Name: Connor Dooley

DJ Name: DJ Save the Bees

Major/minor: Computer Science

From: Atlanta, GA

Staffs involved in: 



Community Outreach

Why did you join WUOG?

I realized during my Junior year that I was having a hard time making new friends because I didn’t really go out and do things. I’ve always been super introverted, but I really like meeting new people. I figured WUOG would be a good way to meet people who were also into music and being on air sounded fun. 

What is your favorite memory from your time in WUOG?

Honestly, just talking to other WUOGers. Y’all are all so fun and unique and nice, just being around y’all is the best part of WUOG to me. 

What do you want wuoggers to remember you for?

I dunno, just being nice I guess

Describe the specialty shows that you host/have hosted over your time.

I hosted LGBTQties, a show that plays music by queer artists and bands with queer musicians.

What have you been listening to in quarantine?

Mostly podcasts tbh, but also Monsoon, Cavetown, Ecoo2k, and stuff from Chillhop Records.

Do you have plans for after you graduate?

Trying to get a job! If you know someone who needs a web developer, hit me up!

What’s your theme song?

Hammock Days by Bonus Points

Favorite Athens study spot?

Botanical Gardens Visitors Center

Tell us a fun fact

Catnip has a different effect on cats depending on if they smell it or chew it, but those two different effects are still caused by the same chemical!

Link to spotify playlist: