Los Angeles harpist Mary Lattimore names memories and nostalgia “fundamental characters in her evocative craft.” On Hundreds of Days, she creates stunningly beautiful long-form pieces of minimalist electro-acoustic music, with layers upon layers of effects and ambiance blending into hypnotic soundscapes. Opening track “It Feels Like Floating” begins with a simple harp mantra that’s quickly joined by synthesized flutes and soft ambient electronics. As the song continues and the harp themes repeat, Lattimore slowly begins to add new flourishes, resulting in a slowly-transforming sound where it’s impossible to tell where harp ends and electronics begin. Though the harp’s beautiful natural sound and overtones are always the centerpiece of Lattimore’s music, tracks like “Baltic Birch” and “Their Faces Streaked With Light And Filled With Pity” use delay, filters, and subtle distortion to conjure up guitar and piano sounds alongside the continuous plucking. Though most tracks are on the longer side, this is music that’s easy to get completely lost in. Anyone who enjoys a subtle and atmospheric approach to sound will be astounded by the bittersweet music of Hundreds of Days.

-Andrew Bennett