Cloud Nothings returns with Life Without Sound, the band’s fourth album from Carpark Records. Originally a one man solo-project of lead singer and guitarist Dylan Baldi, the band has come into their own with the polish found in a true recording studio. Other band members include: drummer Jayson Gerycz, bassist TJ Duke, and guitarist Chris Brown.
This relatively short album is full of clean guitar-driven pop tracks with just enough angst to satisfy a teenager’s bloodlust. Tracks range from clean-poppy vocally driven styles, such as in “Modern Act,” to tracks with heavy guitars and more harsh vocals like in “Realize My Fate.” “Things Are Right With You” drives heavy guitar, and vocals that at times sound like Death Cab For Cutie’s’ Ben Gibbard. “Modern Act” features light and flowing guitar with a dominating steady drum, the song wouldn’t be out of place in the introduction of a 90’s movie that takes place on a college campus. “Sight Unseen” has a fast mix in its guitars, drum and vocals; different instruments are paired with specific sections of the song. -James Ogletree