Eclectic indie legend Ariel Pink and somber folk vocalist Weyes Blood team up on the latest collaboration album from the Mexican Summer “Marfa Myths” series. After the previous collaboration of Connan Mockasin and Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), Mexican Summer continues to pull in odd yet perfectly suiting pairings. The influences of each artist are apparent from the very beginning of the EP. “Tears of Fire” opens up the EP with sweetly played acoustic guitar and softly sung verses by Ariel Pink, leading into the bombastic chorus featuring Weyes Blood’s operatic vocals. This intense contrast plays throughout the song, and the track sets a theatrical mood for the EP. The over-the-top tone continues on “Daddy, Please Give A Little Time To Me.” Weyes Blood once again gives a dramatic performance over watery bass and synths. The spoken lines also give the track a retro feel. The wackiness can be a little much, but at only 1:40, the track does not overstay its welcome. After the first two songs, a distinct change in tone takes place, from loud and eccentric to repressed and somber. The appropriately titled “Morning After” begins this switch, with hypnotic guitar and a quivering synth. The closing track continues in its somberness but expands musically. The shimmering guitar contrast with the reflective verses sung by Ariel Pink, with Weyes Blood providing backing vocals in the chorus. The collaboration allows both artists to showcase their individual styles. The first two tracks demonstrate the dynamic and eccentric compositions of Ariel Pink, while the second half provide the weariness of Weyes Blood’s solo work. In both of these demonstrations, the other artist enhances and complements the other’s respective sound, making the collaboration one of the more intriguing listens of 2017 so far. -Noah Walsh