by Tyler Abercrombie

After dropping one of the best albums of the year back in June with 3D Country, Geese has come through with 4D Country, a five song EP comprised of bonus tracks and songs that didn’t make it onto the previous album. But don’t mistake their exclusion from the last album as a reflection of their quality; each track on 4D Country holds its own. With this EP, Geese continues to assert themselves as one of the most exciting acts in rock music today.   

      The EP kicks off with the title track “4D Country”, an extended version of 3D Country‘s title track. The extra bit of jamming added on takes an already great song and makes it even better. This extension is a great showcase of the remarkable chemistry of the band.

      The next track “Jesse” served as lead single to this EP. This song combines classic hard rock sounds with unconventional vocals and song structure, something that Geese have proven to be great at in the past. The melodies of this track paired with its explosive chorus make this one of the catchier songs on the project.

      ”Art of War” is undoubtably the most danceable song on the EP. The groovy percussion and tight guitar lines are yet another example of the band’s incredible cohesiveness. These elements crescendo beautifully into a climactic and hard-hitting outro.

      ”Killing My Borrowed Time” may be the simplest and most accessible song on the EP, but its feel-good vibe is universally appealing, making it a standout track.

      The fifth and final track, “Space Race”, is perhaps the band’s best song to date. This song encapsulates everything that makes Geese unique, and does so perfectly. The instrumental has the band at their most adventurous with many layers and quirks. The band have perfectly locked in with each other to create a grandiose and conclusive track. Not to mention the performance by lead vocalist Cameron Winter is one of the most impressive vocal performances I’ve heard in a long time. His vocals here are reminiscent of someone like Jeff Buckley but with an off-kilter quirkiness that is just pure ear candy.

      If you’re not listening to Geese, you need to do so right now. These guys are finally starting to get the attention that they absolutely deserve, and they will surely continue to thrive should they continue to put out such quality music. Their potential is immense, and it’s going to be exciting to see how they grow and evolve over time. Once again, Geese have proven that they do not miss.