EERA’s Reflection of Youth is a beautiful alternative rock whirlwind of intimate imagery and obscurity. It is full of moody atmospheres and raw sounds coupled with dark synths. Texture experimentation and moody vibes give listeners a truly unique and thought provoking listen. The London based (but Norwegian-born) artist Anna Lena Kristen, explores coming of age topics in a way that makes it seem like she is both thinking out loud while being very deliberate about her rhetoric. For instance, “Christine”  is poetic with haunting imagery like “drink a bottle of my courage swim in my skin”; with the marriage of raw, somber guitar chords and Kristen’s harmonic vocals, this song is melancholy with optimistic undertones. Another highlight from this album is “Living”  which is both unsettling and beautiful due to melodies and strong vocals that clash, but in a put together way. Other songs on this album like “Trust” and “Survived” are characterized by a heavy use of synth and echoes that bounce off each other making for an unfamiliar, but intriguing sound which builds itself up as the songs progress. EERA also explores more traditional rock sounds; “Reflection of Youth” is somber with lyrics like “pull me in make me feel owned” sung with natural, uncut intensity. It is a slower track but still gives off rock energy due to the pure rawness of the vocals and fat guitar sounds. “I Wanna Dance” on the other hand, is more angsty with heavier guitar parts; it is fast pace and exciting. Overall, this album is full of emotion, power, edge, and beauty. It is truly unique and is a modern take on rock and roll. Reflection of Youth defines EERA as an artist who is anything but boring. If the band continues to expand upon this unique sound, fans will be in for a treat.

-Josie Callahan