Wild Seeds is Seeker Lover Keeper’s second album and it passes the musician litmus test of successful sophomore albums. This album is a rustic and charming Fleetwood Mac-esque album of powerful vocals and lyrics told by talented and experienced voices. Seeker Lover Keeper is Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby, all three talented musicians over 40, and with that age comes a fascinating point of view on an album about aging with grace together.

Track 2, “Wild Seeds”, is the title track of the album, and features a driving percussion and horn section featuring aethereal vocals highlighting the passage through “youth like a door” and is a very introspective song. The backing vocals do an excellent job highlighting the R&B influences on the track, following traditional chord progressions and instrumentation.

Track 4, “One Way Or Another”, is not in fact a cover of the Blondie track. This song follows more of the ballad format with lovelorn lyrics, shakers, dissonant and grand piano riffs, and background vocals that would inspire the Lion King Broadway cast.

Altogether, this album is a strong contender for the days you feel time passing around you and your own powerlessness to this process. It ends on optimistic notes but definitely hits each emotional stop on the way there.

-Chase McGee