Losing, Linda, is the latest release from Melbourne-based artist Sui Zhen. Beginning with what feels like an audio-psychedelic experience (see “Another Life”) , Sui Chen melts the mind into her masterpiece as she cleanses the palate for what is to come. The album itself feels like a continuation of her theme of self discovery. Building off of her previous album (Secretly Susan)Losing, Linda is a concept album built around the idea of losing and ultimately re-finding onesself.  

Finding roots in synth-based, electronic pop, Sui Zhen steps outside of her own artistic comfort zone as she integrates some of the beachy, indie-pop vibes from her second album (Two Seas) with various elements characteristic of new wave jazz (in “Mountain Song”), techno-pop, and overly-inspired elevator music (also in “Mountain Song”). Regardless of the genre classification, the various tracks are sure to take you on a journey through detailed instrumentals, vocal layering, and harmonies paired with simple, yet thoughtful lyricism (such as in the featured track, “Being a Woman”). 

-Lei Fonsah