OUÏ is the seventh album by French artist Camille.  Like much of her previous work, OUÏ is focused on the vocals of singer Camille Dalmais, which can, and does, range from dreamlike to almost manic.  The majority of the instrumentals throughout the album are extremely minimal, typically consisting of looped drums and light synths.  This is perfectly demonstrated in the opening track, “Sous le sable.”  However, the album is not without its more impactful and energetic moments.  Tracks such as “Les loups” and “Lasso” feature Dalmais fervent chanting which builds up through the song.  On the track “Twix,” Dalmais shows the more erratic side of her singing, with the vocals reaching a frenzied falsetto. The strength of her singing can be seen on tracks such as “Piscine” and “Je ne mâche pas mes mots,” where she provides her own excellent harmonized and layered backing vocals.  There are also several songs with large sections in English for all of you non-French speakers out there.  Overall the album does an excellent job of balancing its more delicate moments with the playful points of impact.

-Mason Cardwell