ATHFest 2019 Preview

AthFest enters it’s 23rd year of local and semi-local showcases tonight, kicking off with performances
from T. Hardy Morris, Los Coast, Thayer Serrano Chamber Ensemble, and Parker Gispert at the 40 Watt
at 8 PM. The weekend festival will run through Sunday, featuring the best, brightest, heaviest, and most
diverse artists Athens has to offer. Here are some of the acts that WUOG is looking forward to seeing
this year.

Pinky Doodle Poodle is the high energy rock band that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Apart from
having extremely energetic performances, they’ve also been voraciously playing shows in the Athens
area. They’re performing at the AthFest music awards and AthFest alone twice on Friday, at the
Caledonia Lounge at 9:40 PM and Go Bar at 12:30 PM. With recommendations coming from Alice
Cooper and members of MC5 among others via their website, I can’t wait to see what the band has to
offer for myself.

Rottweiler, a new addition to Athens microcosmic hardcore scene, will be playing at the Caledonia on
Friday at 1:00 AM. Their incredibly crisp EP out on Bandcamp is sure to inspire hair-tearing and shoulder-
bruising live. I’m looking forward to the crowd at this one.

Recent winner of the Vic Chesnutt songwriter’s award for her song “Sirena”, Lydia Brambila, is playing
The Globe on Friday at 9:30 PM. Crooning songs of pain, magic, and nature, her ethereal folk-pop is
surely to be an enchanting performance.

For a taste Athens history, stop by and see Harry Carey as they play for the patrons of Flicker on
Saturday night at 12:15 PM. Originally formed in 1994, its members hail from the era where Athens rock
bands had better things to do than play fraternity parties, like throwing impromptu festivals in old
practice spaces. Despite their age, recent performances show that a good punk performance has no
expiration date.

Baby Tony and the Teenies, new arrivals from the Midwest, offer something fresh and new to Athens:
poppy doo wop! Their bright melodies and equally as whimsical stage props are colorful and catchy and
will get you dancing. They’ll be playing at Little Kings Shuffle Club at 11:00 PM on Saturday.