A Wave of Golden Things is multi-instrumentalist Mike Savino’s fourth album. Savino goes by the pseudonym “Tall Tall Trees” and this album, yet again, showcases his unique style of banjo playing. Savino blends many genres of music gaining inspiration from Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens, and banjo legends like Earl Scruggs and Bela Fleck. The songs “Expectations”, “The Wind, She Whispers”, “Happy Birthday in Jail”, and the title track “A Wave of Golden Things” were released as singles, a proper fitting choice for these highlight tracks. While the album retains an upbeat mood, there are moments of melancholy in tracks like “Seven Shades of Blue”. A Wave of Golden Things is a vehicle in which listeners can reconnect with the joys of the natural world around them. This is achieved through motivating, upbeat lyrics, joyful banjo melodies, and dreamy vocals. With this feel-good album, Savino intends to create hope for a better future despite the turmoil we are currently facing as a society. This album makes it hard to not want to load up your car and take a drive through the woods, admiring all the good things this natural world has to offer.
-Lucia Bauza