Learning How to Swim is another one of those irresistibly teenage pop punk albums complete with hair metal name drops, nostalgic quips about house shows, and, of course, romantic lyrics to the girl you’re interested in down the street. Everything rests on a bed of elegantly crunchy guitar and bouncy drums at a gently walkable rhythm. My personal favorite is “VHS Dating,” primarily for the sheer amount of times Billy Idol is mentioned (three times!!!). It’s almost like a softer, less nasal “Teenage Dirtbag,” and I appreciate that heavily. Ringing in at second and third are “Neighbor Baby” and “Lake MI (Dream).” The former is heavy on the punk coming-of-age ethos, Wade Phillips softly telling stories about playing house shows too loud for the neighbors; “Lake MI (Dream)” being the quietest and most somber track, is soothing in the most nonchalant way.

-Erin Cribbs