Since we’re currently in the middle of a pandemic and can’t get to our sweet sweet airwaves on campus, WUOG has decided that periodically over the rest of the semester we’ll be spotlighting our beloved staffers and DJs! First up is DJ Dudley, Calvin Childress!

Name: Calvin Childress

DJ name: DJ Dudley

Year at UGA: Fourth

Major/minor: Major in computer systems engineering/minor in computer science

From: Gainesville, GA

When did you join WUOG?

Fall 2018

Staffs involved in:


Why did you join WUOG?

My Dad’s side of the family has a long history in radio, so I wanted to continue the tradition per-se and see what all the hubbub was about.

What are some hobbies/extracurriculars you have outside of WUOG?

I really enjoy collecting music and audio equipment (headphones, speakers, whatnots). Perhaps that’s not too far off from what a radio station does, so if I had to give another answer I’d say skating.

What’s your favorite WUOG-related memory?

Seize the airwaves is always a blast; having professors come in to play their extensive noise back catalogue is something everyone should experience once in their life. 

What advice do you have for students thinking about joining college radio?

Despite whatever anyone tells you, your music taste is just fine however it is. There’s not a standard you have to meet to have a good time in college radio, but be prepared to go outside your musical comfort zone. 

Describe the specialty show that you host.

I host “Keep Me Posted” where I spotlight the grandest and most interesting tunes the genre Post-Rock has to offer. Whether it’s asinine song titles such as “13 Angles Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed”, or 35 minute instrumentals that have all aspects of The Hero’s Journey, I like to highlight some of hidden corners of the already not well known genre. 

What have you been listening to in quarantine?

The Stooges have been the primary source of catharsis for me during these trying times. Nothing like throwing on Funhouse and letting Iggy yell at things for 36 minutes. 

Give yourself a WUOG superlative:

Most likely to be seen wearing a maroon toboggan

What’s your hidden talent?

A very talented juggler limited by the technology of my time

What’s your theme song?

Then Comes Dudley by The Jesus Lizard (inspiration for my DJ name)

Favorite piece of DJ booth wall art?

“If it’s not burzum, it’s bullhockey” 

Link to spotify playlist: