I can’t say I’ve ever met any Martin’s in my life. At this point, I imagine the Martin’s of the world are keeping their distance, wary of the playful, a cappella chanting of Antbrain’s “Martin” that would spew from my mouth. Just ask the poor 7th grade girl who never wants to hear another 5-second Will Guerin rendition of the Allman Brothers “Melissa.”

The grungy, distortion of garage rock and the playful, Pixies-esque call and response downplay just how catchy “Martin” is. It’s a twitchy, stop and start affair that never has enough room to gallop away at full speed.

It has a pretty great music video as well that features a man getting stabbed and killed by a projectile drumstick, as well as two different forms of bodily fluid excretion. Also, if you really squint your eyes, the drummer sort of looks like a skinny Nick Offerman and the singer a pretty typically dressed Ben Gibbard.

Go ahead and check out the rest of the band’s EP over at their Bandcamp and mark your calendars for the band’s Live in the Lobby performance on August 15th.
-Will Guerin