Ever since Seinfeld went off-air, there has been a distinct lack of funky bass lines in our daily lives. And with the ever-skyrocketing prices of disco balls we really have to wonder where are our society is headed. The Smokey Robinson “Tears of a Clown”-esque flute flourishes that dot “Let’s Be Dogs Tonight” are a step in the right direction and play right into the alluring and sexy, smoky velvet room it lifts the curtain on.

Javier Morales’ of the Dream Scene does well to pair the sleek Motown production of the backing instrumentation with a lo-fi airines in his flanged vocals. A distorted whispering of sexy aloofness that seduces throughout the song, innocently playing you along until it reaches the sultry hook, where all pretense is dropped and it’s time for the bedroom.

Aphorisms be damned about lying down with the dogs. The fleas aren’t so bad anyways. Give “Let’s Be Dogs Tonight” and if you’d like to sleep with the dogs tonight, head on over to Farm 255 and check out the Dream Scene with PC Worship, Bubbly Mommy Gun and others.


-Will Guerin