On their 3rd full-length LP, Cherry Glazerr delivers a canvas full of frustrated lyrics and self-hatred. Backed by heavy riffs, lead singer Clementine Creevy sings in a very gentle tone about anxieties, heartbreak and her uncertainties about the future. On opening track “Ohio”, the group wastes no time in unleashing a heavy instrumental topped by Creevy expressing wishes to be taken away. The track sounds like it would belong on a 1991 alt-rock mixtape; sandwiched between a Lush song and a My Bloody Valentine song. “Daddi”, the lead single and biggest highlight of this record, is a hard-hitting 3-adventure. On it, Creevy asks for permission on where she can go, what she can do, etc. Despite advocating heavily for feminism in her previous work, Creevy seems conflicted when it comes to practicing independence from her significant other.

Throughout the rest of the album, Creevy continues to talk about how she views herself as “stuck” or a “waste”, all while the group delivers heavier and heavier instrumentals. By the last two tracks, the group is delivering almost sludge-like, dark instrumentals and Creevy’s lyrics don’t lighten up either. Until the end of the album, she’s still beating herself up in her writing. When the instrumentals aren’t heavy, they almost create a very delicate and dreamy atmosphere that allows Creevy’s vocals to float much more comfortably, like on the track “Pieces”.

Throughout Stuffed & Ready, Creevy sounds tired and angry. Her lyrics are filled with her listing out her wants and airing out her frustrations. The group doesn’t necessarily explore many new sounds on this album, but they still deliver a very enjoyable set of songs thanks to Creevy’s pissed off attitude and the bands heavy and emotional instrumentals. –Jacob Tranter