By Georgia Riccobene

JAWNY made his Atlanta debut at the Masquerade last Tuesday, April 4th on his North American tour promoting his new album, It’s Never Fair, Always True. The LP paints a vibrant picture of a romantic catapulting his way through love and life. Tracks like “wide eyed” and “adios” being head banging, bedroom pop anthems that melt into the dreamy, orchestral-infused, “fall in love”. 

“Intro” and “strawberry chainsaw” served as the opening songs to JAWNY’s hour-long set. With the majority of selections being from It’s Never Fair, Always True, a few throwbacks from his 2020 EP, “For Abby” made their way into the set as well, one of my personal favorites being “Tigger of Love.”

Photo/Georgia Riccobene

JAWNY could “feel it in his bones” that his night in Atlanta would be something special. He was no stranger to audience interaction, one of my favorite moments of the night was being taught the lyrics to “lalala” and getting to sing it alongside the hundreds of other JAWNY fanatics. He even paid tribute to all of the Swifties in the audience with a cover of “You belong with me,” a crossover that I need on Spotify right now so I can add it to my summer playlist. 

As the show drew to a close, JAWNY made it very clear that he was not one for encores, and left us with the explosive “tombstone gray,” perfectly encapsulating the chaos, whimsy, and love radiating from JAWNY’s performance. 

JAWNY finishes his tour on April 12th in Phoenix Arizona, and I hope that he will make his way back to the great peach state sometime in the near future