For most people, Minnesota is a strange, strange land where everyone talks like they are in the movie Fargo. And every day you ignore Minnesota native, now Athenian transplant, Jon Miller’s Hand Sand Hands project you are pretty much throwing your prospects of happiness in a bloody woodchipper.

“June 21st Hymn” doesn’t really feel like summer, unless you’ve stumbled outside into the baking sun after a taste of LSD, and slowly felt your body melt away from underneath you until all that’s left is a molten, bubbling pool staining the pavement. Think of the creature from Grizzly Bear’s “Ready, Able” music video. It’s a slow burner that steadily builds momentum as Miller patiently adds loops and puzzles them together. It’s a droning and dark affair held together by a shrill, percussive clinking and moaning vocals, getting violent before exiting, stripped down to its original entrance.

Hand Sand Hands’ last Flicker residency of Weird Fest takes place this Thursday with Island Dogs, I Come To Shanghai and a few other friends.

-Will Guerin