Beach Slang is a relatively new American pop-punk band from Philadelphia that completed their first full length album in 2015. Following their first album, The Things We Do to Find People Like Us, Beach Slang’s second album stays true to its first sound and continues to appeal to the rock subculture of certain youth. It’s about being forever young and wild simultaneously with the challenges of growing up. The sound of this album completely encompasses the indestructible angry teenage feelings that most people at some point go through. The grungy guitar and scratchy vocals sound symbolizes the inner rebellion inside the hearts of the angst youth seeking a way to simply work through feelings. In the third track, or “Spin the Dial,” has a hopeless feeling of trying so hard to overcome inner pain by searching desperately for a cure and not being able to find it. This album stands out to other punk-rock bands because the guitar has a melodic almost major sound contrasting with the pain ridden lyrics matched with growling vocals by James Alex. James Alex’s voice is very similar to Marshal Dutton from Hinder. The major tones remind me of California surfer type dreamy rock fitting the name of the band. This album has the potential to make an older listener feel nostalgic about a time of taking chances in love and beginning to understand the world.