Today we have “Drift Away”, a song from the relatively new fuzz-pop group Bleeding Rainbow. It’s a supremely catchy lo-fi jam that should vaguely remind you of non-specific memories from your childhood, especially if you spent your Saturdays watching The Adventures of Pete & Pete or had an older sister who listened to Sonic Youth and The Smashing Pumpkins. It’s a big, rollicking introduction to the over-crowded world of lo-fi buzz bands and it does a lot to ensure that Bleeding Rainbow will be an essential part of the indie rock discussion as we move into 2013. Listen to “Drift Away” below and check out Bleeding Rainbow’s debut album Yeah Right when it releases on 1/29 via Kanine.


By: Nathan Kerce (it’s good to be back y’all!)

EDIT: Bleeding Rainbow will be playing at The Drunken Unicorn tomorrow night (10/30). Go see them!