Aromanticism is Moses Sumney‘s much-anticipated debut album ever since his rise to the scene in 2014. Though Sumney is genre-resistant with this album, the deep synthS featured on many tracks are reminiscent of R&B and 70s soul. Aromanticism is beautifully crafted; though the album contains themes of loneliness and isolation, the simplistic and stripped down tracks as well as the more complex and orchestral tracks allow one to feel the same feelings that Sumney is singing of. These simplistic tracks include “Don’t Bother Calling” and “Plastic,” while tracks such as “Quarrel,” “Make Out in My Car,” and “Indulge Me” are complex with expansive synths and layered lyrics. Aromanticism proves to be a hauntingly beautiful “sonic-dreamscape,” and though the album laments about loneliness and heartache, Sumney delivers a truly angelic performance.

-Kyra Posey