I met Jay Stanley, Twin Studies frontman, at a Best Coast show at the Variety Playhouse. He asked what I was reading (Vonnegut) and told me he was in a shoegaze band, the now defunct Quiet Hours. He ended up sharing the stage with Bethany Cosentino that night – not as a performer in the traditional sense, but as a member of an impromptu dance duo that allowed themselves on stage for some (most likely) drunken antics.

Not exactly the temperament you’d expect when facing “Precious Places” – a melting film of blinding lights disarmed by the word you can never fail to say in a review about shoegaze – reverb. Making it hard not to picture the swirling tapestry of the Cocteau Twin’s album cover, Heaven Or Las Vegas when you listen – embracing the cozy sweater that blankets warmth with its completeness – but pairing just enough discordance against the cooing female vocals to establish some sort of reality.

Check out “Precious Places” in the video below and if you’re still thirsting for some more fuzzy dream-pop head on over to the band’s Facebook or Soundcloud page.

-Will Guerin