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How To Join

WUOG is always looking for new volunteers! You must be a full-time student at the University of Georgia or a part-time student who has paid the semester student activities fee. No prior experience in radio or journalism is required— just join one (or more) or the staffs below. Either swing by a meeting or contact the appropriate exec to get your name on the listserv.


Music Staff

Listen to the latest music by writing reviews for the newest albums. Have a hand in choosing what goes over the 90.5 FM airwaves.

Meeting Day Wednesday
Time 6:15 pm
Place WUOG Lobby

Local Music Staff

Get in touch with the sounds of the city and live vicariously through all the greatest local acts Georgia has to offer. Be kept in the loop as you review music submissions, meet friends, and maybe even interview a band or two.

Meeting Day Monday
Time 6:15 pm
Place WUOG Lobby

Event Staff

Sharing is caring. Spread the word of the all-great and powerful 90.5 to infinity and beyond. Plan cool events, attend shows with radio station goods, and produce on-air promotional announcements.

Meeting Day Thursday
Time 5 pm
Place WUOG Lobby

Operations Staff

Gain the technical expertise to power 26,000 Watts of College Radio Debauchery. Get hands-on experience with cutting edge radio technology during Live In The Lobby performances and more.

Meeting Days Tuesday and Thursday
Time 6 pm
Place WUOG Lobby

External Affairs Staff

The easiest way to get on-air immediately: host talk shows, produce public service announcements, and plan station philanthropy events.

Meeting Day Wednesday
Time 7 pm
Place WUOG Lobby

Sports Staff

Think you know what the Braves should do to fix this year’s rotation? Tell all of Athens on one of WUOG’s weekly sports shows. Think you can top Marv Albert? Try your hand at play-by-play announcing for softball, ice hockey, or soccer.

Meeting Day Thursday
Time 6 pm
Place Outside of the WUOG Lobby

Digital Media Staff

Promote WUOG digitally: film live performances, edit videos, take photos, make content for the website, learn about social media and hang out with other nerds in a cramped office.

Meeting Day Thursday
Time 6:00 pm
Place Digital/Ops office in WUOG

News Staff

Write and produce your own segments for WUOG’s weekly news show, “The Athens Journal.” Gain experience with on-site live reporting and giving top-of-the-hour news updates.

Meeting Day Monday
Time 3:30 pm
Place WUOG Lobby

Publications Staff

If you’re artistically inclined and want to join WUOG, then you should join the Publications Staff. Create cool posters and flyers for our programs and events.

To join: contact the Publications Director.

How To Become A DJ

Once you’ve worked on at least one the above staffs for at least one full semester, you can apply for DJ training. This involves weekly meetings to train in the legal, technical and stylistic aspects of being a DJ. You must also sit-in with experienced DJs and complete an FCC policies exam.

After completing the training requirements, you are eligible for your own DJ shift. Shifts are assigned each semester and preference depends on seniority.

How To Have Your Own Show

After you have experience as a DJ for at least a semester, you can apply for a specialty or talk show. These applications are sent via General Member listserv at the beginning of each semester and are voted for approval by the executive staff of that year.