All It Takes to Ruin It All is a emo and punk-tinged meditation on grief, written as frontwoman/guitarist Kaytee Della Monica processed the death of her father. The Philadelphia trio play a strain of indie rock their home city has become known for, recalling fellow Philly indie punks Katie Ellen, Modern Baseball, and at times even Hop Along. It’s nothing that hasn’t been done before, but the three do an admirable job keeping the music varied and engaging, and the lyrics sincerely walk you through Monica’s stages of grief.  Highlights include “Cubic Zirconia,” a short and sweet mid-tempo ode to self-destruction, as well as “New England Patriots” and impactful closer “Space to Grieve,”  which makes use of a lush double-tracked string section. All It Takes may not top your 2018 year-end list, but it’s a concise (the full album only runs about 25 minutes) emotional indie-punk album that’s worth your time.

-Will Morris