This week Drake’s newest OVOXO recruit PARTYNEXTDOOR releases his self-titled debut mixtape featuring 30 solid minutes of sexualized, autotune-tinged R&B. It’s hard not to compare PARTYNEXTDOOR to someone like The Weeknd, being that they’re both Toronto based singers who gained a boost in popularity due to a cosign from Drake but the truth is in terms of style they’re very different. While The Weeknd’s lyrical content is more heavily based in drugs and the dark side of post-club hook ups, PARTYNEXTDOOR is more upbeat and positive with a vibe that seems less introspective and more just ready to have some fun. The production is the real standout (in particular an inspired Miguel sample on track “Break from Toronto”) with woozy synths and some mildly cloud-based beats. In truth this most closely resembles some of the more purely R&B songs of Drake’s early career and while it’s hard not get a slight feeling of deja vu, it’s hard to deny some of the radio-ready hits on display here. Stream and/or download PARTYNEXTDOOR here.

By: Nathan Kerce