Name: Mary Farrell

DJ name: DJ BeanSalad

Year at UGA: Third year

Major/minor: linguistics and geography major, cognitive science and french minors

From: Northern Virginia

When did you join WUOG?

Freshman year (by lindsays calculations fall 2017 i think)

Staffs involved in:



Community Outreach

Why did you join WUOG?

to make friends lol

What are some hobbies/extracurriculars you have outside of WUOG?

i love to cook and bake, interested in social justice and service, not much else

What’s your favorite WUOG-related memory?

there was one live in the lobby my freshman year when everyone was actually dancing in the lobby. made me realize wuog is a very special place!

What advice do you have for students thinking about joining college radio?

in all seriousness,this is a great community. it’s how i made all of my closest friends at uga

Describe the specialty shows that you host.


the warehouse: wuog’s house show

What have you been listening to in quarantine?

lil uzi vert

Give yourself a WUOG superlative:

most likely to use a baby voice over air

Favorite Athens study spot?

reading room in the main library

Favorite piece of DJ booth wall art?

the rabbit with the now-censored phallic object

Link to spotify playlist: