Werewolves, an act at this year’s WUOGFest brings us “The County Line” from their 2012 release Georgia. While it might not be radio friendly, with a “shit dropped 15 seconds into the tune, I’m sure all of you obscenity lovers out there will be happy to hear it.  As always and on “The County Line” Wyatt Strothers, who also appears in el hollin and his recent solo project WereWyatt, centers the song around his slightly melancholic verses that work nicely with his somewhat nasally, Nana Grizol-esque trademark vocals that go on detail a falling out of sorts. Surrounding the Elton John inspired message (“Crocodile Rock” gets a well deserved mention in the song as well as a possibly unintentional mention of “Sleep The Clock Around”) is a jaunty tune, with driving drums and an irresistibly  catchy trumpet melody that holds the song together. Filling out the mix are the sweet, sugary backing vocals from fellow el hollin bandmate Dena Zilber that lightens the track, alongside some airy flute interludes. The song bounces along nicely till it nears the end when the band falls out and Strothers erupts with almost yelled “I don’t know, I don’t know ….” and falls right back into the melody after.

And hey, if you liked this track from Werewolves, be sure to check out their performance at the first night of WUOGFest, along with local acts New Madrid, Brothers and Velocirapture on November 8th at the Caledonia Lounge. Event and RSVP info can be found here!