In her follow-up album to 2015’s WISHLIST, Tullgren demonstrates her ability to display a variety of styles while keeping the album’s sound intact. From the slow, reverberated lullaby of “Face Off” to the more guitar-fronted “Get Lost,” Won has its own diverse atmosphere of sorrowful and artfully layered indie rock ballads that have grown to become the trademark of Tullgren’s sound. The north-easterner has a knack for writing tracks that gnaw at the back of the listener’s minds long after the lyrics fade into the gentle white noise that accompanies the majority of the new LP. If you’re ever looking for the soundtrack to your next mid-level existential crisis, look no further. There is no better way to watch your life back in your mind like VHS on reverse rather than with the lyrics “leave me alone to die in my room” peering out from waves of echoed kick drum. Overall, Tullgren has created a wistful tale that track-after-track provides its listeners the best opportunities to get lost deep in the sound.

-Erin Cribbs