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12 pm Maliki Soundsystem The Power of Failing Matter of Jazz
1 pm Rotation Road Trip USA Perfect Sound Forever Rotation
2 pm Algorithms Rotation Player’s Picnic
3 pm Jitters & Rags Afternoon Twee
4 pm Untied News Odd Man Out Oconee to Oxus News Purple Cow
5 pm Rotation Sports Louder Than Bombs Sports | News Sports Sports Rotation
6 pm Bluegrass Junction Rotation Savespots & Killscreens | Super Chat Bros News | Film Thing Pining for The Fjords Soft Scaly Underbelly Community DJ
7 pm Rising Sun Rhythm Organic Compound Comedic Conversations with Colorful Characters Queeries | Healthucation Liner Notes | Edith on Fashion Keepin’ It Classy
8 pm Rude Vibrations Rotation Sound of the City Global Warming Sound of the City Rotation Rotation
9 pm Boiling Point Half-Time Hip-Hop Show
10 pm Loud Fast Rules Sports | Lavender Pillow Rotation Crisis
11 pm Lavender Pillow Folk Scene