scanThis week, we’re recognizing Conor Lacey AKA DJ Stirfry! Conor is a great asset to WUOG. He does three rotation shifts and arguably the cutest ops staffer according to Piruz Haney, our Internal Affairs Director. On top of WUOG involvement, Conor also makes music under the name VHS Collectors Club and in the band Pansy with three fellow Wuoggers, and they’re both pretty sick.


Conor answered a few questions for us so you can get to know him and what he’s about.





1. Name
Conor Lacey
2. DJ Name
DJ Stir-fry
3. Year
4. Major
Psychology AND Statistics
5. What does WUOG mean to you?
Good for the Soul
6. Sign?
7. Favorite specialty show?
Fresh Produce
8. Heard any good jokes?
I heard one recently, but I’m debating currently if this is a good light hearted joke or if its pretty corny: A hat and a tie are running, the tie gets tired and says he needs a break. The hat replies “Don’t worry. You hang around and I’ll go on ahead.”
9. Rank your Taco Stands in town.
1. The one on the corner of Prince Avenue and N. Milledge Ave. Its definitely my favorite. I like the outside deck as well as the location.
2. The Downtown Taco Stand. If I’m ever downtown and want to go to Taco Stand BAM! It’s there. At the same time though it is downtown and can get crowded.
3. Barnett Shoals Taco Stand. I have never been! It’s kind of far, therefore I cannot make an accurate judgment.

10. If you could throw cold spaghetti at anyone, who would it be and why?
Piruz Haney, because I feel he would be the only person who would not get mad at me for doing it. Plus I’m pretty sure he would collect the spaghetti afterward and save it to eat later.
11. What was the last thing you bought?
A pack of skittles and a ticket to YG.
12. Favorite Chrome extension?
Data Saver! It sounds boring I know, but ever since I got it, I can search the web so fast and I’m usually on my laptop a lot so it makes my life a lot easier.
13. First album you ever bought
I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure it was Daft Punk’s Homework. I remember buying it at a record store when I was younger and it was my first CD I’m pretty sure.
14. One song you could listen to for the rest of your life
For the rest of my life? Honestly I can’t say! I can get tired of music very easily. Maybe I haven’t listened to that song yet?


Check out one of Conor’s rotation shifts below! You can catch him on air on Friday from 1-2 PM and Saturday from 3-5 PM!