Today we have a new single from Ultraviolet, the sixth studio album from Savannah, Georgia-based sludge-metal band Kylesa (I know this should have been local song of the day but I don’t think Will listens to Metal, send him emails!).  It’s called “Unspoken” and it largely continues the trend of turning previously hard-to-grasp metal bands blazing new and unexpectedly accessible territory. Kylesa along with Mastodon and most recently Baroness have been at the forefront of this movement and out of all these bands, Kylesa has maintained the most intensity and exciting creativity. “Unspoken” is a hard-hitting track and a sign that the critical wave they have been riding since Static Tensions is unlikely to stop any time soon.

Listen to “Unspoken” below and check out Ultraviolet when it releases on 5/28 via Seasons of Mist.


By: Nathan Kerce