If the collection of falling leaves, crisp air, and warm sweaters haven’t put you into the fall and  winter mood, Gingerlys’ self-titled LP will help ease you into the right frame of mind. The 29-minute album is split up into ten bite-sized bursts of danceable, sad girl pop that is easy to digest and rich with intimate lyricism. Opening track “Turtledoves” is bright and playful, and splits open the album to make room for the more reflective songs that follow. “Playgrounds” offers a nostalgic glance backwards on growing up, while “See You Cry,” “Let Down,” and most other tracks deal with what happens afterwards: the melancholy and sometimes empty sides of romance and its many adventures in the pursuit of it. Singer and keyboardist Jackie Mendoza provides the sugary vocals, cooing ephemeral lines like “we sink to the bottom of the ocean / swallowed by the tide,” while the backing four-piece supplies the watery smooth melodies. The floating and impressively roomy guitar is the perfect compliment to Mendoza’s voice, and almost seems to make up an entire voice on its own, employing an echoey call-and-response style against her verses. In many ways, this release isn’t dissimilar to Alvvay’s release earlier this year. If you were a fan of Antisocialites it’s a near guarantee you’re going to enjoy this, but if you’re just looking into your next chill wave of music to complement your fall activities, this pairs perfectly with that as well. So go ahead, kick up some leaves, drink something warm, and stick your arm out the window and move your hand in it the air like a wave—I know you want to.

-Erin Cribbs