Compiled by Laura Lenz 

Sam Perez opened the show with news that President Donald Trump’s tax records are in possession of the Manhattan District Attorney. This transfer occurred Monday after the US Supreme Court rejected Trump’s bid to keep his information private. After 18 months of delay, a spokesperson from Trump’s longtime accounting firm Mazars released a statement confirming that Trump has complied with the subpoena.

Laura Lenz reported an update to the vaccination plan in Georgia. Gov. Kemp is set to announce new vaccination plans on Thursday. These plans will include teachers and at-risk people on the vaccination list. However, nearly half a million people are employed in the state school system so vaccine rollout is going to present a logistical hurdle for school administrators. 

Lenz reported that Georgia is receiving nearly 200,000 vaccine doses a week for people over 65, healthcare workers and other frontline personnel. With the anticipation of a third federally approved vaccine, officials expect vaccine supply to increase significantly in April. Georgia has administered nearly 1.8 million vaccine doses already. 

Lenz continued with news that more adults are predicted to have received the flu shot this year than ever before. A national survey, conducted in December 2020, found that nearly two-thirds of adults had already received or were planning to receive a flu vaccine for this flu season. In comparison, less than half of adults received their flu vaccine for last year’s flu season.

Thomas Ehlers reported that Gov. Kemp suspended Paulding County District Attorney Richard Donovan on Wednesday. Donovan faces four felony charges: one count of bribery, one count of violation of oath by a public officer and two counts of false swearing. An employee accused the 73-year-old of sexual harassment, and GBI and other state officials launched an investigation. Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr found that Donovan dropped charges in one case in order to “curry favor” and have a judge drop charges against an employee with which Donovan wanted a relationship. Dropping these charges constituted a bribe. 

Donovan turned himself in on Monday and he will be suspended as district attorney “until his legal case is closed or his term ends, whichever occurs first.” If convicted, Donovan will face a 35-year maximum sentence as well as up to $206,000 in fines. Donovan has served as the Paulding County District Attorney since 2010 and was reelected in 2014 and 2018.

Michael White gave an update on Boeing 777 inspections. Just hours after a Boeing 777 engine exploded mid-flight over the weekend, Boeing grounded all 777s until further inspections could occur.

For the 777 to fly again, each engine will need to have every blade inspected by Pratt & Whitney, the manufacturer of the engines and a division of Raytheon Technologies. United Airlines is the largest operator of 777s. 

In stock market updates, White reported that Boeing rose 8.07% week to date, Raytheon Technologies is up 4.56% and United Airlines is the biggest gained 14.83% week to date.

Ehlers reported that President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday night to change federal architecture, undoing an executive order of former President Donald Trump’s agenda. Trump’s executive order intended to shift federal architecture away from boxy, concrete-heavy Brutalism, the common design of federal buildings for the last 50 years. 

“We intend to work with the Biden administration to implement change that will build a truly democratic architecture,” said Justin Shubow, president of the National Civic Art Society.

While no plans for Biden’s preferred style have been released, a NCAS survey states that 72% of Americans prefer a traditional or classical design for government buildings.

Mariah Rose concluded the show with an update on Tiger Woods’ car accident. 

Woods underwent emergency surgery after suffering multiple leg injuries following a car accident in Los Angeles on Tuesday, Feb. 23. Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva confirmed this morning Woods was “not drunk” behind the wheel during the car accident that left him seriously injured. 

An official statement on Woods’ condition said, “he is currently awake, responsive and recovering in his hospital room.”

Rose reported that just one month after his fifth back surgery, this accident clouds his future in golf.

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