Dedicated to Bobby Jameson feels like the soundtrack to a dreamy coming-of-age movie. Its soft synths and guitar rifts that seem to melt into the songs send listeners into a hazy state of being with standout tracks like “Feels Like Heaven” and “Dreamdate Narcissist.” Though the album has an overall dream-like quality, its lyrics feel like Pink is trapped in a nightmare. Even the upbeat tracks weigh heavily on the heart.The 39-year-old singer grapples with the harsh reality of growing up and getting older. In songs such as “I Wanna Be Young,” the yearning he feels towards youth is tangible. Ariel Pink is brutally honest in a way that’s refreshing. Dedicated to Bobby Jameson is an album that holds nothing back, with lyrics like “There is no future, there’s no present, only pain / And when you cry, your love is dying all the same” from “Time to Live.” Marked with humility and a grimy rawness, Ariel Pink’s latest release is without a doubt one of his best album in years.

-Claire Torak