Suuns are obsessed with integrating electronic and organic music, and on Felt it’s often impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. Their unique flavor of dark and minimal indie rock is filled with looping, glitchy effects  and manipulation of the instruments. Channeling everything from old-school prog to modern-day indietronica, Felt is never predictable. The first half of the album alone features everything from eerie trip-hop (“Look No Further,” whose bizarre juxtaposition of synthetic beats and bare guitar sounds perfectly sets the album’s tone) and warped techno beats (“X-ALT,” a standout track) to psychedelic and kraut-influenced rock (“Baseline,” “Make It Real”). Though some of the songs here are so confounding that they may take a few listens to digest, it’s clear that Suuns‘s left-field approach to music is very deliberate. Sometimes it’s only towards the end of the song that you’ll “get” what’s happening with the effects-heavy blend of electronics and instruments, but it’s amazing once you do.

-Andrew Bennett