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If you would like a tax deductible way to support The University of Georgia and WUOG 90.5 FM while promoting your business in the Athens area, you can choose to underwrite a specialty or talk show at WUOG in exchange for a mention or acknowledgment during the chosen program. Since WUOG is a non-commercial radio station, underwriting is not an advertisement but rather a factual acknowledgement.

Under-writing Policy

As a noncommercial radio station, WUOG 90.5 FM must abide by certain rules:

We can include non-promotional slogans, location information, objective and neutral descriptions of a product line or service, and brand or trade names.

We cannot include price information, a call to action, an inducement to buy/sell/lease, or a promotional of any product or brand of any kind.


“You’re listening to Sound of the City, the latest local acts of Athens and Atlanta. Sound of the City is brought to you by Athensmusic.net, a website which carries music, tickets, videos, t-shirts, books and other items that are exclusively related to the Athens music scene. For more information, log on to Athensmusic.net. Thanks, Athensmusic.net.”If you’re interested in underwriting and/or have any questions about the underwriting process, please contact our graduate assistant.

Alumni Donation

If you are an alumnus who would like to support the station, fill out this form.