Name: Grace Garrett

DJ name: DJ Goodness Gracious

Major/minor: Entertainment and Media Studies / Music minor

From: Lafayette, Colorado / Decatur, Georgia

Staffs involved in: Music

Why did you join WUOG?

Some of my friends from first semester were already in WUOG and I thought if I joined music staff I’d be able to hang with them more.

What’s your favorite WUOG-related memory?

Ok, I’ve got a couple..

 -my first year the band I wrote my first featured review on played Georgia Theatre. I loved the album, so I went to the show with a couple of friends and talked with the band afterwards.

 -when I was a Dawg Camp counselor, I got to bring my campers to WUOG and I loved showing them around the station because they were really interested in it, and one of them even joined (@chase mcgee, I luv u!!)

 -last semester, an older woman called into the station, probably 60/70, who was a self-proclaimed hippie and she told, with some pretty colorful language, that she wished WUOG played more of our music and had less sports. I loved her spirit and honestly want to be like that when I’m her age. She made my day!

What do you want wuoggers to remember you for?

That I was someone who made people feel comfortable in the station.

Describe the specialty show that you’ve hosted over your time….and do you have a favorite?

I hosted Jitters and Rags and the Perfumed Garden. Jitters and Rags was a special show for me to do this semester because it has been one of my favorite shows since I started at the station. Without a doubt, the Perfumed Garden was my favorite because of all the fun memories I have of callers, friends visiting, and the conversations shared with Alyssa Hoover. Honestly, the friendship we gained from this show was the best thing I got out of it.

What have you been listening to in quarantine?

Soccer mommy and the like, been very emo

Do you have plans for after you gra duate? (jobs, grad school, traveling, etc)

Not exactly. I want to be a script supervisor in New York or LA, but I have yet to get a job, so I may just hang around Athens for a while. 

What’s your theme song?

Imposter Syndrome by Sidney Gish

Favorite Athens study spot?

Sips Coffee

Favorite piece of DJ booth wall art?

The “would you eat a live goose?” tally for “yes, but it might drive me honkers”

Link to spotify playlist: