The Loved Ones from Flyte is a beautiful, nostalgic alternative pop album debut, rick with British vocals and gentle acoustic and synthetic instrumentals. On their debut, Flyte seems to have effortlessly established their unique sound while paying homage to those who have influenced them with covers such as Alvvay’s “Archie, Marry Me.” Tracks such as “Faithless” and “Orphans of the Storm” feel so familiar and almost classical, drawing direct influence from titans like The Beatles and David Bowie. The album effortlessly transcends time from the 60s nostalgic feeling of “Cathy Come Home” to the forlorn 80s tone and beat of “Sliding Doors.” Each song in progression echoes the last, while simultaneously providing something completely new to stimulate the senses and force you to wonder to what Flyte could transform into next. While the themes of The Loved Ones are unavoidably dark, they do not crest sadness, resonating in playful harmonious melody. After even a quick listen through the album, you’ll be haunted by the melodies of tracks such as “Little White Lies,” but I promise you wont mind it. The Loved Ones demands you to come back and listen over and over again; you wont want to let go of this one.

-Alexander Watson-Jones