Life can be thought about as a compilation of all the experiences that one has faced during their time worth living. The thrill seekers of the world look to make their time on this Earth a unique experience. Georgia Barnes, simply known as Georgia, makes her album Seeking Thrills a beautiful, unique, musical experience. Seeking Thrills sums up some of Georgia’s personal journey over the past five years since her debut. On an album jam packed with songs that’ll make you move, Georgia creates an album that can easily become the soundtrack to anyone’s personal movie.

Everything from the vocals, to the spacey synths, to the banging bass lines come together to create an 80s mystery theme. “About Work the Dancefloor” is a song that calls back to early techno music with an upbeat bassline and the vocoder on the chorus. The lyrics alludes to one who doesn’t have material things, but offers you all they have which is an amazing moment with you. “Ultimate Sailor” reflects the feelings and thoughts of going on a voyage to anyone. The bare background music backing the spacey minimalistic vocals can be representative of how alone it can be to go on this journey through life. While these may be songs that reach for some deeper meaning, there are plenty of bouncing songs such as “Feel It” and “Never Let You Go” which are more upbeat and focus on bumping your head and pumping your fist. The second to last track “Honey Dripping Sky” is gorgeous with its transitions and vocal range. There is something for everybody on this album.

It is easy to get lost seeking thrills in the forty-nine minute music trip that Georgia takes you on. This is an amazing blend of music between techno, pop, dance, and electronic that fuzes and creates its own thing. Falling in love with the vocals and instrumentation on this album is a joy. Seeking Thrills is a fantastic way to kick off your 2020. Why go thrill seeking when Georgia has brought all the thrills to you?

-Demario Walden