Don’t you just love it when you are standing, waiting for a concert to start and there is that guy standing next to you, talking loudly to his friends about his pseudo-intellectual knowledge of the chord structure of Beach House. You, being the music scholar that you are, know he has no idea what he is talking about and have no choice but to stand there and deconstruct his critiques in pathetic, sarcastic comments that you bounce back and forth in your mind.

Well, if I started talking about Nurture I would feel pretty much the same. The labels on their Bandcamp tell me they are somewhere between punk, emo, post-hardcore and screamo. Genres, especially emo and screamo, that would be mentally categorized most times as “stuff Will doesn’t like.” But Nurture is something I really enjoy. I’m a sucker for a melodic guitar riff and I have my fair share of angst to headbang away.

Check out the first track and our song of the day “Eye On The Back Of My Hand” in the video below and maybe if you are so inclined their entire Bandcamp. And finally, a plug for their Live in the Lobby appearance on March 26th with Antpile.

-Will Guerin