Disco
BLUES Harris, Corey Between midnight and day
BLUES Harris, Corey Downhome Sophisticate
BLUES Harris, Corey & Henry Butler Vu-Du MENZ
JAZZ Harris, Loston Comes Love
OC Harris, Mick/Harvey, Neil Shortcut to Disconnect
BLUES Harris, Peppermint Texas on my Mind
LOCAL Harsh Words Plague Days
JAZZ Hart, Antonio Don’t You Know I Care
JAZZ Hart, Antonio For Cannonball and Woody
JAZZ Hart, Antonio For The First Time
COUNTRY Hartford, John Down on the River
FOLK Hartford, John and Jamie Hartford & Hartford
POP ROCK Harvestman Lashing The Rye
LOCAL Harvey Milk Courtesy Milk and Good Will Toward Men
LOCAL Harvey Milk Life… The Best Game In Town
LOCAL Harvey Milk My Love’s High Than Your Assessment of What My Love Could Be
LOCAL Harvey Milk Special Wishes
OC Harvey, Mick Pink Elephants
POP ROCK Hash Jar Tempo Under Glass
POP ROCK Haskett, Chris Language
OC Haslinger Score
METAL Haste When Reason Sleeps
METAL Hate Eternal Fury and Flames
METAL Hate Theory Dimm
POP ROCK Havalina Space, Love, and Bull-Fighting
POP ROCK Havalina Rail Co. America
POP ROCK Havalina Rail Co. Russian Lullabies
POP ROCK Hawk and a Hacksaw, A Cervantine
BLUES Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay Black Music for White People
BLUES Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay Stone Crazy
POP ROCK Hawthorne, Mayer A Strange Arrangement
OC Hawtin, Richie The Sound of the Third Season
POP ROCK Haydamaky Ukraine Calling
POP ROCK Hayden Elk Lake Seranade
POP ROCK Hayden, Annie The Enemy of Love
INTERNATIONAL Hayes, Martin & Dennis Cahill The Lonesome Touch
LOCAL Hayride curses
LOCAL Hayride elfin magic
LOCAL Hayride smelly old cat
LOCAL Hazey Jane Winter Walks
COUNTRY Hazlewood, Lee 13
POP ROCK Hazlewood, Lee Total Lee!
COUNTRY Hazlewood, Lee Trouble Is A Lonesome Town
COUNTRY Hazlewood, Lee and Ann Margret The Cowboy and The Lady
LOCAL Head, The Hang On
OC Headhunters Remixes
JAZZ Headhunters, The Return of The Headhunters
POP ROCK Headlights Wildlife
POP ROCK Headlines Kill Them With Kindness
POP ROCK Headress Lunes
OC Headrillaz Coldharbour Rocks
POP ROCK Heads, The Under the Stress of a Headlong Drive
HIP HOP Headset Spacesettings
BLUES Healey, Jeff Band, The Under Cover: Volume 1
BLUES Healey, Jeff Band, The Under Cover: Volume 2
POP ROCK Health Get Color
LOCAL Heap, The Deluxe
POP ROCK Hearts of Palm For Life
BLUES Heartsman, Johnny The Touch
OC Heartthrob Dear Painter, Paint Me
POP ROCK Heatmiser Dead Air
POP ROCK Heatmiser Mic City Songs
POP ROCK Heatmiser Yellow No. 5
METAL Heaven Shall Born Deaf to our Prayers
POP ROCK Heavenly Heavenly versus Satan
POP ROCK Heavenly Le Jardin de Heavenly
POP ROCK Heavenly Operation Heavenly
POP ROCK Heavy Blinkers, The The Night and I Are Still So Young
POP ROCK Heavy Thrash Heavy Thrash
POP ROCK Heavy Vegetable Frisbie
REGGAE Heavyweight Sound A Blood and Fire Sampler
PUNK Heckle Not Laughing With You
POP ROCK Hecuba Paradise
COUNTRY Heffern, Gary Painful Days
POP ROCK Hefner Boxing Hefner
POP ROCK Hefner We Love The City
POP ROCK Heikki 2
POP ROCK Helicopter Helicopter By Starlight
POP ROCK Heligoats, The Goodness Gracious
POP ROCK Helios Caesura
POP ROCK Helios Eingya
POP ROCK Helios Unomia
POP ROCK Helios Creed Planet X
POP ROCK Helium No Guitars
POP ROCK Helium Superball+
POP ROCK Helium The Magic City
POP ROCK Hella Acoustics
POP ROCK Hella Bitches Ain’t Shit But Good People
POP ROCK Hella Church Gone Wild/Chirpin Hard
POP ROCK Hella Homeboy
POP ROCK Hella There’s No 666 In Outer Space
POP ROCK Hella There’s No 666 In Outer Space
POP ROCK Hella Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass
POP ROCK Hella Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass
POP ROCK Hella Dilute
FOLK Hella The Devil Isn’t Red
POP ROCK Hellacopters, The Cream of the Crap!
POP ROCK Hellbillys Cavalcade of Perversions: The Singles Collections
COUNTRY Hellcasters, The The Hellcasters
METAL Hellchild Bareskin
METAL Hellchild Circulating Contradiction
LOCAL Hello Lefty Goodbye Righty E.P.
LOCAL Hello Ocho Stickin to the Sheets
POP ROCK Hello Seahorse! Hoy a las Ocho
METAL Helloween Power
POP ROCK Hemm Hemm, Benni Benni Hemm Hemm
JAZZ Hemmersam, Jon / Dom Minasi The Jon Hemmersam/Dom Minasi Quartet
POP ROCK Hemstad Hemstad & Bonus EP
LOCAL Henderson, Christopher Christopher Henderson
LOCAL Henderson, Christopher Christopher Henderson
LOCAL Henderson, Christopher The Legend of the Oglethorpe County Ghost & Other Stories
JAZZ Henderson, Wayne The Next Cruise
POP ROCK Hendricks Trio, The Karl A Gesture of Kindness and 10 Other Snappy Toe-Tappers
POP ROCK Hendricks Trio, The Karl Declare Your Weapons
POP ROCK Hendricks Trio, The Karl For A While, It Was Funny
POP ROCK Hendricks Trio, The Karl Sings About Misery and Women
POP ROCK Hendricks Trio, The Karl Some Girls Like Cigarettes
POP ROCK Hendricks Trio, The Karl The Jerks Win Again
POP ROCK Henry, Joe A.M.O.R.
POP ROCK Henry, Joe Shuffletown
POP ROCK Henry, Joe Tiny Voices
POP ROCK Hepburns, The Something Worth Stealing
SKA Hepcat Push ‘n Shove
SKA Hepcat Right on Time
SKA Hepcat Scientific
SKA Heptones, The Pressure
SKA Heptones, The Sea of Love
POP ROCK Her Space Holiday Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
POP ROCK Her Space Holiday Manic Expressive
POP ROCK Her Space Holiday Sleepy Tigers EP
POP ROCK Her Space Holiday XOXO, Panda and the New Kid Revival
LOCAL Herb and Skills The Gathering
OC Herbaliser Blow Your Headphones
OC Herbaliser, The 8 Point Agenda
OC Herbaliser, The Fabriclive 26
OC Herbaliser, The The Flawed Hip Hop EP
OC Herbaliser, The Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks
OC Herbert 100 lbs
OC Herbert Around the House
OC Herbert Scale
METAL Herbert, Matthew Plat du Jour
OC Hercules and Love Affair Hercules and Love Affair
OC Here Comes the Drums Hip-Hop Drum ‘n’ Bass
POP ROCK Here We Go Magic Pigeons
POP ROCK Herman Duene I Wish That I Could See You Soon
POP ROCK Herman Duene mash concrete metal mushroom
POP ROCK Herman Duene Next Year In Zion
POP ROCK Herman Duene Turn off the light
POP ROCK Hero of a Hundred Fights Hero of a Hundred Fights
POP ROCK Heroine Sheiks Best Enemies / Oucha
LOCAL Heros Severum Demonstration E.P.
LOCAL Heros Severum Guitar and Bass Drum
LOCAL Heros Severum Plague Dogs
LOCAL Heros Severum Rock ‘N’ Roll Nigga – Get Ur Freak On
LOCAL Heros Severum Wonderful Educated Bear
OC Herrman & Kleine Kickboard Girl E.P.
POP ROCK Hersch, Kristin A Cleaner Light
POP ROCK Hersch, Kristin Hips and Makers
POP ROCK Hersch, Kristin Murder, Misery, and then Goodnight
POP ROCK Hersch, Kristin Sky Motel
POP ROCK Hersch, Kristin Strange Angels
POP ROCK Hersch, Kristin The Holy Single
OC Hess is More Creation Keeps the Devil Away
OC Hexes & Ohs Goodbye Friend Welcome Lover
LOCAL HEXYL Christ Died for our Dunkin Donuts
POP ROCK Hey Marseilles To Travels & Trunks
POP ROCK Heyward, Nick The Apple Bed
OC Hi Fi Killers Jamaica
POP ROCK Hi Red Center Architectural Failures
PUNK Hi-Standard Growing Up
PUNK Hi-Standard Making the Road
PUNK Hickey Hickey
PUNK Hickey and Guttermouth Boiling point
POP ROCK Hicks, Kelly Shay Buck Again
POP ROCK Hidden Cameras, The AWOO
POP ROCK Hidden Cameras, The The Smell of Our Own
METAL Hidden Hand, The The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote
LOCAL High Caliber, The 5 Song Demo
LOCAL High Caliber, The A Certain Kind of Charm
POP ROCK High Llamas, The Can Cladders
POP ROCK High Llamas, The Colk and Bouncy
POP ROCK High Llamas, The Hawaii
POP ROCK High Llamas, The Lollo Rosso
POP ROCK High Llamas, The Retrospective Rarities and Instrumentals
POP ROCK High Llamas, The Snowbug
POP ROCK High Llamas, The The High Llamas
METAL High on Fire Blessed Black Wings
METAL High on Fire Death is this Communion
POP ROCK High Places 03/07-09-07
POP ROCK High Places Vs Mankind
POP ROCK High Rise Disallow
POP ROCK High Rise Dispersion
POP ROCK High Rise High Rise II
POP ROCK High Rise Live
POP ROCK High Violets, The To Where You Are
LOCAL Highway King Capricorn
POP ROCK Hill and Mick Barr, Zach Shred Earthship
LOCAL Hill, Clifton Pylo.Erection
BLUES Hill, Michael Blues Mob Bloodlines
BLUES Hill, Michael Blues Mob Bloodlines
BLUES Hill, Michael Blues Mob Electric Storyland Live
BLUES Hill, Michael Blues Mob Have Mercy!
BLUES Hill, Michael Blues Mob New York State of Blues
BLUES Hill, Rocky MIdnight Creepers
POP ROCK Hill, Zach Astrological Straits
LOCAL Hillbilly Frankenstein Hypnotica!
COUNTRY Hillman, Chris and Herb Pedersen Bakersfield Bound
FOLK Hillmen, The s/t
FOLK Hills, Anne and Cindy Mangsen Never Grow Up
POP ROCK Him New Features
POP ROCK Him Our Point of Departure
POP ROCK Him Sworn Eyes
METAL Himsa Summon in Thunder
LOCAL Hinds, Erik Cerebus
LOCAL Hinds, Erik Khonsay
LOCAL Hinds, Erik Reign In Blood
REGGAE Hinds, Justin Know Jah Better
SKA Hipster Daddy-O and the Hand Grenades Armed and Swingin’
LOCAL Hiro Noodles db-23341
LOCAL Hiro Noodles Yellow Light Luck
LOCAL Hiro Noodles Your Dearest Wish Will Come True
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive Detrola
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive Firefly Dragonfly
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive In Every Ford
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive Mouth by Mouth
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive Raindrops Rainbow
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive Someday My Blues Will Cover The Earth
POP ROCK His Name Is Alive ft. Lake His Name Is Alive ft. Lake
POP ROCK Hitchcock & The Egyptians, Robyn Luminous Groove Box Set Sampler
POP ROCK Hitchcock & The Egyptians, Robyn Respect
POP ROCK Hitchcock & The Venus 3 Goodnight Oslo
POP ROCK Hitchcock and The Venus 3 Ole! Tarantula
POP ROCK Hitchcock, Robyn Beautiful Queen
POP ROCK Hitchcock, Robyn I Wanna Go Backwards
POP ROCK Hitchcock, Robyn Jewels For Sophia
POP ROCK Hitchcock, Robyn Live Death
POP ROCK Hitchcock, Robyn Spooked
POP ROCK Ho-Ag The World From Pluto
COUNTRY Hobart, Rex and The Misery Boys The Spectacular Sadness Of
POP ROCK Hoffman, Laura The Chemist Said It Would Be Alright But I’ve Never Been The Same
POP ROCK Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts Beneath the Country Underdog
LOCAL Hogan, Kelly Because It Feels Good
LOCAL Hogan, Kelly The Whistle Only Dogs Can Hear
LOCAL Hola Halo Time Out Here
POP ROCK Holcomb, Robin Little Three
POP ROCK Holcomb, Roscoe An Untamed Sense of Control
FOLK Holcomb, Roscoe The High Lonesome Sound
POP ROCK Holcombe, Malcom Gamblin’ House
BLUES Hole, Dave Steel on Steel
BLUES Hole, Dave Working Overtime
POP ROCK Holiday Flyer Blue Harvest
POP ROCK Holiday Flyer I Hope
POP ROCK Holiday Flyer Sweet and Sour
POP ROCK Holiday Flyer The Rainbow Confection
POP ROCK Holiday Flyer Try Not To Worry
POP ROCK Holiday Flyer You Make Us Go
POP ROCK Holiday Shores New Masses for Squaw Peak
POP ROCK Holland, Jolie Catalpa
POP ROCK Holland, Jolie Escondida
POP ROCK Holland, Jolie Springtime Can Kill You
POP ROCK Holland, Jolie The Living and the Dead
POP ROCK Holland, Jools World Of His Own
POP ROCK Hollingsworth, Taylor Life With A Slow Ear
POP ROCK Hollis, Mark Mark Hollis
LOCAL Hollow Stars Neshama
BLUES Holly Cole Trio Don’t Smoke in Bed
POP ROCK Holly Miranda The Magician’s Private Library
LOCAL Hollywood Video Cereal / Girl Pool
LOCAL Hollywood Video Ultimate Infinity Forever
BLUES Holmes Brother, The Soul Street
BLUES Holmes Brother, The Speaking in Tongues
OC Holmes, David Lets Get Killed
BLUES Holmstrom, Rick Lookout!
POP ROCK Holopaw Holopaw
POP ROCK Holopaw Quit +/or Fight
LOCAL Holy Liars Heat Lightnin’
POP ROCK Holy Modal Rounders Too Much Fun!
POP ROCK Holy Roman Empire Egress
POP ROCK Holy Shit Stranded At Two Harbors
POP ROCK Home Alive The Art of Self Defense
PUNK Honest Don’s Dirty Dishesn
50’s/60’s Honeybus She Flies Like a Bird
POP ROCK Honeymoons This Coherent Excitation
PUNK Honor System, The Single file
POP ROCK Hood Cycle of Days and Seasons
POP ROCK Hood Outside Closer
POP ROCK Hood The Lost You
BLUES Hood, Adam Different Groove
LOCAL Hood, Patterson Killers and Stars
LOCAL Hood, Patterson Murdering Oscar (and other love songs)
OC Hood, Robert Fabric 39
POP ROCK Hoodoo Gurus Kinky
BLUES Hooker, Earl Play your guitar Mr. Hooker!
BLUES Hooker, John Lee Boom Boom
BLUES Hooker, John Lee Mr. Lucky
BLUES Hooker, Zakiya Flavors of the Blues
POP ROCK Hooray for Earth Momo
POP ROCK Hoover Hoover
POP ROCK Hoover The Lurid Traversal of Route 7
METAL Hope Conspiracy, The Coldblue
LOCAL Hope For Agoldensummer I Bought a heart made of art in the deep, deep south
LOCAL Hope For Agoldensummer Life Inside The Body
LOCAL Hope For Agoldensummer Live In The Lobby (3/3/05)
POP ROCK Hopewell Contact
POP ROCK Hopewell Purple Balloon
POP ROCK Hopewell The Curved Glass
PUNK Hopper, Doc Aloha
POP ROCK Hopper, Kev Whispering Foils
PUNK Horace Pinker Burn Tempe to the Ground
PUNK Horace Pinker Pop Culture Failure
PUNK Horace Pinker Power tools
OC Horntveth, Lars Pooka
POP ROCK Horse Abloom
POP ROCK Horse Feathers Thistled Spring
POP ROCK Horse Feathers Words Are Dead
METAL Horse the Band A Natural Death
COUNTRY Horton, Johnny Johnny Horton’s Greatest Hits
BLUES Horton, Walter Mouth Harp Maestro
POP ROCK Hosemobile, The What Can & Can’t Go On
COUNTRY Hot Club of Cowtown, The Dev’lish Mary
COUNTRY Hot Club of Cowtown, The Tall Tales
METAL Hot Cross Cryonics
LOCAL Hot Fudge #1 Tape
POP ROCK Hot Lava Lavalogy
POP ROCK Hot Monkey Hot Monkey
POP ROCK Hot Monkey, The More Than Lazy
LOCAL Hot New Mexicans Hot New Mexicans
POP ROCK Hot Pursuit The Thrill Department
FOLK Hot Rize So Long of a Journey
POP ROCK Hot Snakes Audit In Progress
POP ROCK Hot Snakes Automatic Midnight
PUNK Hot Snakes Hot Snakes
SKA Hot Stove Jimmy Salute
PUNK Hot Water Music A Flight and a Crash
PUNK Hot Water Music A Flight And A Crash
PUNK Hot Water Music Finding the Rhythms
PUNK Hot Water Music Finding The Rythms
PUNK Hot Water Music Fuel for the Hate Game
PUNK Hot Water Music Fuel For The Hate Game
PUNK Hot Water Music No Division
PUNK Hot Water Music No Division
PUNK Hot Water Music Caution
PUNK Hot Water Music Moonpies For Misfits
PUNK Hot Water Music Never Ender
POP ROCK Hotel Alexis, The Goliath, I’m On Your Side
POP ROCK Hotel Alexis, The The Shining Example Is Lying On The Floor
POP ROCK House Floor, The Warship
POP ROCK House of Love, The Audience With The Mind
POP ROCK House of Love, The Babe Rainbow
POP ROCK Hovercraft Akathisia
POP ROCK Hovercraft Experiment Below
POP ROCK Howard Hello Don’t Drink His Blood
POP ROCK Howard Hello Howard Hello
POP ROCK Howe Confluence
OC Howie B Snatch
LOCAL Howlies Trippin’ With Howlies
POP ROCK Howlin’ Rain Howlin’ Rain
BLUES Howlin’ Wolf Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog
POP ROCK Howling Hex, The All-Night Fox
POP ROCK Howling Hex, The Nightclub Version of the Eternal
LOCAL Howling Tongues, The The Howling Tongues
POP ROCK Hoyston, Jenny Isle Of
BLUES Hubbard, Ray Wylie Eternal and Lowdown
COUNTRY Hubbard, Ray Wylie Growl
LOCAL Hudgins, Matt Better Days Are Coming
POP ROCK Hue and the Colors, Danny Tell Tall Trees
POP ROCK Huevos Rancheros Dig In!
POP ROCK Huevos Rancheros Endsville!
POP ROCK Huevos Rancheros Get Outta Dodge
POP ROCK Huevos Rancheros Muerte del Toro
OC Hug Heroes
OC Hughes, John Scarlet Diva a fim by Asia Argento
POP ROCK Hukkelberg, Hanne Cast Archer
POP ROCK Hukkelberg, Hanne Little Things
POP ROCK Hukkelberg, Hanne Rykestrafe 68
METAL Hull Viking Funeral
POP ROCK Hum Downward is Heavenward
POP ROCK Hum Fillet Show + Rarities
POP ROCK Hum You’d Prefer an Astronaut
POP ROCK Human Adult Band My Little Piece of Heaven
POP ROCK Human Bell Human Bell
REGGAE Human Rights I Luv
REGGAE Human Rights Our Faith
POP ROCK Human Television Look At Who You’re Talking To
OC Humcrush Hornswoggle
POP ROCK Humidifier Nothing Changes
BLUES Hummel, Mark Feel Like Rockin’
LOCAL Humms, The Are You Dead?
OC Hundred in the Hands, The The Hundred in the Hands
LOCAL Hunter Gatherer Low Standards For High Fives
LOCAL Hunter Gatherer & Rydell Split EP
JAZZ Hunter, Charlie Trio Copperopolis
POP ROCK Hunter, Jana Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom
POP ROCK Hunter, Jana There’s No Home
BLUES Hunter, Long John Border Town Legend
BLUES Hunter, Long John Ride With Me
BLUES Hunter, Long John Swinging from the Rafters
PUNK Huntingtons Songs in the Key of You
PUNK Huntingtons Songs in the Key of You
POP ROCK HUON Answers to Nothing
POP ROCK HUON Hung Up Over Night
POP ROCK HUON Songs for Loud Tortoise
POP ROCK Hurl A Place Called Today
POP ROCK Hurley, Michael Ancestral Swamp
FOLK Hurley, Michael Sweetkorn
POP ROCK Hurray For The Riff Raff It Don’t Mean I Don’t Love You
BLUES Hurt, Mississippi John Memorial Anthology
POP ROCK Husbands, The Introducing The Sounds Of
POP ROCK Husbands, The There’s Nothing I’d Like More Than to See You Dead
POP ROCK Hush Arbors Hush Arbors
POP ROCK Hush Arbors Landscape of Bone
COUNTRY Husky, Ferlin Greatest Hits
PUNK Hutch Brown Sayngwich Scared of Chaka
BLUES Hutto, J.B. & the New Hawks Bullseye Blues Basics
POP ROCK Huxtables, The A Touch of Wonder
BLUES Hyatt, Walter Music Town
METAL Hydra Head Tortuga Sampler #2
POP ROCK Hylozoists, The la fin du monde
POP ROCK Hyperjinx Tricycle The Songs Of
HIP HOP Hypnotix Hypnotix
METAL Hypocrisy 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion
METAL Hypocrisy Catch 22
METAL Hypocrisy Into the Abyss
METAL Hypocrisy The Final Chapter
METAL I Between Two Worlds
LOCAL I Almost Saw God In The Metro Silver Dust of the Funk Age
POP ROCK I Am Spoonbender teletwin
LOCAL I Am The World Trade Center Out Of The Loop
LOCAL I Am The World Trade Center The Cover Up
LOCAL I Am The World Trade Center The Tight Connection
LOCAL I Come To Shanghai Eternal Life Volumes I and II
PUNK I Farm Sincerely, Robots
PUNK I Farm Sincerely Robots
METAL I Have Dreams Demo 4 Live
POP ROCK I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness According to Plan
POP ROCK I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness Fear Is On Our Side
POP ROCK I Was A King I Was A King
LOCAL I would set myself on fire for you #3
OC I:Cube Adore
POP ROCK I’m From Barcelona Let Me Introduce My Friends
POP ROCK I’m From Barcelona Who Killed Harry Houdini?
OC iamamiwhoami kin
OC Icarus I Tweet the Birdy Electric
OC Icarus Six Soviet Misfits
LOCAL Ice Cream Specialists Belles & Missiles
METAL Iced Earth Framing Armageddon
METAL Iced Earth Overture of the Wicked
POP ROCK Ices, Lia Necima
POP ROCK Icewater Scandal No Handle
POP ROCK Icicles, The Pure Sugar EP
POP ROCK Icy Demons, The Fight Back!
HIP HOP Id and Sleeper Displacement
POP ROCK Ida Heart Like A River
POP ROCK Ida I Know About You
POP ROCK Ida Tales of Brave
POP ROCK Ida Ten Small Paces
POP ROCK Ida Will You Find Me
POP ROCK Idaho Alas
POP ROCK Idaho Hearts of Palm
POP ROCK Idaho Levitate
POP ROCK Idaho People Like Us Should Be Stopped: Live Volume One
POP ROCK Idaho The Forbidden EP
POP ROCK Idaho The Lone Gunman
POP ROCK Idaho This Way Out
POP ROCK Idaho Year After Year
POP ROCK Ideal Free Distribution Ideal Free Distribution
50’s/60’s Ides of March, The Ideology
POP ROCK Iditarod, The The River Nektar
POP ROCK Idlewild American English
POP ROCK Idyll Swords Idyll Swords
POP ROCK Idyll Swords Idyll Swords II
POP ROCK Igloo Igloo
PUNK Ignite A Place Called Home
PUNK Ignite Call On My Brothers
PUNK Ignite Past Our Means
PUNK Ignite APlace Called Home
PUNK Ignite Call on My Brothers
PUNK Ignite Past our Means
COUNTRY Iguanas, The Nuevo Boogaloo
POP ROCK Ilium Paint By Number
POP ROCK Ilium Plexiglass Cube EP
PUNK Ill Repute Positive Charged
PUNK Ill Repute Positive Charged
METAL Illogicist The Insight Eye
POP ROCK Illonois What The Hell Do I Know?
POP ROCK Imitation Electric Piano Imitation Electric Piano
POP ROCK Imitation Electric Piano Trinity Neon
POP ROCK Immaculate Machine Fables
POP ROCK Immaculate Machine High On Jackson Hill
POP ROCK Immense Evil Ones and Zeros
OC Immersion Backflip
OC Immersion Low Impact
METAL Immortal At The Heart of Winter
METAL Immortal Pure Holocaust
POP ROCK Immortal Lee County Killers, The The Essential Fucked Up Blues
HIP HOP Immortal Technique Bin Laden
50’s/60’s Impacts, The Wipe Out
POP ROCK Impala El Rancho Reverbo
METAL Impaled Choke Cuts
METAL Impious Holy Murder Masquerade
POP ROCK Impossible Shapes, The Bless The Headlines
POP ROCK Impossible Shapes, The Laughter Fills Our Hollow Dome
POP ROCK Impossible Shapes, The We Like It Wild
METAL In Aeternum Past and Present Sins
METAL In Flames Reroute to Remain
METAL In Flames The Tokyo Showdown
POP ROCK In One Fade
LOCAL In Sonitus Lux Thundermoon
POP ROCK In Tall Buildings In Tall Buildings
SKA Inciters, The Doing Fine
50’s/60’s Incredible, The String Band The Big Huge
50’s/60’s Incredible, The String Band Wee Tam
HIP HOP Infesticons Gun Hill Road
OC Infinitirock Music for Primordial Recollection
FOLK Ink & Dagger The Fine Art of Original Sin
POP ROCK Ink and Dagger Ink and Dagger
POP ROCK Ink and Dagger Ink and Dagger II
POP ROCK Inner Banks, The The Inner Banks
REGGAE Inner Circle The Best of Inner Circle
OC Innerzone Orchestra Programmed
POP ROCK Innocence Mission, The Befriended
PUNK Inquisition, The Revolution, I Think It’s Called Inspiration
PUNK Inquisition, The Revolution, I think it’s Called Inspriration
SKA Insatiable Inflatable
METAL Insomnium Above the Weeping World
SKA Inspecter 7 Banished to BogeyLand
SKA Inspecter 7 The Infamous
POP ROCK Inspiral Carpets Life
POP ROCK Instant Girl Post-coital
SKA Instigators, The Happy Hour
POP ROCK Instrumental Quarter Traffic Jam
OC Instruments of Science and Technology Instruments of Science and Technology
OC Instruments of Science and Technology Music for Paradise Armor
LOCAL Instruments, the Billions of Phonographs
HIP HOP Intellekt and Dirty Digits Intellektual Property
LOCAL Intergalactic Cowboy Doorway to Eternity
POP ROCK International Airport International Airport
50’s/60’s International Harvester Sov Gott Rose-Marie
POP ROCK International Noise Conspiracy, The A New Morning (Changing Weather)
POP ROCK International Noise Conspiracy, The Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
POP ROCK International Noise Conspiracy, The Plays Smash It Up and Mmore
METAL Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes
METAL Intronaut Void
SKA Invaders, The Live!
PUNK Invasion of the Indie Snatchers Invasion of the Indie Snatchers
OC Iqu Sun Q
COUNTRY Ireland, Mike & Holler Learning How to Live
POP ROCK Iron and Wine Our Endless Numbered Days
POP ROCK Iron and Wine The Sea and The Rhythm
POP ROCK Iron and Wine/Calexico In the Reigns
METAL Iron Fire Revenge
LOCAL Iron Hero Safe As Houses
METAL Iron Maiden Dance of Death
METAL Iron Maiden Live After Death
METAL Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
OC Irresistible Force, The Fish Dances
OC Irresistible Force, The Global Chillage
OC Irresistible Force, The It’s Tomorrow Already
OC Irresistible Force, The Nepalese Bliss
LOCAL Irreversible Sins
POP ROCK Irving Death in The Garden, Blood of the Flowers
POP ROCK Irving I Hope You’re Feeling Better Now
POP ROCK Irving Irving
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory Dapper Slapper
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory Do Lord
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory Dreaming
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory Hold Tight
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory Looking Back
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory My Poor Heart
REGGAE Isaacs, Gregory Not A One Man Thing
OC Isan Digitalis
INTERNATIONAL Ishikawa, Chu Tetsuo
INTERNATIONAL Ishikawa, Chu Tetsuo
METAL ISIS Aereogramme
METAL ISIS In the Absence of Truth
METAL ISIS Oceanic Remix
METAL ISIS Panopticon
METAL ISIS Wavering Radiant
POP ROCK Islands Arms Way
POP ROCK Islands Return to the Sea
POP ROCK Isobella akasha
OC Isolationist, The The Isolationist
POP ROCK Isotope 217 The Unstable Molecule
POP ROCK Isotope 217 Utonian_Automatic
POP ROCK Isotope 217 Who Stole The I Walkman?
REGGAE Israel Vibration Dub the Rock
REGGAE Israel Vibration Feelin’ Irie!
REGGAE Israel Vibration Free to Move
REGGAE Israel Vibration Jericho
REGGAE Israel Vibration Live Again!
REGGAE Israel Vibration Pay the Piper
REGGAE Israel Vibration Rudeboy Shufflin
OC It is rain in my face. It is rain in my face.
POP ROCK It’s a Musical The music makes me sick
LOCAL It’s Elephants Gets Along
REGGAE Itals Modern Age
POP ROCK itsnotyouitsme walled gardens
POP ROCK Ivar, David Ya ya
BLUES Ivory, King The Bitch Done Quit Me
POP ROCK Ivy Apartment Life
POP ROCK Ivy Guestroom
POP ROCK Ivy Long Distance
POP ROCK Ivy Realistic
PUNK J Church Analysis Yes, Very Nice
PUNK J Church Arbor Vitae
PUNK J Church Camels, Spilled Cornona and the sound of Mariachi Bands
PUNK J Church Nostalgic For Nothing
PUNK J Church Prophylaxis
PUNK J Church Quetzalcoatl
PUNK J Church the Precession Of Simulacra – The Map Preceeds The Territory
PUNK J Church One Mississippi
PUNK J Church Society is a carnivorous Flower
PUNK J Church/ Storm the Tower J Church, Storm The Tower
OC J Dilla Donuts
HIP HOP J Dilla Ruff Draft
POP ROCK J. Spaceman / Sun City Girls Mister Lonely
OC J.O.Y. Sunplus
OC J+J+J High Voltage Feast Is Almost Here
LOCAL Jackal, The The Jackal
PUNK Jackie Papers, The I’m In Love
PUNK Jackie Papers, The Im in Love
POP ROCK Jackie-O Motherfucker Flags of the Sacred Harp
LOCAL Jackonuts Jackonuts
LOCAL Jackonuts On You
BLUES Jackson, John Front Porch Blues
COUNTRY Jackson, Stonewall American Originals
POP ROCK Jaffe, Sarah Suburban Nature
OC Jaga Jazzist Animal Chin ep
POP ROCK Jaga Jazzist One Armed Bandit
POP ROCK Jaga Jazzist What We Must
POP ROCK Jaguar Love Hologram Jams
REGGAE Jah Division Dub Will Tear Us Apart
REGGAE Jah Messengers Reggae Time
INTERNATIONAL Jal, Emmanuel and Abdel Gadir Salim Cease Fire
POP ROCK Jale Dreamcake
POP ROCK Jale So Wound
HIP HOP Jamal, Amad Barely Hanging On: The Chronicles of a Brotha like Rodney King
POP ROCK James James
POP ROCK James and Create (!), Liz Liz James and Create (!)
OC James Pants Welcome
POP ROCK James, Denise It’s Not Enough To Love
POP ROCK James, Elana Elana James
BLUES James, Etta How Strong is a Woman
JAZZ James, Etta Mystery Lady: Songs of Billie Holiday
JAZZ James, Etta Seven Year Itch
JAZZ James, Etta Time After Time
POP ROCK James, Liz Done Gone Fire: 12 Songs by Liz James
POP ROCK James, Liz Poison and Snakes
BLUES James, Skip She Lyin’
BLUES James, Steve Two Track Mind
OC Jan Jelinek Kosmischer Pitch
POP ROCK Jansch, Bert A Rare Conundrum
POP ROCK Jansch, Bert The Black Swan
FOLK Januaries, The The Januaries
POP ROCK Japan Air Antarctica Starts Here
LOCAL Japancakes Belmond
LOCAL Japancakes if i could see dallas
LOCAL Japancakes Japancakes
LOCAL Japancakes The Sleepy Strange
LOCAL Japancakes Waking Hours
POP ROCK Japandroids Post-Nothing
OC Japanese Popstars, The Controlling Your Allegiance
OC Japanese Telecom Japanese Telecom
POP ROCK Japanther Yer Living Grave
POP ROCK Jarboe Red
POP ROCK Jarboe Sacrificial Cake
POP ROCK Jarboe Thirteen Masks
POP ROCK Jarboe and Lary Seven Beautiful People Ltd
JAZZ Jarman, Joseph As If It Were The Seasons
LOCAL Jarrell, Allison Allison Jarrell
JAZZ Jarrett, Keith Bridge of Light
JAZZ Jarrett, Keith Interview: Keith Jarrett
JAZZ Jarrett, Keith Keith Jarrett at the Blue Note
JAZZ Jarrett, Keith Keith Jarrett at the Blue Note (1st Set)
JAZZ Jarrett, Keith Trio Standards In Norway
REGGAE Jarrett, Winston Too Many Boundaries
REGGAE Jarrett, Winston and the Righteous Flames Survival is the Game
COUNTRY Jason and the the Scorchers Americana AAA Sampler
LOCAL Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
POP ROCK Jaw, Jeremy A Place Where We Could Go
POP ROCK Jawbox For Your Own Special Sweetheart
POP ROCK Jawbox Jawbox
POP ROCK Jawbox My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents
POP ROCK Jawbox Novelty
PUNK Jawbreaker Dear You
PUNK Jawbreaker Etc.
PUNK Jawbreaker Live 4/30/96
PUNK Jawbreaker Three Against
PUNK Jawbreaker Unfun/24 Hour Revenge Therapy
PUNK Jawbreaker 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
PUNK Jawbreaker Bivouac
PUNK Jawbreaker Dear You
PUNK Jawbreaker ETC
PUNK Jawbreaker Live 4/30/96
POP ROCK Jay Reatard Watch Me Fall
HIP HOP Jay-Lib / J-Rocc Jaylib vs. J-Rocc
POP ROCK Jay, Jeremy Airwalker
OC Jaz Klash Thru The Haze
POP ROCK Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, The Waiting for the love bus
POP ROCK Jazz Butcher, The Condition Blue
JAZZ Jazz Mandolin Project, The Jazz Mandolin Project
JAZZ Jazz Passengers In Love
OC Jazzanova In Between
OC Jazzanova The Remixes 1997-2000
LOCAL JazzChronic Groovathon
JAZZ JazzChronic Groovathon
JAZZ JazzChronic Share The Wealth
OC JB3 Close Grind
POP ROCK Jed and Lucia Candles in Daylight
HIP HOP Jedi Mind Tricks Legacy of Blood
LOCAL Jeffer’s Morning Stories EP
POP ROCK Jefferies, Graeme Messages For The Cakekitchen
POP ROCK Jefferies, Peter Electricity
POP ROCK Jefferies, Peter Elevator Madness
POP ROCK Jefferies, Peter Substatic
50’s/60’s Jefferson Airplane Jefferson Airplane Takes Off/ Surrealistic Pillow
50’s/60’s Jefferson Airplane Through the Looking Glass
BLUES Jefferson, Blind Lemm Mornin’ All Over
OC JEL Soft Money
OC JEL WMD / All Around 12
BLUES Jelly Roll Kings Rockin’ the Juke Joint Down
OC Jellyfish Hypnotist, The Samsorry
FOLK Jenkins, Ella African American Folk Rhythms
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Call-And-Response Rhythmic Group Singing
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Counting Games and Rhythms for the Little Ones
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Ella Jenkins and a Union of Friends Pulling Together
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Growing Up with Ella Jenkins
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Holiday Times
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Jambo and Other Call and Response Songs and Chants
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Little Johnny Brown
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Multi-cultural Children’s Songs
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Seasons for Singing
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Sharing Cultures with Ella Jenkins
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Songs and Rhythms from Near and Far
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Songs Children Love to Sing
FOLK Jenkins, Ella Songs, Rhythms & Chants for the Dance
POP ROCK Jennings, Mason Boneclouds
COUNTRY Jennings, Waylon Closing In On The Fire
COUNTRY Jennings, Waylon Right For The Time
COUNTRY Jennings, Waylon Waymore’s Blues (Part II)
METAL Jerome’s Dream Discography
HIP HOP Jeru the Damaya Wrath of the Math
POP ROCK Jessamine Don’t Stay Too Long
POP ROCK Jessamine Jessamine
POP ROCK Jessamine The Long Arm of Coincidence
POP ROCK Jessica Fletchers, The What Happened To The?
POP ROCK Jesu Jesu
POP ROCK Jesu Silver
POP ROCK Jesu The Conqueror
POP ROCK Jesus and Mary Train, The Honey’s Dead
POP ROCK Jesus Lizard, The Show
LOCAL Jet by Day Cascadia
LOCAL Jet by Day Jet by Day
LOCAL Jet by Day The Vulture
POP ROCK Jetenderpaul The Woolen Spires
POP ROCK Jets to Brazil Four Cornered Night
POP ROCK Jets to Brazil Perfecting Loneliness
POP ROCK Jezabels, The She’s So Hard
REGGAE Jezzreel Great Jah Jah
OC Jhno Kwno
OC jj No. 3
LOCAL JK and the Lost Boys Time is Trouble
POP ROCK Joan of Arc a portable model of
POP ROCK Joan of Arc how can anything so little be any more?
POP ROCK Joan of Arc how memory works
POP ROCK Joan of Arc Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, and Mark Twain
POP ROCK Joan of Arc So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness
POP ROCK Joan of Arc The Intelligent Design of Joan of Arc
METAL Job for a Cowboy Genesis
LOCAL Jody Grind, The Lefty’s Deciever
POP ROCK Jogger This Great Pressure
POP ROCK John and Mary The Weedkiller’s Daughter
PUNK John Q Public The Never Ending Why
PUNK John Q Public/ The Flasies Split
POP ROCK John Sims Palomino
POP ROCK John Wilkes Kissing Booth, The A Threat In The backseat
50’s/60’s John’s Children Smashed Blocked!
POP ROCK Johnboy Claim Dedications
POP ROCK Johnny and the Moon Johnny and The Moon
POP ROCK Johnson and the Sons of the Soil, Calvin Calvin Johnson and the Sons of the Soil
BLUES Johnson Syl with Hi Rhythm Back in the Game
BLUES Johnson, Big Jack Live in Chicago
BLUES Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers All the Way Back
BLUES Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers Roots Stew
BLUES Johnson, Big Jack & The Oilers We Got to Stop this Killin’
FOLK Johnson, Calvin & the Sons of Soil Johnson, Calvin & the Sons of Soil
BLUES Johnson, Eric Makin Whoopie
REGGAE Johnson, Linton Kwesi Independent Intavenshan
BLUES Johnson, Luther Guitar Junior
BLUES Johnson, Luther I Want to Groove with You
FOLK Johnson, Mike Gone Out of Your Mind
POP ROCK Johnson, Mike ifeelalright
POP ROCK Johnson, Mike What Would You Do
POP ROCK Johnson, Mike Where Am I?
JAZZ Johnson, P. James The Original James P. Johnson / 1942-1945: Piano Solos
LOCAL Johnson, Richard Leo Celeste
FOLK Johnson, Richard Leo The Legend of Vernon McAlister
JAZZ Johnson, Wayne Trio Keeping The Dream Alive
POP ROCK Johnston, Daniel Rejected Unknown
POP ROCK Johnston, Daniel Welcome to my World
JAZZ Johnston’s, Phillip Big Trouble Flood At The Ant Farm
OC Joker Remix EP
JAZZ Jolly, Pete Trio, The Yours Truly
PUNK Jon Cougar Concentration Camp Thats Il-legal — Go Get Them!
PUNK Jon Couger Concentration Camp Melon
FOLK Jones, Bessie with the Georgia Sea Island Singers and others Get In Union
COUNTRY Jones, George The Best of George Jones: Volume One: Hardcore Honkey Tonk
BLUES Jones, Little Sonny New Orleans R&B Gems
POP ROCK Jones, Love Here’s to the Losers
POP ROCK Jones, Matt The Black Path
JAZZ Jones, Quincy Pure Delight: The Essence of Quincy Jones And His Orchestra (1953-1964)
BLUES Jones, Sharon and the Dap-Kings Naturally
POP ROCK Jookabox Dead Zone Boys
POP ROCK Jordan O’Jordan Not Style Nor Season nor hard-handed lesson
JAZZ Jordan, Clifford Big Band, The Down Through The Years
JAZZ Jordan, Kidd / Hamid Drake / William Parker Palm of Soul
JAZZ Jordan, Ronny A Brighter Day
JAZZ Jordan, Ronny The Quiet Revolution
FOLK Jorge, Seu and Alimaz Seu Jorge and Alimaz
POP ROCK Joshua Jug Band Damascus Doldrum
OC Joss, Chris You’ve Been Spiked
POP ROCK Joy Devil’s Blues
POP ROCK Joy Electric Old Wives Tales
POP ROCK Joy Electric The White Songbook
PUNK JoyKiller, The The Joykiller
POP ROCK Joyner, Simon Beautiful Losers
POP ROCK Joyner, Simon Hotel Lives
POP ROCK Joyner, Simon Lost With The Lights On
POP ROCK Joyner, Simon Room Temperature
POP ROCK Joyner, Simon The Lousy Dance
POP ROCK Joyner, Simon Yesterday Tomorrow and In Between
LOCAL JoyScout Vampires at Sea
POP ROCK JPS Experience Bleeding Star
OC Juan MacLean, The Less Than Human
OC Juan MacLean, The The Future Will Come
LOCAL Jucifer calling all cars on the vegas strip
LOCAL Jucifer I Name You Destroyer
LOCAL Jucifer If Thine Enemy Hunger
LOCAL Jucifer L’Autrichienne
LOCAL Jucifer The Lambs EP
LOCAL Jucifer War Bird
SKA Judge Roughneck Rude One’s Money Making Scheme
JAZZ Juez Shemspeet Alt Schul
PUNK Jugheads Revenge Elimination
PUNK Jugheads Revenge Image is Everything
PUNK Jugheads Revenge Just Joined
POP ROCK Julie Ruin Julie Ruin
POP ROCK Julies, The January and Lovelife and More!
SKA Jump With Joey Come… Jump With Joey
OC Jumpel Europa
50’s/60’s Jumpin with The Iguanas S/T
SKA Jumpstarts Just a Little Bit…
LOCAL Juna Heteroglossia
LOCAL Juna On Courage
POP ROCK June of 44 Anahata
POP ROCK June of 44 Engine Takes To The Water
POP ROCK June of 44 Four Great Points
POP ROCK June of 44 In The Fishtank
POP ROCK June of 44 The Anatomy of Sharks EP
POP ROCK June of 44 Tropics and Meridians
POP ROCK Juned Every Night For You
HIP HOP Jungle Brothers VIP
OC Junior Boys Begone Dull Care
OC Junior Boys In the Morning
OC Junior Boys It’s All True
OC Junior Boys Last Exit
OC Junior Boys So This is Goodbye
OC Junior Boys The Dead Horse EP
OC Junior Delgado Fearless
POP ROCK Junior Senior D-D-Don’t Stop Stop the Beat
POP ROCK Junior Senior Hey Hey My My
POP ROCK Junior Varsity km Taking Care of You
OC Junior Varsity KM Teledesic Disco 1
POP ROCK Junior Varsity km You’re Fabulous!
OC Junk Culture West Coast
HIP HOP Junk Science Feeding Einstein
OC Junkie XL Radio JXL: A Broadcast from the Computer Hell Again
POP ROCK Juno A Future Lived In Past Tense
POP ROCK Juno This Is The Way It Goes
POP ROCK Jupe Jupe Invaders
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien And Gathered In Song
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien And Now That I’m In Your Shadow
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien Ghost of David
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien Maraqopa
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien On My Way to Absence
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien Waters Aves.
POP ROCK Jurado, Damien Where Shall You Take Me?
OC Justice Mixed Substances
LOCAL K-Macks, The Tobacco and Firearms
OC K-Rad Deli Mood Spot
POP ROCK k. New Problems
HIP HOP Kabir Cultural Confusion
POP ROCK Kadane, Bubba Music From The Film Hell House
POP ROCK Kaffer, Andrew Idle Idol
FOLK Kahn, Si Good Times & Bedtimes
FOLK Kahn, Si I Have Seen Freedom
METAL Kahnn Tofutopia
OC Kaito Hundred Million Light Years
OC Kaito Hundred Million Love Years
OC Kaito Trust
LOCAL Kaki King Glow
JAZZ Kalaparush and the Light Morning Song
JAZZ Kalaparusha Forces And Feelings
50’s/60’s Kaleidoscope Dive Into Yesterday
50’s/60’s Kaleidoscope and Various Artists Kaleidoscope and Various Artists
OC Kalkbrenner, Paul CDPromo
JAZZ Kallerdahl, Lindha Gold
LOCAL Kalvinova Reality EP
INTERNATIONAL Kamae, Eddie Sons of Hawai’i
INTERNATIONAL Kamae, Eddie Sons of Hawai’i
METAL Kamelot Ghost Opera
OC Kammerflimmer Kollektief Cicadidae
OC Kammerflimmer Kollektief Hysteria
OC Kammerflimmer Kollektief Maander
COUNTRY Kane, Kieran Six Months, No Sun
METAL Kataklysm In the Arms of Destruction
METAL Kataklysm Sorcery
METAL Kataklysm The Prophecy
HIP HOP Katchafire Slow Burns
OC Kate Mosh Dynamo
METAL Katharsis World Without End
LOCAL Kaye, Nancy In the Light
FOLK Kaye, Thomas Jefferson Not Alone
LOCAL Kchari: The Band Tri-Tone
FOLK Keane, Peter Walkin’ Around
COUNTRY Keen, Robert Earl A Bigger Piece of Sky
JAZZ Keezer, Geoff Trio World Music
BLUES Keith, Catfish Twist it Babe!
BLUES Keith, Catfish Jitterbug Swing
50’s/60’s Keith, Rodd Saucers in the Sky
BLUES Kelly, Paul Gonna Stick and Stay
SKA Kelly’s Heroes Not Strong Enough
SKA Kemuri Little Playmate
LOCAL Kendrick, Ruby No Weight No Chain
COUNTRY Kennedy, Bap Domestic Blues
LOCAL Kenosha Kid Inside Voices
LOCAL Kenosha Kid Projector
LOCAL Kenosha Kid Steamboat Willy, Jr.
BLUES Kent, Willie Too Hurt to Cry
OC Kerosene Teenage Secret
OC Kerrier District 2
LOCAL Khahi Cloud Demos
OC Khan 1-900-GET-KHAN
OC Khan Passport
OC Khan Silentmoviesilverscreen
INTERNATIONAL Khan, Ali Akbar Legacy: 16th-18th Century Music From India
INTERNATIONAL Khan, Badar Ali Lost in Qawwali II
INTERNATIONAL Khan, Badar Ali Lost in Qawwali II
INTERNATIONAL Khan, Nusrat Fateh Ali and Party The Supreme Collection Volume 1
INTERNATIONAL Khan, Usted Ali Akbar Signature Series/Vol.1 Three Ragas
INTERNATIONAL Khan, Usted Ali Akbar Signature Series/Vol.1 Three Ragas
METAL Khanate S/t (Tubes of Gas)
LOCAL Kibble Saulguero Zombie’s Day Off
PUNK Kicked in the Head Thick as Thieves
PUNK Kid Dynamite Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems
PUNK Kid Dynamite Kid Dynamite
OC Kid Koala Excerpts from Your Mom’s Favorite DJ
HIP HOP Kid Koala Live From the Short Attention Span Theater Tour
OC Kid Loco DJ-Kicks
OC Kid Loco Prelude to a Grand Love Story
OC Kid Smpl Skylight
OC Kid606 Pretty Girls Makes Raves
OC Kid606 Resilience
OC Kid606 The Illness
OC Kid606 Who Still Kill Sound?
LOCAL Kids These Days EP
LOCAL Kill kill Buffalo
METAL Kill the Client Escalation of Hostility
LOCAL Killer Rock from Space SIT
LOCAL Killick Bull
LOCAL Killick Exsanguinate
LOCAL Killick The Amplifucker
LOCAL Killick This is What I was Doing Between…
PUNK Killing Time Unavoidable
OC Kilowatts Routes
LOCAL Kilroy The Violent Jolt of the Capitol
BLUES Kimbrough, Junior All Night Long
BLUES Kimbrough, Junior Sad Days, Lonely Nights
BLUES Kimbrough, Junior & The Soul Blues Boys All Night Long
BLUES Kimbrough, Junior and the Soul Blues Boys Sad Days, Lonely Nights
LOCAL Kincaid Good Citizen of the Month
OC Kindness World, You Need a Change
METAL King Diamond House of God
LOCAL King of Prussia Transmissions from the Grand Strand
LOCAL King Richard’s Sunday Best Greatest Hits
LOCAL King Richard’s Sunday Best King Richard’s Sunday Best
BLUES King, Albert The Ultimate Collection
BLUES King, B.B. Back in L.A.
BLUES King, B.B. Blues on the Bayou
BLUES King, B.B. Greatest Hits
BLUES King, B.B. Singin’ the Blues/The Blues
BLUES King, B.B. There is always one more time
POP ROCK King, Calypso & the Soul Investigators Soul Strike!
FOLK King, Cast Saw Mill Man
BLUES King, Charlie Food Phone Gas Lodging
BLUES King, Earl Hard River to Cross
BLUES King, Earl Sexual Telepathy
BLUES King, Freddie Live at the electric Ballroom, 1974
BLUES King, Little Jimmy and the Memphis Soul Survivors Bullseye Blues
HIP HOP Kingdom Crumbs Kingdom Crumbs
50’s/60’s Kinks, The Best from 1964-65
OC Kinky Barracuda
COUNTRY Kirchen, Bill Raise a Ruckus
BLUES Kirchen, Bill Tombstone Every Mile
BLUES Kirk, Andy & Mary Lou Williams Mary’s Idea
OC Kirk, Richard H The Number of Magic
BLUES Kirkland, Eddie The Devil and Other Blues Demons
LOCAL Kishi Bashi 151a
LOCAL Kishi Bashi Lighght
LOCAL Kissing Booth Perfecto
LOCAL Kite to the Moon Pounce
LOCAL Kiwis of the South Pacific Beware the Falling Rock
OC Kiyo Chaotech Odd Echo
LOCAL Klaxon Radio Edits
JAZZ Klazz Brothers & Cuba Percussion Classic Meets Cuba
LOCAL Klein, Adam Lassine Kouyate
LOCAL Kleppinger, Faith Asleep in the Well
OC Klute Casual Bodies
OC Knifehandchop Rockstopper
COUNTRY Knight, Cheri The Knitter
FOLK Knight, John Christopher Way Down Inside
POP ROCK Knotworking Knotworking
LOCAL Know Massive Moodswing Set
SKA Knowledge A Gift Before I Go
PUNK Knucklehead Hostage Radio
LOCAL Knucle Sixteen Penny Nail
METAL Knut Bastardiser
50’s/60’s Koala, The The Kinks
OC Kode9 + The Spaceape Memories of the Future
OC Kodo Ibuku
OC Kodo Sai-so
LOCAL Kohl, Drew Drew Kohl
JAZZ Kohlhase, Charlie Quintet Dart night
PUNK Kojak Codpieces, Electrocutions, Insubordinations, and General Truths of Extraordinary Madness.
LOCAL Koko Beware Koko Beware
LOCAL Koko Beware Something About the Summer
OC Kold Fusion Logik
INTERNATIONAL Kolosoy, Wendo Marie Louise
OC Komputer Market Led
OC Komputer The World of Tomorrow
OC Komputer Valentina E.P.
LOCAL Koncak Only When the Right Side Glows
INTERNATIONAL Kongar-ol, Ondar & Paul Genghis Blues
INTERNATIONAL Konte, Dembo/ Kausu Kuyateh & The Jali Roll Orchestra Jali Roll
HIP HOP Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space
LOCAL Kopernik Kopernik
METAL Korpiklanni Tervaskanto
LOCAL Koster, Julian The Singing Saw at Christmastime
INTERNATIONAL Kotoja Freedom Is What Everybody Needs
OC Koushik Be With
OC Kozo Planned Penetration
METAL Krakatoa Channel Static Blackout
COUNTRY Krebs, Peter Brigadier
OC Kreider Kreider
POP ROCK Krime, Calvin You’re Feeling So Attractive
INTERNATIONAL Krishnan, Ramnad Vidwan: Music of Southern India- Songs of the Carnatic Tradition
INTERNATIONAL Krishnan, Ramnad Vidwan: Music of Southern India- Songs of the Carnatic Tradition
METAL Krisium AssassiNation
METAL Krisium The Conquerors of Armageddon
COUNTRY Kristofferson, Kris This Old Road
OC Krust Coded Language
JAZZ Kuhn, Steve Remebering Tomorrow
FOLK Kukuruza Crossing Borders
LOCAL Kuroma Paris
LOCAL Kuroma Psychopomp
JAZZ Kuti, Fela No Agreement
INTERNATIONAL Kuti, Femi shoki shoki
LOCAL Kvasy Kvasy
OC Kyler Pur Cosy Tales
METAL Kylesa No Ending/ 100° Heat Index
HIP HOP L.A. Symphony Disappear Here
HIP HOP L.A. Symphony Less than Zero
LOCAL L()()k Eye Sea
LOCAL L()()k Look
LOCAL La Chansons King and Queen of the Dance Floor
LOCAL La Chansons Love Love Love All Day
COUNTRY LaBeef, Sleepy Tomorrow Never Comes
HIP HOP Labtekwon Song of the Sovereign
JAZZ Lacy, Steve / Mal Waldron Communique
JAZZ Lacy, Steve / Roswell Rudd Quartet Early and Late
JAZZ Lacy, Steve Four Morning Joy
JAZZ Lacy, Steve Quintet Esteem
JAZZ Lacy. Steve The Forest And The Zoo
HIP HOP Ladd, Mike Negrophilia [the album]
HIP HOP Ladd, Mike Welcome to the Afterfuture
METAL Ladderback, The Honest, I swear it’s the Turnstyles
METAL Ladderback, The Trigger Themes
FOLK Ladyhawk Shots
OC Ladyhawke Ladyhawke
COUNTRY LaFarve, Jimmy Texoma
PUNK Lagwagon Blaze
OC Laid Back Cosyland
JAZZ Lake / Tchicai / Osgood / Westergarrd Lake / Tchicai / Osgood / Westergarrd
OC Lali Puna I Thought I Was Over That
COUNTRY Lamb, Barbara Tonight I Feel Like Texas
INTERNATIONAL Lambarena Bach to Africa
JAZZ Lambert, Hendricks & Ross Twisted: The Best of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
OC Lamont, Leon Breakfast Mechanic
OC Land of the Loops Hurry Up and Wait
OC Land of the Loops Puttering About a Small Land
OC Land of the Loops Refried Treats
BLUES Landreth, Sonny The Road We’re On
FOLK Larsen, Grey & André Marchand The Orange Tree
LOCAL Last Chance Runaround Alter Idem
HIP HOP Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz and Percussion Ensemble, The Miles Away
HIP HOP Last Poets, The Holy Terror
HIP HOP Last Poets, The The Last Poets
HIP HOP Last Poets, The This is Madness
HIP HOP Last Poets, The Time Has Come
LOCAL Late BP Helium, The Amok
OC Laub Intuition
COUNTRY Lauderdale, Jim onward through it all
COUNTRY Lauderdale, Jim Persimmons
COUNTRY Lauderdale, Jim Pretty Close to the Truth
COUNTRY Lauderdale, Jim The Other Sessions
COUNTRY Lauderdale, Jim whisper
COUNTRY Lauderdale, Jim and Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys Lost In The Lonesome Pines
FOLK Laurel Canyon Ramblers Blue Rambler 2
FOLK Laurie, Lewis & Grant Street Singin’ My Troubles Away
BLUES Laury, Booker Nothin’ But The Blues
FOLK Lavin, Christine Compass
PUNK Lawrence Arms, The Ghost Stories
PUNK Lawrence Arms, The Shady View Terrace
PUNK Lawrence Arms, The A guided tour of chigaco
PUNK Lawrence Arms, The, Chinkees, The Present Day Memories
FOLK Lawson, Doyle & Quicksilver Gospel Radio Gems
LOCAL Lazer/Wulf The Beast of Left and Right
LOCAL Lazer/Wulf The Void that Isn’t
LOCAL Lazer/Wulf There Was a Hole Here. It’s Gone Now.
OC Lb Pop Artificielle
OC Le Gooster Zig Zag Zen
BLUES Lead Belly Alabama Bound
BLUES Lead Belly Bourgeois Blues
BLUES Lead Belly King of the 12- String Guitar
BLUES Lead Belly Shout On
LOCAL Leading Edge LE’EP
JAZZ Léandre, Joëlle & India Cooke Firedance
PUNK Leather Face Dog Disco
PUNK Leather Face Horsebox
PUNK Leather Face mush
FOLK Lee Oskar My Road Our Road
LOCAL Lee, Alan Sophistry EP
BLUES Lee, Frankie Going Back Home
LOCAL Leechmilk Worthless
50’s/60’s Left Bank, The / The Ballroom / Sagittarius There’s Gonna Be A Storm: The Complete Recordings 1966-1969/ Parts of
POP ROCK Legend and His Rockabilly Bastards, Johnny The Best of Johnny Legend Volume None
OC Leggo Beast From Here to G
JAZZ Lehman, Steve Quintet On Meaning
JAZZ Lehman, Steve Trio Dialect Fluorescent
OC Lemon Jelly Lost Horizons
OC Leomoon Leomoon
BLUES LeRoi brothers Check this action!
LOCAL Lesbian Afternoon Super Nude
OC Lesser Gearhound
LOCAL Let the Night Roar Let the Night Roar
SKA Let’s Go Bowling Mr. Twist
LOCAL LetMeDowns, The …the first to leave
REGGAE Levy, Barrington Divine
REGGAE Levy, Barrington Duets
REGGAE Levy, Barrington Here I Come
REGGAE Levy, Barrington Time Capsule
BLUES Lewis, Furry Take Your Time
JAZZ Lewis, George / Douglas Ewart Jila – Save! Mon. – The Imaginary Suite
FOLK Lewis, Sonn Next Train Smokin’
JAZZ Lewis. George Hello Central… give me doctor jazz
OC LFO Frequencies
LOCAL Liberator Warpath
OC Library Science Dolphin
LOCAL Lickity-Splits, The 7
LOCAL Lickity-Splits, The Another Taste of the Lickity-Splits
LOCAL Lid EMBA Terminal Music: Blue
OC Liebing, Chris/Speedy J Collabs3000
JAZZ Liebman, David Group New Vista
LOCAL Life is a Fight Demo Bitch
HIP HOP Life Savas Spirit in Stone
PUNK Lifetime jersey’s Best Dancers
LOCAL Light, Nick The Absent Parade (the big nothing)
JAZZ Lightcap, Chris Quartet Lay-Up
HIP HOP Lightheaded Wrong Way
BLUES Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials Get Wild!
BLUES Lil’ Ed and Dave Weld Keep On Walkin’
BLUES Lil’ Ed and the Blues Imperials What you See Is What you Get
PUNK Lillingtons The Backchannel Broadcast
PUNK Lillingtons, The Death By Television
FOLK Lilly Brothers, The & Don Stover Bluegrass at the Roots 1961
50’s/60’s Lily & Maria Lily & Maria
LOCAL Lily and the Tigers Hiding ‘Til Dawn
LOCAL Lily and the Tigers Sojourner
LOCAL Limbo District Jim Herbert
JAZZ Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Portraits by Ellington
JAZZ Lindner, Jason Big Band, The Live At The Jazz Gallery
OC Lindsay, Arto Hyper Civilizado
OC Lindstrom + Prins Thomas s/t
PUNK Link 80 17 Reasons
SKA Link 80 The Struggle Continues
OC Lionrock City Delirious
OC Lipp, Eliot Tacoma Mocking Bird
OC Lipp, Eliot The Outside
HIP HOP Listener Whispermoon
OC Lithops Mound Magnet
50’s/60’s Litter-Distortions, The The Litter-Distortions
BLUES Little Anthony & Sugar Ray Take It From Me
50’s/60’s Little Anthony & The Imperials The Best of Little Anthony & The Imperials
BLUES Little Anthony & The Loco-Motives Don’t Wait On Me
BLUES Little Anthony and the Loco-Motives Can’t Take It
BLUES Little Brother Montgomery At Home
BLUES Little Buster and the Soul Brothers Right On Time!
BLUES Little Charlie and the Nightcats Night Vision
BLUES Little Charlie and the Nightcats Straight Up!
LOCAL Little Country Giants 60 Grit
COUNTRY Little Country Giants Breaking Hearts & Breaking Free
BLUES Little Mike and the Tornadoes Flynn’s Place
BLUES Little Mike and the Tornadoes Payday
LOCAL Little Red Rocket It’s In the Sound
LOCAL Little Red Rocket Little Red Rocket
LOCAL Little Red Rocket Little Red Rocket Meets the 8-Track Gorilla
LOCAL Little Red Rocket Who Did You Pay
50’s/60’s Little Richard Greatest Songs
50’s/60’s Little Richard The Essential Little Richard: the original 1950’s recordings
HIP HOP Living Legends Classic
OC LK, The Vs. the Snow
OC Lloop Bulbbs
JAZZ Lloyd, Charles All My Relations
JAZZ Lloyd, Charles / Cedar Walton / Buster Williams / Billy Higgins Acoustic Matters I
INTERNATIONAL Lô, Cheikh Né La Thiass
SKA Loaded Turn Your Head and Cough
BLUES Lockwood, Robert Jr. Contrasts
BLUES Lockwood, Robert Jr. Just the Blues
OC Loco Dice / Ricardo Villalobos Green & Blue
OC Locust Morning Light
JAZZ Logan, Giuseppi Quartet, The The Logan Giuseppi Quartet
LOCAL Logan, Jack Buzz Me In
LOCAL Logan, Jack Monkey Paw
LOCAL Logan, Jack Mood Elevator
LOCAL Logan, Jack Nature’s Assembly Line
LOCAL Logan, Jack Tinker
LOCAL Lona Booking Demo
LOCAL Lona Noon Time Sleeper
50’s/60’s London, Julie Time For Love
REGGAE Lone Ranger, The Collections
FOLK Lonesome River Band, The One Step Forward
COUNTRY Lonesome Standard Time Lonesome As It Gets
COUNTRY Lonesome Standard Time Mighty Lonesome
BLUES Lonesome Sundown Been Gone too Long
LOCAL Long Legged Woman 1 EP
LOCAL Long Legged Woman Delay 2007
LOCAL Long Legged Woman The End of False Religion
HIP HOP Long Shot Open Mouths Fed
LOCAL Long, Bill Share the Road
PUNK Look Back And Laugh Look Back and Laugh
OC Loop Guru Amrita… All These and the Japanese Soup Warriors
LOCAL Lopez, Christian Down By the Drowning Creek
FOLK Lopez, Rene E.L.S.
REGGAE Lord Invader Calypso in New York
POP ROCK Los Campesinos! Romance is Boring
PUNK Los Crudos Los Crudos
SKA Los Hooligans Traditions
POP ROCK Los Super 7 Heard it on the X
POP ROCK Lost in the Trees All alone in an Empty House
POP ROCK Lost in the Trees Time Haunts Me
LOCAL Lost Man, The Where is the Better Life
POP ROCK Lothars, The Meet the Lothars
POP ROCK Lothars, The Oscilate My Metallic Sonatas
POP ROCK Lotion Full Isaac
POP ROCK Lotion Spart 58
POP ROCK Lotion Tear
POP ROCK Lotion The Agnew Funeral E.P.
LOCAL Lotus Plaza Spooky at a Distance
POP ROCK Loud Family, The Interbabe Concern
POP ROCK Loud Family, The Slouching Towards Liverpool
POP ROCK Loud Family, The The Tape of only Linda
LOCAL Louie Larceny White Love
50’s/60’s Love Love/ Da Capo
LOCAL Love Apple Winnie Cooper
POP ROCK Love as Laughter Sea its shining sea
LOCAL Love Faith Tabernacle Trio Love Faith Tabernacle Trio
POP ROCK Love is All Two Thousand and ten injuries
POP ROCK Love is all What’s your rupture?
POP ROCK Love Language, The Libraries
POP ROCK Love Letter Band, The Fear not my brothers, fear not my sisters, for I have seen the future…
POP ROCK Love Letter Band, The This World Be my Church
OC Love Spirals Downwards Flux
POP ROCK Love, Helen Radio Hits
POP ROCK Lovebattery Dayghlo
POP ROCK Lovebattery Far gone
POP ROCK Lovebattery Nehru Jacket
POP ROCK Lovebattery Straight freak ticket
POP ROCK Lovechild Witchcraft
POP ROCK Loveninjas Keep your Love
LOCAL Lovers Sleep with Heat
LOCAL Lovers The Gutter and The Garden
POP ROCK Low a lifetime of temporary relief 10 years of b-sides and rarities
POP ROCK Low Dirty Three
POP ROCK Low Drums and Guns
POP ROCK Low I could Live in Hope
POP ROCK Low Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me
OC Low owL Remix
POP ROCK Low Secret Name
POP ROCK Low Shame/Swingin’
POP ROCK Low Songs for a Dead Pilot
POP ROCK Low The Great Destroyer
POP ROCK Low Things We Lost in the Fire
POP ROCK Low Transmission
POP ROCK Low Trust
POP ROCK Low & Spring Heel Jack Bombscare
POP ROCK Low in the Sky We are all Counting on you, William
LOCAL Low Lows, The Fire On the Bright Sky
LOCAL Low Lows, The Shining Violence
POP ROCK Low Skies All The Love I Could Find
POP ROCK Low Skies I Have Been to Beautiful Places
POP ROCK Low, Nick The Impossible Bird
LOCAL Low, Scott The Stories I Shouldn’t Tell…
FOLK Lowcountry Boil Bluegrass Band Break Me Off Some Bluegrass Band
POP ROCK Lowdown, The Revolver II
JAZZ Lowe, Frank Black Beings
POP ROCK Lowe, Nick & The Impossible Birds Live! On the Battlefield
POP ROCK Lower Dens Twin Hand Movement
PUNK Lower East Side Stiches Staja 98 Les
POP ROCK Lozenge Doozy
POP ROCK Lozenge Plenum
POP ROCK Lozenge Undone
POP ROCK Lubelski, Samara Parallel Suns
POP ROCK Lubelski, Samara Spectatcular of Passages
POP ROCK Lubelski, Samara The Fleeting Skies
POP ROCK Luc Peaofthesea
POP ROCK Lucas, Gary Improve the shining hour
POP ROCK Lucero Lucero
POP ROCK Lucero Nobody’s Darlings
POP ROCK Lucero Tennessee
POP ROCK Lucero That Much Further West
POP ROCK Lucero The Attic Tapes
POP ROCK Lucksmiths, The Happy Secret
POP ROCK Lucksmiths, The Naturaliste
POP ROCK Lucksmiths, The Why That Doesn’t Surprise Me
POP ROCK Lucky Fonz III Life is Short
LOCAL Lucy Dreams Vivian
POP ROCK Lull account, The 1
POP ROCK Lullaby for the working class Blanket Warm
POP ROCK Lullaby for the working class I Never Even Asked for Light
POP ROCK Lullaby for the working class Song
LOCAL Lumus The Cinematic Distance EP
POP ROCK Luna Close Cover before striking
POP ROCK Luna Lunapark
POP ROCK Luna Pup tent
POP ROCK Luna Rendevous
POP ROCK Luna Romantica
POP ROCK Luna Slide
POP ROCK Lunachicks Binge and Purge
POP ROCK Lunachicks Jerk of All Trades
POP ROCK Lunachicks Lunachicks
POP ROCK Lunachicks Pretty Ugly
POP ROCK Lunchbox Evolver
POP ROCK Lunchbox The magic of sound
POP ROCK Lune, The On the cutting room floor
POP ROCK Lungfish Artificial Horizon
POP ROCK Lungfish Love is Love
POP ROCK Lungfish Necrophones
POP ROCK Lungfish Rainbows From Atoms
POP ROCK Lungfish The Unanimous Hour
POP ROCK Lungfish. Talking Songs for Walking
FOLK Lunsford, Bascom Lamar Ballads, Banjo Tunes, and Sacred Songs of Western North Carolina
OC Luomo Convivial
OC Luomo Paper Tigers
POP ROCK Lupine Howl THe bar at the end of the world
POP ROCK Lupine Howl The carnivorous Lunar Activities of
LOCAL Lures, The Dolores
LOCAL Lures, The Mike+Mark All Acoustic Experience
LOCAL Lures, The When I Was Broken
POP ROCK Lurie, Jessica Licorice & Smoke
LOCAL Lurie, Robert You Speak in Too Many Voices
POP ROCK Lush Lush Best of
OC Lusine Podgelism
POP ROCK Lustre King The Money Shot
LOCAL Luxury Amazing and Thank You
LOCAL Luxury Luxury
LOCAL Luxury the latest & the greatest
POP ROCK Lydia’s Trumpet Marmalade
POP ROCK Lylas Lessons for lovers
LOCAL Lyle, Tyler Notes from a Parade
OC Lymbyc Systym Symbolyst
OC Lynch, David Crazy Clown Time
LOCAL Lynn, Lera Have You Met Lera Lynn?
OC Lynn, Terry Kingsonlogic 2.0
BLUES Lyons, Jeremy Deltabilly Swing
LOCAL Lyons, Suny Bedroom Tapes
POP ROCK Lyres Happy now…
POP ROCK Lyres Nobody but Lyres
HIP HOP Lyrics Born Everywhere at Once
HIP HOP Lyrics Born Later that Day
HIP HOP Lyrics Born Same Shit, Different Way
POP ROCK M. Ward To Go Home
POP ROCK M’s, The Future Women
POP ROCK M’s, The Real Close ones
POP ROCK M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
POP ROCK M83 Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
INTERNATIONAL Maal, Baaba Firin’ in Fouta
INTERNATIONAL Maal, Baaba Lam Toro
INTERNATIONAL Maal, Baaba/Mansour Seck Djam Leelii
POP ROCK Mabels, the The Closest People
BLUES Mac, Lonnie Live! – Attack of the Killer V
LOCAL Macha Forget Tomorrow
LOCAL Macha Macha
LOCAL Macha See It Another Way
LOCAL Macha/Behead Macha Loved Bedhead/Behead Loved Macha
POP ROCK Machine and the Synergentic Nuts Leap Second Neutral
POP ROCK Machine Gun TV, The Touch
POP ROCK Machine Gun TV, The TV Violence
OC Machinedrum Bidnezz
FOLK MacIsaac & Ross Silken Threads
REGGAE Macka B. Hold Onto Your Culture
BLUES MacLeod, Doug No Road Back Home
POP ROCK Macon Greyson 20th Century Accidents
POP ROCK MacRae, Graham Graham MacRae
HIP HOP Macromantics Moments in Movement
LOCAL Mad Axes Debut Smash
PUNK Mad Camp East to West
50’s/60’s Mad Daddy, The Wavy Gravy! Atom Smashin’
POP ROCK Mad Gregs Big Nun
REGGAE Mad Professor Afrocentric Dub
REGGAE Mad Professor Anti-Racist Dub Broadcast
REGGAE Mad Professor Dubtronic
REGGAE Mad Professor; Jah Shaka New Decade of Dub
POP ROCK Mad Scene, The A Trip Thru Monsterland
POP ROCK Mad Scene, The Chinese Honey
POP ROCK Mad Scene, The Sealight
POP ROCK Mad Sin Sweet & Innocent? …Loud & Dirty!
POP ROCK Mad Tea Party Big Top Soda Pop
POP ROCK Mad Tea Party Flying Saucers
LOCAL Mad Whiskey Grin Waiting for Coyote
LOCAL Mad Whiskey Grin Waiting for Coyote
POP ROCK Madder Rose Bring It Down
POP ROCK Madder Rose Panic On
POP ROCK Madder Rose Swim
COUNTRY Maddox with the Vern Williams Band Beautiful Bouquet
LOCAL Made in China Made in China
POP ROCK Made In Iceland Made In Iceland
LOCAL Madeline The Slow Bang
LOCAL Madeline/The Dead Bird split release
HIP HOP Madlib Beat Konducts vol 5-6
OC Madlib Shades of Blue
OC Madlib Vol. 1-2
POP ROCK Mae Shi, The Heartbeeps
POP ROCK Maffeo, Lois / Canty, Brendan The Union Themes
SKA Magadog Magadog
LOCAL Magd Ark
LOCAL Magd Gotham
LOCAL Magd Hermine
POP ROCK Magic Band, The Back to the Front
POP ROCK Magic City The June Book
POP ROCK Magic Hour Will They Turn You On With Will They Turn On You
POP ROCK Magic Magicians, The Girls
POP ROCK Magic Magicians, The The Magic Magicians
LOCAL Magic Missile Transistor Eyeball/By Killing an Acron I Have Killed the Oak
BLUES Magic Sam Magic Touch
BLUES Magic Slim & The Teardrops Black Tornado
BLUES Magic Slim & The Teardrops Gravel Road
BLUES Magic Slim & The Teardrops The Essential Magic Slim
POP ROCK Magical Power Mako Bluedot
POP ROCK Magick Heads, The Transvection
POP ROCK Magick Heads, The Woody
POP ROCK Magik Markers Balf Quarry
POP ROCK Magik Markers Boss
LOCAL Magnapop Hot Boxing
LOCAL Magnapop Kiss My Mouth
LOCAL Magnapop Magnapop
LOCAL Magnapop Mouthfeel
LOCAL Magnapop Rubbing Doesn’t Help
LOCAL Magnapop Sugarlane
POP ROCK Magnet Don’t Be A Penguin
OC Magnetic A la Magnetica
POP ROCK Magnetic Fields, The 69 Love Songs
POP ROCK Magnetic Fields, The Distortion
POP ROCK Magnetic Fields, The Get Lost
POP ROCK Magnetic Fields, The The Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees
LOCAL Magneto Matchmaker
OC Magnetophone I Guess Sometimes I Need to be Reminded of How Much You Love Me
OC Magnetophone Magnetophone
OC Magnetophone The Man Who Ate the Man
POP ROCK Magnog More Weather
POP ROCK Magnolia Electric Co. After the Blues
POP ROCK Magnolia Electric Co. Fading Trails
POP ROCK Magnolia Electric Co. Trails & Errors
POP ROCK Magnolias, The Off the Hook
POP ROCK Magoo A to Z and Back Again
POP ROCK Magoo The Soateramic Sounds of Magoo
POP ROCK Maher Shalal Hash Baz Blues du jour
OC Mahjongg Kontpab
OC Mahjongg The Long Shadow of the Paper Tiger
INTERNATIONAL Mahlathini & Mahotella Queens Paris- Soweto
POP ROCK Mainliner Mainliner Sonic
POP ROCK Majestic Live It Up!
OC Majeure Solar Maximum
LOCAL Major Organ Major Organ and the Adding Machine
POP ROCK Major Stars Distant Effects
POP ROCK Major Stars Syntoptikon
POP ROCK Make A Rising Rip Through the Hawk Black Night
POP ROCK Make Believe Make Believe
POP ROCK Make Believe Shock of Being
POP ROCK Make Up After Dark
POP ROCK Make Up I Want Some
POP ROCK Make Up Save Yourself
POP ROCK Make Up Sound Verite
POP ROCK Make Up, The Destination: Love; Live! At Cold Rice
POP ROCK Makers, The Tear Your World Apart
POP ROCK Makers, The The Devil’s Nine Questions
LOCAL Making Planets Making Planets
POP ROCK Malachai Ugly Side of Love
POP ROCK Malcolm, Greg Swimming In It
POP ROCK Mali Music Afel Bocoum Damon Albarn Toumani Diabaté and Friends
POP ROCK Malkmus, Stephen Face the Truth
POP ROCK Malkmus, Stephen S-T
POP ROCK Malkmus, Stephen and the Jicks Discretion Groove
POP ROCK Malkmus, Stephen and the Jicks Real Emotional Trash
LOCAL Mallard, Rob Boulevard & Freedom
POP ROCK Mallman, Mark Invincible Criminal
POP ROCK Mallman, Mark and Vermont Mark Mallman and Vermont
BLUES Mallone, Russell Russell Mallone
LOCAL Mallonee and the Vigilantes of Love, Bill AudibleSigh
LOCAL Mallonee, Bill Dear Life
LOCAL Mallonee, Bill Friendly Fire
LOCAL Mallonee, Bill Perfumed Letter
LOCAL Mallonee, Bill Permafrost
LOCAL Malone, Michelle Stompin’Ground
POP ROCK Mammatus Mammatus
POP ROCK Man At Arms A Waste of Time and Space
OC Man is Doomed Escape to Europa
FOLK Man Man Six Demon Bay
LOCAL Man of Zero Everything Says, The Made in the Cave
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? 1000X
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? Deluxe Men in Space
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? Experiment Zero
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? Live Transmissions from Uranus
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? What Remains Insde a Black Hole
LOCAL Man or Astro-Man? Your Weight on the Moon
POP ROCK Mancino Manners Matter
POP ROCK Mandell, Eleni Country for True Lovers
POP ROCK Mandell, Eleni Thrill
POP ROCK Mandell, Eleni Wishbone
OC Mandell, Jake Love Songs for Machines
COUNTRY Manders, Mark David Highs and Lows
COUNTRY Manders, Mark David & Nuevo Tejas Tales From The Couch Circuit
PUNK Mandingo Rock Like A Phenician
POP ROCK Manic Street Preachers Faster
FOLK Manic Street Preachers Forever Delayed: The Greatest Hits
POP ROCK Manic Street Preachers Gold Against the Soul
OC Manitoba Start Breaking My Heart
OC Manitoba Up in Flames
PUNK Manner Farm Oppression and Compassion
POP ROCK Manning, Barbara 1212
POP ROCK Manning, Barbara In New Zealand
LOCAL Manray I Think I Heard Something EP
LOCAL Manray Tournament (blue)
LOCAL Manray Tournament (red)
LOCAL Manticores, the Petaltails
OC Mantronik, Kurtis I Sing the Body Electro
INTERNATIONAL Manyeruke, Machanic and the Puritans Self-Titled
POP ROCK Maow The Unforgiving Sounds of… Maow
POP ROCK Map Think Like An Owner
POP ROCK Maps Turning the Mind
POP ROCK Maraca Five-O Headin’ South at 110 Per
POP ROCK Marbles Expo
POP ROCK Marbles Pyramid Landing
POP ROCK March, Augie Strange Bird
OC Marclay, Christian/Yoshihide, Otomo Moving Parts
OC Marconi Union Distance
COUNTRY Mariachi, Arriba Juarez and The Midnight Strings In El Paso
POP ROCK Mariner Nine The Shallow End of the Gene Pool
POP ROCK Marinernine, The A Little Something From the Weathervane’s Perspective
POP ROCK Maritime Adios
POP ROCK Maritime Glass Floor
POP ROCK Mark, Carolyn Carolyn Mark and the New Best Friends
POP ROCK Mark, Carolyn Party Girl
POP ROCK Marlboro Chorus, The Good Luck
REGGAE Marley, Julian Lion in the Morning
REGGAE Marley, Ziggy and the Melody Makers Free Like We Want 2 B + Vibe Ultimate Live
REGGAE Marley, Ziggy and the Melody Makers Joy and Blues
POP ROCK Marling, Laura I Speak Because I Can
POP ROCK Marmoset Hiddenforbidden
POP ROCK Marmoset Record In Red
POP ROCK Marmoset Today It’s You
POP ROCK Marr, Johnny + The Healers Boomslang
POP ROCK Marr, Johnny + The Healers Boomslang
LOCAL Marriage Marriage
POP ROCK Mars Accelerator Frankfurt: Telephonics (color coding and directional signals)
LOCAL Marshmallow Coast ANTISTAR
LOCAL Marshmallow Coast Marshmallow Coasting
LOCAL Marshmallow Coast Seniors & Juniors
LOCAL Marshmallow Coast Time Square
LOCAL Martians, The Low Budget Stunt King
POP ROCK Martin, Medeski & Wood Radiolarians II
POP ROCK Martina Topley Bird Some Place Simple
LOCAL Martyr & Pistol
LOCAL Martyr & Pistol Reconstructive Surgery
LOCAL Martyr Your Muses Prey Before the Alters
HIP HOP Mas Appeal World Unification
OC Masakatsu, Takagi Journal for People
OC Masakatsu, Takagi Opus Pia
POP ROCK Mascis, J + The Fog Free So Free
LOCAL Maserati 1.562083333
LOCAL Maserati Inventions for the New Season
LOCAL Maserati Inventions for the New Season
LOCAL Maserati Passages
LOCAL Maserati Pyramid of the Sun
LOCAL Maserati The Language of Cities
LOCAL Maserati/Cinemechanica/We Versus the Shark Split Release
LOCAL Mason, Peri Four’s Fiction
OC Massive Attack Danny the Dog
LOCAL Mastadon Leviathan
LOCAL Mastadon Lifesblood
LOCAL Mastadon March of the Ants
LOCAL Mastadon Once More ‘Round the Sun
LOCAL Mastadon Remission
LOCAL Mastadon Remission
INTERNATIONAL Master Musicians of Jajouka Boujeloud
INTERNATIONAL Master Musicians of Jajouka ft. Bachir Attar, The The Master Musicians of Jajouka ft. Bachir Attar
LOCAL Masters of the Hemisphere I Am Not A Freemdoom
LOCAL Masters of the Hemisphere Last Show Ever (Live from 40 Watt)
LOCAL Masters of the Hemisphere Live in the Lobby Mix
LOCAL Masters of the Hemisphere Maybe These Are The Breaks
LOCAL Masters of the Hemisphere Protest A Dark Anniversary
LOCAL Masters of the Hemisphere Red Green Stables (Single)
POP ROCK Mates of State All Day
POP ROCK Mates of State Bring It Back
POP ROCK Mates of State My Solo Project
POP ROCK Mates of State Our Constant Concern
POP ROCK Math the Band Don’t Worry
POP ROCK Math the band don’t worry
POP ROCK Mathematicians Level One
POP ROCK Mathematicians Level One
POP ROCK Mathlete Telestar Parthenon
POP ROCK Mathlete Telstar Parthenon
OC Matmos A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure
OC Matmos Supreme Balloon
OC Matmos The Civil War
OC Matmos The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast
OC Matmos The West
LOCAL Matt Kurz One Debt Sounds
OC Matthew Dear Asa Breed
LOCAL Mattox, Bain Mattox, Bain
POP ROCK Maus Haus Lark Marvels
POP ROCK Maus Haus Lark Marvels
POP ROCK Max Tundra Parallax Error Beheads You
POP ROCK Maxïmo Park Missing Songs
POP ROCK May, Dent & His Magnificent Ukulele The Good Feeling of May, Dent & His Magnificent Ukulele
POP ROCK May, Dent & His Magnificent Ukulele The Good Feeling Music of
BLUES Mayall, John A Sense of Place
BLUES Mayall, John Ain’t No Brakeman
BLUES Mayall, John Wake Up Call
POP ROCK Maybellines, The Chatfield Holiday
POP ROCK Maybellines, The Chatfield Holiday
POP ROCK Maybellines, The The Maybellines
POP ROCK Maybellines, The The Maybellines
POP ROCK Mayer Hawthorne A Strange Arrangement
50’s/60’s Mayer, Nathaniel Village of Love
BLUES Mayfield, Percy live
POP ROCK Mayflies USA, The Summertown
POP ROCK Mayflies USA, The Summertown
POP ROCK Mayflies USA, The The Pity List
POP ROCK Mayflies USA, The The Pity List
SKA Maytals, The Never Grow Old
POP ROCK Mazarin We’re Already There
POP ROCK Mazarin We’re already There
REGGAE Mazaruni! The Jungle Dub Experience
POP ROCK MC Honky I Am the Messiah
POP ROCK MC Honky I Am the Messiah
50’s/60’s MC5 66 Breakout
50’s/60’s MC5 Kick Out the Jams
50’s/60’s MC5 & The Spiders 45’s MC5 & The Spiders 45’s
BLUES McCain, Jerry and Others Strange Kind of Feelin’
BLUES McCain, Jerry and Others Struttin’ My Stuff
FOLK McCaslin, Mary Broken Promises
FOLK McCaslin, Mary The Best Of: Things We Say Today
POP ROCK McCombs, Cass Catacombs
POP ROCK McCombs, Cass Domino
POP ROCK McCombs, Cass Not the Way
POP ROCK McCombs, Cass Not the Way
FOLK McCoury, Del The Band Del and the Boys
POP ROCK McCoury, Del the Band The Promised Land
LOCAL McCoy, Gavin So Good, So Cruel
BLUES McCracklin, Jimmy A Taste of the Blues
BLUES McCracklin, Jimmy My Story
BLUES McCray, Larry Delta Hurricane
POP ROCK McCulloch, Ian Slideling
POP ROCK McCulloch, Ian Slideling
FOLK McCutcheon, John Live at Wolk Trap
FOLK McCutcheon, John Supper’s On the Table… Everybody Come In
FOLK McCutcheon, John What It’s Like
FOLK McCutcheon, John and Si Kahn Signs of the Times
POP ROCK McDonald, Wes 50 In the Furnace
POP ROCK McDonald, Wes 50 in the Furnace
LOCAL Mcdonald, Wes Alarm Clock Recordings
LOCAL Mcdonald, Wes Cuttin’ Up Rocks
BLUES McGhee, Brownie The Folkways Years, 1945-1959
BLUES McGhee, Brownie and Sonny Terry McGhee, Brownie and Sonny Terry Sing
LOCAL McKay, Chris & the Critical Darlings An Uncertain Flights
FOLK McLain, Raymond W. A Place of My Own
POP ROCK McLennan, G.W. Watershed
POP ROCK McLennan, G.W. Watershed
POP ROCK Mclennan, Grant Present & Past
POP ROCK McLennan, Grant Present & Past (1983-1995)
POP ROCK Mclusky Mcluskyism
POP ROCK Mclusky Mcluskyism
POP ROCK Mclusky She Will Only Bring You Happiness
POP ROCK Mclusky She will only bring you happiness
POP ROCK Mclusky The Differecne Between Met
POP ROCK Mclusky The Difference Between Me and You Is That I’m Not On Fire
BLUES McTell, Blind Willie (collection of songs)
BLUES McTell, Blind Willie (collection of songs)
COUNTRY McWilson, Christy The Lucky One
POP ROCK Me First Awful Friendly
POP ROCK Me First Awful Friendly
SKA MealTicket 13 Apologies
SKA MealTicket Misconceptions
POP ROCK Mean Red Spiders Places You Call Home
POP ROCK Mean Red Spiders Places you call home
POP ROCK Mean Red Spiders Stars and Sons
POP ROCK Mean Red Spiders Starsandsons
PUNK Meanies, The Televolution
OC Meat Beat Manifesto Edge of No Control
OC Meat Beat Manifesto Mindstream
OC Meat Beat Manifesto Prime Audio Soup
OC Meat Beat Manifesto Storm the Studio R.M.X.S.
COUNTRY Meat Purveyors, The More Songs About Buildings and Cows
COUNTRY Meat Purveyors, The Sweet In The Pants
POP ROCK Mecca Normal Dovetail
POP ROCK Mecca Normal Dovetail
POP ROCK Mecca Normal Sitting on Snaps
POP ROCK Mecca Normal Sitting on Snaps
POP ROCK Mecca Normal The Eagle & The Poodle
POP ROCK Mecca Normal The Eagle & The Poodle
POP ROCK Mecca Normal Who Shot Elvis?
POP ROCK Mecca Normal Who Shot Elvis?
HIP HOP Med Push Comes to Shove
POP ROCK Medeski Martin & Wood Radiolarians II
POP ROCK Medicine Never Click
POP ROCK Medicine Never Click whle ’til i die
POP ROCK Medicine Sounds of Medicine
POP ROCK Medicine Sounds of Medicine
POP ROCK Medicine The Buried Life
POP ROCK Medicine The Buried Life
POP ROCK Medicine The Mechanical Forces of Love
POP ROCK Medicine The Mechanical Forces of Love
REGGAE Meditations, The Deeper Roots: The Best of the Meditations
50’s/60’s Meek, Joe 304 Holloway Road
50’s/60’s Meek, Joe It’s Hard to Believe It: The Amazing World of Joe Meek
50’s/60’s Meek, Joe & The Blue Men I Hear A New World
POP ROCK Megafaun Heretofore
POP ROCK Megafun Heretofore
POP ROCK Meices, The Tastes Like Chicken
POP ROCK Meices, The Tastes like Chicken
POP ROCK Mekons Me
POP ROCK Mekons Natural
POP ROCK Mekons with Kathy Acker Pussy, King of the Pirates
POP ROCK Mekons, The 90
POP ROCK Mekons, The F.U.N. ’90
POP ROCK Mekons, The I Love Mekons
POP ROCK Mekons, The I love Mekons
POP ROCK Mekons, The Journey to the End of the Night
POP ROCK Mekons, The Journey to the end of the night
POP ROCK Mekons, The Me
POP ROCK Mekons, The Millionaire
POP ROCK Mekons, The Millionaire
POP ROCK Mekons, The Natural
POP ROCK Mekons, The Reatreat from Memphis
POP ROCK Mekons, The Retreat From Memphis
POP ROCK Mekons, The Untitled 1 & 2
POP ROCK Mekons, The Untitled 1 & Untitled 2
POP ROCK Mekons, The Wicked Midnite
POP ROCK Mekons, The Wicked Midnite / All I Want
POP ROCK Mekons, The w/ Kathy Acker Pussy, King of the Pirates
POP ROCK Mekuria, Getachew & the Ex Moa Anbessa
POP ROCK Mekuria, Getachew & The Ex Moa Anbessa
POP ROCK Melberg, Rose Cast Away the Clouds
POP ROCK Melberg, Rose Cast away the clouds
POP ROCK Melberg, Rose Portola
POP ROCK Melberg, Rose Portola
OC Melian, Michaela Los Angeles
POP ROCK Mell, Jeff Saves the World
POP ROCK Mellin, Jeff Jeff Mellin Saves the World, Parts 1 & 2
LOCAL Melted Men Fangs A lot
POP ROCK Melvins (A) Senile Album
POP ROCK Melvins A senile Animal
POP ROCK Melvins Eggnog
POP ROCK Melvins Eggnog Trilogy
POP ROCK Melvins Honky
POP ROCK Melvins Honky
POP ROCK Melvins Houdini Live 2005
POP ROCK Melvins Houdini Live 2005 (A Live History of Gluttony and Lust)
POP ROCK Melvins Joe Preston
POP ROCK Melvins Joe Preston
POP ROCK Melvins King Buzzo
POP ROCK Melvins King Buzzo
POP ROCK Melvins Lysol
POP ROCK Melvins Lysol
POP ROCK Melvins Nude With Boots
POP ROCK Melvins Nude with Boots
POP ROCK Melvins Stoner Witch
POP ROCK Melvins Stoner Witch
POP ROCK Melvins + Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
POP ROCK Melvins, The + Lustmord Pigs of the Roman Empire
LOCAL Memory Dean Stomp
POP ROCK Memphis A Good Day Sailing
POP ROCK Memphis A good day sailing
BLUES Memphis Slim Memphis Slim Live at the Hot Club
SKA Men to Buru No Dancing Please
LOCAL Mendoza Line, The If They Knew This Was The End
LOCAL Mendoza Line, The Like Someone In Love
LOCAL Mendoza Line, The Lost In Revelry
LOCAL Mendoza Line, The Poems To A Pawnshop
LOCAL Mendoza Line, The We’re All In This Alone
LOCAL Mendoza Line, The When You’re Not Around
POP ROCK Meneguar I Was Born At Night
POP ROCK Meneguar I Was Born at Night
POP ROCK Menomena I am the fun Blame Monster
POP ROCK Menomena I Am the Fun Blame Monster!
POP ROCK Menomena Mines
POP ROCK Menomena Mines
SKA Mephiskapheles God Bless Satan
POP ROCK Mercury Program & Maserati Confines of Heat
POP ROCK Mercury Program and Maserati Confines of Heat
POP ROCK Mercury Program, The A Data Learn the Language
POP ROCK Mercury Program, The A data learn the language
POP ROCK Mercury Program, The All the Suits began to fall of
POP ROCK Mercury Program, The All the Suits Began to Fall Off
POP ROCK Mercury Radio Theater The Death
POP ROCK Mercury Radio Theater The Death and Life of the Undead Boy
POP ROCK Mercury Rev All Is Dream
POP ROCK Mercury Rev All is Dream
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Boces
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Boces
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Deserter’s Songs
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Deserter’s Songs
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Goddess on A Hiway
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Goddess On A Hiway +5
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Snowflake Midnight
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Snowflake Midnight
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Something for Joey
POP ROCK Mercury Rev Something for Joey
LOCAL Mercury Saints, The Grand Karmic Circus
POP ROCK Merritt, Stephen Eban & Charley
POP ROCK Merritt, Stephen Pieces of April
POP ROCK Merritt, Stephen Showtunes
POP ROCK Merritt, Stephin Eban & Charley
POP ROCK Merritt, Stephin Pieces of April
POP ROCK Merritt, Stephin Showtunes
POP ROCK Merriweather, Nathaniel Lovage
OC Merzbow Ikebana
POP ROCK Mess Up the Mess You Remind Me of Summer Vacation
POP ROCK Mess up the Mess You remind me of summer vacation
OC Metabass ‘N’ Breath The Life and Times of a Beatboxer
PUNK Metal Devil Cokes R Radical/Boner
LOCAL Meth Wax Full Frontal
POP ROCK Metric Grow Up and Blow Away
POP ROCK Metric Grow Up and Blow Away
LOCAL Metroscene First Light At Last Orders
LOCAL Metroscene The Weekenders EP
OC Metrovavan Retrofitting
POP ROCK Mezzanines, The Underground Aces
POP ROCK Mezzanines, The Underground Aces
POP ROCK Mi + L’au Mi + L’au
POP ROCK Mi Ami Watersports
POP ROCK Mi Ami Watersports
POP ROCK Mi and L’au Mi and L’au
POP ROCK Mia Doi Todd Gea
POP ROCK Mice Parade Focus On the Roller Coaster
POP ROCK Mice Parade Focus on the Roller Coaster
POP ROCK Mice Parade Mokoondi
POP ROCK Mice Parade Mokoondi
POP ROCK Mice Parade Ramda
POP ROCK Mice Parade Ramda
LOCAL Michael The Day After My Confidence
LOCAL Michael You Must Be This Tall
OC Michael Mayer Immer 2
POP ROCK Michel, Nathan Dear Bicycle
POP ROCK Michel, Nathan Dear Bicycle
50’s/60’s Michele Saturn Rings
OC Michna, Adrian Magic Monday
POP ROCK Microphones, The Song Islands
POP ROCK Microphones, The Song Islands
POP ROCK Microphones, The The Glow pt. 2
POP ROCK Microphones, The The Glow pt. 2
POP ROCK Microphones, The THE GLOW, pt. 2
POP ROCK Microphones, The THE GLOW, pt. 2
OC Microstoria Init Ding
OC Microstoria Mnd
OC Microstoria Model 3, Step 2
OC Microstoria Reprovisers
POP ROCK Mid-State Orange Flag Festival
POP ROCK Mid-State Orange Flag Festival
SKA MiddleFinger Quickie!
POP ROCK Midlake The Courage of Others
POP ROCK Midlake The Courage of Others
POP ROCK Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther
POP ROCK Midlake The Trials of Van Occupanther
BLUES Midnight Blue The High Desert Hop & The Rattlesnake Shake
POP ROCK Midwest Product World Series of Love
POP ROCK Midwest Product World Series of Love
POP ROCK Migala Arde
POP ROCK Migala Arde
POP ROCK Migala La Increible Aventura
POP ROCK Migala La increible aventura
PUNK Might As Well… Can’t Dance Might As Well…Can’t Dance
REGGAE Mighty Diamonds, The Speak the Truth
BLUES Mighty Joe Young Quicksilver
POP ROCK Mighty Lemon Drops, The Sound…
POP ROCK Mighty Lemon Drops, The Sound…
BLUES Mighty Reapers, the You Gotta Reap
HIP HOP Mighty Underdogs, The Droppin’ Science Fiction
PUNK Migraines Live at CBGB’s
POP ROCK Migrant, The Travels in Lowland
POP ROCK Migrant, The Travels in Lowland
OC Migs, Miguel Colorful You
POP ROCK Miighty Flashlight Miighty Flashlight
POP ROCK Miighty Flashlight Miighty Flashlight
OC Miike Snow Happy To You
POP ROCK Miike Snow Miike Snow
POP ROCK Miike snow Miike snow
POP ROCK Mika Miko We Be Xuxa
POP ROCK Mika Miko We Be Xuxa
POP ROCK Mikael, ST Mind of Fire
BLUES Miles, Floyd Goin’ Back to Daytona
BLUES Miles, Floyd, & Friends Crazy Man
POP ROCK Milksop Holly Time to Come In
POP ROCK Milksop Holly Time to Come in
INTERNATIONAL Milladoiro As Fadas De Estraño
POP ROCK Millan, Amy Honey From the Tombs
POP ROCK Millan, Amy Honey From the Tombs
PUNK Millencolin Home from Home
PUNK Millencolin Life On A Plate
PUNK Millencolin Penny Bridge Pioneers
50’s/60’s Millenium, The Begin
FOLK Miller, Bill, Robert Mirabal and the Smokey Town Singers Native Suite- Chants, Dances, and The Remembered Earth
POP ROCK Miller, Blake Together With Cats
POP ROCK Miller, Blake Together with Cats
COUNTRY Miller, Buddy Your Love and Other Lies
POP ROCK Miller, Rhett The Believer
POP ROCK Miller, Rhett The Believer
POP ROCK Miller, Roger Elemental Guitar
POP ROCK Miller, Roger Elemental Guitar
POP ROCK Miller, Roger Excuisate Corpse
POP ROCK Miller, Roger The Benevolent Disruptive Ray
POP ROCK Miller, Roger The Benevolent Disruptive Ray
POP ROCK Miller, Roger with Larry Dersch The Binary System Live at the Idea Room
POP ROCK Miller, with Larry Derch Roger The Binary System Live at the Idea Room
POP ROCK Miller’s, Exquisite Corpse Roger Unfold
FOLK Mills, Chris The Wall to Wall Sessions
OC Mills, Jeff Waveform Transmissions Vol. 1
COUNTRY Mills, Jim Hide Head Blues
COUNTRY Mills, Jim My Dixie Home
OC Milosh Meme
LOCAL Minamina Goodsong Radio Edits
LOCAL Minamina Goodsong The Transcendental Game of Zen
LOCAL Minamina Goodsong Time For Breakfast
LOCAL MindBrains MindBrains
POP ROCK Minders, The Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends
POP ROCK Minders, The Cul-de-Sacs & Dead Ends
POP ROCK Minders, The Down In Fall
POP ROCK Minders, The Down in Fall
POP ROCK Minders, The Golden Street
POP ROCK Minders, The Golden Street
POP ROCK Minders, The Hooray For Tuesday
POP ROCK Minders, The Hooray for Tuesday
POP ROCK Minders, The It’s A Bright Guilty World
POP ROCK Minders, The It’s a Bright Guilty World
POP ROCK Minders, The The Future’s Always Perfect
POP ROCK Minders, The The Future’s Always Perfect
OC Minekawa, Takako Cloudy Cloud Calculator
OC Minekawa, Takako Fun 9
OC Minekawa, Takako Maxi On
OC Minekawa, Takako Recubed EP
OC Minekawa, Takako Roomic Cube
OC Minekawa, Takako Ximer
POP ROCK Mineral End Serenading.
POP ROCK Mineral EndSerenading
OC Ming and FS Subway Series
OC Ming and FS The Human Condition
PUNK Minor Threat Discography
LOCAL Minor Wiley Relatives
OC Minotaur Shock Maritime
OC Minotaur Shock Vigo Bay EP
POP ROCK Minus 5, The Emperor of the Bathroom
POP ROCK Minus 5, The Emperor of the Bathroom
POP ROCK Minus 5, The The Minus 5
POP ROCK Minus Five, The The Minus Five
POP ROCK Minus Story No Rest For Ghosts
POP ROCK Minus Story No Rest For Ghosts
POP ROCK Minus the Bear Highly Refined Pirates
POP ROCK Minus the Bear Highly refined Pirates
POP ROCK Minus the Bear This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic
POP ROCK Minus the Bear This is what I know about being gigantic
POP ROCK Minxus Minxus
POP ROCK Minxus Minxus
POP ROCK Miracle Legion Advance music from
POP ROCK Miracle Legion Drenched
POP ROCK Miracle Legion Drenched
POP ROCK Miracle Legion Portrait of a Damaged Family
POP ROCK Miracle Legion Portrait of a Damaged Family
POP ROCK Miracle Legion We Are All Lost
BLUES Mirah Advisory Committee
BLUES Mirah C’mon Miracle
POP ROCK Mirah The Old Days Feeling
POP ROCK Mirah The Old days feeling
POP ROCK Mirah and Takahishi Songs from the black mountain Music Project
POP ROCK Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, Ginger Brooks Takahashi And Our Friends Songs From The Black Mountain Music Project
POP ROCK Miranda, Holly The Magician’s Private Library
PUNK Misconduct A Change
PUNK Misconduct Trigger Happy
PUNK Misfits Discography
LOCAL Misfortune500 Before This Winter Ends
OC Miss Kittin BatBox
POP ROCK Miss Red Flowers Introducing Miss Red Flowers Live On the Music Faucet
POP ROCK Miss Red Flowers Live on the Music Faucet
POP ROCK Miss Red Flowers Miss Red Flowers
POP ROCK Miss Red Flowers Miss Red Flowers
POP ROCK Mission of Burma Execution/Devotion
POP ROCK Mission of Burma Mission of Burma
POP ROCK Mission of Burma On off on
POP ROCK Mission of Burma ONoffON
POP ROCK Mission of Burma The Definitive Editions
POP ROCK Mission of Burma The Obliterati
POP ROCK Mission of Burma The Obliterati
POP ROCK Mistaken Santa Fe
POP ROCK Mistaken, The Santa Fe
POP ROCK Misty Rose Villainess
POP ROCK Misty Roses Villainess
BLUES Mitchell, Larry Larry Mitchell (Self-Titled)
50’s/60’s Mitchum, Robert Calypso- is like so…
REGGAE Mittoo, Jackie The Keyboard King at Studio One
REGGAE Mittoo, Jackie Tribute to Jackie Mittoo
OC Mix Master Mike Bangzilla
OC Mixmaster Mike Eye of the Cyclops
HIP HOP Mixmaster Mike Return of the Cyklops
LOCAL Mize, Ben Nantahala
POP ROCK Mk Ultra Mk Ultra
POP ROCK MK Ultra MK Ultra
POP ROCK mk ultra The Dream is over
POP ROCK MK Ultra The Dream Is Over
POP ROCK Mobius Band Heaven
POP ROCK Mobius Band Heaven
SKA Mobtown The Rhythm of Ska
50’s/60’s Moby Grape The Very Best of Moby Grape
OC Mocean Worker Candygram for Mowo!
OC Mocean Worker Mixed Emotional Features
OC Mocean Worker Times of Danger/Heaven
HIP HOP Mochipet Microphonepet
POP ROCK Mock Orange First EP
POP ROCK Mock Orange First EP
POP ROCK Mock Orange The record play
POP ROCK Mock Orange The Record Play
POP ROCK Mocket Bionic Parts
POP ROCK Mocket Bionic Parts
POP ROCK Mocket Pro Forma
POP ROCK Mocket Pro Forma
OC Model 500 Starlight
LOCAL Modern Skirts All of Us In Our Night
LOCAL Modern Skirts Catalogue of Generous Men
LOCAL Modern Skirts Gramahawk
LOCAL Modern Skirts This Is Winning and Thinking
OC Modernist Explosion, The A Popular Tool
OC Modeselektor Hello Mom!
POP ROCK Modey Lemon Season of Sweets
POP ROCK Modey Lemon Season of Sweets
POP ROCK Modey Lemon The Curious City
POP ROCK Modey Lemon The Curious City
LOCAL Modfathers, The The Modfathers
HIP HOP Modill Change Form
HIP HOP Modill Midnight Green
POP ROCK Modulator Modulator
POP ROCK Modulator Modulator
HIP HOP Moe Pope and Headnotic Megaphone
COUNTRY Moffatt, Katy The Greatest Show On Earth
POP ROCK Mogwai Come on Die Young
POP ROCK Mogwai Come On Die Young
POP ROCK Mogwai EP + 2
POP ROCK Mogwai EP+2
POP ROCK Mogwai Government Commissions
POP ROCK Mogwai Government Commissions: BBC Sessions
POP ROCK Mogwai Happy Songs for Happy People
POP ROCK Mogwai Happy Songs For Happy People
POP ROCK Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But you Will.
POP ROCK Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will.
POP ROCK Mogwai Mr. Beast
POP ROCK Mogwai Mr. Beast
POP ROCK Mogwai Ten Rapid
POP ROCK Mogwai Ten Rapid
POP ROCK Mogwai The Hawk is Howling
POP ROCK Mogwai The Hawk Is Howling
POP ROCK Mogwai Young Team
POP ROCK Mogwai Young Team
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Excuses for travellers
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Excuses For Travellers
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Out of Tune
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Out Of Tune
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Puzzles Like You
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Puzzles Like You
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Spoon and Rafter
POP ROCK Mojave 3 Spoon And Rafter
OC Molasses Madness (Conversation with my Sanity)
POP ROCK Molasses Trilogie: Toil & Peaceful Life
POP ROCK Molasses Trilogie: Toil & Peaceful Life
POP ROCK Molasses Trouble At Jinx Hotel
POP ROCK Molasses Trouble at the Jinx Hotel
POP ROCK Moldy Peaches, The Moldy Peaches 2000
POP ROCK Moldy Peaches, the Moldy Peaches 2000: Fer the Kids/ Live 1999
OC Mole, the As High as the Sky
POP ROCK Moles, The Instinct
POP ROCK Moles, The Instinct
POP ROCK Moles, The Untune the Sky
POP ROCK Moles, The Untune the Sky
POP ROCK Molina, Juana Son
POP ROCK Molina, Juana Son
FOLK Molly & The Heymakers Big Things
FOLK Molly & The Heymakers Molly
POP ROCK Mollycuddle non-fiction
POP ROCK Mollycuddle Non-Fiction
FOLK Mollys, The Only A Story
OC Molvaer, Nils Petter Ligotage
PUNK Moment Songs For the Self Destructive
POP ROCK Momus 20 Vodka Jellies
POP ROCK Momus 20 Vodka Jellies
POP ROCK Momus Folktronic
POP ROCK Momus Folktronic
POP ROCK Momus Oscar Tennis Champion
POP ROCK Momus Oscar Tennis Champion
POP ROCK Momus Oscar Tennis Champion
POP ROCK Momus Oskar Tennis Champion
POP ROCK Momus Ping Pong
POP ROCK Momus Stars Focus
POP ROCK Momus Stars Forever
POP ROCK Momus The little red songbook
POP ROCK Momus The Little Red Songbook
POP ROCK Momus Ping Pong
POP ROCK Monade A few Steps More
POP ROCK Monade A Few Steps More
POP ROCK Monade Monstre Cosmic
POP ROCK Monade Monstre Cosmic
POP ROCK Monade Socialisme ou Barbarie
POP ROCK Monade Socialisme ou Barbarie (The Bedroom Recordings)
LOCAL Monahan Stop Saying I
OC Mondii LP
OC Money Mark Mark’s Keyboard Repair
SKA Monkey Changito!
POP ROCK Monkey Rench, The Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog
POP ROCK Monkey Rench, The Electric Children
POP ROCK Monkey Wrench, The Clean as a Broke-Dick Dog
POP ROCK Monkey Wrench, The Electric Children
POP ROCK Monks of Doom Forgery
POP ROCK Monks of Doom Forgery
POP ROCK Monks of Doom Meridian
POP ROCK Monks of Doom Meridian
POP ROCK Monks of Doom The Insect God
POP ROCK Monks of Doom The Insect God
50’s/60’s Monks, The Black Monk TIme
POP ROCK Mono Hymn to the Immortal Wind
POP ROCK Mono One Step more and you die
POP ROCK Mono One Step More and You Die
POP ROCK Mono You are there
POP ROCK Mono You Are There
POP ROCK Mono Hymn to the immortal wind
POP ROCK Mono Men, The Shut Up!
POP ROCK Mono Men, The Shut Up!
POP ROCK Mono Men, The Sin & Tonic
POP ROCK Mono Men, The Sin & Tonic
POP ROCK Mono Puff It’s fun to steal
POP ROCK Mono Puff It’s Fun To Steal
POP ROCK Monochild, The Let them Eat
POP ROCK Monochrome Laser
POP ROCK Monochrome Laser (A View From the Exterior)
POP ROCK Monorchid, The Let Them Eat…
POP ROCK Monotonix Body Language
POP ROCK Monotonix Body Language
POP ROCK Monroe Mustang Elephant Sound
POP ROCK Monroe Mustang I am the only running footman
POP ROCK Monroe Mustang I Am the Only Running Footman
POP ROCK Monroe Mustang The Elephant Sound
HIP HOP Monsieur Leroc Oh La La
POP ROCK Monster Movie Everyone is a Ghost
POP ROCK Monster Movie Everyone Is A Ghost
POP ROCK Monster Movie Transistor
POP ROCK Monster Movie Transistor
PUNK Monsula Discography
POP ROCK Montag Alone, Not Alone
POP ROCK Montag Alone, Not Alone
COUNTRY Montana, Country Dick The Devil Lied To Me
LOCAL Montchat Don’t Panic
POP ROCK Montgomery, Roy And now the rain sounds like life is falling down through it
POP ROCK Montgomery, Roy Scenes from the South Island
POP ROCK Montgomery, Roy Scenes from the South Island
POP ROCK Montgomery, Roy The Allegory of Hearing
POP ROCK Montgomery, Roy The Allegory of Hearing
POP ROCK Montgomery, Roy and Heaphy, Chris TRUE
BLUES Montoya, Coco Just Let Go
BLUES Montoya, Coco Ya Think I’d Know Better
LOCAL Mood Rings VPI Harmony
POP ROCK Moon Duo Escapes
POP ROCK Moonbabies The Orange Billboard
POP ROCK Moonbabies War On Sound
POP ROCK Moondoggies Tidelands
LOCAL Moondy Turnip
BLUES Mooney, John Against The Wall
BLUES Mooney, John Late Last Night
LOCAL Mooninites, The Collected Songs 2002-2003
POP ROCK Moonshake Cranes
POP ROCK Moonshake Dirty & Divines
POP ROCK Moonshake Eva Luna
POP ROCK Moonshake Remixes
COUNTRY Moonshine Willy Bold Displays of Imperfection
COUNTRY Moonshine Willy Pecadores
LOCAL Moonsnacks Thoughts of Yer Seeds
POP ROCK Moonsocket Moonsocket
POP ROCK Moore Brothers, The Murdered by the Moore Brothers
BLUES Moore, Gary Blues Alive
BLUES Moore, James Brothers And Sisters, I Will Be Praying for You
POP ROCK Moore, Rebecca Home Wreckordings 1997-1999
50’s/60’s Moore, Rudy Ray Hully Gully Fever
FOLK Moore, Spencer Moore, Spencer
COUNTRY Moorefield, Virgil Distractions On The Way To The King’s Party
LOCAL Moorish Idols Moorish Idols
POP ROCK Moped it won’t sound any better tomorrow
POP ROCK Moped The Horrible Truth about
PUNK Mopes, The Accident Waiting to Happen
PUNK Moral Crux Something More Dangerous
PUNK Moral Crux The Side Effects of Thinking
POP ROCK Morcheeba Blood Like Lemonade
LOCAL More Arrows Blastin’ the Maybies
SKA Morgan, Derrick Ska Man Classics
BLUES Morgan, Mike & Jim Suhler Let the Dogs Run
BLUES Morgan, Mike & The Crawl Ain’t Worried No More
BLUES Morgan, Mike & The Crawl I Like the Way You Work It!
BLUES Morgan, Mike & The Crawl Looky Here!
BLUES Morgan, Teddy Ridin’ in Style
COUNTRY Morgan, Teddy and The Pistolas Lost Love and Highways
COUNTRY Morlix, Gurf Cut ‘n Shoot
COUNTRY Morlix, Gurf Toad of Titicaca
POP ROCK Morning Benders, The Big Echo
LOCAL Morning Lights The First Day
POP ROCK Morning Recordings The Welcome Kinetic
POP ROCK Morning Star Morning Star
POP ROCK Morphine Bootleg Detroit
POP ROCK Morphine yes
LOCAL Morris, Jacob Moths
LOCAL Morris, T. Hardy Audition Tapes
FOLK Morrissey, Bill Morrissey, Bill
FOLK Morrissey, Bill Night Train
POP ROCK Morrissey, Bill Standing Eight
FOLK Morrissey, Bill & Greg Brown Friend of Mine
LOCAL Morton, Ken Will Kickin’ Out the Rungs
LOCAL Morton, Ken Will King of Coming Around
LOCAL Morton, Ken Will Slow Burn
LOCAL Morton, Ken Will True Grit
OC Moss East Coast Chip Shop
POP ROCK Most Dangerous of cat & mouse band, the EP
POP ROCK Most Serene Republic, The Underwater Cinematographer
POP ROCK Motards, The …. Rock Kids
POP ROCK Motards, The Saturday Night Special
POP ROCK Moth Wranglers Never Mind the Context
LOCAL Mother Jackson Mother Jackson
LOCAL Mother Jackson Suck On This
LOCAL Mothers Live In The Lobby
50’s/60’s Mothers of Invention, The Freak Out!
50’s/60’s Mothers of Invention, The We’re Only in it for the Money
INTERNATIONAL Mothers, The Township Sessions
LOCAL MotoLitas, The The MotoLitas
LOCAL Motorcade Motorcade
POP ROCK Mount Eerie Wind’s Poem
POP ROCK Mount Shasta Watch Out
POP ROCK Mount Shasta Who’s the hottie
POP ROCK Mountain Goats, The Bitter Melon Farm
POP ROCK Mountain Goats, The Get Lonely
POP ROCK Mountain Goats, The Ghana
POP ROCK Mountain goats, The Nothing for Juice
POP ROCK Mountain goats, The Protein source of the future… now!
POP ROCK Mountain Goats, The The Life of the World to Come
POP ROCK Mountain Goats, The Zopilote machine
COUNTRY Mountain Man Best of Mountain Man
FOLK Mountaineer When The Air Is Bright They Shine
POP ROCK Mountains Sewn
POP ROCK Mountshasta Put the creep on
OC Mouse on Mars Agit Itter It It
OC Mouse on Mars Autoditacker
OC Mouse on Mars Idiology
OC Mouse on Mars Instrumentals
OC Mouse on Mars Live
OC Mouse on Mars Niun Niggung
OC Mouse on Mars Radical Connector
OC Mouse on Mars Varcharz
LOCAL Mouser Storm Dumps
POP ROCK Mousetrap The dead air sound system
50’s/60’s Move, The The Move: Movements vol. 1/ The United States of America: select tracks from self titled album
POP ROCK Movietone Day and night
POP ROCK Movietone The blossom filled streets
INTERNATIONAL Moving Cloud Foxglove
POP ROCK Moving Targets Fall
POP ROCK Moving Targets Last of the Angels
POP ROCK Moving Targets Take This Ride
POP ROCK Moviola Fratnic +4
POP ROCK Moviola Rumors of the Faithful
PUNK Mr T Experiance, The Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood
POP ROCK Mr. Gnome Deliver This Creature
HIP HOP Mr. Len Pity the Fool
HIP HOP Mr. Lif I Phantom
HIP HOP Mr. Lif Mo’Mega
REGGAE Mr. Marley Damian Jr. Gong Marley
LOCAL Mr. Mustache Broken-Hearted Dance
POP ROCK mR. Neveux Tuba
OC Mr. Scruff Get a Move On!
OC Mr. Scruff Honeydew
OC Mr. Scruff Trouser Jazz
POP ROCK Mr. Wright Star Time
POP ROCK Mr. Wright The Fancy Man
PUNK Mr.T Experience, the Alcatraz
PUNK Mr.T Experience, the Mr.T xperiance
PUNK Mr.T Experience, the Night Shift At The Thrill Factory
PUNK Mr.T Experience, the Revenge is Sweet, and so are You
OC Ms. John Soda Notes and the Like
POP ROCK Mt. Gigantic Gleanings and Gatherings
POP ROCK Mt. Gigantic Gleanings and Gatherins
POP ROCK Mt. Gigantic Old Smiler
OC Mu Afro Finger and Gel
OC Mu-Ziq Brace Yourself
OC Mu-Ziq Vs. the Auteurs
SKA MU330 MU331
OC Mucho Macho The Limehouse Link
LOCAL Mudcat Mud, Sweat, and Beers
LOCAL Mudcat Worldwide Mud
BLUES Muddy Waters One More Mile
SKA Mudsharks Crackin’ Porcelain
POP ROCK Muffs, The Alert today alive tomorrow
POP ROCK Muffs, The Blonder and Blonder
POP ROCK Muffs, The Really Really Happy
POP ROCK Mule Mule
POP ROCK Mule Wrung
LOCAL Muletide Perkins Trio Slop Right out the Trough
POP ROCK Multiple Cat, The Territory
POP ROCK Multiple Cat, The Multi-Kat Mixy-Mixy
POP ROCK Multiple Cat, The The Golden Apple Hits
POP ROCK Mum Finally we are no one
POP ROCK Mum Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy
POP ROCK Mum Green Grass of Tunnel
POP ROCK Mum Summer make good
POP ROCK Mum The Peel Session
COUNTRY Munde, Alan & Country Gazette Keep On Pushing
OC Murcof Cosmos
OC Murcof Remembranza
POP ROCK Murcof The Versailles Sessions
LOCAL Murder Beach How Big This Is
LOCAL Murder Beach Murder Beach
POP ROCK Murder City Devils Murder City Devils
POP ROCK Murder City Devils Theloma
POP ROCK Murder City Devils, The Empty Bottles Broken Hearts
POP ROCK Murder City Devils, The In name and blood
POP ROCK Murder in the Red Barn Get in before the rain
POP ROCK Murdoch, Alexi Time without consequence
LOCAL murk daddy flex Beats
LOCAL murk daddy flex Compilation 2
LOCAL murk daddy flex Compilation 3
LOCAL murk daddy flex GENESIS
LOCAL murk daddy flex MDF
COUNTRY Murphy, Mike Willoughby
PUNK Murphy’s Law Dedicated
PUNK Murphys Law The Best of Times
HIP HOP Murs The End of the Beginning
HIP HOP Murs and 9th Wonder Murray’s Revenge
INTERNATIONAL Mursal, Maryam The Journey
PUNK Mushuguanas, the The Mushuguanas
LOCAL Music Blues Things Haven’t Gone Well
LOCAL Music Hates You Send More Paramedics
LOCAL Music Tapes, The Mary’s Voice
LOCAL Music Tapes, The Music Tapes for clouds and Tornadoes
INTERNATIONAL Musicians of the Nile, The Charcoal Gypsies
BLUES Musselwhite, Charlie Deluxe Edition
BLUES Musselwhite, Charlie Signature
BLUES Musselwhite, Charlie The Harmonica According to Charlie Musselwhite
INTERNATIONAL Mustapha, Sabah Habas & The Jugala All Stars Jalan Kopo – The Sunda Sessions
SKA Mustard Plug Mustard Plug
SKA Mustard Plug Pray for Mojo
INTERNATIONAL Muungano National Choir Missa Luba
LOCAL Muuy Biien D.Y.I
LOCAL Muuy Biien This Is What Your Mind Imagines
POP ROCK MV & EE Drone Trailer
POP ROCK MV & EE with the Bummer Road Green Blues
POP ROCK MV & EE with the golden road Gettin’ Gone
POP ROCK mx-80 Always Leave ’em wanting less
POP ROCK mx-80 I’ve Seen Enough
POP ROCK My Bloody Valentine Glider
POP ROCK My Brightest Diamond A Thousand Shark’s Teeth
POP ROCK My Brightest Diamond Bring me the Workhorse
POP ROCK My Dad is Dead For Richer, For Poorer
POP ROCK My Dad is Dead Shine(r)
POP ROCK My Dad is Dead The Engine of Commerce
POP ROCK My Dad vs Yours Winning Hearts and Minds
POP ROCK My Disco Language of Numbers
POP ROCK My Education Good Vibrations
POP ROCK My Favorite Joan of Arc Awaiting Trial
POP ROCK My Favorite The Happiest Days of our lives
POP ROCK My Favorite The Kids Are All Wrong
POP ROCK My Favorite A cult of one
POP ROCK My Favorite Love at Absolute…
POP ROCK My Federation Don’t Wanna Die
POP ROCK My First Days on Junk Songs of Darla the Fake Girl
POP ROCK My Morning Jacket It Still Moves
POP ROCK My Morning Jacket Z
OC My Robot Friend Soft-Core
OC My Tronic Nite Club
LOCAL My Unborn Child Foolish
EQUINOX Myers, John Blastula
BLUES Myers, Louis Tell My Story Movin’
COUNTRY Myles, Heather Just Like Old Times
COUNTRY Myles, Heather Untamed
LOCAL Myssouri War/Love Blues
POP ROCK Mystery Jets Serotonin
POP ROCK Mystic Chords of Memory Mystic Chords of Memory
POP ROCK Nadja When I see the Sun Always Shines on TV
POP ROCK Nadler, Marissa Bird on the Water
POP ROCK Nadler, Marissa Little Hells
PUNK Naked Aggression Bitter Youth
PUNK Naked Aggression Gut Wringing Machine
PUNK Naked Aggression March March Alone
PUNK Naked Aggression Skip 70
PUNK Naked Ray Gun All Rise and Jettison
PUNK Naked Ray Gun Basement Screams and Throb Throb
PUNK Naked Raygun Lost Of The Demonicons
PUNK Naked Raygun Raygun….Naked Raygun
PUNK Naked Raygun Huge Bigness
PUNK Naked Raygun Understand
FOLK Nashville Bluegrass Band, The Unleashed
POP ROCK Nastasia, Nina Dogs
POP ROCK Nastasia, Nina On Leaving
POP ROCK Nastasia, Nina and Jim White You Follow Me
LOCAL Nate Nelson and Cortright Knobs have Turned
INTERNATIONAL Nath Family Sounds of the Indian Snake Charmer
INTERNATIONAL Nath, Pandit Pran Ragas of the Morning & Night
INTERNATIONAL Nath, Pandit Pran Ragas of the Morning & Night
POP ROCK Nathanson, Roy Sotto Voce
POP ROCK Nation of Ulysses, The Plays Pretty for Baby
POP ROCK National Eye Roomful of Lions
50’s/60’s National Gallery, The The National Gallery
BLUES National Health Playtime
POP ROCK National Heroes Once Around the Sun
POP ROCK National Trust, The Dekkagar
POP ROCK Nayser, The Deathwhisker
POP ROCK Nayser, The Heaven, Hell, or Houston
POP ROCK Nayser, The Pure Beauty
PUNK NC-17 Too Much Like Work .
BLUES Neal, Kenny Hoodoo Moon
BLUES Neal, Kenny & Billy Branch Double Take
FOLK Neal, Raful Louisiana Legend
BLUES Neal, Raful Louisiana Legend
LOCAL Neat Stripes The End of That
POP ROCK Neato Fleets Reckless Tongue
POP ROCK Nedelle The Locksmith Cometh
POP ROCK Nedelle & Thom Summerland
POP ROCK Need New Body Where’s Black Ben
LOCAL Negative Nancy The Urge
OC Neill, Ben Goldbug
OC Neill, Ben Triptycal
POP ROCK Nein, The 12-13-14
BLUES Nelson, Jimmy ‘T99 Rockin’ and Shoutin’ the Blues
LOCAL Nelson, Nate A Sing-Song Fashion e.p.
POP ROCK Nelson, Rick Songs of Rick Nelson
COUNTRY Nelson, Willie Shut Up and Kiss Me
POP ROCK Neotropic la Prochaine Fois
OC Neotropic Mr Brubaker’s Strawberry Alarm CLock
OC Neotropic Ultra Freaky Orange
POP ROCK Neptune Gong Lake
LOCAL nerdkween Synergy
POP ROCK Nerdy Girl Twist Her
POP ROCK Nervous Exits Get Out
POP ROCK Nes, Silje Ames Room
COUNTRY Nesmith, Michael The Older Stuff: The BEST of the Early years
POP ROCK Nethers in fields we will lie
OC Nettle Firecamp Stories Remixes
POP ROCK Neung Phak Neung Phak
LOCAL Neutral Milk Hotel In The Aeroplane Ove the Sea
LOCAL Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island
OC Neutronic Last Year’s Product
COUNTRY Neuwirth, Bob Look Up
POP ROCK New Bloods The Secret Life
PUNK New Bomb Turks Scared Straight
PUNK New Bomb Turks Clean Songs off of
PUNK New Bomb Turks Nightmare Scenario
PUNK New Bomb Turks Scared Straight
PUNK New Bomb Turks Switchblade Tongues, ButterKnife Brains
PUNK New Bomb Turks The Big Combo
PUNK New Bomb Turks The Night Before The Day Stood Still
HIP HOP New Flesh Understanding
HIP HOP New Flesh for Old Equilibrium
LOCAL New Madrid New Animal
LOCAL New Madrid Sunswimmer
LOCAL New Madrid Yardboat
POP ROCK New Pornographers, The Electric Version
LOCAL New Questrians, The Scribble
POP ROCK New Radiant + Storm King August Revital
POP ROCK New Radiant + Storm King Hurricane Necklace
POP ROCK New Radiant + Storm King My Little Bastard Soul
POP ROCK New Radiant + Storm King My Little Bastard soul
POP ROCK New Radiant + Storm King Rival Time
POP ROCK New Radiant + Storm King Singular – No Article
COUNTRY New Riders The Adventures of Panama Red
POP ROCK New Sound of my Bossa Nova, the For the Kids EP
LOCAL New Terminus Red Giant
LOCAL New Wives New Wives EP
POP ROCK New Year, The Newness Ends
POP ROCK New Year, The The End is Near
SKA New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble Get This!
SKA New York Ska-Jazz Ensemble Low Blow
POP ROCK New Young Pony Club New Young Pony Club EP
POP ROCK Newman, A.C. Get Guilty
POP ROCK Newman, A.C. The Slow Wonder
POP ROCK Newman, Lauren K. Postulate I
POP ROCK News From Babel Sirencs and Silences / Work resumed on the tower letters home
POP ROCK Newsom, Joanna The Milk Eyed Mender
POP ROCK Newsom, Joanna & The YS street Band Joanna Newsom & The YS street Band
POP ROCK Newsome, Joanna Ys
OC NewVillager s/t
HIP HOP Nextmen, The Amongst the Madness
SKA Ngobo Ngobo Rude Fruit
POP ROCK Niblett, Scout I Am
LOCAL Nice Machines, The Jack Cousteau
POP ROCK Nico Hanging Gardens
POP ROCK Night Canopy Of Honey and Country
LOCAL night driving in small towns serial killer
OC Nightmares on Wax Carboot Soul
OC Nightmares on Wax Mind Elevation
OC Nightmares on Wax Thought So
PUNK Ninety Pound Wuss Short Hand Operation
REGGAE Niney the Observer Microphone Attack
POP ROCK Ninian Hawick Steep Steps
POP ROCK Niobe White Hats
POP ROCK Nitzer Ebb As Is
PUNK NME Music For Making Friends
POP ROCK No Age Everything in Between
POP ROCK No Age Weirdo Rippers
POP ROCK No Kids Come into my House
PUNK No Talents, The Broken Rekids
PUNK No Use for a name Hard Rock Bottom
PUNK No Use for a name Leche Con Carne
PUNK No Use for a name More betterness!
POP ROCK No wait Wait About Y
PUNK No WTO Combo, The Live from The Battle In Seatle
POP ROCK No-Neck Blues Band Quaris
OC No. 9 Micro Films
COUNTRY Noahjohn Had A Burning
OC Nobody And Everything Else…
OC Nobody Pacific Drift
HIP HOP Nobody Soulmates
POP ROCK Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory Tree Colored See
PUNK Nobodys Generation xxx
LOCAL Nobra Noma Brainstorm
LOCAL Nobra Noma Everything Happens Today EP/Slowdance EP
LOCAL Nobra Noma Not as Lost as You are Now
BLUES Nocturne, Johnny Band, The Shake ’em Up
BLUES Nocturne, Johnny Band, The Wailin’ Daddy
POP ROCK Nod Magnetic Anomaly
POP ROCK Nod Radio Giddy-Up
POP ROCK Noir, Jim Jim Noir
POP ROCK Noir, Jim Tower of Love
LOCAL Noisettes, The music inspired by the unfinished motion picture Planet Norlon
PUNK Nomeansno All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt
POP ROCK Nomeansno Dance of the Headless Bourgeoisie
LOCAL Nomen Novum If You Look For It, It’s There
LOCAL Nomen Novum Paradises
POP ROCK Nomo Ghost Rock
INTERNATIONAL Nomos I Won´t Be Afraid Any More
HIP HOP Nonprophets Hope
LOCAL Noogez Galaxy Day
FOLK Noonan, Carol Absolution
POP ROCK Noonday Underground Self Assembly
LOCAL Noot d’ Noot Goofer Dust
LOCAL Norami What’s Inside Ourselves
POP ROCK Norborg, Chris Nobody Knows This is Everywhere
POP ROCK Norfolk & Western A Gilded Age
POP ROCK Norfolk & Western Winter Farewell
LOCAL Normaltown Flyers, The Country Boy’s Dream
COUNTRY Normaltown Flyers, The Rockin’ The Love Boat
LOCAL Normaltown Flyers, The The Normaltown Flyers
LOCAL Normaltown Flyers, The The Normaltown Flyers
PUNK Not Rebecca Rocketship to Canada
POP ROCK Notekillers Airport + Ants
PUNK Nothing Cool What A Wonderful World
OC Noto, Alva + Sakamoto Ryuichi Insen
OC Notwist, The Different Cars and Trains
POP ROCK Notwist, The Shrink
POP ROCK Notwist, The The Devil, you + Me
POP ROCK Nourallah, Salim Beautiful Noise
POP ROCK Nous Non Plus Menagerie
POP ROCK Nouvelle Vague Bande a part
POP ROCK Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague
POP ROCK Novak Novak
LOCAL Now It’s Overhead Darklight
LOCAL Now It’s Overhead Fall Back Open
LOCAL Now It’s Overhead Now It’s Overhead
POP ROCK Noxagt Noxagt
POP ROCK Noxagt The Iron Point
LOCAL Nuclear Spring Nuclear Spring
POP ROCK Nudge Cached
COUNTRY Nugent, Alecia A Little Girl… A Big Four-Lane
POP ROCK Null, K.K. & Jim O’Rourke New Kind of Water
POP ROCK Number One Cup
POP ROCK Number One Cup People People are we fighting?
POP ROCK Numbers Now you are this
BLUES Nuns, the 4 Days in a Motel Room
LOCAL Nurtue In The Middle of Everything
LOCAL Nurtue Nurtue EP
OC Nutko Shivt
LOCAL Nutria Metronome
LOCAL Nutria Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Emotion
SKA Nutty Boys, The Crunch!
SKA Nutty Boys, The It’s OK, I’m a Policeman
50’s/60’s Nyro, Laura New York Tendaberry
INTERNATIONAL Nzomo, David The Trio The Sweet Soul of Kenya (Latitude 2)
INTERNATIONAL Nzomo, David The Trio The Sweet Soul of Kenya (Latitude 2)
OC O.Rang Fields and Waves
COUNTRY O’Brien, Mollie Big Red Sun
LOCAL O’Brien, Sara Play It By Ear
COUNTRY O’Brien, Tim Cornbread Nation
FOLK O’Brien, Tim Fiddler’s Green
FOLK O’Brien, Tim Rock In My Shoe
COUNTRY O’Connell, Maura Walls & Windows
POP ROCK O’Connor, Jennifer Over the Mountain, Across the Valley, and Back to the Stars
POP ROCK O’death Broken Hymns limbs and skin
FOLK O’death Head Home
POP ROCK O’Rourke, Jim Bad Timing
POP ROCK O’Rourke, Jim Halfway to a threeway
POP ROCK O’Rourke, Jim Insignificance
POP ROCK Oakley Hall Gypsum Strings
POP ROCK Oakley Hall Second Guessing
PUNK Oath, The Das Oath
PUNK Oath, The Translantic Trash Terror
POP ROCK Obelix, Felix The Tick of the Clock, The Beat in the Chest
POP ROCK Obi Best Capades
POP ROCK Obits I Blame You
OC Obmar, Tiki High School Confidential
POP ROCK Occasion, The Cannery Hours
SKA Ocean 11 The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
POP ROCK Ocean Colour Scene I just need myself
POP ROCK Ocean Colour Scene North Atlantic Drift
POP ROCK Ocean Floor, The Tall Tales and Small Tales
LOCAL OCELOT The Quiet Storm
LOCAL Ocha la Rocha Ocha Lives
INTERNATIONAL Ochestre National de Barbè En Concert
INTERNATIONAL Ochestre National de Barbè En Concert
POP ROCK Ocrillim Anoint
POP ROCK Ocs Songs about Death + Dying Volume 3 + 4
POP ROCK Octant Shock-no-Par
OC Octavius Audio Noir
POP ROCK Octopus Project, The Hello, Avalanche
POP ROCK Oculist Principles
OC Odd Nosdam Burner
OC Odd Nosdam Untitled Three
LOCAL Oddity Settle Down
POP ROCK Odessa The Ballad of Paper Ships
LOCAL Odist On the 49th Day
LOCAL Of Legend Of Legend
LOCAL of Montreal aldhils arboretum
LOCAL of Montreal An Eluardian Instance
LOCAL of Montreal Aureate Gloom-Polyvinyl
LOCAL of Montreal Cherry Peel
LOCAL of Montreal Coquelicot Asleep In The Poppies
LOCAL of Montreal Daughter of Cloud
LOCAL of Montreal deflated chime, foals slightly flowe sibyline responses
LOCAL of Montreal horse & elephant eatery (no elephants allowed) the singles & songles album
LOCAL of Montreal Lousy with Sylvianbriar
LOCAL of Montreal Paralytic Stalks
LOCAL of Montreal Satanic Panic in the Attic
LOCAL of Montreal Satanic Panic in the Attic (Bonus tracks)
LOCAL of Montreal The Bedside Drama A Petite Drama
LOCAL of Montreal The Bird Who Ate the Rabbit’s Flower E.P.
LOCAL of Montreal The Controller Sphere
LOCAL of Montreal The Early Four Track Recordings
LOCAL of Montreal The Gay Parade
LOCAL of Montreal The Sunlandic Twins
LOCAL Of the Vine Of the Vine
POP ROCK Off Minor Off Minor
OC Offbeat A Red Hot Sound Trip
OC Officerfishdumplings Finds Your Way Home
INTERNATIONAL Ogada, Ayub En Mana Kuoyo
INTERNATIONAL Ogada, Ayub En Mana Kuoyo
HIP HOP Oh No Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms
HIP HOP Oh No The Disrupt
POP ROCK Oh No! Oh My! Between the Devil + the Sea
OC Oharo, Raz Realtime Voyeur
LOCAL Ohms, The If You Didn’t Think I Love You
LOCAL Ohms, The The Ohms
POP ROCK Okkervil River The Stage Names
POP ROCK Olausson, Jakob Moonlight Farm
COUNTRY Old 97’s Drag It Up
COUNTRY Old 97’s Early Tracks
COUNTRY Old 97’s Wreck Your Life
OC Old Bombs Audios
POP ROCK Old Canes Feral Harmonic
POP ROCK Old Ceremony, The Our One Mistake
FOLK Old Crow Medicine Show Old Crow Medicine Show
BLUES Old Friends Old Friends
PUNK Old Skull C.I.A. Drug Test
LOCAL Old Smokey Wester Esater
POP ROCK Old Time Relijun 2012
POP ROCK Old Time Relijun Lost Light
POP ROCK Old Time Relijun Witchcraft Rebellion
LOCAL Old White Women Lil Ronny
POP ROCK Oldham, Will Guarapero
POP ROCK Oldham, Will Joya
POP ROCK Oldham, Will Seafarers music
POP ROCK Olive Juicy Juicy
LOCAL Olivia Tremor Control, The Black Foliage
LOCAL Olivia Tremor Control, The Black Foliage Bonus
LOCAL Olivia Tremor Control, The Dusk at Cubist Castle Bonus Material
LOCAL Olivia Tremor Control, The Live at the 40 Watt
LOCAL Olivia Tremor Control, The Music from the unrealized film script
COUNTRY Olsen, Kristina Love, Kristina
POP ROCK Olympic death squad, The 200 Blue
LOCAL Olympus Mans Olympus Mans
OC Om Lounge model017
BLUES Omar Blues Bag
BLUES Omar & The Howlers Live at Paradiso
BLUES Omar and the Howlers Courts of Lulu
INTERNATIONAL Omar, Ustad Mohammad Virtuoso From Afghanistan
POP ROCK Omatic Dog Years
HIP HOP Omid Monolith
HIP HOP Omni Ballyhoo
HIP HOP Omni Burgundy Brown
POP ROCK OmoIdehatoba Mantako
INTERNATIONAL Ondar, Kongar-ol , Paul Genghis Blues
POP ROCK One AM radio, The A Name Writ in Water
POP ROCK One AM radio, The This too will pass
HIP HOP One Be Lo S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.
HIP HOP One Be Lo The R.E.B.I.R.T.H.
LOCAL One Hand Loves the Other One Hand Loves the Remix
OC One Love Tribute to Bob Marley
PUNK One Man Army Dead End Stories
PUNK One Man Army Last Word Spoken
POP ROCK One Ring Zero Wake them Up
POP ROCK One, Four, Fives Rock n roll spook party
HIP HOP One, Jake Jake One Presents White Van Music
POP ROCK Oneida Annihilation to traitors
POP ROCK Oneida anthem of the moon
POP ROCK Oneida Come everyday lets rock
POP ROCK Oneida Happy New Year
POP ROCK Oneida Nice/ splitting peaches
POP ROCK Oneida Secret Wars
POP ROCK Oneida The Wedding
POP ROCK Oneida/liars Atheists reconsider
POP ROCK Oneil, Tara Jane A ways away
POP ROCK Oneil, Tara Jane In Circles
POP ROCK Oneil, Tara Jane in the sun lines
POP ROCK Oneil, Tara Jane Peregrine
POP ROCK Oneil, Tara Jane You sound reflect
LOCAL Ones, The no media
POP ROCK Oniki, Yuji Orange
POP ROCK Oniki, Yuji Tui
LOCAL Onyx & Crake Onyx & Crake
POP ROCK Ooioo Gold + Green
POP ROCK Ooioo Ooioo
POP ROCK Ooioo Taiga
LOCAL Opal Foxx Quartet The Love That Won’t Shut Up
SKA Opel, Jackie & Ferdie Nelson/Duke Reid’s Various Artists A Love to Share/Duke Reid’s Rock Steady ’67-’68
POP ROCK Optiganally Yours Exclusively Talentmaker
HIP HOP Opus First Contact 001
POP ROCK Or, the whale Or, the whale
POP ROCK Orange Alabaster Mushroom, The A compendium of the orange alabaster mushroom
POP ROCK Orange Cake mix Fluffy cake mix
PUNK Orange Crunch Orange Crunch
POP ROCK Orange Peels So Far
POP ROCK Orange Peels Square
POP ROCK Orange Peels, The Circling the sun
POP ROCK Orange, Adrian Adrian Orange and her band
POP ROCK Oranj Symphonette The oranj album
OC Orb, The An Introduction to…
OC Orb, The Okie Dokie It’s the Orb on Kompakt
OC Orb, The The Orb
INTERNATIONAL Orchestra Baobab Made in Dakar
INTERNATIONAL Orchestra Baobab Made in Dakar
INTERNATIONAL Orchestra Baobab Specialist in All Styles
INTERNATIONAL Orchestra Baobab Specialist in All Styles
POP ROCK Orchestra du Solleil A summerday by the lake
LOCAL Orchid Pool, The Chatters and Ladders
LOCAL Orchid Pool, The To Drive the Cold Winter Away
LOCAL Ordinary Germans Like Yourselves Ordinary Germans Like Yourselves
LOCAL Origami Sex Dolls, The Valium Sessions
POP ROCK Original Sins, The Bethlehem
POP ROCK Original Sins, The S/t
POP ROCK Original Sins, The Sally Kirkland
POP ROCK Original Sins, The Skeletons in the garage
LOCAL Orkids, The Paper Dolls EP
LOCAL Orphins, The Drowning Cupid
LOCAL Orphins, The Wish You Well
POP ROCK Orso Orso
FOLK Orton, Beth Comfort of Strangers
POP ROCK Orwell following days
INTERNATIONAL Oryema, Geoffrey The River
INTERNATIONAL Oryema, Geoffrey The River
POP ROCK Oscillators, The Incog neat o
POP ROCK Oscillators, The Lets rock instead
FOLK Oskar, Lee Before The Rain
FOLK Oskar, Lee Oskar Lee
POP ROCK Other Desert cities Other desert cities
POP ROCK Otolithen S.O.D
POP ROCK Ounsworth, Alec Mo beauty
BLUES Our New Orleans 2005
POP ROCK Out Crowd, The Then i saw the holy city
OC Out Hud Lab Remix Series Vol. 2
OC Out Hud Let Us Never Speak of It Again
SKA Out of Order Eye Caramba
POP ROCK Outrageous Cherry Nothings gonna cheer you up
POP ROCK Outrageous Cherry Out there in the dark
POP ROCK Outrageous Cherry Outrageous Cherry
POP ROCK Outrageous Cherry Stereo action rent party
LOCAL Outrageous Fun 30A
OC Oval 94diskont.
OC Oval Commers
OC Oval Dok
OC Oval Ovalprocess
OC Oval Systemisch
OC Oval Szenariodisk
POP ROCK Over the Atlantic Junica
POP ROCK Over the Rhine Patience
POP ROCK Overhead Projector Underpants of Ceiliing Fan
POP ROCK Owen New Leaves
POP ROCK Owen Owen
POP ROCK Owls, The Daughters and Suns
POP ROCK Owls, The Our Hopes and Dreams
POP ROCK Owls, The The Owls
REGGAE Owner Fe De Yard Ethiopians, The
POP ROCK Oxes Oxxxes
POP ROCK Oxygen Ponies, The Harmonyhandgrenade
PUNK Oxymoron WestWorld
POP ROCK Oxytocin Love H
POP ROCK Oye, Erlend Unrest
HIP HOP P.O.S. Never Better
OC P’Taah Compressed Light
REGGAE Pablo, Augustus King Tubby Meet
REGGAE Pablo, Augustus Presents DJs from 70s to 80s
REGGAE Pablo, Augustus Valley of Jehosaphat
LOCAL Pacific UV After the Dream You Are Awake
LOCAL Pacific UV Chrysalis
LOCAL Pacific UV Longplay 2
LOCAL Pacific UV Pacific UV
LOCAL Pacific UV Weekends
COUNTRY Packway Handle Band, The Chaff Harvest
LOCAL Packway Handle Band, The Chaff Harvest
LOCAL Packway Handle Band, The What are we gonna do now?
PUNK Pagans Everybody hates you
PUNK Paint it Black CVA
COUNTRY Paisley, Doug Doug Paisley
INTERNATIONAL Palacio, Andy & The Garifuna Collective Wátina
INTERNATIONAL Palacio, Andy & The Garifuna Collective Wátina
PUNK Palatka Palatka
LOCAL Palem, Corey Eat my Gore***
POP ROCK Pallett, Owen Heartland
FOLK Palmer, Clive Banjoland
OC Panacea Brasilia
HIP HOP Panacea Ink is My Drink
PUNK Pansy Division Deflowered
PUNK Pansy Division Pile Up
OC Pantha du Prince Black Noise
OC Pantha du Prince XI Versions of Black Noise
LOCAL Paper Champions, The The Paper Champions
LOCAL Paper Lions The Symptom and the Sick
HIP HOP Paper Tiger Made Like Us
OC Par Avion Global Indie Clubpop!/Eenie Meenie
LOCAL Paradise II Dream Driver
OC Park Avenue Music By Hearts + Horses
LOCAL Park, Madison, and Beechkraft Mix
POP ROCK Park, Maximo Missing Songs
SKA Parka Kings, The 23 Skidoo
SKA Parka Kings, The Bienvenidos!
LOCAL Parker and Lily Hello Halo
LOCAL Parker and Lily The Low Lows
BLUES Parker, Bobby Shine Me Up
COUNTRY Parnell, Lee Roy Parnell, Lee Roy
INTERNATIONAL Parsons, Niamh Blackbirds & Thrushes
REGGAE Pato Banton Collections
REGGAE Pato Banton Universal Love
50’s/60’s Patron Saints, The Fohhoh Bohob
BLUES Pattman, Big Daddy Live in London
BLUES Patton, Charley Screamin’ and Hollerin’ the Blues
BLUES Paul Wertico Trio Don’t Be Scared Anymore
FOLK Paul, Ellis A Carnival of Voices
FOLK Paxton, Tom It Ain’t Easy
FOLK Paxton, Tom Live For The Record
FOLK Paxton, Tom The Very Best Of Tom Paxton
FOLK Paxton, Tom Wearing the Time
OC Peace Orchestra The Man Part One
HIP HOP Peanut Butter Wolf Jukebox 45’s
50’s/60’s Pearls Before Swine Balaklava
50’s/60’s Pearls Before Swine One Nation Underground
COUNTRY Peasall Sisters, The Home to You
BLUES Pebbles, Ann Full Time Love
HIP HOP Pedestrian Volume One: Unindian Songs
PUNK Peelander-z Dancing Friendly
PUNK Peelander-z Happee Mania
LOCAL Pegasus XL Electro Agitators
LOCAL Pegasus XL Psychic Entourage
PUNK Pegboy Earwig
PUNK Pegboy Strong Reaction
LOCAL Pelican City Phode Island
LOCAL Pen Test, The Laterstate
OC Pendulum Immersion
HIP HOP People Under the Stairs Fun DMC
HIP HOP People Under the Stairs Question in the Form of an Answer
OC Pepe Deluxe Beatitude
OC Pepe Deluxe Super Sound
PUNK Peppermints, The Jesus Christ
BLUES Perkins, Carl Pink Cadillac
BLUES Perkins, Pinetop Hightone Sessions
BLUES Perkins, Pinetop Live Top
BLUES Perkins, Pinetop On Top
BLUES Perkins, Pinetop Portrait of a Delta Bluesman
BLUES Perkins, Pinetop with the Blue Ice Band Pinetop Perkins with the Blue Ice Band
REGGAE Perry, Lee Fire in Dub
BLUES Persuasions, The Right Around the Corner
OC Peter Project Peter Project
FOLK Peter, Paul & Mary No Easy Walk To Freedom
OC Peterson, Gilles INCredible
PUNK Pezz Livin’ the Life of Riley, One Last Look
PUNK Pezz Warmth and Sincerity
OC Pfeuti Pigeon Post
50’s/60’s Phil Spector Box Set Back to Mono (1958-1969) Disc 1
50’s/60’s Phil Spector Box Set Back to Mono (1958-1969) Disc 2
50’s/60’s Phil Spector Box Set Back to Mono (1958-1969) Disc 3
LOCAL Phillips, Glenn Angel Sparks
OC Phoenecia Oddjob Discrimination
HIP HOP Phoenix Orion Zimulated Experiencez
LOCAL Pholksinger Josh + Friends Watermelon Mountain
OC Phon.o Burn Down the Town
OC Phonophani Phonophani
OC PhonosycographDISK Ancient Termites
LOCAL Phosphorescent A Hundred Times or More
LOCAL Phosphorescent Aw Come, Aw Wry
LOCAL Phosphorescent To Willie
OC Photek Modus Operandi
OC Photek Solaris
50’s/60’s Pickett, Wilson The Very Best of Wilson Pickett
COUNTRY Picketts, The Euphonium
COUNTRY Picketts, The The Wicked Picketts
OC Pictureplane Dark Rift
LOCAL Pierson, Kate Guitars and Microphones
SKA PieTasters Oolooloo + Willis
SKA PieTasters Strapped Live
SKA PieTasters, The Awesome Mix Tape #6
SKA PieTasters, The Willis
OC Pigeon Funk Pigeon Funk
OC Pimmon Snaps Crackles Pops
OC Pimp Daddy Nash Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz
LOCAL Pinecones Sings for You Now
COUNTRY Pinehill Haints Trains Have No Names
PUNK Pinhead Circus Detailed instructions for the Self Involved
PUNK Pinhead gunpowder complecation
PUNK Pinhead gunpowder Shoot The Moon
50’s/60’s Pink Floyd Piper at the Gates of Dawn + Early Singles & Unreleased Tracks
LOCAL Pink Kodiak Pink Kodiak
LOCAL Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t Individualized Shirts
OC Pistel Pistel
LOCAL Pistolero Warface
LOCAL Places March
LOCAL Places to Hide Almost Nothing
OC Plaid D. Braine
OC Plaid Double Figure
OC Plaid Spokes
OC Plaid & Bob Jaroc Greedy Baby
SKA Planet Smashers, The Mighty
LOCAL Plastic Bird Citrus Flavored Sky
LOCAL Plastic Bird From This Wreck
LOCAL Plastic Bird South
50’s/60’s Plastic Cloud, The The Plastic Cloud
LOCAL Plastic Overlords Plague, The The Plastic Overlords Plague
OC Plastikman Musik
OC Plastikman Plastikman
OC Plastikman Sheet One
PUNK Plea for Peace Plea for Peace
LOCAL Pleasures XL The Autiphon
LOCAL Pledger, Connor Detours
OC Plone For Beginner Piano
OC Plug Back on Time
OC Plug Drum ‘n’ Bass for Papa
OC Pluxus Solid State
OC Pnau Good Morning to the Night
HIP HOP Poirier, Ghislain Beats as Politics
OC Pola Pola
OC Pole 2
OC Pole 3
OC Pole 45/45
OC Pole 90/90
OC Pole Pole
LOCAL Polemic Plastic on the Mouth Hole
LOCAL Polly Factor Demo
OC Polygon Window Surfing on Sine Waves
POP ROCK Pond, Matt PA The Dark Leaves
POP ROCK Pond, Matt PA The Dark Leaves
LOCAL Ponderosa Pool Party
OC Ponga Remixes
OC Pooley, Ian Since Then
SKA Popcanon The Kingdom of Idiot Rock
50’s/60’s Poppy Family, The A Good Thing Lost: 1968-1973
OC Porest Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger
LOCAL Porn Orchard Name Your Regions
LOCAL Porn Orchard Urges and Angers
LOCAL Portal Coin Ghost Steps Traced From the Spine (Part. 1)
OC Porter Robinson Worlds
LOCAL Portrait Portrait
LOCAL Possibilities, The 4 Song demo
LOCAL Possibilities, The The long awaited two song album
LOCAL Potatoes Potatoes
SKA PotShot Rock ‘n’ Roll
50’s/60’s POW CITY! Fabulous Shakers Soul Party
LOCAL Powell, Julia Music Swims Back to Me
LOCAL Powell, Julie Heart of a Woman
OC Power of Suggestion, The Karmisky Experience Inc.
LOCAL Powerkompany Comfort + Pulse
LOCAL Powerkompany I am More Than This
OC Praguedren Serfs Of The Plant Kingdom
BLUES Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues Preacher Boy & The Natural Blues
OC Prefuse 73 Extinguished
OC Prefuse 73 Reads the Books
OC Prefuse 73 Security Screenings
OC Prefuse 73 The ’92 vs ’02 Collection
OC Prefuse 73 vocal studies + uprock narratives
HIP HOP Prefuse73 Surrounded by Silence
HIP HOP Presto State of the Art
BLUES Preston Shannon Band, THe Break the Ice
LOCAL PreTarde Life in the Box
LOCAL Pretty Bird Sweet Release
LOCAL Pretty Bird, The Broken EP
50’s/60’s Pretty Things, The Get the Picture
50’s/60’s Pretty Things, The S.F. Sorrow
FOLK Prewitt, Archer Wilderness
COUNTRY Price, Ray American Originals
COUNTRY Price, Ray The Essential Ray Price
OC Price,Darren Under the Flightpath
LOCAL Pride Parade Descendants
LOCAL Pride Parade Dose
LOCAL Pride Parade Surrenders
OC Prince Charming Fantastic Voyage
OC Prince Paul Prince Among Thieves
HIP HOP Prince Po The Slickness
LOCAL Prince Rondavels, The 4 songs by the Prince Rondavels
COUNTRY Prine, John In Spite of Ourselves
COUNTRY Prine, John John Prine
COUNTRY Prine, John Live On Tour
COUNTRY Prine, John Souvenirs
LOCAL Prismatic Spray Dreamworlds EP
LOCAL Private Lessons False Alarms
HIP HOP Procussions, the As Iron Sharpens Iron
LOCAL Producto Producto
OC Proem Enough Conflict
OC Programme Mon Cerveau Dans Ma Bouche
LOCAL Programs Promises
HIP HOP Prolyphic and Reanimator Strange Famous
OC Prototype 909 Joined at the Head
LOCAL Prozac Daily Dose
OC Prydz, Eric Pryda
HIP HOP Psalm One The Death of Frequent Flyer
LOCAL Psyche Origami Is ellipses
LOCAL Psyche Origami Kaptivation
LOCAL Psyche Origami The Standard
50’s/60’s Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators, The Easter Everywhere
HIP HOP Public Enemy Can’t Hold Us Back
HIP HOP Public Enemy Rebirth of a Nation
LOCAL Puddin Tang In the Wild
LOCAL Puddin Tang What’s Our Name?
OC Pulse Programming s/t
HIP HOP Pumpkinhead Orange Moon Over Brooklyn
SKA Punch the Clown Is Caught Red Handed
SKA Punch the Clown The Secret Life of Punch the Clown
PUNK Punk Strikes Back Punk Strikes Back
PUNK Punk vs. Ska Round 2
LOCAL Purkinje Shift, The Five for the Road and One for the Ditch
LOCAL Purkinje Shift, The Nickel Waves and Carbon Stars
HIP HOP Push Button Object Ghetto Blaster
FOLK Pyle, Chuck Endless Sky
LOCAL Pylon Chain
LOCAL Pylon Hits
LOCAL Quadiliacha Discography
LOCAL Quadrajets Alabama Hipshake
OC Quantic An Announcement To Answer
OC Quasimojo Acoustic Coupler
HIP HOP Quasimoto The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
50’s/60’s Question Mark & The Mysterians 30 Original Recordings
50’s/60’s Question Mark & The Mysterians 96 Tears/ Action
50’s/60’s Question Mark & The Mysterians More Action
LOCAL Quiet Evenings Impressions
LOCAL Quiet Hooves Saddle Up
LOCAL Quiet Hooves The Dream Scene
LOCAL Quiet Hounds Quiet Hounds
LOCAL Quiet Hours When I Was Dreaming
LOCAL Quiet Men, The Demo
LOCAL Qurious Planet Plant
LOCAL Qurious Transmission Permissions EP
LOCAL Qurious Void Vanishing
LOCAL R.E.M. Collapse Into Now
BLUES Radcliff, Bobby There’s a Cold Grave in Your Way
BLUES Radcliff, Bobby Universal Blues
LOCAL Radford, Jamie Athens
OC Radian Rec.Extern
OC Radio Boy The Mechanics of Destruction
BLUES Radio Kings, The Money Road
LOCAL radio:tahiti the francher sessions
LOCAL radio:tahiti x-mas
OC Rainbow Arabia Boys And Diamonds
LOCAL Rainbow Ghost Tell Us How You Really Feel
INTERNATIONAL Ramani, Dr. N. , Trichy Sankaran Lotus Signatures
INTERNATIONAL Ramani, Dr. N. , Trichy Sankaran Lotus Signatures
COUNTRY Ranch Romance Flip City
COUNTRY Ranch Romance Western Dream
OC Ranelin, Phil Remixes
50’s/60’s Rascals, The Anthology Album Disc #1
50’s/60’s Rascals, The Anthology Disc 2
OC Ratatat Classics
OC Ratatat Ratatat
OC Ratatat Remixes
FOLK Raymond Brake, The Never Work Ever
LOCAL Raza, Saira Ephemera
LOCAL Reacher, Geoff Avec Reacher C’est Plus Sur
LOCAL Reacher, Geoff The Engineer of Asses
LOCAL Reacher, Geoff You Like My Song
LOCAL Reading Reading
LOCAL Reading The Vinyl Letdown
PUNK Reagan Youth A collection of pop classics
PUNK Real McKeanzies, The Self titled
PUNK Real McKeanzies, The The Clash of The tartans
FOLK Really Eclectic String Band, The Really Eclectic String Band, The
LOCAL Reason Face the Fiction
OC Receiver Chicken Milk
OC Recoil Liquid
OC Recoil Luscious Apparatus
FOLK Red Allen The Folkways Years 1964-1983
COUNTRY Red Dirt Rangers Rangers’ Command
LOCAL Red Leader Red Leader
LOCAL Red Level Eleven Fort Seduction
LOCAL Red Level Eleven Fort Seduction
LOCAL Red Sea In the Salon
LOCAL Red Sea Yardsticks for Human Intelligence
OC Red Snapper Our Aim is to Satisfy Red Snapper
PUNK Redforty Redforty
PUNK Redmond Shooting Stars Redmond Shooting Stars
FOLK Redpath, Jean The Songs of Robert Burns
INTERNATIONAL Redsun / SamulNori Then Comes the White Tiger
INTERNATIONAL Redsun / SamulNori Then Comes the White Tiger
BLUES Reed, Dalton Louisiana Soul Man
BLUES Reed, Dalton Willing & Able
50’s/60’s Reed, Lou Lou Reed
PUNK Refused The New Noise Theology E.P.
PUNK Refused The Shape of Punk to Come
SKA Regatta Sixty-Nine Fat Free
SKA Regatta Sixty-Nine Prime Time
SKA Regatta Sixty-Nine Regatta Sixty-Nine
SKA Regatta Sixty-Nine SKAttered SMOTHered COVERed
OC Reich Remixed
50’s/60’s Reid, Terry Silver White Light
50’s/60’s Reid, Terry Superlungs
OC Remote, The Viewer
OC Renegade Soundwave Howyoudoin?
LOCAL Rent Boys, The The Rent Boys
PUNK Reo Speadealer Reo Speadealer
LOCAL Reptar Body Faucet
LOCAL Reptar Fleetwood Porn Shower EP
LOCAL Reptar Oblangle Fizz Y’all
LOCAL Retconned Has Been
COUNTRY Revenants, The Artists and Whores
COUNTRY Reverend Horton Heat The Loco Galaxy Party Box EP
PUNK Reverend Horton Heat The full custom Gospel Sounds
LOCAL Reversing Hour The Diva’s Whiskey
PUNK RF7 Traditional Values
BLUES Rice, Larry Clouds Over Carolina
LOCAL Rich Kidz Out of Order
COUNTRY Rich, Charlie American Originals
OC Richard Devine Cautella
COUNTRY Riders in the Sky A Great Big Western Howdy!
COUNTRY Riders in the Sky Always Drink Upstream From The Herd
COUNTRY Riders in the Sky Public Cowboy #1: The Music of Gene Autry
BLUES Ridgley, Tommy Since the Blues Began
LOCAL Rig 1 Above the Tree Line West of the Pacific
COUNTRY Rigby, Amy Diary of a Mod Housewife
COUNTRY Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Steve La Toussaint
COUNTRY Riley and the Mamou Playboys, Steve Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys
FOLK Ringer, Jim The Band of Jesse James
OC Rip Off Artist, the In Through The Out Door
COUNTRY Riptones World Renowned
PUNK Rise Against Revolutions Per Minuit
FOLK Ritchie, Jean Ballads fro Her Appalachian Family Tradition
PUNK Rites Of Spring Rites Of Spring
COUNTRY Ritter, Lex Collector’s Series
LOCAL Ritvals Ritvals
LOCAL Riveter Like Being Found
LOCAL Rizzudo Rizzudo
OC RJD2 Since We Last Spoke
PUNK RKL Riches To Rags
HIP HOP Rob Sonic Telicatessen
BLUES Robillard, Duke Temptation
BLUES Robinson, Jamie Lee and the Ice Cream Men Lonely Traveller
BLUES Robinson, Tad One to Infinity
SKA Robustos, The Introducing the Robustos
SKA Robustos, The The New Authentic
FOLK Roches, The Speak
LOCAL Rock and Roll Summer Buried Treasure
LOCAL Rock and Roll Summer Seal it With a Kiss
LOCAL Rock Coaches, The Our Freshman Year at Rock Coach High
LOCAL Rock*a*Teens, The Baby, a Little Rain Must Fall
LOCAL Rock*a*Teens, The Cry
LOCAL Rock*a*Teens, The Golden Time
LOCAL Rock*a*Teens, The Noon Under the Trees
LOCAL Rock*a*Teens, The Sweet Bird of Youth
LOCAL Rock*a*Teens, The The Rock*a*Teens
OC Rockers Hi-Fi 90s Fuzz Walk
OC Rockers Hi-Fi Mish Mash
OC Rockers Hi-Fi Mish Mash
LOCAL Rocket 350 Jungletbilly
LOCAL Rocket 350 Rocket 351
LOCAL Rocket Number Nine Visits Planet Earth
LOCAL Rockstar Wallabies Raw
LOCAL Rodents as Gifts Magic Bone
COUNTRY Rodgers, Jimmie Jimmie Rodgers 1930-1931: America’s Blue Yodeler
COUNTRY Rodgers, Jimmie Jimmie Rodgers 1931-1932: Down The Old Road
LOCAL Rodney Kings, The The Rodney Kings EP
BLUES Rodriguez Searching for the Sugar Man
COUNTRY Rogers, J. D. Hey Mister, Can You Spare A Biscuit?
BLUES Rogers, Jimmy Feelin’ Good
BLUES Rogers, Jimmy With Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters
FOLK Rogers, Sally Flying Fish
INTERNATIONAL Rogie, S.E. Dead Men Don’t Smoke Marijuana
LOCAL Roman Photos Ribcage
LOCAL Romweber, Dexter Folk Songs
BLUES Roomful of Blues Under One Roof
HIP HOP Roots Manuva Dub Come Save Me
HIP HOP Roots Manuva Juggle Tings Proper
HIP HOP Roots Manuva Run Come Save Me
HIP HOP Rorshach Frankenstein Rhyme
INTERNATIONAL Rose, Doudou Ndiaye Djabote
FOLK Rosenbaum Georgia Banjos Blues
OC Rothko A negative for Francis
OC Rothko Not gone. Not forgotten.
FOLK Rowan, Peter and the Rowan Brothers Tree on a Hill
OC Roy Davis Jr. Traxx from the Nite
FOLK Royal Trux Accelerator
OC Royksopp Junior
OC Royksopp Senior
OC Royksopp The Understanding
OC Royksopp What Else is There?
HIP HOP Rubberoom Architechnology
LOCAL Ruby Isle Night Shot
OC Rucker, Ricci Fuga
FOLK Rucker, Sparker & Rhonda Treasures & Tears
PUNK Rudemtary Peni Echoes of Anguish
PUNK Rudemtary Peni The Under class
PUNK Rudimentary Peni Pope Adrian 37th Psychristiatric
FOLK Rundlett, Gail Full Circle
BLUES Rush, Otis Live & Awesome
BLUES Rush, Otis Lost Blues
SKA Ruskabank I don’t think you hear me, though.
COUNTRY Russell, Tom Cowboy Real
LOCAL Russian Spy Camera Mutiny in the Kitchen with Knives
LOCAL Russian Spy Camera Svengali What’s the Caper
LOCAL Russian Spy Camera You are a Vulture
SKA Rustic Overtones Long Division
COUNTRY Rutherford, Carl Turn Off The Fear
50’s/60’s Ryder, Mitch and the Detroit Wheels, The Squires, & Buffalo Springfield Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, The Squires, & Buffalo Springfield
PUNK Rythm Collision Clobberer
HIP HOP S.K.I.P. Autobiographicology
OC Sad Rockets Transition
COUNTRY Sadies, The Pure Diamond Gold
COUNTRY Sadies, The Stories Often Told
COUNTRY Sadies, The Tremendous Efforts
HIP HOP Sage Francis A Healthy Distrust
LOCAL Sailor Winters Red at Morn
50’s/60’s Saint-Marie, Buffy Illuminations
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi 1996
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi Anger/Grief
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi Bricolages
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi BTTB
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi Cinemage
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi Heartbeat
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi Moto.Tronic
OC Sakamoto, Ryuichi Prayer/Salvation
LOCAL Sam Sniper We’re not Coming Back This Way
FOLK Sampou, Les Fall From Grace
OC Sanchez, Congo Vol.1
LOCAL Sanders, Pharoah Jewels of Thought
INTERNATIONAL Sangare, Oumou Worotan
LOCAL Sanni Sanni
LOCAL Sarrano, Thayer Lift Your Eyes to the Hills
BLUES Satan and Adam Mother Mojo
LOCAL Satisfiers of the Alpha Blue The Demo Years
LOCAL Savagist Domestic Becoming Feral
OC Savath & Savalas Apropa’t
OC Savath & Savalas La Llama
OC Sawako Hum
OC Sawako Omnibus
LOCAL Scab Queen Bodies
OC Scala Compass heart
OC Scanner Lauwarminstrumentals
PUNK Scared of Chaka Crossing With Switchblades
PUNK Scared of Chaka How to Lose
PUNK Scared of Chaka Masonic Youth
PUNK Scared of Chaka Seven Stories Tall
PUNK Scared of Chaka Tired of You
OC Schaefer, Janek Above Building
OC Schinach, Otto Van 8000 B.C.
OC Schinach, Otto Van Escalo Frio
OC Schnauss, Ulrich A Strangely Isolated Place
OC Schnauss, Ulrich far away trains passing by
OC Schnauss, Ulrich Stars EP
OC Schneider tm Moist
HIP HOP Schoolboy Q Oxymoron
OC Scientific American Saints of Infinity
LOCAL Scifu Built and Blew Up
LOCAL Scifu Destructo
SKA Scofflaws, The Live Vol. 1
SKA Scofflaws, The Record of Convictions
SKA Scofflaws, The Ska in Hi-Fi
SKA Scofflaws, The The Scofflaws
LOCAL Scooterbabe Scooterbabe EP
LOCAL Scooterbabe
LOCAL Scorinfor Sega Falls Apart Say Goodbye 1978
COUNTRY Scott, Darell, Danny Thompson, and Kenny Malones Live In NYC
BLUES Scott, E.C. Come Get Your Love
50’s/60’s Scott, Raymond Kodachrome
50’s/60’s Scott, Raymond Reckless Nights and Turksh Twilights
REGGAE Scott, Ruff Roots and Culture
50’s/60’s Screamin’ Jay Hawkins Voodoo Jive: Best Of
PUNK Screeching Weasel emo
PUNK Screeching Weasel How to Make Enemies and Irritate People
PUNK Screeching Weasel Screeching Weasel
PUNK Screeching Weasel Teen Punks in Heat
PUNK Screeching Weasel boogada boogadaboogada
PUNK Screeching Weasel Major Label Debut
PUNK Screeching Weasel Television City Dream
PUNK Screw 32 Under the Influence of Bad People
PUNK Screw 32 unresolved childhood issues
COUNTRY Scruggs, Earl and Doc Watson and Ricky Skaggs The Three Pickers
COUNTRY Scud Mountain Boys Dance The Night Away
BLUES Seals, Son Living in the Danger Zone
BLUES Seals, Son Nothing But the Truth
OC Secret Frequency Crew Secret Frequency Crew
OC Secret Mommy Very Rec
OC Secret Mommy Plays
SKA See Spot Is There Any Love in Your Ska?
FOLK Seeger, Mike Southern Banjo Sounds
FOLK Seeger, Peggy An Odd Collection
FOLK Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads vol. 3
FOLK Seeger, Pete American Favorite Ballads vol. 4
FOLK Seeger, Pete Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Fishes Little & Big. Animal Folk Songs
FOLK Seeger, Pete Folk Songs for Young People
FOLK Seeger, Pete Headlines & Footnotes: A Collection of Topical Songs
FOLK Seeger, Pete If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle
FOLK Seeger, Pete Sing-a-Long ((Recorded Live @ Sanders Theatre)
FOLK Seeger, Pete Song & Play Time
LOCAL Seely Julie Only
LOCAL Seely Parentha See
LOCAL Seely Seconds
LOCAL Seely Soft City
LOCAL Seely Winter Birds
LOCAL Seems Sometimes People Undergo Full Transformation Live @ Flicker Theater
LOCAL Seersucker Pushing Rope
OC Seksu Roba SIT
PUNK Selby Tigers Charm City
SKA Selecter The Happy Album
FOLK Seledom Scene, The After Midnight
LOCAL Semicircle Blow, Breeze, Grown Grass and We are Part of the Earth
LOCAL Semicircle Semicircle
HIP HOP Sensation Loaded With Power
HIP HOP Sentence There and Back
LOCAL Seraph Reawakening
HIP HOP Serengeti and Polyphonic Terradactyl
BLUES Serrapere. Jo & The Willie Dunks Tonight at Johnny’s Speakeasy
POP ROCK Serveert, Bettie Tom Boy
LOCAL Servotron Entertainment
LOCAL Servotron No Room for Humans
LOCAL Servotron Spare Parts
INTERNATIONAL Seth, Raghunath Raga Rajeshwari/Kajri/Raga Mishra Bhairavi
INTERNATIONAL Seth, Raghunath Raga Rajeshwari/Kajri/Raga Mishra Bhairavi
LOCAL Seven Foot Politic Seven Foot Politic
PUNK Seven Seconds Seven Seconds
HIP HOP Shabazz Palaces Black Up
LOCAL Shade Pipedream
50’s/60’s Shaggs, The Philosophy of the World Shaggs Own Thing
50’s/60’s Shagrat Pink Jackets Required
COUNTRY Shakin’ Apostles, The Tucson
PUNK Sham 69 The A Files
INTERNATIONAL Shankar. Ravi Sound of the Sitar
INTERNATIONAL Shankar. Ravi Sound of the Sitar
INTERNATIONAL Shankar. Ravi Three Ragas
INTERNATIONAL Shankar. Ravi Three Ragas
OC Shannon, Mike Memory Tree
BLUES Shannon, Preston Midnight in Memphis
LOCAL Shark Devilles, The Live at Rehearsal
LOCAL Shark Devilles, The Quick n’ Dirty Demo
LOCAL Shark Shark Shark Shark
LOCAL Sharks and Minnows Julie et Cetera
LOCAL Sharks and Minnows Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
LOCAL Sharks and Minnows The Cost of Living
COUNTRY Shaw, Virgil Still Falling
OC Shine 2009 Associates
COUNTRY Shiners, The Bonnie Blue
BLUES Shines, Johnny Self-Titled
OC Shinichi Osawa One
HIP HOP Shinin’, the Director’s Cut EP
LOCAL Shirley, Chip Fight Like A Dog
COUNTRY Shivers, The The Buried Life
LOCAL Shoal Creek Stranglers, The The Shoal Creek Stranglers
PUNK Shock Result Music to Improve Your Game
PUNK Short Music for Short People Short Music for Short People
LOCAL Short Road Home Short Road Home
LOCAL Shots of Perspective, The nothing personal
LOCAL Shut Ups, The It Hurts To Be Seen
OC Shy Child Noise Wont Stop
OC Si Begg Commuter World
OC Si Begg =+. Director’s Cut_ _:
OC Si-{CUT}.DB Rate Of Living
SKA Sic and Mad 23 Blues: Destruction of Utopia pt. II
POP ROCK Sideways Soul Dub Narcotic Sound System Meets The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion In A Dace Hall Style
FOLK Siebel, Paul Siebel, Paul
BLUES Siegel, Corey Live!
INTERNATIONAL Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars Living Like A Refugee
FOLK Signal To Trust Golden Armour
PUNK Sigue Sigue Sputnik Flaunt It
LOCAL Silent Kids Radio Beams EP
LOCAL Silent Kids Tomorrow Waits
OC Silk Flowers Ltd. Form
50’s/60’s Silver Apples Silver Apples / Contact
FOLK Silver Jews Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea
OC Simian Mobile Disco Unpatterns
LOCAL Simple Teek Ubu
LOCAL Simuvac Another Noise
COUNTRY Sin City Band, The Later Daze
OC Singh, Talvin OK
HIP HOP Single Minded Pros From Now On
SKA SkaFace Ask Café
SKA SkaFace Sunday in the Dark with Norm
SKA Skagnetti Skagnetti
SKA Skalars, The Change Up
SKA Skalars, The Skoolin’ with the Skalars
SKA Skandalous All-Stars, The Age of Insects
SKA Skandalous All-Stars, The Hit Me
SKA Skatalites, The Ball of Fire
SKA Skatalites, The Greetings from Skamania
SKA Skatalites, The Hi-Bop Ska!
SKA Skatalites, The Ska Voovee
SKA Skatalites, The Skatalites (Live)
SKA Skatalites, The Skatalites Vol. 1
SKA Skatalites, The Skatalites Vol. 2
SKA Skavoovie and the Epitones Ripe
SKA Skeletones, The Dr. Bones
LOCAL Skipperdees, The Here’s to Hoping
LOCAL Skipperdees, The Some Bright Morning
HIP HOP Skratch Commando Incredible DJ’s
LOCAL Slackdaddy Is
SKA Slackers, The International War Criminal
SKA Slackers, The Live at Ernesto’s
SKA Slackers, The The Question
SKA Slackers, The Wasted Days
LOCAL Slave Lake Slave Lake
LOCAL Sleepdance Sleepdance
LOCAL Sleepy Horses Somewhere Out West, Lonesome for You
BLUES Sleepy LaBeef Strange Things Happening
BLUES Slo Leak Slo Leak
SKA Slow Children at Play Let’s Kick This Thing
SKA Slow Children at Play Someone Just Called and Complained
SKA Slow Children at Play The Guest House – Live
LOCAL Slowriter Slowriter
FOLK Smaldone, Micah Blue Some Sweet Day
50’s/60’s Small Faces, The Anthology 1965-1967- Disc 1
50’s/60’s Small Faces, The Castle Masters Collection
50’s/60’s Small Faces, The The Anthology- 1965-1967- Disc 2
BLUES Smith, Bessie The Collection
BLUES Smith, Bessie The Complete Recordings Vol. 1
BLUES Smith, Bessie The Complete Recordings Vol.1
BLUES Smith, Byther Housefire
COUNTRY Smith, Carl The Essential Carl Smith
LOCAL Smith, Hunter Hunter Smith
COUNTRY Smith, Kenny Studebaker
LOCAL Smith, Kevin Untitled
50’s/60’s Smith, Terry Fallout
BLUES Smith, Willis Bag Full of Blues
FOLK Smither, Chris Another Way to Find You
FOLK Smither, Chris Live as I’ll Evere Be
FOLK Smither, Chris Up on the Lowdown
FOLK Smog Wild Love
LOCAL Smoke Another Reason to Last
COUNTRY Smoke, Johnny Launcher
BLUES Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band, The Chain Smokin’ Texas Style
BLUES Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band, The Cryin’ for the Moon
BLUES Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band, The Got My Mind Back
BLUES Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band, The Steppin’ Out Texas Style
BLUES Smokin’ Joe Kubek Band, The Texas Cadillac
SKA Smooths, The Very Own Vegas
LOCAL Snapdragon Drinking Watermelon Sugar
LOCAL Snowbride/Scab Queen Snowbride and Scab Queen Forever split CD
LOCAL Snowden anti-anti
LOCAL Snowden No one in control
LOCAL snowden snowden
LOCAL So It Goes Punk As Fuck
LOCAL Soapbar Hello My Name is Soapbar
LOCAL Soapbar Hello My Name is Soapbar
50’s/60’s Soft Machine, The Middle Earth Masters
50’s/60’s Soft Machine, The One + Two
INTERNATIONAL Sola Blues In The East
INTERNATIONAL Sola Blues In The East
COUNTRY Soldier, Dave The Kropotkins
HIP HOP Sole New Single
LOCAL Solitude I Have to Stay Out
50’s/60’s Sonics, The Boom
50’s/60’s Sonics, The Here Are The Sonics
BLUES Sonics, The Sinderella
POP ROCK Sonny Sixkiller I’m in the Band
COUNTRY Sons of the Pioneers Sons of the Pioneers – Columbia Historic Edition
LOCAL Sorry No Ferrari Ternary
HIP HOP Soul Junk 1942
HIP HOP Soul Junk 1956
HIP HOP Soul Junk 1958
LOCAL Soul Miner’s Daughter The Sacred and Profane
HIP HOP Soul Position Things Go Better With RJ and Al
HIP HOP Soul-Junk 1938
LOCAL Southern Bitch Demos
LOCAL Southern Bitch Snake In The Grass
LOCAL Southern Bitch Thunderbolt
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Dirt Track Date
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Ditch Diggin’
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids For Lovers Only
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Liquored Up and Lacquered Down
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Peckin’ Party
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Plastic Seat Sweat
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Santo Swings
COUNTRY Southern Culture on the Skids Too Much Pork For Just One Fork
BLUES Southern Sons, The Deep South Gospel
HIP HOP Soweto A Life in the Day of B19: Tales of the Tower Block
HIP HOP Space Black Eye Records
HIP HOP Spankrock Yo Yo Yo
SKA Specials, The Today’s Specials
BLUES Specter, Dave and the Bluebirds blueplicity
LOCAL Spectralux Low Profile Demo
LOCAL Spectralux Spectralux
BLUES Spence, Joseph & the Pinder Family The Spring of Sixty-Five
FOLK Spinto Band, The Nice and Nicely Done
LOCAL Spirit Hair Star Don
LOCAL Spirit Temple Demos EP
LOCAL Spirits and the Melchizadek Children We Are Here to Save YOU!
LOCAL Splash Conception Lullaby for An Incandescent Blueberry
50’s/60’s Spoils of War, The II
PUNK Spoke All I Need of Hell!
LOCAL Spring Tigers Spring Tigers
PUNK Sprocket Wheel Single Comp!
LOCAL Squashy Nice and HD Team Player
LOCAL Squat Cycles
LOCAL Squat Grüelash
LOCAL Squat It’s all over
LOCAL Squat Placebo
LOCAL Squat Squat
LOCAL Squat Tales from the Side of the Road
PUNK Squirtgun Another Sunny Afternoon
PUNK Squirtgun Squirtgun
INTERNATIONAL Srinivas, U. and Michael Brook Dream
LOCAL SS Puft Live At Earthshaking Music
POP ROCK ST Mikael Mind of Fire
FOLK Stanley, Ralph Long Playing
BLUES Staples, Pops Father father
BLUES Staples, Pops Father father
LOCAL Star Room Boys, The The World Just Won’t Leave You Alone
LOCAL Star Room Boys, The Why Do Lonely Men and Women Want To Break Each Other’s Hearts?
LOCAL Starkiss Langerie
COUNTRY Starlings, TN The Leaper’s Fork
SKA Steady Earnest Take It Take It TAKE IT!
BLUES Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin Down in the Alley
BLUES Steady Rollin’ Bob Margolin My Blues & My Guitar
COUNTRY Steam Donkeys, The Cosmic Americana
LOCAL Stegosaurus Live at Tasty World
LOCAL Stephen, Noel and the Darlings My French and Indian War
FOLK Stephenson, Martin The Daintees
POP ROCK Stereo Total Paris <->
LOCAL Stewart and Winfield Another Round Live
LOCAL Stewart and Winfield Bum Parade
LOCAL Stewart and Winfield Narrows
COUNTRY Stewart, Gary Gary’s Greatest
COUNTRY Stewart, Gary I’m A Texan
COUNTRY Stewart, Gary Out of Hand
50’s/60’s Stooges, The The Stooges
LOCAL Stories Below Inside Your Sleeves
COUNTRY Straight Outta Boone County Cowboy Songs Home Songs Western Songs Mountain Songs
SKA Strange Tenants Bluebeat Party
PUNK Strawman Shoot Me Up
PUNK Strawman The Lottery
LOCAL Strawn, Chris I left My Hat Hades
LOCAL Street Violence Straight Chillin’
BLUES Strehli, Angela Blonde & Blue
PUNK Strike Anywhere Exit English
PUNK Strike Anywhere To Live in Discontent
50’s/60’s Strong, Nolan & The Diablos Motor City Detroit Doo-wops: Vol. 1
PUNK Strychnine Dead Rats and Oakland Dogs
LOCAL STSS Artifact Remixes Vol. 1
SKA Stubborn All-Stars Open Season No #10
SKA Stubborn All-Stars Tin Spam
COUNTRY Stuckey, Dave and the Rhythm Gang Get A Load of This
BLUES Studebaker, John and the Hawks Outside Lookin’ In
BLUES Studebaker, John and the Hawks Too Tough
BLUES Studebaker, John and the Hawks Tremoluxe
LOCAL Stuntdouble Live in the Lobby 4/22/97
LOCAL Stupid People and their Books Are the New Rococo EP
LOCAL Stupid People and Their Books Matrimony!
HIP HOP Subliminal Just When You Thought it Was All Over
LOCAL Subsonics Good Violence
PUNK Subwaste/ Tommy Gustafssonand the Idiots Subwaste/ Tommy Gustafssonand the Idiots
HIP HOP Suck MCs My Cell Phone and Radio Edits
SKA SuckaPunch Bustin’ Roids
POP ROCK Suffering and the Hideous Thieves Real Panic Formed
FOLK Sugar Beaster
POP ROCK Sugar Copper Blue
FOLK Sugar Gee Angel
FOLK Sugar Helpless
BLUES Sugar Blue Blue Blazes
BLUES Sugar Blue In Your Eyes
REGGAE Sugar Minott Collector’s Collection Vol. 1
REGGAE Sugar Minott International
POP ROCK Sugar Plant Cage of the Sun
POP ROCK Sugar Plant Hiding Place
BLUES Sugar Ray Sweet & Swingin’
BLUES Sugar Ray featuring the Bluestones Don’t Stand in my Way
LOCAL Sugar Shakers, The (Sampler)
POP ROCK Sugar Skulls The Little Death
POP ROCK Sugarman Three Sugar’s Boogaloo
POP ROCK Sugarman Three, The Soul Donkey
POP ROCK Sugarman, Neil Pure Cane Sugar
POP ROCK Suggs, Matt Golden Days Before They End
POP ROCK Suicide American Supreme
POP ROCK Sukilove Talking in the Dark
PUNK Sultans Shiprwrecked
POP ROCK Summer at Shatter Creek Summer at Shatter Creek
LOCAL Summer Hymns A Celebratory Arm Gesture
LOCAL Summer Hymns Clemency
LOCAL Summer Hymns Value Series Vol 1: Fool’s Gold
LOCAL Summer Hymns Voice Brother and Sister
POP ROCK Sun I’ll Be the Same
POP ROCK Sun Kil Moon April
POP ROCK Sunday All Over the World Kneeling at the Shrine
PUNK Sunday Morning Einsteins Kängnäve
POP ROCK Sunday’s Best Poised to Break
LOCAL Sundays Child Just a Whisper
LOCAL Sundollars Sundollars
POP ROCK Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be On Something
POP ROCK Sunny Day Real Estate LP2
POP ROCK Sunset Gold Dissolves to Gray
POP ROCK Sunset Love Shines but the Moon is Shining Too
POP ROCK Sunset Rubdown Random Spirit Lover
POP ROCK Sunset Valley Boyscout Hero
POP ROCK Sunset Valley Icepond
POP ROCK Sunset Valley The New Speed
POP ROCK Sunshine Fix, The Age of the Sun
POP ROCK Sunshine no Fune Where the Spirits Are
FOLK Sunshine Skiffle Band Beat it, Blow, Strum it, Hum Iit!
POP ROCK Suntan Send You Home
HIP HOP Supastion Chain Letters
HIP HOP Supeeriority Complex Stand Up
POP ROCK Super 5 Thor Gazelle
POP ROCK Super Bad @ 65 A Tribute to James Brown
POP ROCK Super Friendz, The Sticktoitiveness
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Fly Daddy
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Fuzzy Vision
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Guerrilla
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Hey Venus!
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals MWNG
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Out Spaced
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Phantom Power
POP ROCK Super Furry Animals Rings Around the World
POP ROCK Superchunk Art Class Single
POP ROCK Superchunk Come Pick Me Up
POP ROCK Superchunk Cup of Sand
POP ROCK Superchunk Hello Hawk
POP ROCK Superchunk Here’s To Shutting Up
POP ROCK Superchunk Here’s Where the Strings Come In
POP ROCK Superchunk Incidental Music
POP ROCK Superchunk Indoor Living
POP ROCK Superchunk Late Century Dream
POP ROCK Superchunk Mower
POP ROCK Superchunk The First Part
POP ROCK Superchunk The Laughter Guns
POP ROCK Supercollider Dual
SKA Superdot Here Comes the Neighborhood
POP ROCK Superdrag Head Trip In Every Key
POP ROCK Superdrag In the Valley of Falling Stars
POP ROCK Superdrag Regretfully Yours
POP ROCK Supergrass I Should Coco
POP ROCK Supergrass Supergrass is 10
POP ROCK Supergrass We’re In It For the Money
POP ROCK Suprchunk No Pocky for Kitty
INTERNATIONAL Sur Sudha Images of Nepal
INTERNATIONAL Sur Sudha Images of Nepal
50’s/60’s Surf Monsters Past, Present & Future Surf Klassics
POP ROCK Surface of Eceon Dragyyn
POP ROCK Surface of Eceon The King Beneath the Mountain
POP ROCK Surfer Blood Astro Coast
POP ROCK SushiRobo Drawings and Garbage Structures
POP ROCK SushiRobo The Light Fingered Feeling of SushiRobo
POP ROCK Suzanne’Silver The Crying Mary
POP ROCK Swallow Blow
POP ROCK Swan Lake Enemy Mine
50’s/60’s Swann, Bettye Bettye Swann
POP ROCK Swans Love of Life/Amnesia
POP ROCK Swans Swans Are Dead (one CD missing)
POP ROCK Swans The Greatest Annihilator
PUNK Sweet Baby It’s a Girl!
PUNK Sweet Baby and Brents T.V. Hello Again
FOLK Swell Swell
BLUES Sykes, Roosevelt Blues by Roosevelt
50’s/60’s Synanthesia Synanthesia
BLUES T-Model Ford You Better Keep Still
COUNTRY Tailgators It’s A Hog Groove!
COUNTRY Tailgators Swamp’s Up
BLUES Taj Mahal Phantom Blues
BLUES Taj Mahal & The Phantom Blues Band Shoutin’ In Key
INTERNATIONAL Tannahill Weavers, The Leaving St. Kilda
SKA Tantra Monsters, The Stereo
FOLK Tapia, Bill Duke of Uke
INTERNATIONAL Taraf de Haidouks s/t
INTERNATIONAL Taraf de Haidouks s/t
COUNTRY Tashian, Barry & Holly Ready For Love
FOLK Taussig, Harry Fate Is Only Once
COUNTRY Taylor, Chip and Carrie Rodriguez Let’s Leave This Town
COUNTRY Taylor, Chip and Carrie Rodriguez Red Dog Tracks
BLUES Taylor, Eddie I feel so bad
BLUES Taylor, Eddie Long Way from Home
BLUES Taylor, Hound Dog Release the Hound
BLUES Taylor, KoKo Force of Nature
BLUES Taylor, Koko Royal Blue
COUNTRY Taylor, Larry Joe Heart of the Matter
FOLK Tedesso, Frank Song’s From Einstein’s Violin
PUNK Teen Idles, the The Teen Idles
PUNK Teengenerate Audio Recording
PUNK Templars Omne Datum Optimum
PUNK Tension War Cry
HIP HOP Teodros, Gabriel Lovework
JAZZ Teodross Avery Quartet, The In Other Words
PUNK Terror Lowest of the Low
PUNK Terrorgruppe Uber Amerika
BLUES Terry, Sonny The Folkways Years
PUNK Terveet Kädet Hardcore Brutality
BLUES Thackery, JImmy & John Mooney Sideways in Paradise
BLUES Thackery, Jimmy and the Drivers Trouble Man
BLUES Thackery, Jimmy and the Drivers Wild Night Out!
50’s/60’s Thanks, Zakary From the Habit
PUNK Thatcher on Acid Pressing 84-91
LOCAL The 63 Crayons Good People
LOCAL The 63 Crayons Spoils for Survivors
LOCAL The Albacore Pageant The Lung Chinese Grocery Co.
LOCAL The Albacore Pageant The Lung Chinese Grocery Co.
LOCAL The Band Outaspace Send Me A Lover
PUNK The Blasting Room The Blasting Room
POP ROCK The Chubbies American Swagger
POP ROCK The Chubbies Your Favorite Everything
POP ROCK The Church forget yourself
POP ROCK The Church Russian Autumn Heart
POP ROCK The Church Sometime, Anywhere
LOCAL The Corduroy Road Diapason
LOCAL The Emergency [love like the living]
LOCAL The Emergency Rusted Wheels and Broken Chains EP
HIP HOP The Gift of Gab 4th Dimensional Rocket Ships Going Up
LOCAL The Instruments Billions of Phonographs
LOCAL The Music Tapes 1st Imaginary Symphony for Nomad
PUNK The New Frontier A Collection of Colorado Punk Bands
LOCAL The Sunshine Fix The Future History of the Sunshine Fix
LOCAL The Trap The Crack Smokin’ Years EP
PUNK The Twits The Twits
PUNK The Wynona Riders J.D. Salinger
POP ROCK Thee Oh Sees The Cool Death of Island
POP ROCK Thee Oh Sees The Master’s Bedroom is Worth…
50’s/60’s them them
HIP HOP Themselves The No Music
HIP HOP Themselves The No Music of Aiff’s The No Music Remixed
FOLK Thile, Chris Not All Who Wonder Are Lost
FOLK Thile, Chris & Mike Marshall Live Duets
FOLK Third Tyme Out Letter to Home
PUNK This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb Dance Party With…
PUNK This is Bad Taste The Ultimate Party
PUNK This Moment in Black History It Takes A Nation
50’s/60’s Thomas, Carla Gee Whiz- The Best of Carla Thomas
BLUES Thomas, Irma Walk Around Heaven: New Orleans Gospel Soul
BLUES Thomas, Jesse Lookin’ for That Woman
FOLK Thompson, Carol and Friends Carolan’s Welcome Harp Music of Ireland
COUNTRY Thompson, Hank Hank World
COUNTRY Thompson, Hank Seven Decades
50’s/60’s Thompson, Mayo Corky’s Debt to His Father
BLUES Thompson, Richard Watching the Dark Sampler
PUNK Three Years Down Still the Kill
PUNK Thumbs, the Make America Strong
SKA Thumper Another Day
SKA Thumper Hellfire and Damnation
SKA Thumper No One Left the Disco Alive
FOLK Tilston, Steve & Maggie Boyle All Under the Sun
PUNK Tilt Collect ‘Em All
PUNK Tilt Play Cell
PUNK Tilt Til It Kills
PUNK Tilt Viewers Like You
COUNTRY Timms, Sally Cowboy Sally’s Twighlight Laments… For Lost Buckaroos
LOCAL Titans of Filth Feats of Strength
LOCAL Titans of Filth Go Rebels
LOCAL Titans of Filth Serf City
PUNK To What End? Concealed Below the Surface?
SKA Toasters, The Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down