New York post-hardcore band Quicksand have returned after more than two decades on hiatus. Interiors sounds like it could have come directly out of the 90s alternative world, with a youthful energy that propels the songs, which range from post-hardcore to grungy alternative. Pounding, bass-heavy rhythms are the backdrop for most of the songs with melodic vocals and noisy guitars filling in space. Opening tracks “Illuminant” and “Under the Screw” are a one-two punch of riffs and borderline metal intensity. But the band also shows their proficiency in a more atmospheric emo-tinged style, with songs like “Cosmonauts” and “Interiors” featuring quiet instrumental sections and more restrained vocals. “Cosmonauts” manage to combine an overwhelmingly heavy atmosphere with emotional moments that really shine during breaks in the riffage.

-Andrew Bennett