Twin Peaks finishes off their Sweet ’17 Singles series with six new jazzy tracks. The band started off the series in July, releasing two singles each month. The first volume of singles  pleased fans with calm, acoustic tracks, like “Come for Me” and “Shake Your Lonely.” The second volume of tracks will similarly delight listeners. The album starts off with the October releases “Blue Coupe” and “On the Line.” The tracks nicely blend guitar and jazzy piano chords. “Blue Coupe” uses a simple strumming pattern that paired with the piano and shakers resembles a flowing stream. “On the Line” sounds a lot more jazzy than other tracks the band has released so far. Lyrically, the song is very catchy, ending with the repetition of the lyric “on the line.” The November singles “With You” and “Just Because” were two of my favorites from this series. They are upbeat and experimental. “Just Because” starts out with dolphin sounds and transitions into really cool guitar riffs. Upon my first listen to “With You,” I found it to be really dissonant and messy, but the more I listened to it, the more I could hear the complexity of the main guitar riff. Paired with the drums, it has this rockabilly sort of sound. “With You” is lyrically interesting and tells an honest love story with lyrics like “being with you, its better than being alone.” The December singles “In the Meadow” and “We Will Not Make It” both have more of an instrumental focus. “We Will Not Make It” is full of jazzy piano chords that combine with guitar to create this classic sound that verges on dad rock. The song doesn’t have any lyrics which is fitting because the instrumentation says it all; there is this sense of finality in the music. The Sweet ’17 singles have satisfied listeners thus far, and this last month of singles will likely do the same.

-Grace Garrett