Compiled by Caleb Kerr

Micheal Doti opened the show with some breaking news on the Biden administration’s international affairs. Biden is expected to talk once again in a video conference with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The expected topics of discussion include the COVID-19 pandemic, drug trafficking issues and efforts to control migration.

Doti reported that López Obrador will be a key asset as Biden tries to reverse most of the immigration policies put forward by Donald Trump.

Ansleigh Edwards gave us an update on an important safety study coming to Athens roadways. During the first two months, separate crashes that resulted in the death of three people have taken place on Tallassee Street in North Athens.

Athens-Clarke County commissioners Tim Denson and Jesse Houle are in contact with the traffic engineering office “to conduct a full safety review of the road, which will include a study of the route’s crash history,” according to the AJC.

Micheal Doti then reported on the continuing investigations of the GBI into police deaths in the line of duty. On Monday morning, Decatur County Lieutenant Justin Bedwell was fatally wounded after he was shot following a high speed chase.

The GBI gave sympathies to the family of Lieutenant Bedwell in a tweet, “Our prayers go to the family, both blood and blue, of Lt. Justin Bedwell… He paid the ultimate sacrifice and we thank him for his service.”

Caleb Kerr continued the news with a report on the rising unrest in Hong Kong. Over the weekend, 47 pro-democracy protesters were arrested in Hong Kong and charged with subversion under the National Security Law. Thousands of Hong Kong citizens gathered in the streets to demand the release of these protestors.

Beijing recently enacted the National Security Law which gives Hong Kong police more power to arrest pro-democracy protesters. Kerr reported that the 47 demonstrators had tried to hold primary elections in order to secure democratic power over the Communist regime in Beijing.

Ansleigh Edwards then reported on the Biden administration’s vaccine distribution program. Biden’s $4 billion plan called COVAX (short for COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access plan) hopes to fairly distribute vaccines between rich and developing countries.

The project’s goal is to supply doses to low income countries, as parts of Africa, Asia and South America are not expected to receive widespread immunization until 2023 at the earliest. Edwards reported that Biden is still using limited vaccine resources to offer every American a shot by July.

Sarah Train reported on the growing movement by Georgia Democrats to slow the progress of a Republican-backed bill to increase voting restrictions. Georgia House lawmakers are voting on Monday on this measure that would require ID for absentee voting, curb the use of ballot drop boxes and restrict weekend early voting hours.

The bill has been met with strong resistance from Democratic lawyers and political action groups such as Stacey Abrams, who argue that the new restrictions on mail-in ballots will equally hurt Republicans and Democrats.

Hunter Townsend continued the news with a report on the rising concerns of COVID-19 outbreaks among spring breakers on Florida beaches. Miami county is leading the charge on this crackdown with measures including a midnight curfew, an alcohol and speaker ban on public beaches and increased noise violation laws.

When asked about spring break, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber said, “We could potentially see a truly outsized spring break at a time when the last thing we want are major gatherings.”

Despite growing concerns, Townsend cited reports from the Wall Street Journal saying that club promoters are expecting to be as busy as ever.

Sarah Train brought us our entertainment segment with a report on the most recent Golden Globe Awards. The award ceremony looked quite different this year, with actors and actresses appearing from home due to COVID-19 precautions.

The night’s winners included Chadwick Boseman winning best actor in a drama, Andra Day winning best actress in a drama, and Daniel Kaluuya winning best supporting actor. Shows such as The Crown, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Soul, Schitt’s Creek, The Queen’s Gambit and Ted Lasso were all given high praise.

Michael Doti wrapped up Monday’s show with a Sports Power Minute, reporting on the Georgia men’s basketball team’s loss on Saturday to South Carolina 91-70. Georgia has now lost 10 games in a row to the Gamecocks.

The Lady Bulldogs were victorious yesterday, defeating Florida 95-80 in their final regular season game. Jenna Staitl scored an even 30 points in the win and Maya Caldwell scored 27.  Georgia earns the four seed in the conference tournament and will play its first game on Friday.

The Hawks lost to the red hot Miami Heat 109-99, but Atlanta will stay in South Beach to get another crack at the Heat tomorrow.  

The Braves were back in action yesterday, losing their first Spring Training Game to the Tampa Bay Rays 9-7 in seven innings. After Atlanta tied in the top of the frame, Tristan Gray hit a two-run walk off home run to win it for Tampa. Atlanta is currently playing Boston.

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