Compiled by Hallie G. Turner

Michael Doti started off the show with some breaking news dealing with the coronavirus vaccine. Studies show that a single shot dose produced by Johnson & Johnson had a 72% overall efficacy rate in the United States and a 64% overall efficacy rate in South Africa. 

The vaccine has an 86% efficacy rate against severe forms of coronavirus in the US and a 82% efficacy rate in South Africa. An effective single shot vaccine could prove to be effective as growing concerns of the spread of more contagious coronavirus variants continue to circle through the minds of health experts.

Unlike the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be stored in normal refrigerated temperatures for up to three months, making its distribution more effective.  

After promising 12 million doses by the end of February, The White House officials have estimated that the number could actually be as low as 2 million available by next week.  

Johnson & Johnson’s contract states that it must deliver 100 million doses by the end of June. So far, the South African government has administered over 32,000 doses of the J&J vaccine to shield against the contagious variant.  

Connor Hendricks reported the latest on state crime. Hendricks updated listeners on the one year anniversary of Ahumad Arbery. Wanda Cooper-Jones, Ahmaud Arbery’s mother, filed a federal lawsuit yesterday in the US District Court for the wrongful death of her son. 

The wrongful death suit names the McMichael’s, the two men who chased down and shot Arbery, their neighbor William Bryan, as well as former Glynn County police chief John Powell. Also listed as defendants are former Glynn County District Attorney, Jackie Johnson, Waycross Judicial Circuit Attorney George Barnhill and multiple Glynn County police officers. 

Hallie Turner discussed in her local news update that the Clarke County school district will begin its first phase of reopening for in person learning. After an entire year of virtual learning, pre-kindergarten up to second graders will return to the classroom on Mar 1. The second phase will start on March 15 and that will be for 3rd – 5th grades. High schools will have their own phase in rules as well. 

Stephanie Allen with the Athens-Banner Herald concluded that the elementary students returning will be there four days a week and will have a model day on Wednesday that will act as a virtual day so that the cleaning staff can come in and deep clean. This will also allow for contact tracing if it is needed. 

Students will be given kits that include hand sanitizer, microfiber clothes and a reusable water bottle. The water bottles will be used in place of the water fountains since they have been shut off and water bottle stations have been put in their place to reduce the spread of germs. 

80% of students have opted for in person learning and the other 20% will remain online at Barnett Shoals. 

Barnett Shoals Elementary is one of 14 Clarke County schools that are now preparing to open next Monday. 

Thomas Ehlers gave a report on International crime. In his report he stated the wife of the drug trafficker “El Chapo” Guzman was arrested Monday. Authorities in Virginia arrested Emma Coronel Aispuro, 31, at Dulles International Airport. 

Officials charged her with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana in the U.S., according to the Associated Press, as well as helping Guzman escape from prison in Mexico in 2015.

If found guilty, Aispuro will face 10 or more years in prison. 

Michael Doti then gave listeners an update on state news. Those in the Atlanta area should be aware the next time they decide to go jogging alone. In the span of just a few weeks, two women were attacked and sexually assaulted by a person, whose identity is still unknown, while jogging.  

Former bodyguard and current self-defense instructor Mitchell O’Neal Mitchell shared a few tips with CBS 46. 

Mitchell said, “Being safe and protecting one’s self is a lifestyle. It’s not just a set of habits that you pick up and put down when you need them. People should park in less crowded areas so you will be able to see potential threats. Be aware when returning to your vehicles, and try to avoid looking at your phone and use the buddy system.”

They say safety is no accident, and it should apply while jogging alone. 

Hallie Turner also detailed the latest news in Athens entertainment. It involved Athens hip hop icon Darrin Ellison, better known as “elite tha showstoppa.” Born in Athens in 1969, from his stage presence Ellison said you would never know him as an introvert.

Ellison’s rise to fame started in the 5th grade when he played the role of Wilbur the Pig in the Chase Street Elementary School production of “Charlotte’s Web.”

Ellison said, “I was the only one who could hit the high note in ‘I Can Talk.’ It made the newspapers and everything.”

The rapper enjoyed being a writer and composer of R&B songs up until Atlanta’s V-103.3 FM hip hop vibes made their way to him and Clarke Central Middle School. He performed at a lot of house parties, talent shows and competition in the stairways at lunch. 

Ellison has had some health complications since his music career began following his second heart attack. In the near future he said he would like to finish three albums of music.  

Connor Hendricks followed with an international update. It was revealed that military security operations are underway at two prisons in Ecuador after simultaneous riots at three different facilities left 67 dead on Tuesday. 

All three riots happened at the exact same time. 

Michael Doti gave listeners a national update from Phoenix, where two parents purchased a toy glow worm for their young daughter in a thrift shop. Inside the glow worm, they found a sandwich bag containing 5000 pills of what police believe to be fentanyl inside. 

In Seattle, a woman purchased a crochet kit from a thrift shop, but upon opening the kit, she pulled out a package wrapped in yellow rubber, and in big writing was 100% on the top. She also said the package smelled strange.  

Police confirmed she had purchased an entire kilogram of cocaine, along with her crochet equipment and are uncertain how the two ended up together in this thrift shop.

Thomas Ehlers finished up with the Sports Power Minute. Golf icon Tiger Woods sustained leg injuries after a crash Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. ESPN reported that Woods had “multiple open fractures to his lower right leg.” 

Woods lost control of his car after hitting the median, rolling over several times and ending up down an embankment, according to officials. These injuries came after Woods had doubts he would play in the upcoming Masters’ tournament.

Ehlers further reported the University of Georgia men’s basketball team defeated the LSU Tigers 91-78 last night at Stegeman Coliseum. Sahvir Wheeler scored 14 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and dished out 13 assists, recording the first triple-double in school history. 

Toumani Camara led the Bulldog scorers with 22, grabbing 11 rebounds, and KD Johnson scored 21 off the bench. Georgia returns to action on Saturday, where they play host to South Carolina for their final game before the SEC Tournament in Nashville.

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